A Business Trip Ch. 02

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Al woke to the sounds and smells of breakfast being served on his flight, a sure sign that they were nearing Auckland. He stretched and suddenly realised that his new friend, Charlotte, was no longer sat beside him. As he accepted a coffee from the cabin crew she made her way down the aisle looking radiant and refreshed, clearly having taken advantage of the bathrooms to freshen herself up.

“Good morning”, she smiled as she slid in to the seat beside him. “I hope you slept as well as I did. I have to say that a fuck before bed time is always the best way to get a good night’s sleep! I can’t wait to have a shower though. I’ve got a connecting flight in three hours so should have enough time to get into the lounge to use their facilities… care to join me?”. Her eyes were sparkling as she waited for his response.

“Well I’m meant to go straight to the hotel to meet my colleagues, but I’m sure I can think of some excuse as to my lateness. So yes, I’d very much like to join you in the lounge for a coffee.”

“Oh I’m sure we can manage a bit more than just a coffee,” she said teasingly. “Much more.”

As the plane prepared to land, Charlotte again took out her book to help distract her from her flying nerves. Al remembered the effect the story had had on her before, and looked forward to seeing where her excitement would take them this time.


He followed Charlotte to the business lounge and, after flashing the staff a card from her wallet, they were waved through with no problems. It was still very early in the day so the lounge was very quiet, a quiet couple were drinking tea and an elderly businessman sat eating toast and reading the financials, although he managed to take a moment though to run an appraising eye over Charlotte’s fine figure.

Charlotte took Al’s hand and led him towards the back of the lounge where the signs for the bathrooms were.

“You wait out here for a minute, so we don’t arouse too much suspicion. And we isveçbahis might have to be quiet again”, she said with a laugh, giving him a quick kiss before darting in the shower room. He heard the water turn on and could hear her humming lightly to herself. He could only imagine what she was doing, he wondered if she was undressing herself or waiting for him. His musings were soon answered when the door opened a tiny crack and her bare arm slid out, clutched his sleeve and swiftly pulled him into the small, steamy room. She was naked, gloriously and confidently naked.

He revelled in the sight of her as she stepped back, clearly proud of her body and pleased with his apparent look of delight. Her breasts were high and firm, the nipples hard already and pointing directly at Al as if signalling they were ready to be licked. Her pussy was waxed with just a thin strip of hair and seemed to be glistening from her excitement already. Al stepped forward and swept her into his arms, kissing her so passionately it seemed almost violent, their lips racing over each other and their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Charlotte quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off him, pressing herself against him and raking her hard nipples up and down his hairy chest.

His hands were exploring her body, stroking her smooth back and reaching down to knead her firm arse cheeks. He reached a little further and slipped a finger between her cheeks and down to her pussy to find that it was indeed soaking already and ready for him. She gasped as he slid two fingers into her and she pushed her arse back onto his arm to try to give him room to get his fingers in even further. He pumped his fingers in and out of her a few times, feeling her tighten on him already and heard her breathing quicken.

“Not yet”, he said to her and took his hand away, causing her to whimper a little in disappointment. She soon recovered though and realised that two could play that game.

She dropped to her knees isveçbahis giriş and unzipped his trousers, roughly pushing them and his shorts down to the floor in one swift movement. She couldn’t help but groan a little at the sight of his cock, her mouth literally started to water as she saw the pulsing head with a little drop of precum sat at the end, waiting to be licked off. She eagerly grasped him with both hands and put out her tongue to gently lap the head of his cock, flickering her tongue over it and causing him to groan in delight. She slowly pumped his shaft a little as she licked his head before trailing her tongue down to his balls, sucking and nuzzling them, lightly nipping the skin with her teeth before taking them into her mouth and rolling them firmly against her tongue.

As she felt his balls tighten a little she turned her attention back to his twitching, throbbing cock. She gently kissed the swollen head before taking him fully in her mouth, bobbing down to take his entire length down her throat and sucking him deeply. He groaned as he ran his fingers through her hair, guiding her head up and down him as he fucked her talented mouth. She felt him try to quicken her pace and she pulled her head away from him, leaving his cock slick and shiny and quivering in front of her.

“Not yet!” she said, smiling up at him. She stood, took his cock in her hand and led him to the shower. As they stood under the warm cascade of water she kissed him again, pressing herself tightly against him. He was awed by the sight of her body under the rivulets of water, he couldn’t resist but follow the trickles down her neck with his tongue, making her sigh with delight. He soon reached her full breast and took her rock hard nipple in his mouth, rasping his tongue over her tingling nub and gently biting it before moving to treat the other nipple the same, his hands squeezing them both and causing her to arch her back up at him.

“Enough!”, she said and pulled him up to her. isveçbahis yeni giriş “Fuck me, fuck me now”. She turned and placed her hands on the tiled wall, presenting her arse to him as she looked over her shoulder. “Fuck me hard, Al, put your big dick in me and make me come”.

He stepped closer to her and guided his cock to her eager pussy, she was soaking wet and it wasn’t from the shower. With a firm push he was fully encased in her, her pussy muscles clenching tightly at his shaft and her juices coating him with their slickness. She groaned deeply in pleasure as she felt him filling her, and his hands reached around to grasp her breasts as he thrust deeply and firmly into her. Her breathing was fast and ragged, as was his, and as he sped up and plunged into her faster and harder she started to come, her arse and hips pushing back at his groin. Their bodies were slapping wetly together in the streaming water and he squeezed her nipples and bit the back of her neck as she came, feeling himself building swiftly to climax as well. He grabbed her hips to pull her even further on to his cock as he came with a low groan, pulsing into her tight pussy and filling her with his come. She moaned as she felt him swell and come in her and turned her head to kiss him again.

He wrapped his arms around her as he felt the last spurt of come being squeezed from his cock by her powerful pussy muscles, and they collapsed together against the cool shower wall. His softening cock slipped from her and they stood for a while under the pouring water, slowly relaxing and coming back down to earth.

“I’d better hurry up and get properly showered” she said. “Not long until my next flight, and you’ve got to get to your hotel.” She gave him one last, lingering kiss and then pushed him out of the shower, slapping his arse lightly as she did.

“Thanks, Al. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Grab yourself one of my business cards from my handbag, and hopefully our paths will cross again!”.

Al dressed quickly, rummaged in her bag to grab her business card and left her to her showering. As he walked to find himself a taxi, he slipped the card into his wallet and smiled, sure that somehow he would find a way to see her again.

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