1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 02

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My scheduled class with Dr.Willie was on Tuesdays and Fridays. It had been a few days since I had gone to her home for my private session with her and I was a bit curious as to how she and I would interact as I walked into the Liberal Arts complex for my Tuesday morning class.

Taking my usual seat on the front row (yeah, I was a suck-up), I opened my textbook, reviewing the notes I had made for the test that was scheduled that morning.

“Good morning class,” Dr.Willie said as she walked into the class and to her desk that was but a few feet from the first row, my row.

“Close the books, we’ll start the test when I say ‘begin’; Angela, Tess, would you mind handing out the test papers to your classmates, please,” handing Angela and I the papers.

“Begin,” Dr.Willie announced when all of the class had the test in hand.

The test was True/False and three pages long, containing fifty questions. I didn’t expect to have any difficulty with the test since I had studied for it the night before.

As we worked on our respective papers, Dr.Willie sat and appeared to be reading, then grading other papers from her other classes. She was dressed ‘business-casual’ with a simple A-line skirt and conservative blouse, her hair in an up-do coif. Not an unattractive look on her, I thought, when I raised my eyes from the test to quickly look at her while she worked at her tasks.

Her eyes caught mine when I had done so and I would have sworn that she flashed me a small smile of recognition but, I could be mistaken.

I had worn a skirt as well, not usual for me, preferring pants or shorts when the weather permitted. A loose-fitting, V-neck blouse completed my outfit; that, along with my bikini briefs that hugged my crotch, my ‘other’ lips showing against the snug, cotton, material.

Periodically, Dr.Willie would raise her eyes to check on the students, to check for any signs of cheating and the like. On one such scan of the class, as her eyes swept the front row last, I opened my legs just enough to give her a flash of my crotch, sure in my head that she would see the outline of my pussy when I did so.

She smiled ever-so-slightly when her eyes scanned my seat and put her head down again to read the papers on her desk, and I returned to the last ten questions of my test.

“Time!” She announced and asked that the papers be passed to the front of the respective rows for her to gather.

“Okay, class, you’re dismissed early today but be prepared on Friday to discuss chapter thirty-five and it’s importance to the NATO treaty after World War Two,” her announcement followed by the sound of students gathering their books and notes as they left the class.

“Tess?” She called to me, “Do you have another class next hour?”

“No, Dr.Willie, I have a free period,” I answered as I moved to stand before her desk.

“Would you care to join me in my office so that we can discuss those essays that I promised to re-evaluate?”

“Yes, of course,” I replied.

Walking along side of her, we made small talk as we snaked our way though the throng of students heading to their classes, arriving at her office a few moments later.

Unlocking her door, she flipped a sign that said ‘Out’ to display another message that read, ‘In Conference-Do Not Disturb’. Opening the door, she held it open for me to walk though, following me close behind, the snap of the lock sounding after she had closed the door.

Nodding towards a small divan that sat in front of a crammed bookcase, she checked her phone for messages, pressing a button to send all calls to a voice mailbox.

“There, we shouldn’t be disturbed now,” She said as she turned to face me as I sat on the couch.

“Okay, your essay work,” She said while taking a seat on the divan next to me.

“I re-read your essays, Tess. Upon reflection, I think I graded you a bit harshly the first time around. That being said, it appears that you’ll carry an A into the finals in two weeks. Do well on that, and you should end up with at least an A in my course and, possibly, an A+.”

“I can’t tell you how happy that makes me, Dr.Willie,” I gushed in reply, “You’ve made my day.” Pausing for a moment, I continued, “But, I thought we were going to discuss this on Wednesday night? I was going to come over to discuss this, remember?”

“Oh, I still want you to come over, sweetie, but now, we won’t waste any time with classroom matters,” saying this as she displayed a sly smile.

“That really works for me, Dr.Willie,” I replied with a sly smile of my own.

“I thought it might, Tess, I thought it might,” She answered as she, once again, fucked me with her eyes.

She wants me, I quickly thought, there could be no mistake about that ‘look’, she wants me, here and now.

“I’d really like to thank you for the good news, Dr.Willie,” moving ever so slightly towards her on the divan.

“Didn’t you already do that?” She replied, leaning back agains the back of the divan and folding one leg under the other as she settled bahis firmaları into her new position.

“No, I mean, I want to really thank you,” I said again, placing my hand on her knee, under the edge of her skirt and moving my fingers slowly across her skin.

