A Conversation Between Cuck-Queens Ch. 03

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Peg and I are married to voyeur-cucks. That’s the reason we became such close friends. Both our husbands have the cuck fetish and we talk and joke a lot about it. We belong to the same club, do lunch together, shop together and our husbands have become close friends. We are all in our early thirties.

Like all cuck-queens we fuck other guys while our husbands watch and like all cuck-queens we lay in bed and tell hubby about fucking other guys while they fantasize and jack off. That’s what cucks and their queens do. Our husbands are successful local businessmen, so all of our adventures take place on short vacations out of town.

Last week we tried something new. Peg cucked our loving husbands while the four of us were sitting in our living room, them in coats and ties, sipping drinks. She told them a story about an adventure she and Gerry had had in Bermuda where she teased a guy in the bar and ended up fucking three guys upstairs while Gerry, locked out in the hall, just stood there and played with his dick.

It was a funny story and Peg and I laughed a lot as she told it. Our husbands got so turned on that they had fantasies and masturbated in the living room. Peg and I decided to do it again — only this time I would tell the story. So here we were sitting in Peg and Gerry’s living room, all dressed up after enjoying a great dinner at the club. We were sipping Drambuie.

Peg leans back in her chair, turns to me, and says, “I told you about those three studs I fucked in Bermuda, Trish. Do you have a good story to tell us?”

I looked at our loving husbands and they both looked embarrassed, as they remembered wanking off in the living room the week before, when Peg cucked them with that dirty story. I got the feeling that they both were prepared to enjoy another sexy fetish story, even though they were embarrassed.

I started to laugh thinking about a story that I hadn’t told her yet. It was funny as hell and it was about me fucking a young college stud and Ed eating creampie. I thought I’d have a little fun with my loving husband, before I told it.

“Ed,” I said, “Do you want me to tell them the story about that college kid at the Breakers?”

Ed just sat there with an embarrassed look on his face, looking at me and then at Gerry and Peg.

“It’s about me fucking this really young stud and you eating three loads of creampie. Do you really want me to tell about you doing that in front of our good friends Gerry and Peg?”

Ed hung his head and looked at the floor.

“You like to hear me tell you about it in bed. You jerk off when I tell it. If you want me to tell it in front of your friends, you’re gonna have to ask me,” I said in a dominant voice.

He looked at me directly, then at Gerry and Peg. He started rubbing his crotch. The poor helpless bastard was turning on thinking about it.

“Yeah Trish. Tell the story. Please tell it.”

Peg laughed. It was a loud musical laugh. “God this is fun! I like making ’em do it in the living room in front of each other. They really like to get cucked! It’s like you got ’em by the balls.”

Our husbands’ dicks had taken a lot of punishment last week and I hoped they would be ready to take some more. So I told my story.

“Ed and I were at the Breakers, which is a golf and beach resort in Palm Beach. We enjoyed our time there, looking for guys to fuck in the evenings, sleeping late in the mornings, and spending time on the beach in the afternoons to recover from exciting nights of sex.”

“The first night we picked up a good-looking young stud, named Jimmy. He was not even twenty, built like a linebacker, and hung like a stallion. It was easy to get him interested and we took him up to our room. I had on a sexy outfit and when I stripped for him, I did it real slow and he got a big bulge in his pants. I walked around naked in spike heels, shaking my tits, and giving him a good up close look at my beaver.”

“Then I walked over and pulled him up from the chair where he was sitting. I unzipped his fly and out pops the second biggest dick I had ever seen. It was a thick, uncircumcised monster and I could see lust on Ed’s face as he looked at it. I stripped that young man down and led him to the bed. My pussy was starting to drip because I didn’t often have a chance to fuck a kid like this. He was young and hung – just the kind I liked. He had huge balls that hung down low and swung when he walked.”

As I talked in a low sexy voice there in the living room, our loving husbands had gone deep into fantasyland, sitting next to each other on the couch, dressed in suits and ties. Their flies were open and they were wanking on their dicks, not caring that we saw them. Peg looked over at me and laughed. She enjoyed watching them as they sat there, turned on, and helpless. Then she got up and took a small six-inch ruler out of her purse.

“Come over here Trish,” Peg said. “Let me show you something funny.”

