24 Hours

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24 Hours

It was cold out and yet we both walked as if we weren’t covered in sweat from the intense workout we had just done. 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights and we were spent. Yet we still walked side by side slow, like it wasn’t freezing.

Strange how we seemed to park near each other on opposite ends of the row. I was in such a hurry to get there when I arrived I hadn’t even noticed her car as I drove past it. I walked her up to her car and waited while she opened it and threw her towel in. As she turned around to face me it was like two magnets, we just stepped into an embrace and held each other. It was a most pleasant, sweaty hug a person could ever wish for. Desire proving the stronger of me, I lowered my open mouth to the backside of her neck and half kissed half suckled her neck. Even with a mouth full of hair it was still a most delicious kiss.

She whispered be nice into my ear. I could only issue a low deep throated moan. I told her I’d play nice. And even as the words left my lips, my hand was finding the curve of her hips and sliding down the slope of her heart shaped ass cheek. The shorts she was wearing were loose fitting, thin and allowed me plenty of space to move them out of the way and feel her naked cheek. She giggled and it turned me on even more.

Out here in the parking lot, under the parking lights, we held each other. Needing each other. Each one not wanting to push the other too far, not wanting to temp fate or our own self control.

She’s too irresistible, the urge to touch bare skin is very powerful. I have to reach down the back of her shorts and squeeze a perfect round ass. Its marvelous, a most amazing sensation that sends moans through my body. She moans her approval and it triggers that all too familiar desire to kiss her. To taste her mouth on mine, her tongue dancing with mine. It only took seconds to make the connection but it felt like slow motion as I lowered my lips to meet hers and the warmth of her mouth flooded mine. Her pillow soft tongue sliding easily along mine, twisting and turning in perfect rhythm. Sometimes our kisses take on a mind of their own. We lose ourselves in the kiss, the world melts away, time stands still. In that moment we lost track of time, our surroundings and anything else that wasn’t her or I.

My hand on her skin made her squirm with pleasure. Her squirming güvenilir bahis made me excited with anticipation. I pulled my hand out of the back of her pants and dragged my fingers along her hips, up her waist to her soft tummy. She has the kind of stomach that makes my mouth water every time I touch her. I tremble with expectation just from the energy she gives off. I let my fingers linger around her belly button. She rises up on her tip toes and I instinctively slide my hand down as she rises up. I find the rim of her shorts and press my hand into her till my fingertips slide under the waist band.

Inside her shorts out in the parking lot her body next to mine. I half anticipated her to grab my wrist. To stop me. She didn’t, I continued on. I could feel her warmth through her panties. I wanted to touch her so bad. I continued on my decent into her shorts. I could feel her squirm the lower I got. It was as if I was no longer in control of my hands, they were being guided by her body. What she wanted I was willing to provide. What she needed I needed. I found that tender location and slowly applied pressure. We both froze in a moment of true understanding. This felt good.

I could feel her wanting me. I could only hope she felt how bad I wanted her. My hard on pressing into her side should have been enough of a hint. But for me, this wasn’t about my physical needs or desires, this was about me touching her, feeling her moisture increase with each finger stroke. This was about me wanting to feel her come around my fingers right here, right now. I begged her, with a whisper in her ear. Please let me touch you. I was rewarded for my brazenness with her saying okay. She stepped away from me for a second to toss her keys onto her seat and then she returned to me.

My hand began caressing her body again and this time I didn’t bother with her waist band this time. Her shorts were loose and her legs were cold so I warmed them up with long strokes of my hand. Quickly the strokes focused underneath her shorts. I found her warm and waiting. My fingers slid under her panties and found her skin to be even more electrifying then ever. The energy of my sexual desire was pouring off of me into her and she was returning it a hundred fold.