“Here? Now?” She replied but without making any attempt to stop my hand which had now slipped further up her skirt to the inside of her thigh.

I didn’t answer her right away, letting my look to her face speak for me, letting my fingers which had now started to rub her pussy through her silk panties say all that had to be said.

I leaned in and kissed her, her mouth opening and my tongue entering at the same time. She pulled me closer to her as she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Slipping a finger under her panties, I started rubbing and teasing her clit, her dampness already beginning to wet her trimmed pubic hair.

Pulling my mouth from hers, I dropped to the floor while raising her skirt to her hips at the same time. Pulling her silk bikinis to the side, my mouth found her pussy and clit quickly, her hands now on my head holding me in place as she started to move her pussy against my mouth and tongue.

“Ohhhh sweetie, you do have a knack for this,” She softly whispered between gasps of breath, “I can’t believe I’m letting you do this here but don’t you dare stop, Tess, don’t stop.”

I reached above my head as it bobbed up and down and back and forth between her legs, taking both of her breasts in my hands to fondle through her blouse, softly, caressing softly as her nipples sprang to life against my palms.

“I love how you taste; I just want to taste you forever,” I cooed after I brought her to climax twice.

“Would that you could, sweetie,” She said as I resumed my seat on the divan after pulling her panties back into place and her skirt down from her hips.

She leaned towards me, kissing me, tasting her juices on my lips and tongue while softly caressing one of my breasts with her hand.

“Tess, you’d better go before I tear your clothes off,” Willie said with a heavy breath, the desire and lust in her eyes, evident, at least, to me it was so.

Standing, I stood next to her as she remained seated and taking one of her hands in mine, I pulled it under my skirt, and placed it on my damp pussy, under the edge of my damp panties.

Well, yeah, of course it was damp!

She slipped a finger into my slit as I parted my legs slightly, letting her do so until her finger was buried to the last knuckle. Holding her hand and finger in place, I moved up and down, fucking her finger for a few moments before pulling it out of me. Guiding her hand with my own, I led her finger to her lips, sliding it into her mouth so that she could now taste me, taste my wetness.

“My, my, but don’t you taste just as sweet as I remembered,” Willie said with eyes closed, her mouth sucking softly on her finger.

“See you Wednesday?” I said, breaking the moment and the mood, “Anything you want me to bring?”

“Just bring yourself,” She replied with a lustful look in her eye, “and I’ll have a surprise for you.”


“See you Wednesday. Six would be fine, Tess,” Opening the door for me to exit her office.

Walking back to the dorm I hurt my head trying to ‘divine’ what ‘surprise’ Willie had planned for me. By the time I reached my (our) room, I had decided that I wouldn’t waste any more energy on this and would just be, well, ‘surprised’. The other thing I decided was that if Jean was back from classes, I’d get me some pussy…

“Hey, good-looking,” I said to her when I found her sitting at her desk upon entering our room, “What’s going on in Jean’s world?”, walking over to her and leaning down to give her a kiss.

“Nothing much, really,” She smilingly replied, her eyes clearly showing happiness at seeing me, “How about you?”

“Well, I just found out that Dr.Willie is going to revise my grade and that if I do well on the finals, I might just be able to pull off an A+ for the semester.”

“Wow! That’s great, Tess, who’d you have to kill to get her to change her mind?” She teasingly quipped.

“Nobody; I just let her eat me,” I answered truthfully, “And, of course, I returned the favor.”

Jean stared at me with open mouth, her eyes the size of saucers, it seemed. “Seriously?” She finally managed to sputter out.

“Seriously,” I calmly replied, then added, “Want to hear about it? Lock the door, then come join me in bed,” turning my back on her as I undid my skirt to drop to the floor. As I pulled my blouse over my head, I heard the snap sound as the door lock was engaged.

Flopping onto my bed with just my panties on, I lay watching as Jean pulled off her shorts and tee, the sight of her breasts sending fire to my crotch, and, she, joining me in bed after she stripped to her panties.

I told her the story of the other night in pornographic detail, leaving nothing out. The whole while, of course, I knew that hearing of it was getting Jean excited and horny.

Of kaçak iddaa course, my hands fondling her gorgeous tits probably helped a bit, as well.

I had found out quickly after I first seduced Jean that she got turned on just talking about sex, which made her think about sex, about sex with me, which I knew she loved.