She grabbed Gerry’s dick and began stroking it. Gerry’s head was laid back and he was staring up into space. bahis siteleri He was obviously in fantasyland, but he knew what she was going to do. She’d done it before. She laid that six-inch ruler along the north side of his pecker, tickling his balls to keep him excited. I walked over to the couch, looked down at his dick, and I exploded in laughter.

“Oh my God,” I said. “He’s only got a four-inch dick! Peg laughed with me and Gerry went back to jacking off when Peg let go of his dick. He knew we were laughing at his little dick, but he’d been laughed at before, and it just turned the poor bastard on even more.

I continued my story. “I laid down on that big king-sized bed and this young stud crawled between my legs. He was ready and eager like young guys always are. I grabbed his erection. Damn! It was thick and that big loose foreskin just slipped right back to reveal a huge, pink, moist head. I put that thick cock between my wet pussy lips and he humped his hips hard and plunged it deep into me with one big thrust. God it felt good! I started to grunt like a whore when he fucked me.”

“Ed got on his knees, his chin on the bed, watching the action from a few inches away. Close enough to hear the wet squishy sounds as the kid pulled his cock back, and the sharp smack as he rammed it home, and his heavy, low-hanging balls slapped my ass. Ed was close enough to smell it. He was stroking his rock hard dick.”

“It was a good healthy fuck and I was pumping my ass furiously, afraid that the kid would explode before he brought me off. My tits were bouncing as I pumped my ass. I was really horny and in minutes I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy, then my body started to tremble, and my contractions began. My pussy just grabbed on to that thick cock and squeezed. I heard the kid grunt like a bull and I felt him pump a thick, sticky load of creamy white cum deep inside me.”

“Jimmy rolled off of me and lay there panting. I knew that thick dick had spread my pussy wide and it would be gaping and gushing white stringy cum. But my loving husband was right there — he was experienced at eating creampie and he didn’t miss a drop. My legs were spread wide and I lifted my ass up to make my pussy easier to eat. I felt his tongue start on my asshole to catch that first surge of cum that flowed out and dripped down there. Then he worked his way back up to my pussy lips and, putting his chin on the cuckold’s chin-rest, he spread my pussy wider with his thumbs and sucked up the kid’s cum as it dripped out. He made loud slurping sounds as he sucked that delicious liquid into his mouth and swallowed it.”

“Next, hubby cleaned up that rim of curly hairs that came down from my beaver and went around my pussy, and when he had gotten all of the drippings out of that thick black hair, he rolled me over so his face was under me, his lips matching my pussy lips, as I sat upright on his face. I strained again and again to push the mixture of my juices and the kid’s cum out of my vagina and into Ed’s mouth. I could feel a heavy, thick flow squirting out, and Ed groaned with delight as he swallowed every drop of that creampie.”

“Jimmy just laid there, catching his breath and watching my husband with fascination. I don’t think he had ever seen a cuckold eat creampie. Ed was jacking off at the same time he was eating cum and he ejaculated into the air as I sat on his face. When Ed had finished cleaning me up, I told him to get the kid ready to fuck me again, and once more that kid looked on with amazement as Ed went to work sucking that big uncircumcised cock to get him hard again.”

As I told Peg and Gerry about that creampie, Ed ejaculated high in the air, just as I had seen him do when I sat on his face, and a massive load of cum fell back on his trousers and vest. Ed was reliving that whole wonderful experience. So was Gerry, except in his mind it was Peg who was getting fucked by that young stud.

“When the kid got between my legs again, I held his face in my hands and kissed him and watched his eyes get wide with astonishment as he felt another pair of hands working on his genitals. One hand put his cock into me and the other gently caressed his huge testicles as he started to fuck me. That college boy got a real education that night about what cuckolds like to do.”

“Altogether I fucked the kid three times, while Ed watched, up close. After each fuck, Ed enjoyed a thick, foamy creampie. That kids balls were loaded and he really got me lathered up every time. The third fuck was the best of all for me, because Jimmy took a long time to come and I could just lay there and enjoy the long easy strokes of that big thick dick. Jimmy was at the Breakers with three of his buddies for a long weekend of golf. Rich college kids.”

I told the story using the same soft voice Peg had used to excite Gerry. I had everybody’s attention and I told it slow. Both of our loving husbands were playing with their dicks and both had hard erections as they listened. Gerry had come when I told about that kid fucking me. Ed licked his canlı bahis siteleri lips when I talked about the creampie and ejaculated. But their dicks got hard again and they kept on stroking them.

