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Black Dildo

I’m standing behind you with my arms warped around you squeezing our bodies together tightly. I loosen the squeeze to slide a hand down your stomach to your waist. I slide my hand inside the waistband of your paints. I feel you tense up. I continue to slide my hand down over your panties between your legs, at the same time I lower my mouth to your shoulder taking your flesh at the base of your neck into my mouth.

With my hand between your legs I can feel the heat of your sex. I stroke you through your panties sliding my fingers back and forth. I can feel the flesh at the very tops of your thighs as I rub your center. I pull my hand up to the waistband of your panties and slid it inside against your skin. As my hand slowly sides down I feel your tension grow.

At the same time I’m lightly biting, sucking, and kissing the flesh at the base of your neck I whisper in your ear how hot I am with my desire for you. I tell you how you are responsible for the lust I feel at this moment because you are so beautiful, hot, and sexy. I move my hips rubbing myself against you. My hand finds your center and you jump. I can only hope that you are with me on this journey into desire, sensuality…lust.

As I slide three fingers over your bare sex, one on each side and one down the middle, I move my other hand up slowly over your top and onto your chest. I give your breast a light but firm squeeze pressing it back into your body. My fingers slide down your sex squeezing your lips while my middle finger lightly wiggles its way between your lower lips until it finds the warm soft flesh of your most intimate area. I slide that finger down to your opening and lightly trace around it. I let my finger penetrate you just a little so I can feel the walls of your opening.

I can feel you start to moisten. I trace my finger back up to the area of your most sensitive part. My finger searches for your clit. I find the base of it and lightly trap it between two fingers. I fold your lips over it and rub it lightly against your pubic bone. Your breathing increases. At the same time I’m unbuttoning tuzla escort your shirt. I slide my hand inside and feel the skin of your stomach. I slide my hand up over your bra covered breast and I give you a squeeze. My hand then continues up to the bare exposed skin of your chest. I slide my hand over your skin then down into your bra searching for your nipple. I find it and slide my finger over your areola only touching your nipple in passing.

I feel your nipple growing and I change the focus of my fingers. I squeeze the base of your nipple between my fingers and pull it gently out and away from your body. I roll your nipple in my fingers as I pull, twisting it just so as it slips from my fingers. I continue to bite at the base of your neck slowly working my way up. I remember you mentioning how ticklish you are and I’m trying not to invoke that ticklish sensation at this time.

My finger on your sex continues to slide down to your opening and back to the top lightly stroking your clit, then back down circling your opening and only barely penetrating and then back again. This time I concentrate my stroking to your flesh above your opening, stoking it with more pressure. Then I move up to find your clit. I find it and stroke it so very lightly. Anywhere else on your body and you probably wouldn’t feel my touch but on that most sensitive part of you there is no doubt that you can feel it. Your breathing changes, I can feel your heartbeat through your back.

As I continue to pleasure you below and tease your nipple above, I take a break from your neck and press my hips against you. I whisper in your ear how hard I am, and how I would like to pleasure you, like I am now, but with me buried inside of you. I tell you how much I desire you and lust for your sex.

I slowly backup to the couch. I lower us down into a sitting position. I have one leg on each side of you and your body pressed firmly against mine. I move my finger back to your sensitive spot and continue to stroke you there. I move my other hand to your other nipple so it doesn’t feel left out. I tuzla escort bayan tease it until it is hard. I pull and twist it, squeezing it between my fingers.

I can feel your moister growing below as I dip my finger in it, I gather lubrication to help with the stroking of your clit. I’ve worked my mouth up your neck, I think almost unknowingly to you. I run my tongue up and down your neck pressing firmly as I go. Then I use my teeth to grab the muscles of your neck. You react to this as it probably tickles. I back off a little.

I notice the signs that you are giving, the way you’re breathing with shorter breaths, the movement of your hips, the spasms of your body. You are getting closer to that final run up to your orgasm. I move to place my knees under yours causing your legs to lift off the ground and hang over mine. Then I spread your legs with mine. Now you are elevated off of the floor, leaning back into me as I stroke your pussy with my fingers. The sensitivity of your nipples seems to have increased. As I tease your clit it appears to me that you are getting closer to your release.

I feel your tension increase, now it has nothing to do with nerves, it has everything to do with your need to cum. I can feel you building up to it. As you get closer and closer I continue to manipulate the sensitive areas of your body. As you are giving all the signs that you are just about there I stop my manipulations and rub your areas in a manner that helps to bring you back down. I can tell you don’t like what I am doing, you have questions about why. I know, I do care, but this is what I want to do.

I start to play with your nipple again. I bite your neck and cause you to wiggle with tickles. I bring my finger back to your clit and start to stroke it again. I run my finger down your sex and this time I push it inside of you, penetrating your pussy. I wish my finger was longer so I could search out your G spot, but there will be time for that later.

I move back to your clit and start working it again. I move my other hand off of your tit and up to your face. escort tuzla I pull your face to the side so we can kiss. I lock my lips on yours and our tongues meet. I can feel the pulse of your body through your mouth as we kiss. The pulse is in rhythm with the stoking of your clit.

You quickly rise again to that final run to orgasm. I can feel the signs of your body telling me you are so close. I stop again. You make a noise through your mouth into mine that indicates your disappointment and your need for release. I pull away from our kiss, I look you in the eyes and I can see the lust in them. I stroke your clit again and you sit up and push your sex at my hand. My hand is back on your chest and I’m manipulating your nipple. I whisper in your ear how hard my cock is and how badly I long to stoke it inside of you. I tell you I need your sex.

You are back on the brink again in no time. I move my finger down and moisten it in your sex and I take longer then I have before in doing so. You squirm in my lap. I move my finger back to the work of pleasuring you. Again you are back on the brink of your release and I continue to apply my manipulations. Now I pull harder on your nipple. I squeeze your tit against your body as I play. I can tell you are almost there. I continue.

You tense up, you are seconds away. The light noises you are making and your breathing tells me you are climbing that last stretch before your release. I continue to lightly stroke your clit. You go over the top. Your release is on you, your orgasm surges through your body. I quickly slide my finger into your pussy to give you something to squeeze. I bite your neck much harder than before the way I like to. You react to my taking control. The bite doesn’t hurt, I know this. I also know it helps, adds to your orgasm, a new sensation.

I stroke another finger in side of you. I lightly touch your sex as you come down. I back off of my manipulations. I squeeze you in my arms as I watch you relax. You turn your face to me and we share another kiss. When we break the kiss I tell you that I’m going to lick and kiss every inch of your body while I remove all of your clothes.

I pick you up and carry you to the bed. I playfully toss you on the bed and crawl on to it above your body. Then I …… (to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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