“So that’s why you were so crazy-horny when you got home the other night,” Jean said with a bit of excitement in her voice, “That was the reason we made love for so long that night.”

“That…plus the fact that I really like fucking you,” I said before dropping my mouth to feast on her tits as my hand slipped under her panties’ top to play with her pussy.

“I like it when you make love to me, Tess, I really do,” Jean cooed as my tongue snaked it’s way down her belly while I moved my body to lay between her legs.

“I want to do you first, baby, okay? Then you’re going to do me, okay?” I said softly as I pulled her panties down her legs and off of her feet.

“Whatever you want, I’ll do whatever you want me to do,” Jean moaned as my tongue found her clit.

“Be careful what you say, baby, I might just take you up on that,” lifting my mouth from her clit to say that to her. That was the moment the thought of a threesome with Jean and, Willie? Someone else? entered my head. I pushed the thought around my brain as I returned my mouth to Jean’s very tasty snatch.

I like threesomes, though I’ve only a few. Good ol’ step-sis invited her BFF/lover over to spend the weekend when our parents had gone away to visit friends. Step-sis and her BFF had me naked and taking turns between their legs almost before the parents’ car was out of the driveway. That was the weekend that I found out what a ‘daisy-chain’ was.

Have to say, it was a lot of fun. I’ve had a couple of more with classmates, and one with one of the moms that I was fucking. She and her ‘friend’ from work, I seem to remember.

At any rate, I pushed the thought to the back of my mind so that I could concentrate on what I was doing to Jean. She tasted wonderful and deserved my full attention…

“You’re getting really good at this, baby,” I said to Jean as I sat on her face, rubbing my pussy against her mouth and tongue, “really, really good,” stifling a cry of joy when I orgasmed.

Rubbing faster, I stole another one before I rolled off of Jean to flop next to her on my bed..

“I like pleasing you, Tess, I can’t seem to get enough of you; you’ve cast a spell on me,” Jean said as she fondled my breasts, sucking on my nipples as she said it.

“Well, you do please me, sweetie; I can’t believe, though, that you haven’t tried anyone else.” dropping a seed of thought for me to use later.

“I’m not as out-going as you; approaching someone just to say hello is hard for me to do, much less approaching someone to have sex with,” Jean answered as she continued to fondle my tits.

“It’s a big old world out there, Jeannie m’girl; you might be surprised at what treats are there for the taking,” I replied as I returned her fondling of me by taking her breast in my hand.

“Yeah, I suppose…” Jean said, leaving the thought unspoken.

“I’m hungry. How ’bout we get dressed and go grab a burger at The Library?” I asked, rolling out of my bed to gather my clothes from the floor.

“Give me two minutes,” Jean replied with a smile.

Yeah, she’s clingy, I thought, but under it all, she’s really a sweet chick.

“Come in, sweetie,” Willie said in way of greeting when she opened the door to me that Wednesday night.

She was wearing a flowing robe, kimono-like, but not that, know what I mean? It was belted at the waist but loose enough to showcase her tanned, long legs, one of her best assets. Her hair was loose and like me, she had very little makeup on.

“Hungry? I could whip up something quick, if you’d like,” Willie asked while reaching for a bottle of wine.

“Actually, no; My roomie and I grabbed a late lunch and it was pretty filling,” I replied truthfully as I fetched a couple of stemmed glasses for us to use from her winerack.

“To us, Tess,” Willie toasted with a clink of her glass against mine, “To fun and adventure between two like-minded gals.”

Smiling, I took a large sip while we stared at each other. Taking my free hand in hers, she led us to her den/media room and the large overstuffed couch where she first made love to me last weekend.

“Like porn?” She asked from out of the blue.

It kinda’ caught me off-guard but recovering quickly, I replied that I’ve not seen a lot of it but what I have seen wasn’t distasteful to me in the least.

“I like Lesbian porn but that comes at no surprise to you, does it? Anyway, I like well-made Lesbian porn, especially when it involves an older woman with a younger girl…again, no surprise to you, I’m sure,” laughing after she said it.

“Would you like to watch some with me?” She asked when we settled in on the couch with our wine.”

“Sure, I’ll watch it with you.”

Hell, kaçak bahis really wasn’t a big deal to me in all honesty. Then I wondered if that was the ‘surprise’ that she alluded to the other day.

