A Case of Misbehavior

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My wife is a “spanko”. She introduced me to it when we first got together. Skeptical at first, I was a bit surprised to find out it made me hot to turn her ass red before sticking my hard cock into her juicy pussy. I even let her spank me sometimes, but I learned that I have to be in just the right mood for that.

She divorced her husband after we met and fell in love. Her two daughters weren’t really happy about that, especially the younger one. Lori was seventeen when her mom moved her in to live with us. My wife had told me that Lori had learned somehow of her mother’s fetish, and wasn’t pleased. So we reserved those playtimes for days or nights when Lori wasn’t around. The daughters’ attitude toward me, “the man who had taken their mother from their dad”, warmed when they saw how happy their mom was with me.

Just before Lori’s eighteenth birthday, she had a girlfriend sleep over. Brandi was turning 18 within a few days of Lori’s birthday, so we offered to give them a joint party. They loved the idea. While they were upstairs in Lori’s room we overheard them laughing and talking. They obviously thought that their music was loud enough to drown them out. They mentioned spanking and our ears perked up. Apparently they had developed a playful habit of delivering swats to each other. This was proving interesting. “You always swat me too hard!” Brandi’s voice seemed to bait Lori.

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t swat me when you pass me in the halls at school,” Lori replied. They giggled and we heard them thumping and wrestling. It was punctuated by a distinct slapping sound, giggles then silence. Apparently they’d realized they were being too loud.

After a few minutes, however, we heard them talking about the party. They both were hoping to get birthday spankings from the boys at the party. They sounded very eager! On the morning of her birthday, I toyed with the idea of spanking Lori, but when I jokingly said I was going to, Lori flatly forbade it, probably associating it with her mother’s sex life. Kids are such hypocrites about their parents having sex. From the look in her eye I knew she was serious. So I forgot about it.

We chaperoned the party and both girls did, indeed get spanked while “resisting”. They both laughed their way through the ordeal. A few days after the party our life took an unexpected turn. My wife had been having a tough time at work. The board of directors of the company were inexperienced and egotistical. They wouldn’t let her do her job the way it should be done. So she resigned. This meant that she would have to go elsewhere for work, since there were no other positions in our little town for her skills.

She found a good job in a town just too far away for a daily commute. So we agreed she would go ahead and move there and come home on weekends. Lori didn’t seem affected by the lack of her mother’s daily presence. They had a typical relationship when the daughter is Lori’s age. She and I got along well, so things rolled along for several weeks. The separation, though difficult for us ‘newlyweds’, had a positive side. The limitation of our time together made that time sweeter. And our sex more intense.

Then one night Lori made a big mistake. It was a weeknight, so her mom was gone. In the time she’d been with us, I had yet to discipline her myself, but her mom rarely had to, either. They argued, but not about any real misbehavior on Lori’s part. At any rate, Lori called from school just before I left to pick her up. (We live out of town and she doesn’t have a car of her own.) She said she and some friends were going to study at the library for a couple of hours. I said that was fine and replaced my jacket on the hook.

Two and a half hours later, I was beginning to feel suspicious. So I drove into town. I checked the library, but there was no sign of Lori and her friends. The librarian told me they’d been there earlier, but only for about a half hour. So I went on a hunt. I knew all her friends, since I’d watched most of them grow up. Going from house to house only served to alert other parents to their kids’ deception. Every one of the three parents I spoke with was under the impression their children were at the library. I hadn’t intended to ‘blow the whistle’ on them, but that’s the way it goes.

I finally found Lori at the home of one of the boys in her class. His parents were less restrictive than most, so they had gone out of town, leaving their son home alone. They had the mistaken impression he was trustworthy. The whole gang was there. And they’d been drinking. Brandi was already passed out on the floor near the couch. I refrained from taking any real action with Lori in front güvenilir bahis of the others. I did tell them they’d do well to get home before their parents came looking for them. I also told the three whose parents I’d seen that they already knew they’d lied. They were not too happy to hear that. I ushered Lori out to the car. Fortunately, she didn’t appear to be feeling much effects from the beer she’d had. I directed the boy who lived at the house to drive Brandi home and take his medicine from her parents.

