A Conference Affair

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Lara and Simon first met at a conference in the late 1990s, when Simon was starting out as an assistant professor and Lara was finishing her PhD. Twenty years later, they were still good friends and saw each other often. They lived in different cities but had stayed in the same field of research. They often ran into each other at conferences and worked together on several boards and international committees.

In the last couple of years, the rise of AirBnB had reduced the costs of conference travel for everybody. Groups of professors would get together and rent an apartment for which they’d then share the costs.

On this particular trip, Lara had arranged the AirBnB for a group of researchers: Lara, Simon, Marco, and Brigitta. Simon didn’t really know Marco or Brigitta well, beyond to say hi to. In fact, he hadn’t even realised that Marco was Marco, to begin with. He was the last to arrive at the house and when the door opened he was momentarily confused. The man standing opposite him was the researcher he thought was called Matteo.

On trips like this, the residents generally make their own way back and forth to the apartment each day. People keep very different conference schedules, and there’s usually no point trying to coordinate comings and goings. As it turned out, however, Lara and Simon had a lot of sessions in common and found themselves often walking together over to the university, or alone together in the evening while the others were at a reception or taking in an evening lecture.

“I know of a great restaurant near here,” Lara said one day, when she found herself alone with Simon in the early evening. “My brother knows the chef, and I’m sure we can get a table.”

Simon agreed and they set off for the restaurant, a fantastic fusion place that mixed Japanese and French cooking in a way that sounded impossible but was just perfect when you tried it.

Lara was a foodie and did all the ordering. They started with some sake, then some white wine and oysters. A couple of rounds of sushi with beer. And some brandy with desert. By the end of the evening Simon, who fancied himself a decent drinker, couldn’t take another sip.

“Letsh… Let’s go home,” he said around one a.m. “I couldn’t drink another take-I mean take another drink!”

The two walked home and let themselves into the apartment quietly. The doors to Brigitta’s and Marco’s rooms were closed and Lara could hear Marco snoring quietly.

There was a half-finished bottle of Chardonnay on the counter in the kitchen.

“Let’s have a nightcap before we got to bed,” Lara proposed.

When they’d left the restaurant, Simon had been worried that he might not make it home without throwing up. But by the time they made it back to the apartment, he was feeling less on the edge. The night had been so fine, he thought he could risk one drink.

“I don’t think I could finish,” he said thickly. “But I bet I could start one!”

Lara got some glasses from above the sink and Simon poured two glasses of wine. They sat on the couch in front of the kitchen counter.

The night went on and they finished the bottle after all. The conversation was deep, with both revealing things about themselves that they rarely if ever spoke out loud. Despite himself, Simon started flirting. Lara went to the washroom. When she came back she sat a little closer to him.

Around three, Simon stood up to go to bed. He was ridiculously drunk and would have a hard time getting up tomorrow. Lara stood up as well.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening,” Simon said, standing awkwardly. He didn’t make a move to go.

“I’m so glad to have had this chance to talk,” Lara said to Simon, standing up as well.

She put her hand on his arm. “I was touched by what you felt able to tell me.” She also made no move to leave.

Simon felt dizzy suddenly. A heat rose to his cheeks. He wondered if he dared.

“I have something terrible to ask,” he suddenly said.

“What’s that,” Lara asked. She was hoping she knew but wanted to hear it from him.

“Would you mind very much if I kissed you?”

Lara nodded and reached out to him with her other hand. “I’d like that very much,” she said.

Simon leaned in and they kissed. They were hesitant at first. Their lips soft against each other. Lara felt a prickle from Simon’s five o’clock shadow. She opened her mouth. Their tongues touched.

Desire took over. Lara sat back down, pulling Simon with her. She leaned back and Simon rolled to her side, caressed her with his left hand. Through her dress he could feel the underwire of Lara’s bra, the weight of her breast, roughness of the lace trim. Her nipple pushed against the fabric making a small mound in the thick material. He ran his thumb over it, pushing down with the side of his knuckle. It gave way under his pressure and pushed back up as he passed. Lara drew her breath strongly. Their tongues pressed together, mouths open.

Lara arched her back, pushing with her breasts against isveçbahis Simon’s hands. Her left hand moved instinctively downwards. With an open palm, she cupped the bulge in Simon’s jeans. She sighed slightly, squeezing gently with her hand. She could feel the outline of the stiffening shaft against the base of her palm and thumb, contrasting against the lack of resistance at her fingertips as she pushed softly against the scrotum and testicles. His glans pulsed.

