A Day in Slovenia

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Dani was a regular Erasmus student, at the moment studying in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She was the typical Portuguese: Tanned, big hazel eyes, a 21 year-old brunette who adored her country more than anything, in spite of all the endearment she had for this amazing nation where she had settled down for a year. Dani had always known she was fond of women. Too fond. At the age of 13, she finally realized what all those feelings meant and accepted them very naturally, as well as her closest friends.

The first semester in Slovenia flew right through her. Passed all the exams, had as much fun as she could, and in the blink of an eye, the second semester arrived.

It was the first class of the second semester, on a Thursday morning. She walked into the classroom, filled with computers, said “Hello” to her new classmates and chose a desk to work on. Five minutes later, the teacher walked through the door. Tall, shorthaired blond, very tanned from all the alpinism she practiced every weekend, big blue eyes. Dani was too busy checking her e-mail inbox to see her coming, and only noticed her as soon as she muttered the first words of that new course: “Dober dan” or “Good day”, in Slovene. Dani lifted her head from the computer screen and faced her new teacher, who was looking at her with an intriguing smile.

“You must be our faculty’s new addition, from Portugal?”

But she was too focused on her teacher’s chest: Not big, but well-shaped breasts, just as Dani liked. Trying her best to focus on her teacher’s question, something like “Ehm, yes, I am” came out of her mouth, still hypnotized by the teacher’s amazing looks. The Slovenian woman smiled and looked down for 3 seconds. “So, shall we begin?”

One month had passed since the first time Daniela put eyes on that Slovenian piece of sin. Her sex life was, let’s say, very active. But, no matter how hot the girl she was fucking was, she would close her eyes every time and picture her teacher’s body glued to hers with sweat. Every time a girl was going down on her, she would lean back her neck and grab her hair violently, picturing her teacher’s soft-looking blond hair while screaming “Fuck me, harder”. Her Thursday classes were all the same: No attention on the subject, whatsoever. If the teacher wasn’t looking, she would quickly scan all through her body, picturing the dirtiest things she would do to her. When she leaned on someone’s desk, Dani would feel this little shock right in the middle of her legs, squeezing them in a hurry to stop her crazy imagination from floating, but all she could do was close her eyes for seconds and see her teacher on all fours, begging her to fuck her harder, while the young girl buried her strap on cock deep inside her cunt, followed by her tight asshole which she would firstly lick, like a cat licking its milk.

She never had much hope of realizing her fantasies. But, from time to time, the teacher would turn out doing little things which confused her quite a lot, like leaning on her desk so close to her, that if she turned her head to the place where her teacher was, their lips would meet. Or, staring attentively at her, in the rare occasions Dani found the will to actually work. She was a clever girl, and none of these little details passed unaware to her. This raised deeply her self-confidence towards this huge sexual attraction and started acting in a more sexual way with her teacher, who noticed it.

The second semester was over, and all that was left to finish were the exams. It was güvenilir bahis a hot June afternoon, when Dani took her usual bus on the way to the faculty, nothing new, except one thing: She was moving towards a private oral examination with her hot teacher. The night before, Dani found herself dripping wet, just of imagining the most perverted things that could happen in that office. Of course she wasn’t expecting any of them to come true.

Sitting on a chair outside her teacher’s office, she watched with attention her classmates going in and out of it, each of them taking around 5 minutes. The teacher had put her at the bottom of the list, which at first confused her until she realized her surname’s initial letter was the 4th last of the alphabet. “That explains it”, she thought.

Finally her turn came. With her heart racing, her skin smelling like baby oil and wearing her best underwear, she opened the office’s door and faced her biggest sexual fantasy since that hot September of 2010, when she first arrived to Slovenia. The teacher was more beautiful than ever: Her skin was tanned like never before, her blond hair looked healthier than ever; she was wearing a complete white dress without back, and its neckline showed off the small sun marks left on the chest, which Dani considered kind of hot; she wasn’t wearing a bra, for what Dani could see her rock solid nipples through the dress and wondered how come someone can look so hot with so much charm. She breathed deeply and took a sit.