On the drive home I told her how stupid she’d been. I continued to lecture her. She admitted to having only about one and a half beers. I told her that the town cops were pretty harsh on teen drinking and she’d been lucky it had been me that caught her rather than them. “How did you expect to get away with this?” I demanded. “Did you think that because I drink beer at home that I wouldn’t be able to tell you’d been drinking?”

“I don’t know,” she mumbled. She couldn’t seem to look me in the eye. She was angry and embarrassed, I knew. I’d been caught a few times by my own parents in various misbehaviors — including underage drinking. So I knew exactly what she was feeling. But my parents had been ‘enlightened’ and had punished me by grounding or placing other restrictions on me. My intention was far different for Lori. Still,I played the game.

“What do you think your punishment should be, Lori?” I asked the timeworn question. Again she mumbled a noncommittal answer. I pressed her and she finally said she should lose her internet privileges maybe, or be grounded. I knew grounding her would not be much of a retribution, since she spent most of her time at home in her room anyway when she wasn’t in school.

We got home and she continued to exhibit a downcast air. I told her to get upstairs and wait for my judgement. I called her mother and told her what had happened. She hit the roof! She wanted to talk to Lori and read her the riot act, but I told her that since I was the parent on the scene I would have to be the one to deal with it. She finally calmed down enough to see my point. Then she asked me what I planned to do. She laughed when I told her that I was going to paddle her daughter. “If she’s like me, that won’t be much of a punishment! Remember her birthday.”

“I do. But I think it’s the right thing to do. I don’tintend this to be one of those playful spankings like she got at the party. I’m going to use the leather paddle, and do it on her bare ass.” We regularly used the paddle in our play. It could be very punishing, and always left us both hot and ready to fuck or be fucked.

I actually heard my wife gulp. I knew she was being turned on picturing her young daughter’s ass naked and draped over my knee. “Well,” she said quietly, “at least ‘warm her up’ first.” She was referring to a fairly sharp hand spanking to precede the harsher paddling. I felt a twitch in my pants as I thought about my hand on Lori’s naked ass. We continued to talk a while longer. We both knew what the effect would likely be on me, and what might happen. Then my loving wife said something that truly surprised me: “Well, better you than anybody else, Honey. Be careful.” Little more needed to be said. I looked at the phone a while after we hung up. I finally decided that my wife had just given me permission to fuck her daughter!

I stood and retreived the paddle from its place in our bedroom. It swung back and forth from the leather loop on its handle as I ascended to the second floor of our home. Lori’s door was closed so I knocked. Hearing a muffled “Come in,” I opened the door and simply stood with my arms crossed. I’d stuck the paddle in my back pocket before knocking. I didn’t want to tip my hand too soon. “I just spoke to your mother,” I told her as sternly as I could. In truth, my anger had been replaced by another, equally basic emotion — lust. “We have agreed on a suitable punishment.”

She looked up at me from her place lying across the bed. She’d changed into her usual sleepwear: a tee-shirt and boxers. She’d unintentionally made my task easier. I wouldn’t have to deal with stripping her panties off to bare her butt. Her eyes began to tear up as I went on to explain the gravity of her error. Adding in the lying with the drinking, I told her that the situation merited a strict lesson, so she could remind herself the next time she considered something like this. I knew what a load of crap it was, but as I said, I was willing to play the game. What’s that line about everybody turning into their own parents?

I crossed to the bed and told her to stand up. As she did, I sat down. Without warning, I pulled her across my türkçe bahis lap. She struggled of course. But as strong as she is, I had the advantage. I locked my right leg over hers and pressed down on the small of her back. Resistance, as they say, was futile. I rested my right hand on her somewhat broad ass. Her struggles waned and finally stopped. She was crying quietly. I felt her gasp once then raised my hand. I brought it down firmly. She jerked and cried out, “OW! That hurt!”