Simon pulled his head back slightly, breaking the kiss. “That’s so nice,” he whispered.

Lara reached up with her right hand and directed Simon’s head back down. She was wearing a summer, wrap-around dress that crossed in front. Simon loosened it and was pushing up with both hands on her breasts. She lowered her chin to meet them, kissing the tips of his fingers.

Without quite knowing how they got there, Simon and Lara soon found themselves in Simon’s room. Simon opened Lara’s dress. Letting it fall, he stood back to look at her.

Lara was short, perhaps 5’3.” Her breasts were large, much bigger than Simon’s hands, and very heavy. She had an hourglass shape, with prominent hips. She had on a front clasp bra, which Simon opened quickly. Her chest widened as he released her breasts from their cups, pulling the bra straps back over her arms. Lara’s nipples were thick but long, sticking out prominently. Her wide dark areolas were dense and swollen.

Simon pulled off his t-shirt and unbuckled his belt. Lara reached immediately for his jeans, pulling open the buttoned fly. His erection sprung out the front gap in his boxers. Lara wrapped her left hand around it gently, pushing back and forth slowly with her thumb across the frenulum and head.

She pulled the waistband over the erect penis, and together they pushed his pants and briefs down. Simon stepped out quickly, while Lara reached back with her hand.

She sat on the bed, pulling him towards her.

Simon had the white skin of the Irish. He was middle aged and it showed. A small paunch, and a dad physique. His erection was a little longer than the breadth of her palm. Its head swelled as she moved her hand towards the front, her thumb outstretched and pressing into the underside of his shaft.

Lara had long nails and as she moved her hand, the tip of her thumb caught in the sensitive skin on the underside of his erection. Simon drew a quick breath. He’d never felt something like this before. Lara pullled back slightly and then forward again, scratching more deliberately until her nail hit the ridgy edge of his glans. She pushed more, digging painfully, pleasurably into the dense, spongy flesh. Simon felt a sharp prick, like a hot needle scratching the ridge. His glans pulsed.

“Oh, I think somebody likes that!” Lara laughed. “A little masochistic are we?”

She leaned down and touched the tip of his penis with her lips. The lightest of kisses. The glans swelled again with excitement. She rolled her tongue and pushed out with its muscular tip against the slit on the head of his penis. The rounded edges both resisted and gave way slightly. She pushed harder and felt it widen. She felt more than tasted the pre-cum. A slippery, salty, sweet viscosity. Umami. She moved her hand back on his shaft, feeling his soft skin slide over a harder, ribbed core. She moved her hand forwards and dug her thumbnail once again against the edge of the glans, this time even harder. The movement pushed his erection forward against the softening breadth of her tongue.

Simon pressed his hips forward, arching his back. “Use your teeth,” he gasped. “And your nails.” Lara pulled her head back and raised her other hand. She dragged the points of her index and middle finger gently but firmly across the broad top of the head of his penis. A soft corduroy.

“Like that!” Simon said. “Harder!”

Lara leaned forward again and took the entire glans head in her mouth, closing her lips behind the bottom ridge. She smoothed it with her tongue, bathing it softly. She pulled back with a slow, wet pop. “I think we’ll wait for ‘harder’.”

Lara leaned back on the bed, pulling off her panties. She reached up and pulled Simon down towards the bed. “We are so far from done,” she laughed.

She rolled onto her back and opened her legs, arching them at the knee. Simon crossed over and kneeled in front of her. His erection stood straight out before him.

Lara had a thick black mop of pubic hair. Her labia were thick and very dark, slightly puffed. A thin sliver of pink shone between them, glistening slightly. Simon breathed the rough-edged scent. She pushed her hips towards him slightly.

“Give me your hand,” Simon said, holding his own out towards her. She put her right hand in his, directing them both towards his erection.

Simon pushed their hands down. “No. Show me how you touch yourself,” he said, reaching for his other hand. “Show me how you make yourself cum.”

Lara felt her cheeks redden as her hands reached down. From excitement rather isveçbahis giriş than shame. She had never done this in front of somebody before.

“I want to see you cum,” Simon whispered. “Show me how you do it.”