“Hello Daniela, how are you these days?”, asked the teacher with a confident smile on her face.

“Good, good… Thank you”, Dani answered, not able to hide how nervous she was.

“Now, you look nervous! Haven’t you studied enough for the exam?”, she put on a sarcastic smile, which comforted Dani. She appreciated sarcasm.

“I did, I did, yes… I guess some things you can never get rid of, no matter how much you try. Nervousism is my only weakness, when it comes to final exams”

“I perfectly understand you, but I also know you’re an intelligent, smart girl. You’ll be fine!”

With this, the exam started. Dani had, honestly speaking, studied quite a lot, thus in the end she got all the questions correct. She felt proud of herself.

After a while, the teacher stood up and moved to the opposite side of the desk, where her student was sitting. With one hand on Dani’s shoulder (which made her muscles have a quick spasm), the teacher put two sheets in front of her, bureaucracy shit which she had to sign. With all her muscles contracted, she jotted down her signature in the bottom of each page; her teacher’s perfume was now floating around her senses. Daniela felt wet. Her teacher noticed her uncomfortable feeling and whispered on her ear:

“You know… I have always noticed how you act around me. It’s like… I have some kind of strange effect on you. Do you want to tell me what’s going on your mind?”

Dani started breathing heavily. Her heart started racing all over again and her panties were wet of so much desire.

“Needless to say… I feel the same around you, did you know that…?”, once again the teacher whispered on her ear.

Dani’s heart stopped for a fraction of seconds and came back to life as soon as she felt her teacher’s wet lips placing on her neck. They slowly slipped to the front part of her neck and she could now feel the sweet scent of her teacher’s hair… It smelled like strawberries. Dani’s fingers penetrated her hair gently, türkçe bahis while with her right hand, the teacher started unbuttoning her student’s blouse. The Portuguese girl’s neck was now leaning back, while the Slovenian teacher’s mouth came across her chest. The teacher turned Dani’s chair so as to face her, kneeled between her legs, greedily licking, biting and sucking Dani’s nipples and unbuttoning her jeans at the same time. Dani didn’t know how to put into words how horny she felt at that moment. With her neck leaning down, this time, she watched while her teacher, the same who took part on her wildest fantasies when she couldn’t sleep, went down on her. In a quick movement, she slipped Dani’s jeans down her legs, kissing her bellybutton and going down with the tip of her tongue. The boxers came right off and Dani found herself exposed, in the middle of a teacher’s office, in Slovenia. That uncomfortable feeling lasted around 3 seconds, for her teacher’s wet tongue was now making circles around her clit, therefore driving her crazy. She tried her best not to moan, although it wasn’t easy. The damn teacher was talented. With her eyes closed, she felt the teacher’s tongue inside her, penetrating her as much as possible. She knew how wet she was and she wondered if the Slovenian teacher was enjoying licking it all off, so she opened her eyes to find a completely horny woman, licking the young girl’s juice with a pure expression of pleasure, while with one hand she’d masturbate herself, underneath her dress. Dani smiled and strongly grabbed the blond hair, it was as soft as she had imagined.

“Lick me so good, I’ve been waiting to come in your mouth for so long, if you’d only known…”

“Oh I knew it alright”, answered the teacher from between her legs.

In that moment, the teacher was sucking her so hard, the pre-orgasmic spasms began. Dani’s hand grabbed the teacher’s hair even stronger and her legs began to twitch. Her breathing was now faster than ever and her moans louder. From one second to the other, Dani came, on a violent shake, in her teacher’s mouth. The Slovenian woman licked every single drop of it, completely satisfied with her job. She went up to Dani’s lips and made her taste her own cum, putting her tongue fully inside her mouth until her student sucked it all.

“So, I guess this was the perfect goodbye”, said Dani after a while, buttoning her jeans.

“Goodbye? Who said this was goodbye? Let’s go.”

She had no idea where her teacher was about to take her, but she wanted to go. They got off the office, the teacher locked the door. Five minutes later Dani found herself in her teacher’s car, headed to the woman’s home. Now the real fun was about to start.