I delivered my lines: “Not as much as it’s going to, young lady!” With that I began her warm up. My hand stung as I delivered twenty or so swats, covering the entire area of her ass. Her struggles renewed, and she cried out repeatedly. I wondered what the real effect of this was on her. I was content to wait to find out. She always called me by name, Dan, but as I continued to punish her, I swear I heard her once or twice call me “Dad”. Finally I stopped. She thought the lesson was over.

Then I released her legs. When she began to raise up, I gripped the waistband of her shorts and jerked them down around her knees. I again captured her legs with mine. She screeched in outrage that she was bare-ass on my lap. I almost lost my grip on her, but I held on. All her struggling did was to cause her shorts to slip down and off her ankles. “Remember, Lori, your mother has consented to this punishment.”

“THAT figures! She likes it!” she was angrier now than anything else. I looked at her butt and was pleased to see that it was nice and rosy. I gave her one last hand swat — hard — that landed on both cheeks. I let my hand remain there for a few seconds. When she realized that, I sensed a change in her mood. I didn’t dwell on it then, however. I pulled the paddle from behind my back. I lowered it so she could see it. It is short and flexible. The handle widens to about four inches at the business end. She gasped as she realized what was about to happen. “Nooo! Please, Daddy!” she stopped abruptly, realizing what she’d said. A few seconds of silence were followed by a gulp from her. “I-I mean, ‘Dan’. “

“Whatever,” I said and brought the leather down with a SLAP! on her tender ass. She screeched, and again with each swat. After the first ten, though, her screeches changed to groans and grunts. I knew what was happening. In fact, I could smell what was happening. I altered the position of my pinioning leg, allowing her right leg to go free while retaining my hold on her left. This effectively spread her legs and opened her up. She moaned wordlessly as she caught her own aroma and realized that if she could could smell it, I also could smell her scent. I stopped paddling for a minute. I set the paddle down on her back and stroked her ass again, squeezing each cheek in turn. She writhed and moaned in pain/pleasure. She was beginning to realize the extent of my intention.

We’d known — in fact my wife had encouraged it — that Lori had been sexually active. Her mother took her to get her birth control pills and had, on occasion, told her she’d probably make more friends if she let on that she ‘put out’. An odd position for a mother to take, but there it was. So far, Lori had only had two lovers that I knew about. No telling whether she’d given blowjobs or hand jobs before she actually gave up her maidenhead. We hadn’t discussed it.

My hand stroked across her ass once more. This time I slid it a little farther south and brushed across her exposed slit. It was, indeed, wet. I regained my grip on the paddle and began to lay it on. I punctuated the swats with admonishments to remember this the next time she decided to go drinking or considered lying. She grunted and her right leg slowly moved out farther. A swat delivered to that soft area just where her ass joined her legs was met with a breathy, “Ahh!”, and a sudden increase in her muscle tension. So I began to concentrate there.

She was panting openly now. “Remember, Honey,” I told her as I once again set the paddle down, “your mom has consented to this whole thing. I ran my hand over her again then made no pretense when I slipped it down between her thighs to feel her cunt. Like her mom, she shaves her pubic hair. She gasped. I added, “ALL of it!”

My finger entered her as I said quietly, “Every bit of it. She loves us both a great deal. And I love you, too.” She arched her back and moaned as I slipped another finger inside. She was tight. I was eager. I decided the paddling was finished. I tossed it to the floor and released her. She stayed in position for a minute enjoying my attentions. I lifted her up and turned her to sit on my lap, facing away. She sat gingerly. Her ass hurt, I knew. I lifted her güvenilir bahis siteleri legs outside my own and ran my hands up the inside of her thighs to her center. She leaned back against me as I toyed with her smooth pussy. Her scent filled the air and drove me crazy. I left one hand where it was and slipped the other up under her shirt. Dressed for bed, she had no bra to impede me. I caressed a nipple, then pinched it lightly. She shivered against me. I knew she felt my hard cock pressing into her red ass.