As I told my story to Peg, I left out the fact that I had made a date with the stud and I figured that all three of his buddies would be with him. The thought of a four-guy gangbang really turned me on, especially since they were gonna be ten years younger than me. The story would be funnier saving that part for the end.

I continued. “The next day we relaxed on the beach all afternoon. I was gonna meet the stud about six and when it got close to that I was gonna tell Ed. I had trained him to expect me to get fucked sometimes without him being allowed to watch. He had learned to take it submissively, with only an occasional objection. He would go somewhere by himself and jack off.”

“When I told him I was meeting a stud he started asking all sorts of questions. I just waited till he calmed down — as he always did – when he finally realized that there was absolutely nothing he could do to change things. He was helpless. His wife was gonna go off and get fucked and he was not gonna get to watch. When he accepted that fact, he got nice and tame.”

So I said to him, “Since you’re so nice baby, I’ll let you ask me two questions — only two — and I promise to tell you the truth.”

And he got real excited and said, “Is it Jimmy, the college kid you fucked last night?”

I smiled at him and said very carefully, “He’s one of them.”

I thought Ed was gonna pee his pants when he understood what I had said and before he thought about it he said, “You mean there’s more than one?”

And I said, “Yes, my darling husband, I’m gonna fuck more than one.”

He almost lost it — laying there on the beach. “How many? How many guys? College kids? Who? Please tell me. Please!” He was desperate to know.

I shook my head no. I said, “You’ve had your two questions, honey. That’s it. Question number one -Yes, Jimmy is one of them and question number two – yes, there is more than one.”

When I said that Peg breaks out laughing. She got hysterical. She laughed so hard I thought she was going to break the spell and the guys were gonna come out of fantasyland. She had this picture in her head of Ed there on the beach begging me, desperate to know how many guys I was gonna fuck. I looked at our guys. Both were stroking their erections fiercely. Ed was reliving a real experience and Gerry was imagining his wife, Peg, telling him she was gonna gangbang a bunch of college kids. Peg kept on laughing. I shushed her and continued. I told her that I wasn’t finished having fun with Ed. And then I told Peg what I had said to Ed next.

“What kind of resort is this darling? It ain’t for tennis twosomes.”

“And that’s when I saw it hit him. Not tennis twosomes — but golf foursomes! The poor bastard started thinking about me in bed with four young studs just like that big muscular buck he watched pounding his cock into my pussy the night before. The guy that pumped three loads into me and gave Ed so much creampie he thought he’d died and gone to heaven. I could see his head multiply four by three and his erection started to bulge in his bathing suit so much that he had to pull a towel over it.”

Looking at Ed’s cock across the room now, it was just as hard as it had been on the beach. It was throbbing, sticking straight up in the air, and he was pumping it. He was reliving that experience. His cock actually looked pretty nice — a good six inches compared to Gerry’s four-incher – not nearly the tiny pecker I told him it was when I cucked him. But cucks don’t want to be told they have a man-sized dick.

I continued my story. “So, standing there next to Ed on the beach as he was multiplying four by three I said, ‘Why don’t you go up to the room and start jacking off, baby. We both got a long night ahead.’ And he grabbed his dick and started to tremble with excitement.”

Peg kept on laughing and said, “So you gangbanged four guys?”

I chuckled. “No, one of the guys didn’t show. So I only fucked three. That’s not technically a gangbang is it? I mean, doesn’t it take four guys to make a gangbang? But when they’re young like that, your pussy feels just like it’s been gangbanged!”

“So what happened?” Peg asked.

“I met Jimmy in the lobby. He was too young to get into the bar. We sat there and talked and it turned out he was just nineteen — and a freshman at Florida State. His buddies were the same age and classmates. He asked me how old I was and I shaved some years off my age and said I was twenty-five. He asked me how come my husband let me fuck other guys and I told him hubby liked to watch and hear stories. He said he’d heard about it but never met a guy like that.”

“He told me that one of his buddies had a girlfriend whose family lived on the beach and he went out there for the night. He asked me if three guys would be okay — he seemed unable to believe I wanted to fuck all three. canlı bahis But I wanted to and the more I talked about it the hornier I got. I’d fucked three guys before, but never three horny nineteen-year olds!”