I slid my fingers between her legs. I was tasting her with my finger. She was so warm and inviting, I had to remind myself not türkçe bahis to rush. I didn’t want to cause pain only pleasure. I touched gently trying to entice more moans out of her. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me into her. I pushed hard. It was as if the further into her I pushed, the more excited she became. I could feel the moisture beginning to pour from her. I wanted more. I slid my finger back and forth along her opening until there was more then an abundance of excitement spread around, until my finger slid easily along the surface of her lips. Her moans urged me on, pushed me further inside her. I obliged both hers and my wishes. I entered her with just one finger and was rewarded with her grasping on to me tighter.

This woman makes me lose control, makes me lose my mind in sheer desire and passion. She has a way about her that taps into the very core of me, releasing every single romantic and sexual emotion I’ve ever had. In this moment, at this time, all I could think of was feeling her body grab hold of me finger and feeling the shudders of orgasm ripple through her body. I had a one track mind.

I slid my finger up inside her as far as I could reach given the angle we were at. She leaned into me and began to grind into my hand. Her whimpers of yes and oh were more then encouraging to me. I curved my finger so I could reach back up inside her, searching for that tender spot to achieve my ultimate goal. Her panting confirmed my actions were the proper ones. I caressed her softness, her warmth with slow determined circles. Back and forth I rubbed my finger inside her, using my hand to apply pressure to her tender button on the outside. My finger found soft ridges on the inside that made her whisper yes, right there in my ear. Her breath in my ear was like a jolt of adrenaline. I wanted her to come for me, I needed it.

I echoed her sentiments asking her right there, you like that yes. She could only moan yes back to me. I rubbed more intensely. I focused my attention on that wet spot that made her clench into me. I begged her to come for me. Please baby, please I want to feel you come. I want it to feel good, yes I want to feel you come on my hand, make my fingers wet. She continued to moan and pant into my ears. She whimpered a sound that I took to be yes, oh my god yes. One last plea from me, Baby I want you to come for me, show me how good güvenilir bahis siteleri it feels, come, come hard. She squealed into my neck and I felt the flood of her satisfaction, a warm sensation of pure thank you. I kept my arm around her, holding her close to me allowing her to fall into me, spent. I continued to rub and play in the mess I helped her create. I’ve never felt anything more delicious then her moisture. Slowly her breathing slowed and she was able to stand on her own. I held her close anyway.

Finally I pulled my hand out of her panties, with her essence completely coating my fingers. As I looked into her dreamy eyes and watched that satisfied smile appear on her face, I slid two wet fingers into my mouth and tasted the fruits of my labor. Her aroma alone is intoxicating. Her taste is clean, even after an hour of sweating, she still tastes so fresh and clean, so womanly. I dared not suck all of her from my hand, I needed to have her scent remain. Call me strange but I find her scent heavenly. She’s like a drug that soothes and calms while sending the emotions and hormones into over drive. I inhaled her pheromones from my finger and I hoped she truly felt as good as her body smells like she does.

It felt like we had spent 24 hours there in that parking lot. I felt as if days had passed. The whole time took mere minutes, less then a minute. It felt like a lifetime to me. I usually know what she’s thinking like she so easily reads my mind. We share a common wave length of happiness. She still rewarded me with the greatest ego stroke she could ever give me. I can’t believe you made me come in 30 frickin seconds. She, in that one sentence, made me feel like the single most special man on the entire planet. 24 hours for me in 30 seconds for her.

It was a mutually beneficial moment. Not only did I get to touch her, not only did I get to taste her, but we maintained a sense of discipline, no clothing was removed, no sexual body parts were intermingled, yet she was able to achieve satisfaction. She came for me and I felt it on my hands, throughout my entire body.

One last kiss and she was in her car and driving away. Back to her reality as I was to return to mine. A moment of bliss in the midst of personal chaos. Our own personal little black hole where we are drawn to each other in an irresistible gravitational pull. She with the moist panties and oozing fluids, me with the scent of her body as my personal reward. We part physically, knowing we will never be separated mentally and emotionally. In the icy cold of the night, we found the heat of passion and made the most of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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