A Blissful Encounter in Paris

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I’ve mentioned before in other stories that I enjoy nature watching holidays and it was following just such a trip to the South of France that led to a special encounter in its capital city. Paris is sometimes known as the “City of Lights”, but to me at least from an erotic point of view, it certainly became the “City of Delights”.

Rather than fly or drive to my holiday at the Vercors Massif, near Grenoble, I had taken the train to Lyons and was due to take three days relaxing in Paris before returning to London by Eurostar. Wildlife watching can be surprisingly tiring, as it usually involves early morning rises, often the best time to see birds, for example.

On arriving at the station in Paris, I took a taxi to the hotel, which was in an upmarket part of town, apartments mixed in with cafes and little boutiques. I spent the rest of the day sight-seeing, eating some delicious food and drinking wine.

The next morning, I found a cosy cafe around the corner from the hotel with a good breakfast and wifi, so I could tap away at my laptop. I couldn’t help but notice that sitting at a table across from me was a gorgeous, tres chic looking woman of about 40 years old. She was perfectly turned-out in a beige city suit that was a close fit to her slender, yet curvaceous frame. Her shoulder length, dark brown hair was stylishly coiffed and her long fingers expertly manicured.

At one point, this fine looking lady looked over, I’d say to size-me-up, so I gave her my most confident smile, which didn’t seem to impress her one little bit, this was Paris after all. When she eventually got-up to leave, somewhat to my disappointment, I watched her cross the street, thinking to myself what an elegant figure she cut. Looking back at where she had been sitting, I noticed she had left her mobile phone on the edge of the table.

Springing into action, I grabbed the phone and with a brief explanation to the waiter, dashed out into the street after her. Rushing through the busy traffic, I managed to catch-up, calling güvenilir bahis out: “excuse moi, madam”. She turned with a startled look to see me holding the phone and exclaiming: “you left this behind in the cafe, madam”.

The lady ran her slender fingers over her jacket pocket and then taking a closer glance at the phone in my hand, a look of relief spreading across her face: “Oh, merci monsieur, thank you so much, you’re an absolute lifesaver” in sweetly-accented English.

The next morning, I was at the cafe again drinking espresso, when a familiar voice made me look up to the welcome sight of the stylish Parisienne: “May I sit with you?” she asked. “My name is Marie and I wish to thank you once more for saving my phone – my life is in that little box” she said sweetly with a smile.

We sat opposite each other, chatting amiably over coffee and croissants for what seemed like hours. She was a city lawyer with international business interests and was so-well travelled, she seemed to have been everywhere in the world. She also seemed excited by my adventures and I was completely enchanted by this intelligent and beautiful creature.

The following day was my final day in the city and I was so pleased when she agreed to meet me at the cafe the next morning to show me a few sites generally off the tourist trail.

When I met her at 8am, she was wearing a smart, purple suit of a very flattering cut. She had to work in the afternoon and I envied her male colleagues having the daily pleasure of that fine sight.

The morning we spent together was absolutely thrilling for she was great company, interesting, fun and incredibly sexy. She laughed at my quirky British humour, holding me close, as we walked hand-in-hand around the little streets and boulevards.

When it was time for us to part, I mustered my courage, turned to face her and exclaimed with all honesty: “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met”. She smiled so sweetly, I had to pull her into an embrace, staring into her lovely türkçe bahis brown eyes and then I lowered my head to meet her lips in a wonderful kiss.

Our kissing became so passionate, we were both breathless, pressing against each other with hands stroking. “Please don’t leave right now” she said: “come with me” leading towards the classic, old apartment block where she lived.

When we entered the foyer, she whispered to me: “I’m afraid we can’t go up, my elderly father is in the flat”, but instead pulled me into a secluded alcove near the entrance.

Clenching each other and kissing in the style the French invented, our hands stroked wildly. Mouths open in mutual passion, our moist tongues fenced, as I pushed-her up against the smooth marble wall.

Our bodies were rubbing together furiously as we snogged like teenagers. My hands went to the front of her jacket undoing the button and pushing it off her shoulders, allowing perfect breasts to press into me through a lilac silk blouse. Unbuttoning her top had me leaning down to envelop her firm boobs in my mouth through a lacey black bra. She moaned and stroked my hair, as I slowly pulled down the bra to reveal brown nipples which I suckled greedliy, flicking with my tongue, each in turn, causing them to stiffen to peaks at my succulent attention.

In the meantime, Marie’s crotch and mine were rubbing obscenely together causing my rod to expand and throb. Her hands reached to my belt, undoing it quickly and then the trouser button. Pushing trousers and boxers over my buttocks freed my prick to spring out at her bouncing in its stiffness. Grasping the throbbing organ in her palm, she masturbated my manhood back and forth, making me groan deeply and causing pre-cum to ooze from the slit.

After a minute or so of mutual pleasuring, Marie kneeled slowly down in front of me to start licking her tongue rapidly around the purple head of my prick, making me shudder uncontrollably. She also licked down the shaft, cupping and fondling my hairy ballsack, güvenilir bahis siteleri giving a masterclass in the fine art of blowjob; it was all I could not to explode prematurely onto her lovely face.

Grabbing the beautiful woman by the arms. I pulled her up into my embrace for more passionate kissing, now desperately wanting to be inside her. I reached downwards, pulling her tight skirt up by the hem, worming it over her shapely thighs. This allowed access for my fingers to rub at the already damp centre of her lace-edged panties. “Ohhh oui, oui” she groaned: “I want you so bad, mon cher”. Running my fingers firmly up and down her slit relentlessly, soon had her bucking and spasming into me, as a crushing orgasm overwhelmed her.

Allowing a second or two to recover, Marie quickly shed her panties, briefly catching them on her heels, before placing an elegant hand on my rearing prick. With a lustful look, she guided it desperately past her swollen labia all the way up into the warm, moist core of her womanhood. We both gasped together at this wonderful, longed-for natural union.

I started to hump up into the gorgeous French woman, over and over I thrust, slowly at first as she was so tight, but then with increasing tempo as love juices swamped my thick rod. The warm moist sheath of her vagina was the centre of the entire universe and we both shouted in unity, oblivious of anyone outside our unbridled rutting.

It seemed like an eternity of ecstasy, but soon I could feel the inevitable boiling of white hot jism ready to burst; Maries cries only added to that building pressure. There was no stopping and so with half a dozen, final, furious upward pumps, I came, splashing streams of white spunk deep into Marie, coating her love walls and filling her to the brim with man seed. The ultimate act of love-making tipping her into a second massive orgasm, as she spasmed rhythmically on the throbbing shaft that was shooting into her.

We held each other, panting and kissing gently and after a time, pulled ourselves together. On leaving the building, we knew the busy streets of the city cared nothing of the intense passion that had occurred between a foreigner and one of the most beautiful, living treasures of Paris – the wonderful Marie.

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