“When we got up to the room the other two guys were there, waiting. I saw bulges in their pants and I said a silent prayer that they were as well hung as Jimmy. They had a bottle of booze — vodka — and some orange juice. It was not yet 6:30 and it was still daylight outside, but they were horny and wanted to get started.”

“I told them I had to be drunk to fuck and they poured me a half glass of vodka and added OJ. I chugged it down and they poured me another. I started to feel it and my nervousness went away. I knew they wanted to see me naked, so I stripped slowly for them. It felt really weird doing this in daylight with a beach outfit and no spike heels or hose or sexy underwear. But they were just nineteen and really enjoyed seeing an older woman get naked for them. When they stripped down I was treated to three muscular guys with lovely hard cocks.”

“I decided on the one I would start with — he had a fat six incher that would fit well into my mouth. I knew I could take it all and that would impress them. I felt kinda sorry for Ed back in our room jacking off — he always enjoyed watching me suck cock and then kiss him and feed him a mouthful of cum – but I don’t think these kids could have gotten it up with my husband watching them. Jimmy had but the other two were kinda shy.”

“I sat the kid in a chair and got on my knees in front of him. I played with his balls a little and then opened my mouth wide and just swallowed that fat dick right down. I took that dick all the way to the back of my throat until my lips were in his pubic hair and I felt my fleshy tonsils embrace the big head of his cock.”

“One guy said, ‘Oh my God!’ and came over and kneeled beside me to watch.”

“Then I sucked him off with long, deep strokes — my lips moving from the tip of his dick all the way down to his pubic hair. The guy started to moan and it was less than two minutes — I swear less than two minutes — until he groaned and pumped his load. The other two guys watched in amazement. One of them said he wouldn’t have believed it, if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes. It was obvious that these guys had only had their dicks sucked by high school and college girls and never by a woman who really knew how.”

“Jimmy and the other guy asked me to do them the same way. Jimmy was too big to deep throat but I got on my knees and started to blow him and the third guy got behind me and played with my tits. Jimmy didn’t last much longer than the first guy and neither did the third guy. I had delivered three blowjobs in less than a half-hour.”

“It was still daylight outside and not even seven o’clock. Jesus, I’d never done this before. I wondered how many times Ed had jacked off. Then I got in bed for some serious fucking.”

I looked at our loving husbands and they were deep into their fantasy world — dicks out, masturbating, eyes staring into space. Up to now my story had turned them on. But now I had a problem. The first two studs I had fucked had come in three or four minutes even though it was their second orgasm. Jimmy was so turned on he was not much better. They came so fast that I had not even come close to having an orgasm — although I enjoyed the muscular pounding each one gave me. I remember wishing for my vibrator or Ed’s tongue to bring me off. That’s not a very sexy story to tell a cuckold.

My mind continued to fast forward and I was mumbling something, anything to keep our husbands excited. I talked about big loads of young semen being pumped into me, and dripping out onto the bed, which was true. My ass was almost floating in cum. Then Jimmy mounted me a second time. My fourth fuck! My pussy was so stretched out and slippery with semen I couldn’t figure how he was enjoying himself. But he was. He fucked me nice and slow and I had a chance to pump my ass and get an orgasm.

I continued telling them what they wanted to hear. I looked at Peg and she had a funny expression on her face — almost like asking me a question. I paused briefly in my narrative and mouthed the words, “Not a very good fuck,” and continued my story. I thought Peg was gonna break up laughing. It didn’t matter to the guys — they were in fantasyland.

I kept talking. Peg mouthed the word “Why?” I used the index finger of one hand plunging in and out of a circular thumb and index finger of the other — a universal signal for fucking — to indicate brief periods of fucking followed by me mouthing the words “Too fast.” Peg nodded her head indicating she understood and laughed. I could see her finally understanding that the dream of every woman in her thirties to fuck a bunch of young studs had been shattered.

I pointed to Ed and mouthed the word “better” and Peg laughed some more. I could anticipate our conversation the next day at lunch with Peg saying, “Don’t ever tell Ed he’s a better fuck than those young guys. He doesn’t want to think that.” But to be truthful, Ed was a much better fuck. I found myself mumbling general erotica and thinking something else at the same time. I wondered if there was a way to get my cuck to fuck me.

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