3 Men , a Lady

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As they headed for the fancy dress shop, Lucy and Zoe chatted excitedly about the party taking place later that evening. This was their first proper house party since starting University – at which they both intended to get drunk and get lucky.

They’d always been good friends, and during recent years, had taken their friendship into new realms, but tonight was going to be about the men they wanted.

Lucy picked out a Nuns outfit, deciding that although not the most revealing choice, it would add a bit of spice to the chase, while Zoe was fully intent on showing off what she had to offer and went with the choice of a skimpy school girl outfit.

Back at their shared flat, the two girls set about getting ready for the party, and getting ready didn’t necessarily mean getting dressed.

“Drink?” called Lucy

“Please.” Zoe replied, “Bring it to my room hon.”

Lucy opened and poured the wine and carried 2 glasses through to Zoe’s room, to find her lying on the bed in just her g-string.

“Ta love.” she said as Lucy put the drink down on the bedside unit. Lucy then sat down on the bed next to Zoe.

“So,” Lucy started, “You gonna go after him? Or wait for him to come to you?” she continued. “Although if you ask me, he shouldn’t be able to resist you in that get up!”

“Mmm, I’m not sure,” said Zoe, “We’ll see how things go, if he doesn’t take an interest in the first hour or so, I’ll have to show him what he’s missing out on.”

“Which will be what?” Lucy asked cheekily

“This!” Zoe replied, reaching over and pulling Lucy close to her and kissing her on the lips.

“Mmm.”, Lucy sighed, “What else?” she asked invitingly. Zoe didn’t say another word, instead she kissed Lucy again, deeper this time, opening her lips slightly to run her tongue along Lucy’s mouth. Lucy responded, opening her mouth to accept Zoe’s tongue into her mouth. The pair tenderly exchanged a lasting French kiss, Lucy putting her wine next to Zoe’s and lying down next to her on the bed. The two explored each others body, Lucy running her fingers teasingly down Zoe’s spine, sending a wave of excitement through Zoe’s body. They continued to embrace, kissing and caressing. Lucy running the palm of her hand across down Zoe’s side, feeling the curves of her waist and hips, letting her hand continue on to her thighs, finding its way round in-between the two of them and Lucy’s fingers started to probe into Zoe’s pussy through her g-string.

Zoe sighed with pleasure as she felt Lucy kiss her neck, and then work her way down her body, tenderly kissing and licking every square inch between her lips and pussy. With Zoe on her back, Lucy gently slipped a finger under each side the g-string and tugged at it. Zoe responded by lifting her bum off the bed to allow the garment to slide down her thighs, past her knees and eventually off. Lucy then placed her lips firmly onto Zoe’s pussy and probed her tongue out, through Zoe’s lips and started to tease her clit. The brunette’s legs spread wider, allowing Lucy full-unrestricted access into her. Lucy’s tongue expertly teased circled and flicked Zoe’s love button, sending waves of excitement through each of their bodies – Lucy loved to give head, almost as much as Zoe’s loved receiving it. Zoe’s hands massaged her own breasts, intermittently reaching down to stroke Lucy’s hair. As Lucy inserted first one, then two fingers, Zoe felt her orgasm building and without warning it took over her body

“Fuck you’re good.” she said as she panted with satisfaction, closing her thighs around Lucy’s head.

“I know,” Lucy replied, “I love going down on you, you taste so good,” and with that Lucy left the room, allowing Zoe a moment to compose herself in the wake of her orgasm.

Later that evening, the girls arrived at the party. Lucy, as planned, was in her “naughty” Nun outfit, deciding that the outfit was going to be hot, and so taking the decision to wear nothing underneath it – also this would give any lucky man a quick and easy access to her.

Zoe, also as planned was in her schoolgirl outfit. The two girls quickly located the bar, got a drink and decided the head in different directions, both having eyed their men.

Lucy headed over to him,

“Hi Brad,” she said

“Hey Luce, wow, you’re looking good tonight,” he replied, feeling isvecbahis his cock stiffen in his pants.

Lucy deciding to waste no time, replied flirtily,

“I’m feeling good, wanna find out just how good I feel?” and with a dirty little wink, headed upstairs, knowing full well that she would be followed.

Lucy headed upstairs and quickly found a bedroom. She switched out the light and waited for Brad. Sure enough, thirty seconds later, the door opened, in walked a strapping six-footer and without hesitation, Lucy shut the door behind them and set about her work. The figure, silhouetted against the window, said nothing as Lucy first kissed him, and then slid her hands down to his belt, expertly undoing and dropping his pants in one swift motion. His cock sprang loose, and as she dropped to her knees, said,

“You’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” before taking it in her mouth. She wrapped her lips tightly around it, and using a little bit of spit, lubricated its length and gently slid her mouth along its length. She could feel his heat in her mouth, how hard he was. She tentatively flicked his penis tip with her tongue, knowing she was pleasing him by the groans coming from above. She reached out ahead of her and grabbed his firm buttocks, pulling him into her, swallowing as she managed to take his full length in her mouth. She was sucking for all she was worth, judging by the pleasurable support she was receiving, she decided to keep going, feeling him start to thrust in her mouth. Suddenly she heard a grunt, as she felt him harden inside her and then he came, shooting his hot fluid into her mouth. Lucy swallowed, lapping it down; she loved to feel a man cum in her mouth.

