A Fantasy Life

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Attention: This story is fictional, it is not real. You need to be eighteen years of age or older to read this story. If you are not or if you don’t like sexual themed stories please stop reading this story now! Please go to a different web site. I may write this story as if it happened to me but it didn’t.

Characters: These are the characters in this story. I will describe them for you.

Shanna Elizabeth Paine is a 19 year old white female. Her skin is soft and smooth. She is five feet eight inches tall and 130 pounds. She has soft, silky, full, wavy, dirty-blonde hair that goes to her lower back and sparkley light-blue eyes. She has very long arms and legs with small hands and feet. She has a small, soft and tight ass. Her breasts are soft, firm and large with medium-size nipples and areos. Her pussy is small and tight with medium size and length clit. Her pussy is shaved. Her stats are 36C+/25/32.

Jesse James Andrews is a 25 year old white male. His skin is soft and muscled. He is five feet six inches tall and 150 pounds. He has soft, silky, straight, fire-red, dark-brown hair that goes to his shoulders and sparkley dark-green eyes. He has long arms and legs with medium-size hands and feet. He has a soft, tight and medium-size ass. His dick is eight inches long by three inches wide.


This story begins on a hot late July day. I am in my hometown at the fair. It is around 9:30 PM at night. I am looking around at all the rides. I see a good friend of mine. She is a woman that I love a lot. I believe she is my soulmate. Her name is Shanna Elisabeth Paine. My name is Jesse James Andrews. Our families have been very close. My dad and I work for her grand-parents. We grew up together, from a very young age. Shanna and I are very close friends. We have been very good friends (best friends) ever since we were young. I have never told her how I truly feel about her. I am to afraid to tell her. I walk over to her and stand beside her. I say “Hi Shanna. How are you doing tonight?” Shanna said “Hi Jesse. I am fine. Want to ride this ride with me?” I say “Sure I will.” We got on the ride and rode it. We had a lot of fun on the ride. We rode it several times together. After an hour of riding that ride we stopped riding it.

We walk around looking at all the games. We stopped at a game to knock over three bottles. I knocked them all over and I won a big teddy bear. I said “Here you go Shanna I want you to have it.” I handed it to her and she took it. She said “Thanks Jesse. I love it.” We left that game continuing to look at more of the rides and games. I said “I don’t see anymore things to do over here. Do you?” Shanna said “I don’t ether. Lets go over to watch the truck and tractor pull.” It is a little ways over to the pull and we walked over to it together. I walked beside her over to it. We came to her mother and step-father. We walked up to the top of the bleachers and sat down beside them. They said hi Jesse and Shanna. I said “Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Moore. Shanna said “Hi, Mom and Curt.” We watched the pull until Shanna said “Jesse lets go get something to eat over at the food stand.” I said “OK Shanna, lets go.”

We got up and walked down the bleachers to the ground. We walked to the right to the food stand. It took us a minute to get over there to it. We ordered our food and a drink. When we got it, we sat down beside each other at a picnic table by the food stand. We started to eat our food, in between bites I said “Their is something I want to tell you.” Shanna said ” What is it?” I said “We have been best friends for a long time. I want to take our friendship to the next level. I want us to be boy and girl friends. I also want to tell you that I love you a lot and I know we are soulmates. What do you say?” Shanna was stunned about what she heard and didn’t say anything for a few seconds. Then Shanna said “I would love to be boy and girl friend. I love you too and also think we are soulmates. I was just waiting for you to ask me.”

I kissed her on the lips deeply and passionately. I then put my hands around her and hugged her passionately. Shanna kissed and hugged me in the same way. We kissed and hugged each other for several minutes for what seemed like hours. Then we needed to take a breath and rest a second. I said “When do you want to go on a date with me?” Shanna said “What about tomorrow night at seven o’clock. You can pick me up over at my apartment then. (She moved out of her parents house a few month ago into an apartment next to mine. I moved out of my parents house a couple a months after I graduated out of high school and moved into this apartment.) I said “What should we do now?” Shanna said “Lets go over to my mom and Curt and tell them we are dating.” I said “OK.”