Lara pulled back at the top of her vagina and pushed back the labia with her middle fingers. She moved slowly up from her urethra to her clitoris, along the sides, and then back down. She kept an even pressure and her fingers moved together. The second time up, she dragged the pad of her finger across the tip of her clitoris. She felt the ridges of her finger prints through the sensitive organ. As she passed back over the protective skin, she felt a kick inside.

Simon had dropped down on Lara’s left side, his erection falling warm against her thigh. He reached across and cupped her right breast, while dropping his head to her left. Open-mouthed, he breathed damply against her areola. Lara felt it pinch even more tightly together with excitement. His tongue brushed the top of her nipple.

“Hmm” Lara moaned, adding a finger from each hand and increasing the speed of her circuit. She played with the clitoral hood as she passed, pushing it up and down like a foreskin.

“I’m getting close,” she whispered, pushing back with her hips against her hands. She was now rotating around the most sensitive part, not quite touching directly but moving the skin backwards and forwards. The muscles in her groin and abdomen tightened. Her hands moved faster.

“Ahhh!” she suddenly exclaimed as the release came, magnified by a sudden sharp pain in her breast. Simon had bit hard on her nipple at the exact second she orgasmed. It was sore, but pleasurable. She clamped her legs around her right hand, and pushed down hard on her nipple with the palm of her left. She felt the veins pounding in both places. Simon put an open palm over the hand on her mons.

“No more!” she said as he started to move his hand. “Give me a second.”

Simon rolled over on his back, his arm behind Lara’s head. As she recovered, Lara rolled towards him, lying on her side, looking at his body. His penis had softened slightly. It was lying upwards on his abdomen, pointing slightly to the left.

Lara kissed Simon on the nipple, feeling the tiny nub between her lips. She placed her left hand gently over the shaft of his penis. Sharing its warmth. It began to swell against her.

“Mmm.” she said, bending towards it. “I see somebody isn’t finished.”

The shaft was stiff once again and she closed her hand around it. She stroked it very slowly and loosely, keeping her nails well back. Simon relaxed visibly. She put her lips around the glans, keeping her hand on the shaft. Her tongue pushed broadly against the dense skin of the head, blanketing it. “That’s nice!” Simon whispered.

She closed her mouth tight, sucking hard. She felt the glans swell again in her mouth. There was another hint of pre-cum. She pushed more firmly up with her hand and harder back down with her tongue. She pulled back with her tongue, she closed her teeth gently but firmly on the shaft. She dragged back with her head, her teeth scraping the skin. They caught on the ridge of the glans, and scraped across the head. She bit down harder as she went, being careful not to bite. Simon gasped.

His penis was nearly entirely out of her mouth at this point, and she pressed harder, her teeth pinching the very end of the glans. She felt the sides of his slit again, this time with the edges of her upper teeth. Turning slightly, she was able to bite against only one side, pulling slightly on the urethral opening. Simon felt a slight burning sensation.

“Oh my god, that’s nice!” he said. “Don’t stop!”

She smoothed the tip again with the flat of her tongue and then licked downwards, sliding sideways down the shaft. She turned her body again and moved over his thighs, until she knelt between his knees. She slid back up with her mouth and closed her lips back over the head. She looked up at Simon, pulling her hair out of her face. Simon watched the shaft of his penis disappear into Lara’s mouth. Her hand pushed down at the base.

Lara began to move in opposite directions with her head and hand. She pushed up with her hand and down with her mouth. Up with her head and down with her hand. When she came to the top she would let her lips run over the glans, slipping off with a kiss. The sensations began to overwhelm: warm, cold, soft, hard. Simon felt his scrotum tighten, his head and shaft expand. He pushed up with his hips.

“I’m going to cum,” he warned as Lara pulled back with her head. She pushed back down. “Ahh!” he exclaimed. His entire groin pulsed as he shot the first burst of semen into Lara’s mouth. He pushed back and forth with his hips despite himself, fucking Lara’s mouth. Lara sucked hard, pulling back with her head with each shot, drawing the cum out of him.




The last load burst out and Simon slumped back. Lara held her mouth on his rapidly shrinking isveçbahis yeni giriş penis, maintaining the suction. Simon felt like he was in a warm bath.

