A Golden Date Gets Wet

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It was late in the evening. A Monday, just like any other. Sally had been swiping through an app all weekend, eagerly hoping she would stumble upon the man of her dreams. She was an optimist, really. It was late into Sunday that she stumbled upon Alex. Tall, great cheekbones and a dimple on his chin with brown floppy hair. Attractive, she thought.

Although it’s always tempting to keep swiping past face after face, tuxedos, biceps and boys with dogs flashing by in a blur… she hovered a moment over Alex. Aged 31, and just one statement on his profile, “I like water sports.”

Intrigued Sally swiped right. Did he really mean what she thought he meant? Was this a person who would finally willingly engage in her most secret of fetishes with her? No, she thought – he probably likes sailing or something.

When they matched her heart jumped into her throat. What a coincidence. She dove straight in with, “I like water sports too” and a winky face. He responded pretty quick.

“I’m sure you’re not into the same kinds of water sports as I am…” he said. And continued, “We could be on totally different wavelengths here.”

Guessing that he wasn’t in fact a round the world sailor, Sally hazarded to say, “No I think we’re both talking about the same thing here…” and sent a sticky-outty tongue face.

She could feel the heat in her crotch building. They started to discuss details about their desires. What they would do to each other.

Sally said she couldn’t wait to strip him naked on the kitchen floor, straddling his assumedly gorgeous body, eyes locked on his and to piss all over his hard cock as he moaned underneath him. The puddle around them growing and seeping into the cracks between the tiles. Filthy. Disgusting she thought. How canlı bahis can I be having these thoughts about a guy I haven’t met.

She knew she had to meet him, to figure out if he was actually a normal guy or not. A short bike ride to a pub up the road. He was going on a trip to Europe tomorrow and this was her chance to get his attention and make sure he remembered her among the throngs of beautiful olive-skinned spaniards he was soon to meet.

He bought her a beer and was waiting outside in the beer garden of the pub. Excited by the thought of finally playing out her pee fetish in real life, she’d been drinking water by the gallon. Sally was turned on by how full her bladder was already, when she started sipping on the foamy pint of lager.

They talked of life, working in the city and their families. A real contrast to the chat they’d had earlier about soaking each other with rivers of piss. Sally supposed there were some conversations that were better left out of the serene pub garden.

Two pints later and Sally is crossing her legs under the table, squeezing her thighs together and trying desperately not to leak. The date is coming to an end. Alex has to go home and pack, he says regretfully.

They get up to leave and he smacks a kiss on her lips, unexpected and forceful. Kissing her hard on the mouth, he’s trying to show Sally how badly he wants to fuck her. If only he wasn’t getting up at 3am for a flight.

They leave the pub, heading the same direction. It’s 11pm, pitch black and there’s not a soul wandering the streets of South London at this time. They cut through the park, over the long grass, spongy beneath their trainers. He kisses her again. This time more urgent. She can feel his cock harden against her thigh. Fuck, it bahis siteleri feels big she thinks, squeezing her legs tighter together and trying to hold back the floodgates.

She pushes him to the ground and they roll around in the grass, getting muddier by the second. They start to take each others clothes off. Sally worries that her skin is so white it will glow in the dark and give them away. His mouth finds her pierced nipples and he groans in surprise. “Fuck, that’s hot” he says, burying his face in her breasts, biting and sucking her nipples.

She unbuttons his jeans fly and her hand touches his cock. His boxers are a little damp with excitement. She wants to taste that pre-cum. Pulling his pants down, Sally leans down and closes her mouth around his cock. Mmm salty. He moans. Working her mouth up and down his stiff cock she’s grinding up and down getting wetter and wetter, all the while trying not to piss herself.

“I wanna be inside you” he cries. “Let me fuck your tight little pussy’. Sally lifts up her skirt and pulls her lace thong to one side. She loves it when she gets to keep her knickers on. He places one finger, then a second in her glistening vagina. “Oh you’re so fucking wet already you little slut” he says.

The motion of his fingers delving deeper and deeper into her are putting even more pressure on her stretched bladder. Somewhere between pleasure and pain is where Sally finds herself as she tries not to pee. “I need you inside me” she shrieks. Alex obliges and teases his swollen cock into her pussyhole. One thrust and she explodes. Showering Alex in steamy piss. “Oh my god,” he cries. “Drench me” he snarls. Sally leans back angling her piss stream towards his chest.

They’re both soaked in her piss. His cock is harder bahis şirketleri than ever. Sally wraps her legs around his back, the piss, cooling now in the spring air is pooling between their bellybuttons. He spanks her and tell her she’s a naughty girl. His jeans below his knees are soaked in her nectar – but he doesn’t care.

He starts to rub her clit while she bounces up and down. Sally squeezes out a last squirt of pee onto his hand. “Filthy girl” he says and wipes it on her breasts. She’s so turned on by him wiping her juices all over her that she starts to feel the pressure building again, the wave rippling. “I’m going to come” she moans in his ear. He grips her butt cheeks as she starts moaning, with even second more breathless and guttural.

He turns her over. Knees in the wet grass and fucks her doggy-style. He can smell her piss and it’s making him wild. Gripping her hips tightly he thrusts at her. He feels like he’s going to explode. Sally can hear his breath quickening. She knows he’s close.

“Come on my back you dirty boy,” she yells. Alex doesn’t need to be told twice. He whips his bulging cock out of her warm vagina and proceeds to cum all over her back. Sally can feel the hot spurts landing all over her back, all the way up to her shoulder blades. Fuck, he’s fertile she thinks. “That was a lot of cum,” she says. Alex agrees.

Hang on a minute and I’ll clean you off he says. She waits, on all fours starting into the darkness. High on the rush of endorphins that come from your first foray into piss play. Suddenly she feels it. First a trickle of warmth and then a steady stream. He’s hosing off his cum with a steady stream of piss. “FUCK YES!” she screams feeling her ponytail dampen with his scent. She’s totally soaked. Alex finishes and hugs her closely from behind, whispering in her ear, “That was amazing you nasty girl.”

Soaked but delighted they parted ways. Alex had to catch his flight in one hour and had to find a fresh pair of jeans pronto.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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