We finish off our food and drink first. Then we got up and walked back other to her mom and step-father. When we got there we walked up to the top of the bleachers and sat down beside her mom and Curt. Shanna said “Mom and Curt, When we were over at the food stand, Jesse asked me to be his girl friend and I said yes to him.” Her mom, Janet pendik escort said “Congratulations, you two. I was wondering when you two would start dating.” They shook our hands and then we all continued to watch the pull the rest of the night and talk a little. When it was over we walked back to our own vehicles. Curt and Janet in a their car, Shanna in her car and me in my car. Curt and Janet went home and I followed Shanna to our apartments.

We drove into the parking lot of our apartment building and parked our cars. We got out of our cars and walked together holding hands to our apartments. I said “I have an idea. Why don’t we just move in together? We would be saving money.” Shanna said “That is a great idea, why don’t we do just that. I will spend the night with you tonight, and tomorrow we can move in together.” I said “Wonderful.” I unlocked and opened my front door for her. Shanna walked in to my apartment and I walked in behind her. I then shut and locked the front door. I walked up beside Shanna. I said “My bedroom is this way. Do you want to sleep with me or in the spare bedroom?” Shanna said “Thanks for asking but I will sleep with you.” We walked to my bedroom and I opened the door for her. She walked in and I walked in behind her. I then shut the door and we walked over to my bed. I said “I love you Shanna a lot. Do you want to make love with me?” Shanna said “I love you a lot too. Yes I want to make love with you.” I said “Let me take off your clothes and you can take off mine.” Shanna said “I would love that.” I said “I can’t believe that you are here and we are dating. It is a dream come true for me.” Shanna said “I am glad, we are finally together.”

She is wearing a very short, spaghetti strap, silk, tight, jet-black dress with four inch jet-black strap high-heel shoes. She has on under that a low-cut, silk, lace, jet-black bikini lingerie panties and matching silk, lace, strapless bikini lingerie bra. Shanna also has on make-up and jewelry. I have on tight jet-black jeans, short white socks, white silk dress shirt and black leather dress shoes. I have on under that low-cut, silk, jet-black men’s underwear. I also have on some men’s jewelry.

I unzip her black dress and pull it off over her head. I lay it in a chair by the window. Next I take off her jewelry and put it on the night stand. I have her set down on the bed and I unstrap her shoes and pull them off. I set them down next to the bed. She stands back up and has me set down on the bed. She unties my shoes and pulls them off. She sets them down near her shoes. Next she pulls off my socks and puts them in my dirty clothes basket. We both stand up back up. Then she unbuttons and unzips my jeans and pulls them down to my feet. I step out of them and Shanna puts them in my dirty clothes basket. She takes off my jewelry and puts them by hers. She then unbuttons my shirt and pulls it off. Shanna puts it in the clothes basket also. Next I unhook her bra and pull it off. I lay it down on her dress. Then I pull down her panties to her feet and she steps out of them. I lay them down with her dress and bra. Next Shanna pulls down my underwear to my feet and I step out of them. She puts them in the dirty clothes basket as well.

I said “Shanna you are a very beautiful nude woman.” Shanna said “You are a very handsome nude man, Jesse.” I said “I want you so much. Lets lay down on my king-size bed.” Shanna said “I want you too. I saved myself for you completely. I am still a virgin in very way.” She laid down in the middle of the bed face up. I got between her legs, parting them. I ran my hands up and down her stomach and then stroked her pussy, pushing two fingers into her tight on fire cunt. I finger-fucked her pussy faster and faster. I pushed into her a third finger and my thumb rubbed her clit in time with her frantic jerks, causing her to fuck herself on my hand. I slid them in and out of her, giving her a nice finger-fucking. I twirled my fingers around, pressing against her hymen. I then stopped and put my head down near her pussy and thighs. I kissed up and down her inner thighs getting closer to her pussy. I licked her slowly across her outer folds. I parted her labia and then let my tongue start darting into her, tasting how sweet and wet her succulent snatch is. Going in deeper I twisted my tongue trying to go as far as possible. I flicked my tongue across her hard clit causing her body to jerk and her to push her hips towards my mouth. She felt her orgasm start to build to its release. With my tongue going in and out of her pussy and lightly biting at her clit it didn’t take long to receive the reaction I was hoping for. Within seconds her whole body was shaking and her thighs closed around my head as I tasted her sweet cherry juices flowing freely into my mouth as she experienced her best orgasm ever.