Without reducing the vacuum, Lara pulled slowly off, stretching his now flacid penis. She let it go with a pop, and then slid across his chest, letting her breasts hang down, and dragging her nipples across his hair. When she got to his head, she pushed down with her chest, leaned in, and kissed him deeply. She had not swallowed all of his cum. As they kissed, she pushed some semen into his mouth.

Simon was surprised at the taste. He had never tasted his own semen before or that of anybody else. He had tried his pre-cum often, dipping into it with his finger while masturbating. But he had never worked up the nerve to taste his ejaculate. He read that it tasted bitter or musky and none of his previous lovers had wanted him to cum in their mouths. But this tasted sweet and felt soft on his tongue. He pushed back hungrily into Lara’s mouth, hoping for more. Lara lifted her head, pulling a string of saliva and semen with her as she moved back. She rolled onto her back, spreading her legs.

“Your turn,” she said forthrightly.

Simon leaned over. He kissed her left breast, just below the nipple. Then the bottom side, above her chest. Her stomach. Her navel. With his right hand he reached out to her knee; with his left he pushed with the heel of his hand across the top of her mons. He leaned over her further and slid down the bed, kissing the top and then the inside of her far leg.

When his mouth got to Lara’s knee, he shuffled with his body until his head was at the height of her groin. He rubbed with his nose through Lara’s public hair, breathing open mouthed as his head crossed over her opening. Lara could feel the breath on her labia and his lips brush the tips of her hair. She crooned. “Ahh! So nice!”

Simon had meant to continue past her labia and on to her left leg. But the smell of Lara’s excitement pulled him back. He rubbed his nose over the top of her slit pushing down with his chin between her legs. He pushed out his tongue. Broad and loose, it ran over her sex. He felt rather than tasted the slightly acidic, deeply erotic flavour. Lara moaned softly.

Simon lifted his head slightly. He placed his left arm in a hook across her stomach, and with the first and second fingers of his right hand widened the outer lips, exposing Lara’s clitoris and the top of her labia minora. The vestibule glistened slightly. With a harder tongue, he pushed down, directly on Lara’s clitoris, before flicking his tongue upwards. Lara took in a breath. Pushing down with his whole mouth, he pursed his lips around the clitoris, sucking slightly and touching the top of her clit with his tongue.

“Not so direct,” Lara whispered, reaching down to touch his head.

Simon widened his mouth, sliding his tongue downwards across Lara’s urethra, then further pushing her lips apart as it went. He touched the gap of her vagina, feeling the muscle at its rim. He pulled out, pushing down hard and broad with his tongue as he slid back up. As he came to her clitoris, he pointed his tongue as sharply as could, pushing downwards. He pulled back up relaxing and widening his tongue as he pulled across the clitoris itself.

Pushing his mouth back down, he sucked again. This time he rubbed his tongue on the underside of her hood, avoiding the bud. Lara gasped. “Like that,” she said. “That’s it!”

Simon alternated sucking and letting go, keeping his lips sealed over the top of her slit, dancing for the most part around the tip of her clitoris with a pointed tongue. Occasionally he’d flick across, brushing lightly against the most sensitive part. Lara wasn’t sure if she was feeling his tongue or just the coolness of his saliva.

As Simon fell into a rhythm, Lara began to feel a tenseness. Her muscles began to stiffen. Simon could feel her clitoris extend outwards, pushing out from its protective sheath. He pulled his tongue farther back as he crossed over, keeping the pressure as light as it had been before. Lara felt the pressure within gain structure, go deeper.

She was being pushed to the edge. Simon pushed down harder with his open mouth, Lara felt the inside of his lips sponge against her. He flicked his tongue hard from bottom to top across her clitoris. It was enough. With a grunt, Lara felt the release. Her vagina clenched. She closed her legs involuntarily, Pushing Simon’s head away.

“Enough!” she said holding her hand over her mound. She pushed down hard, and pinched her hand between her legs. The pulses kept coming. She felt close to crying.

The waves subsided briefly before a last wave. Lara felt a calmness fall over her. She opened her legs again, hand flat between her legs. She leaned back lazily. She pulled her hand back, crossing arms over her breasts, palms flat on top.

“Mmm,” she hummed.

Simon crawled back up Lara’s body, brushing against her with his chest hair. He stopped as his hips came even with hers. He was hard again. Lara felt the glans slide under her, between her gluts. Simon kneeled up, bending his erection down and pulling slowly between her legs. She felt it as it moved across her perineum. It sprang clear.

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