It was a very nice flat, indeed. Two bathrooms, one kitchen, one living room and a bedroom. There was a perfect scent of rosemary in the air, and the last rays of light penetrated through the living room’s balcony, giving it the perfect atmosphere. The teacher offered her some wine and disappeared into the bedroom for a minute. When she returned, she had with her something Dani had only tried on her wildest fantasies: a nine-inch strap on cock. The teacher unbuttoned once again Dani’s blouse, taking off her bra, followed by her jeans and boxers. In a second, the teacher was also naked. She grabbed Dani’s hand and made her feel how wet she was. And all because of her, thought the student. She strapped the big cock onto Dani’s waist, kneeling just like she had done in her office and started güvenilir bahis siteleri sucking it, at the same time she stroked it with one hand. Most people do not understand why some lesbians do this, but Dani did, and so perfectly. Lesbian sex is all about the mind, the imagination. So she closed her eyes and grabbed the teacher’s hair, making her mouth slide back and forth through the cock. Once she was done, the teacher headed to the couch, where she laid, staring at her student provocatively. Dani moved in her direction, slowly, enjoying every second. With one knee on the sofa, she found a position between the teacher’s legs and spread them wide, putting a finger inside the pink, shaved pussy of her teacher. She was dripping wet. Then, with the cock in one hand, Dani buried it deep inside that beautiful pussy, making the teacher release a groan. Now with both legs on her student’s shoulders, the teacher started rubbing her clit while that unbelievably good Portuguese girl fucked her harder and harder, making her juices resound at each stroke. Dani couldn’t believe what she had right in front of her, so she took a few seconds to analyze it. This hot-as-fuck Slovenian teacher was lying there, with both legs on her shoulders, while she fucked her with all her strength. She was incredibly horny.

“Oh, yes! Fuck, fuck me! How I love having your cock inside my wet pussy…”

“Oh you like when I fuck you like this…? You like young Portuguese pussy…?”

“God, yes. I want you to fuck my tight asshole right now.”

That was all Dani wanted to hear. In a quick movement, the teacher turned on her back and Dani glued her hot sweaty breasts to the teacher’s back, kissing her ears, her neck, always going down and down, until she reached the bottom. With her hands, she opened the woman’s butt cheeks and licked her asshole, penetrating her with the tongue until she started drooling of pleasure. She reached the lube lying on the floor and quickly applied it all over the strap on, stroking it continuously until all was spread. Dani was now gently burying it inside the teacher’s ass, hoping she wasn’t hurting her. For Dani’s surprise, the woman had put herself on all fours, visibly turned on. Now inside that tight asshole of hers, the Portuguese student fucked her Slovenian teacher as hard as she could. Hornier than ever, the young girl started spanking her teacher’s ass, who enjoyed it as much as her. With one hand, the teacher spread one of the butt cheeks while her perfect not-big-nor-small tits swung.

“FUCK ME, YES, FUCK MY TIGHT ASS!” she screamed.

They were both covered in sweat, pussy juice and saliva. The room smelled now like sex and sweat. As disgusting as it may sound, it was the perfect environment for both of them. The red sunset was finally making its appearance and the living room was now a show of red rays of light. Dani felt like the best Erasmus student in the world; still fucking her teacher’s perfect smooth ass, she finally felt the woman’s muscles contracting: She was going to cum. Now going faster, back and forth on her teacher’s butthole, stroking her clit with two fingers, the Slovenian woman released a guttural groan, followed by a jet of cum which was now dripping from Dani’s hand. In a quick movement, the student took the strap on cock off the loose hole and laid between the teacher’s legs, still on all fours and surprised with that action. With a smile, though, she sat on Dani’s face and let her lick all the cum off of her, making her legs twitch. Five minutes later they both surrendered; the teacher laid her body next to her student’s, inhaling the perfume which was still on her neck. Not long ago, Dani was sleeping to wake up to a new day in that beautiful country, which was now home.

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