A Favor for the Homeless Man

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A husband and wife were eating at a Restaurant late one night when they were greeted by an older gentleman who happened to be homeless. Out of courtesy they allowed him to sit and talk with them. The man talked about all he places he had visited being homeless and how he lived alone and traveled alone. A wicked idea crossed the husbands mind and he decided to give the homeless man something to think about for the long roads to come. The man invited to couple to join him at his temporary camp he had set up for the night and they could have some beers he’d been saving. The husband agreed with a wide grin and his wife looked at him with question but also agreed. They all walked to his tent hidden away from view as to not get caught by the police for trespassing. The wife stood at 5’7 and weighed in at just over 100 pounds. Her soft, perky breasts rested against a high size B-cup.

“Oh thank you doll for joining me at my tent here.” The man replied to the wife as she complimented him and his smart choice of setting up camp for a temporary rest during his long travels across the states. They all popped open a beer and began drinking with the older man before her husband started his game.

“So… I bet you don’t get too many women these days huh?”

“Oh no hahaha. I travel alone.”

“I see. Well if you don’t mind me asking, when was the last time you even had sex?”

The man rose his eyebrow at the question, but soon smiled, “Well… it has been a minute honestly. I’m not so lucky as you to have such a beautiful wife to call my own.”

“That’s a shame really. And thank you. Do you at least masturbate to help with that?”

The man took a second to answer wondering why these young people were asking him such questions, “No… I suppose I don’t. Well, I do, but not often. Can’t really watch porn without a phone or computer. So unless I think about something I don’t really.”

The husband smiled a wicked grin once again and stared at his wife who watched him with careful eyes about why he was about to do.

“Well, I do feel bad for you being all alone in the world, but as a thanks for keeping us company and being a good host, I’ll show you my wife’s breasts. Give you something to think about. Maybe it’ll help?” The wife blushed instantly and the older bayındır escort bayan man coughed and his eyes went wide. He took a second to stare at the beautiful young woman sitting by him. He could see her cleavage pushing up and out of her low-cut shirt she had on.

“Well, if you do insist, I think that would help greatly on my journeys.”

The wife smiled and did as her husband commander, lifts her shirt up and letting her young breasts bounce free in front of the homeless man.

“Oh doll. Those are a beautiful set of breasts you have on you. Sir you really are so lucky to have a woman like her.”

“Thank you. Go ahead and touch them if you’d like.”

The man smiled a huge grin and quickly stuck his hands to her pale chest and cupped her breasts in his hands. They were soft and perky. He hadn’t held a pair of tits in a long time and it felt great to hold a pair of young woman’s breasts. He slowly felt her mounds of flesh, kneading them between his fingers, softly juggling one breast at a time. He moved her breasts in different directions as he watched her pink nipples harder and turn into stubs for him to pull on and roll around in between his fingers. He didn’t want this to end and continued playing with her breasts.

“I see you’ve got a little problem right between your legs huh?” The husband said pointing out the very large bulge the man had in his pants. The older mans cock was rock solid and harder than steel. He hadn’t been this hard in ages and had always masturbated to thoughts of younger girls and their tight bodies, and now he had one in front of him with her tits hanging out. His cock twitched hard in his pants making the bulge rise and fall in his pants with each powerful pulse.

“I suppose so. Happens to a man when he’s got a very beautiful woman in front of him topless.” He retracted his hands from her chest and rubbed his bulge making a small wet stain appear on his pants from the Precum.

“Well our generosity isn’t over. Show him your pussy.” The wife quickly removed her pants, wet and horny. The man gasped as she slid off her panties and revealed her round ass to him as stood with her back to him.

“Go on. You can touch her.”

The man quickly grabbed at her hips and butt before escort bayındır sliding his hands across her lower back and down to her plump butt once again. She felt his fingers trace every curve of her body, inspecting every inch. He groped her ass and squeezed it firmly before watching it bounce back into place. She then turned around and faced him, still standing, as he felt her stomach and pelvic area. She was freshly shaved and dripping with juices. The wife was so wet her pussy dripped down her inner thighs as she felt the homeless man’s hands caress her soft young flesh. He then inspected her tight pink pussy, running his fingers over it and getting them soaked. He then spread her lips apart and rubbed her clit softly before rubbing her pussy once more and quickly slipping a finger inside of her without her husband knowing. She jumped slightly as she felt his finger enter her vagina and move around before retreating.

“Wow you definitely gave me something to think about for the road. Doll, you’re gonna give me a heart attack with a body like that. And a pussy as tight as yours ought to make any man erupt quickly.”

“Thank you haha. Well… I do suppose I could let you try out her pussy since it’s been such a long time for you. Your balls are probably aching right now.”

The man laughed and dropped his pants revealing a bouncing, hard, dripping cock. His cock head was reddish-pink and his cock looked like a light brown as it came into view and bounced before both of their eyes. His heavy ball sack sagged behind and rose and fell with each bounce. His balls were the size of grapes and swelled with built up cum.

“Touch his cock for him. Feel how hard it is.”

The wife nodded and gripped his cock in her hands, squeezing it gently to feel how hard it was. The man wasn’t lying. His cock was rock hard and twitched with just a touch that caused precum to ooze from the tip. She trailed her finger to it and smeared it around his cock head that felt spongy. He moaned loudly as he watched her toy with his much older cock. She then bent over and held her knees as she exposed her shaved hole to him. The older man quickly took the hint and rubbed his solid cock against her pussy entrance, smearing her juices across her thighs and butt. bayındır escort He then slowly glided his cock into her warm, wet hole, inch by inch until he was balls deep inside of her.

“Oh Doll!! You are extremely tight in there. It’s squeezing my cock hard. Sir you do have an amazing wife right here. Her pussy feels spectacular. I’ll remember this for as long as I live.”

The husband smiled and unzipped his pants, letting his own hard cock free and openly stroked himself as he watched the homeless man begin fucking his wife. The man grunted and groaned loudly as his cock slid in and out of her tight walls, piercing her stomach over and over again. He would slow down and toy with her dangling breasts before fucking her again. After a few mins, she turned around and sat on his lap, straddling him so her breasts were in his face. The man eagerly sucked on her pink nipples while she rode his stiff erection. The man moaned louder and louder as his cum built up in his balls. Her husband walked over and aimed his cock at his wife’s face so she could suck on him while she rode the stranger. She eagerly took his cock into her mouth and sucked on him hard, juggling his balls in her hand. She rocked back and forth on the homeless man’s cock and gagged on her husbands as she had both holes filled with angry, pulsing dicks.

The older man watched the wife suck her husband’s cock and moaned as she fondled his balls below her, caressing and tempting them to release his seed. He couldn’t take it anymore for years without pussy finally caught up to him. He threw his head back and his eyes rolled to the back of their sockets as he released the biggest load he ever experienced. She felt his cock grow twice in size before suddenly erupting its seed inside of her and spilling out onto his balls that smacked her ass with each hard thrust down onto his cock. His cock pumped stream after stream of his warm unspent seed in her womb. After he thrust a few more times, squeezing every last drop out of his cock, her husband mounted her from behind and quickly slid his cock into her pussy while it gushed out the man’s cum. Her husband fucked her hard as his cock slid in and out of her fucked hole, the cum spilling down her thighs with each thrust. He smacked her ass hard and gripped her thighs before sighing loud and unloading his own pent up seed inside of his own wife. She moaned as she felt two different loads spill out of her tight hole. She rubbed her wet pussy, smearing their cum across her lips before closing her legs tight and moaning loudly as she climaxed after having been used by two men.

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