As her orgasm slowly faded I stepped back to look at her. I moved back between her legs, my full rock hard cock resting against her wet pussy, I leaned down kissing her softly at first. Then I kissed her more passionately, enjoying her soft sweet lips against my lips. She kissed escort pendik me back slowly snaking her tongue into my mouth and caressing my tongue lightly with hers. She put her arms around my body pressing her breasts into my chest. We lay there kissing for what seemed like hours.

Then I eased her thighs apart with my knees and rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips coating it with her juices. She parted her pussy lips, and slowly I pushed just the tip in, getting about halfway in, I finally felt resistance. I pulled back and thrust quickly into her tearing through her virginity and pushing fully into her. She gasped from the pain, I lay perfectly still inside of her waiting for her to adjust. I pulled back leaving just the tip inside of her and slowly pushed back in. I moved forward getting more and more of myself into her grasp until I was all the way in her. Her legs were soon around my waist and I moved in and out of her going deeper inside a little faster with each thrust. She is so slick that I am able to fuck her fast and hard with each thrust. She moaned in complete pleasure with each thrust, squeezing her pussy tightly around my throbbing cock each time. Her body shook as one intense orgasm after another swept through her body. I fucked her in this way for ar least half an hour and she never stopped responding as if she was in ecstasy. In mere seconds I could feel my balls begin to tighten and I told her I am about to cum. With one final thrust deep into her, I held myself in her depths as my cock erupted into several blasts of hot cum. Feeling me shoot my hot load into her, she moaned loudly pushing over the edge into another intense orgasm. Finally we started to come down from our highs, resting until we fully come down. Then I pulled out of her sweet soaking pussy.

When we finally got done resting, I went to her breasts and rubbed my thumbs over her nipples, lightly pinching, tickling and twisting them between my fingers. My fingers were unconsciously playing a tune on her nipples. She had her eyes closed luxuriating in the sensations my fingers were bringing to her breasts. I kneaded her tits and pinching her nipples. She moaned softly while kissing and sucking on my neck, ears and lips. I then kissed my way down her neck and to her chest trailing my tongue around each breast before finally making contact with her left nipple. I sucked on it between my lips, flicking it with my tongue giving it a gentle bite every few seconds. Moans of ecstasy came from her mouth, I continued to suck on her left breast and then going back and forth from one to the other sucking on them. I stopped sucking on her breasts and turned her over on the bed.

I laid my cock up against her asshole, putting the tip of it inside her. I inched my raging hard-on into her tight butthole. She squealed like a pig as I plugged more of my dick into her asshole. When I got all the way in I began to fuck her back and forth, sliding in and out of her asshole. As I pound her virgin ass, she came so hard. I kept on pumping my dick in and out of her butthole. When I was about to cum, I pushed my cock down deep into her depths. I shot load after hot load into her tight asshole, that made her climax again. I pulled out of her wonderful asshole and then I roamed my hands over her body, finally ending up squeezing her fantastic ass. I kept caressing my hands over her wonderful body, tuning her over and also caressing the front of her body. I also caressed her hot breasts. Then I went over her entire body again, kissing every inch of her soft, beautiful body.

I crawled up her soft sexy body to her breasts. I laid my raging hard cock down between her breasts. I pumped my dick back and forth between her big sexy tits. She moaned in delight with each thrust between her breasts. I kept on fucking her soft firm tits, and Shanna pushed on each side of her breasts with her hands against my dick. When I felt my balls about to let go, I shot my hot load all over her hot sexy breasts, chest and neck. She rubbed it into her beautiful body. I leaned my head down to her tits, and I licked my tongue over her breasts. I kept licking her hot sweet succulent tits until I licked every last inch of them. I licked the back of her body also, and after I got done with her back, she stayed on her back. I went down to her sweet, soft, firm, beautiful ass. I pushed a finger up her gorgeous asshole, moving it around in there and pumped it in and out of her. I continued to finger-fuck her asshole, a long time. Then I put my head down near her sweet butthole, kissing it and pushing my tongue up her asshole. I licked all around her nice asshole with my tongue. I licked all around it for a several hours. Then I raised up my body and hands. I brought my hands down hard on her sweet, soft ass. She cried out in ecstasy when my hand came down on her ass. I raised my hand back up and brought it down harder on her beautiful ass. I kept spanking and spanking her ass. I did it as hard and rough as I could, until her ass was a very dark-red. Moans of pleasure and ecstasy came from her sweet mouth. I stopped spanking pendik escort bayan her ass and said “How was that Shanna? I hope you liked it?” Shanna said “I loved it Jesse. I am so very tired, lets go to sleep.” I laid down beside her and I nuzzled up against her body. We feel asleep very soon there after.