I left off diddling her pussy to pull her shirt up and off. She rose then and turned to me. She pulled at my own shirt and I let her remove it. When I stood she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. Going to her knees, she pulled them, along with my underwear, down to my ankles. My cock sprang out, just missing her eye. She giggled, but soon was all business again. I let her take control for a while. She pushed me onto my back on the bed and just stood looking for a second. She was beautiful to me. Young large breasts jutting out firmly from her chest, hips widening to a comfortable cushion. When she twisted to survey the damage to her ass, she gasped. She looked back at me and rubbed her butt. Then she smiled and fell on me. She restrained my hands now and straddled me. My cock was comfortably between her outer lips and she dangled a tit in front of me. I lifted my mouth to it and sucked. Her hips moved forward and back a few times.

She raised her weight off me and reached between us to position my hard cock at her opening. She sank slowly down on me. She was really tight! I can’t remember a tighter pussy. When she was again seated fully on me she sighed. Her eyes were closed and she trembled as she adjusted to my size. Releasing my hands she sat up. I gazed at her and took her hips in my hands. I wiggled from side to side and felt her juices ooze out and along the sides of my balls. Her eyes opened then, but only halfway. She was obviously enjoying this. She took her nipples in her hands and twisted them herself as she looked at me. She might have been only eighteen, I thought, but she was a woman already. She rocked back and forth a few times, her breath getting heavier.

I pulled her down on me and worked one leg outside hers. Then I rolled us over so I was on top. I ground my pubic bone against her clit and she jolted into an orgasm. It surprised us both. She cried out wordlessly. I moved my leg back between hers and began to fuck her. I gradually increased the speed of my thrusts and she mounted excitedly to another wave of orgasm. I leaned down and took a nipple between my lips. Having seen her play with them, I knew she would like a little roughness. I pinched it between my lips rather hard. She squeezed my hips between her hands. When I bared my teeth to it and bit, she came again. Her sheathing cunt was becoming even more slippery with her secretions.

I got to my knees and lifted her legs up over my shoulders for maximum penetration. I pounded into her, my balls slapping her red, punished ass. I rocked my hips back and forth while I was up to the hilt inside her. I got the expected shiver as I rubbed my cockhead against her G-spot. I could feel her anus pressed against my balls. This was SO good! I began pounding toward my own orgasm. Leaving her legs over my shoulders, I reached around her thighs to take her shoulders in my hands. This made my thrusts even more powerful. Then she did something that drove me over the edge. She reached for and captured my nipples, pinching and twisting them. My intake of breath was a loud hiss and I unloaded inside her. She yelled out again as she reached her final orgasm.

Afterward we lay there on her bed for a while, not talking. Then she raised up on her elbows and looked over at me. “Mom really said you could fuck me?” She was still having a hard time believing it.

“Not in so many big words, Sweetie. But she knew. What she said was, ‘Better you than somebody else.’ She knew what would happen if I spanked your bare ass.” That reminder caused her to roll to her belly and again rub her half moons. She smiled at me from under a tress of long brown hair.

Her finger went between her lips before she said, “I’m not sure that was much of a punishment, ‘Daddy’.” I smiled at her and rolled into her, throwing a leg across hers. I flexed my knee, bringing my leg up to caress her ass. She flinched a little at the contact. I kissed her then. As I did, I realized we hadn’t, up to that point, kissed. The kiss went on, our tongues sliding against each other. I reached down and pulled the spread over us. She snuggled into me. “Are you going to sleep here now?”

“Yes, Honey. Except on weekends,” I told her quietly. We lay there and drifted into sleep. Just before I dropped off, I tried to imagine how hot my wife would get when I told her all the details. It brought a satisfied smile to my lips.

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