She clicked on her media center and leaned back against the couch-back, putting her arm around me, pulling me tight against her body. Smiling at me, she gave me a sweet kiss just as the DVD started playing.

Two glasses of wine and a half-hour later, I was naked, my legs spread wide, and Willie on her knees eating me deliciously. I scooted my ass forward a bit more so that she could have easy access to my pussy. She-of-the-longest-tongue-in-the-world, tongue-fucked me to three mind-blowing orgasms while her fingers stroked my clit.

“Can we go to your bed, Willie, please?” I genuinely begged. I was hot. I wanted more. I wanted to eat her. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

“I was just going to suggest that, baby,” She cooed, “I was just thinking about your surprise,” She said as she stood, pulling me to my feet, afterwards.

“Lay down, Tess, lay on your back for me,” Willie asked as she led me to her bed. Doing as she asked, she walked to the foot of her bed and, grabbing my ankles, she spread my legs apart. I stared at her, stared at the smile of her lips, getting more turned on but not knowing why.

Rubbing one of my feet with her hands, she bent over and placed a kiss to one of my toes.

“Just relax, sweetie, you’re going to like this,” She said to me as I felt the soft silk material being wrapped around my ankle, then being tied. Lifting my upper body upright, leaning on my elbows, I saw that she had tied a scarf of some kind to my ankle was doing the same thing to the other leg/ankle.

“What…?” I stammered, nothing else able to come out of my mouth.

“Shhhh, sweetie, trust me; you do trust me don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.” I did, though I’m not sure why.

Pulling one of my arms over my head, then the other, she did the same thing, securing my arms above my head to the bedposts. Smiling down on me when she tied the last knot, she turned, saying as she walked way, “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

“Funny, Willie. Real funny,” I called to the back of her head as she walked into a huge closet off to the side of her bedroom, laughing after I did it.

Well, this is interesting, I thought, wondering what was next on the agenda tonight.

I soon found out.

Willie reappeared from her walk-in closet, totally naked except for the strap-on harness around her hips/waist. Jutting out in front of the harness was a moderately thick dildo about eight inches in length.

“Just so you know, when I’m done fucking you with this, I’ll expect you to do the same to me, okay?”

She crawled onto the bed from the foot, between my legs. Leaning over me, she lowered her mouth to my breasts to suck and lick them as her fingers fucked my pussy.

“Feel good, baby?” She asked when she was moving her mouth from my right tit to start on my left tit.

“It does, it really does,” I answered truthfully as she fingered me with passion.

“Then, you’re going to love this,” She said as she guided the head of the dildo into my soaking-wet pussy.

No, I have never fucked a real cock. Yes, I’ve used toys, on myself and on others, so the feeling was not unknown to me and, truthfully?, it felt pretty fucking good!

She fucked me expertly, burying the dildo deep in my pussy, rubbing against my clit as she did so. The fact that I couldn’t wrap my legs around her or move very much was so frustrating that it added to the pleasure.

Weird. Yeah, I know.

I lost count of my orgasms after three. All I know is that it was probably the most I had ever had with a woman. And the night wasn’t over.

We took a break. We both needed to take a break. She untied me and we caught our breath while drinking another glass of wine. I was turned on, wet with sex-sweat, and anxious to get back to the bedroom so that I could fuck her. I so wanted to fuck her.

Finished with our wine and our break, Willie took me by the hand, leading me back to her bedroom. Once there, she quickly slipped the harness onto my body, all the while sucking on my tits as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“Climb onto the bed and get behind me,” she coaxed as she lay in the middle on the bed, on her stomach. With her head turned to the side and on a pillow, she raised her ass into the air by kneeling.

“Fuck me, Tess…Fuck me hard,” She ordered.

Guiding the head of the dildo to the lips of her pussy, I pushed, gently, sliding the dildo inside of her until it was all the way in her. Holding on to her hips with my hands, I closed my eyes and started moving back and forth, pulling until the strap-on’s cock was almost out of her before pushing it deeply into her, again. Getting into a rhythm, low growls and moans of pleasure seem to come from deep inside of her as she moved her ass and pussy in time with me.

Faster and faster, fucking her harder and harder, her moans were now loud, and getting louder. Reaching around to massage her clit with my fingers, she emitted a scream of unbridled pleasure when she exploded with her climax, whimpers of pleasure coming from her as it ebbed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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