“You like that?” she enquired

“Sure did.” came the reply

But it wasn’t the voice she was expecting; it wasn’t Brad’s voice. She stood quickly, stumbling back towards then light switch, finding it she flicked it on, to reveal Brads friend Elliott stood there, grinning as he pulled up his pants.

“Boy, you sure are good at that,” he said “best I get back to the party and tell Brad what he’s missing.”

“Fuck off!” said Lucy, “Go on, just fuck off!”

Elliott laughed as he walked past Lucy, flashing her a cheeky grin as he left the room.

She slammed the door shut behind him, sitting back on the bed, furious at herself for sucking him off, she hated him – he was a lingerer, he just hung around with Brad to be seen. He must have heard their arrangement and followed her up.

Flicking the light off again, she punched the pillow, throwing herself face first into, the alcohol now taking an effect on her. Her head was spinning, and she became drowsy, and before long passed out into a light snooze.

She awoke to feel someone stroking her ass gently, the hand sliding gently up her back and caress her neck. She came to, lifting her head to turn and look back to see a silhouette sitting on the bed over her.

“Brad?” she asked

“Hey babe.” he replied, putting on a bedside light. He was there, his hands on her shoulders, “What about that promise from earlier,” he asked, “to find out how good you feel?”

Without hesitation she put her arms up round his neck and kissed him deeply. Their tongues meeting in the warmth of the surroundings, his hands then dropped from her shoulders to around her waist. He broke off from their kiss, and softly kissed her cheek, moving slowly to her neck.

“Mmm.” she moaned, “That’s nice.”

“Yeah?” he said, “What about this?” he said, as he gently moved his hand to her breast, pressing against it to stroke her nipple, making it hard.

“Mmmm, yeah.” she said, “that’s good too”. His touch was gentle, and like magic, it aroused her immediately, he certainly knew how to touch a girl. She lay back, pulling him down on top of her. He pulled himself onto the bed fully, lying next to her at first, kissing as he caressed her body through her outfit. He reached down her leg, pulling the long habit up, pushing it around her waist. His hands ran smoothly over her thigh, moving up over her hip and down along her waist as they kissed.

He gently on to her, rolling her onto her back, and climbing on top of her, still fully clothed. Her legs spread wider; she could feel the warmth building in her pussy, wanting him deep inside her. Lucy reached isveçbahis giriş down to his crotch, unzipping his fly and undoing the button on his jeans. He responded eagerly, lifting his hips to allow her to push down his jeans and underwear. His cock sprang free, and with her wet hot little pussy exposed, didn’t waste much time in guiding himself into her.

Lucy gasped as he entered her. He was bigger than he expected, but after adjusting her position slightly, felt comfortable as she accommodated his thick cock. He began to push into her, withdrawing virtually fully before sliding it all back in again. Lucy’s breathing became heavy as each time he filled her, his pubic bone rubbed against her clit, sending tingling sensations through her body.

“Oh god!” she sighed, as he continued to gently make love to her. His rhythm began to quicken, she could feel his length pushing deeper into her, which in turn brought their bodies closer, increasing the pressure on her clit. She lifted her legs, spreading them as far as she could, wrapping them around Brad’s thighs, pushing against his ass, pulling him into her.

“Oh god Brad, fuck me, I’m gonna cum!” she stammered breathlessly.

“Me too.” he replied, as she felt a wave of pleasure wash through her body. Her head spun with delight as she felt her pussy tighten around his cock, and almost in synchronicity, felt him harden inside her and shoot his cum into her.

The two looked at each other briefly before kissing again. Lucy’s legs were still tightly wrapped around him, but the sheer pleasure still pulsating through her body distracted from this.

“You are amazing,” she said.

“You too gorgeous.” Brad replied. Slowly Lucy released her grip of him, allowing him to pull out of her. She felt so empty briefly, as her pussy took time to readjust.

“Ill be right back.” Lucy said, heading for the bathroom “Got to, clean up, if you know what I mean.” she said in a coy manner.

“No worries.” came the reply, as Brad stood up, doing him self up.

Lucy, quickly headed for the bathroom, and sat on the toilet reflecting on just how amazing that just was. Never before had someone made her orgasm like that on a first night, particularly when so well hung too. She could still feel her pussy spasming as she left to go back to the bedroom, just catching sight of Brad disappearing out the front door.

“The little shit.” she thought to herself, but was too tired to be angry. The alcohol was wearing off, she’d had the fuck of her life, and really just wanted to go home and go to bed. “Ill get him another time,” she said to herself as she headed downstairs and back to the party. She looked around for Zoe, but with all the people there, it would be an almost impossible task to find her, and besides, she was probably in a bedroom somewhere, so sending a quick text to let her friend where she was, Lucy headed out into the warm summer night.