The next day when we woke up, I kissed her on the lips lightly. I said “Wake up my love, it is mourning. Lets take a shower together.” Shanna said “Yes honey, that is a great idea.” We walked nude out of the bedroom over to the bathroom. I set the water tempature to a little hot and we stepped into the shower together. We washed all other each others bodies, paying special attention to other special areas like her breasts, pussy and ass and my ass, balls and dick. When we got done, we got out of the shower and turned off the water. We dried off each others entire bodies with a towel, then we walked back over to my bedroom nude. I got some clean clothes out of my dresser and closet.

I put on low-cut, silk, dark-red, bikini, men’s underwear and short white socks. Next I put on low-cut, tight, blue jeans and a tight, short sleeve, white, button-up shirt. Then I walked over to the night stand by the bed, getting my jewelry. I put on my body, my men’s jewelry. Next I went back over to the bed and sat down, I picked up my black tennis shoes, putting them on my feet and tieing them. Next Shanna put on her clothes from last night long enough to go over to her apartment. First we went into the kitchen to fix breakfast. I cooked the food for us and Shanna set the table for us. When I got the food done, I put it on the table. Shanna poured the drinks for us. We eat the food and drank our drinks. When we got done we put the dishes into the dish washer. Shanna and I walked to my front door, opening it and out it, to her apartment. She unlocked her door and opened it for us. She walked in first and I walked in behind her. I shut the front door behind me. We walked beside each other to her bedroom. She opened her bedroom door and we walked inside it. Shanna took off her clothes from yesterday, putting them in her dirty clothes basket. She walked over to her dresser and closet, getting out some clean clothes.

Shanna put on low-cut, silk, lace, light-blue string bikini lingerie panties and matching silk, lace, light-blue string bikini lingerie bra. She also put on short, silk, light-blue socks and a short sleeve, silk, sheer, light-blue button-up dress shirt. Next she put on low-cut, tight black jeans and four inch, strap-on, jet-black high-heel shoes.

I said “Lets start to take your stuff over to my apartment.” Shanna said “OK.” We packed all of her stuff over to my place, one at a time. We continued to do it a long time, it took us until noon to get it all in over to my place and put away. We moved every little thing out of her apartment and into my apartment. When we got done, we sat down in our apartment resting for a little bit. Then I got up to fix lunch for us, I cooked everything and she set the table again. When the food got done I put it on the table. We ate the food and drank the drinks. When we got done eating and drinking, we put the dishes in the dish washer. I said “What should we do now?” Shanna said “Lets go to tell your parents about our relationship.” I said “Which car do you want to take?” Shanna said “We can take your Mustang convertible.”

I walked her out the front door of our apartment, opening the door for her and walking with her down the stairs to the front main door. I opened the door for her, letting her walk out first and I follow behind her out the door. We walked together to my car, I walked her to the passenger’s side and opened the door for her. Shanna got in the car, setting down in the seat and I closed the door for her. I walked around to other driver’s side of the car, opening the door for myself and setting down in the chair. I then closed the door of my car, and then put the keys in the ignition. I put the car in reverse, pulling out of my parking spot, Then I put the car in drive and drove the car out of the parking lot. We drove across town to my parents house.

When we got there, I got out of the car going around to the passenger’s side and opened the door for her. Shanna got out of the car standing on the driveway. We walked up to my parents house to the door. I then knocked on the door and my mom came to the door. My mom said “Hi Jesse and Shanna. What are you to doing here together?” I said “That is why we are here. Lets go inside and talk.” My mom said “OK, you two.” We went inside the house into the living room and sat down on the couch. We told my mom and father about us dating and living together. We told them what we talked about at the fair and at home but not the juicy stuff. After we told them everything, they congratulated us on our new relationship and gave us hugs and shook our hands. We said our goodbyes to them and said we had to get going. It took us a few hours to tell them everything. We walked out of the house back to my car. I opened the passenger’s side door for her and I then got in the drivers side door, starting up the car. We drove off to town. I said “Lets go on our date right now, Shanna. It is getting to be five o’clock and I am getting hungry.” Shanna said “OK, Jesse, lets go.”

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