Home wasn’t too far away, so she started to walk. It would save on the cab fare, and the area was pretty safe. As she turned a corner, she heard a car behind her slowing down, not wanting to look back Lucy quickened her pace, keeping her eyes straight ahead and she refused to acknowledge the car, now drawing along side her.

“Lucy?” came the shout, “It is you, are you mad? Walking out alone on a night like this?” She turned to see her good friend, and occasional fuck buddy Mark grinning out of the window.

“Hiya.” she said, in a relieved tone “How ya doing?”

“Yeah I’m good ta.” he replied, “Can I give a lift somewhere?” he continued

“Yeah why not?” Lucy said, jumping into the passenger seat.

Mark pulled off, heading towards Lucy’s flat,

“So, what ya been up to tonight?” he asked cheerfully

“Not much.” she replied “Just some party, sucked really.” reflecting on how she’d been first used for a blowjob, then for a fuck, even though she’d gotten a good orgasm from it.

“So not much fun?” he asked, “How about we go inside at yours and make some fun?” Mark suggested.

Lucy paused before answering; she was tired but always had good sex with Mark. He was fun and adventurous, and above all, respected her.

“Sure why not?” she decided.

As they pulled up, Lucy opened her clutch purse and got out he keys, then headed up to the flat isveçbahis yeni giriş with Mark close behind. There didn’t have to be any false chat with him, Lucy felt warm and comfortable in his company, s they headed straight for the bedroom.

“You get yourself ready,” she said, “I’ll be one minute.” and headed for the bathroom.

As Mark undressed himself and lay on the bed, Lucy used the toilet, took a shower and brushed her teeth, washing off the party and her antics. She headed naked back to the bedroom to find Mark waiting for her, already with a hard cock.

“Hey sexy!” he said in a warm voice

“Hi.” she replied lying next to him, then facing each other they kissed, she felt his cock pushing against her, pressing into where her thighs met. She opened them slightly to allow his cock to rest just at her pussy opening.

She didn’t feel particularly aroused, but Marks touch soon changed that. He was gentle in every way, stroking her breasts, and running his finger along her spine.

Lucy could feel him pressing against her, and kissing her slowly, moving from her lips to her neck, then down towards her breasts, taking each nipple in turn and teasing it with his tongue, sucking on them while using his hands to explore her body. Tracing around her pubic area, running his fingers along each thigh, tracing a line from one knee, up the inside of her thigh, over her pussy lips then down the other inner thigh. He moved slowly to go down on her, but she wouldn’t let him. She respected him too much to allow him to go down on her when she already had been fucked that night.

“I’ve got a treat for you.” she said, and with a little wink, rolled onto her front and pushed her ass into the air. “Just take me from behind,” she said, “indulge yourself.” and with that Mark needed no second invitation. He kneeled behind her and slid his cock into her wet pussy. It felt good, his hands firmly on her hips, sliding slowly in and out of her.

Lucy, while enjoying the sex, didn’t quite feel the satisfaction she’d felt with Brad. Mark wasn’t small, but he was no Brad.

“Hold on a moment.” she said, and as Mark stopped, she leant forward into bedside cabinet, opening the top draw, and pulled out a bottle of lube.

“You know what to do with that?” she said handing it Mark with a little wink.

He knew exactly what to do. He popped it open and dribbled it onto Lucy’s back, just at the top of her ass. As it started to run down, he poured a little more into hand, and withdrew his cock from her pussy. He used one hand to rub the lube onto his cock, while the other spread the lube from Lucy’s back down around her asshole, rubbing it over, and gently inserting a finger into her.

“Ready?” he asked

“Go for it.” Lucy said. As she felt Mark’s cock press against her asshole, she pushed back a little, enjoying the feeling of being stretched as he entered her.

Mark sighed with pleasure as he entered Lucy, feeling her tight ass engulf his cock. The lubricant made it even more pleasurable, easing the entry. As he had just about sunk his full length into her, he pulled out again, before pushing back into her.

“You ok?” he asked

“Mmmm, fine.” Lucy said, enjoying his hot length filling her. She pushed back to feel him deep inside her, and as he started to get a rhythm, she could feel the pleasure build again inside her. She reached back and with two fingers started to circle her clit, pressing against it, her hand action becoming more vigorous with each stroke that Mark slid into her. She could feel her orgasm building again, it felt more intense this time, and it was going to come quicker than she expected.

“Chriiist!” she said into her pillow as the shockwave rushed over her body, her legs suddenly becoming weak.

“You ok?” Mark asked

“Yes – just fuck me!” she replied, slightly agitated. Mark continued to pump Lucy, feeling her tight ass grip his cock as Lucy clenched her muscles. All of a sudden, Mark pulled Lucy into him, pushing his cock deep inside her, and groaned as he came. She felt his hot cum inside her, and before he had to pull out, she collapsed onto the bed. He laid on top of her, his cock slowly shrinking inside her.

“And its not even my birthday!” he said. Lucy looked up from her pillow at him,

“No, but just as fun!” she said, “Now kiss me and go to sleep”

Mark duly obliged, and as the two of them slipped under the duvet together and spooned, he wrapped his arms around her, and she fell into a deep sleep, feeling safe, warm, home and loved.

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