A Hot Night in Cold Vermont

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Julie had been seeing Tom for just over a month now and though things had gotten pretty hot and heavy a few times they had never consummated the relationship yet. The past few days Julie had not been able to get Tom out of her head, she couldn’t sleep or concentrate on anything at work. The heat between them had become almost unbearable, so she decided to move toward the next step in a big way. Her mind raced with thoughts of how to make this the most incredible night Tom had ever spent with a woman and all the thoughts seemed to make her nipples rock hard and her pussy tingle with the droplets of moisture. They had talked about taking a weekend trip together and she thought that was the perfect opportunity for them to finally explore the sexual energy between them.

A relative of hers owned a cabin in a fairly remote part of Vermont; she had spent many weekends there. She made a phone call and found out it was currently vacant, so she started making the arrangements to make this weekend happen. She wanted to get up there early to set the stage for their first full night together and as luck would he would not be able to get away from work until late that coming Friday night. She was going to go ahead and catch a quick flight up there early that day and he would met her there on a later evening flight. It was all too perfect and she was so excited.

At dinner on Thursday night she told him she had something for him. He could tell by the sexy sparkle in her eye it was something to look forward too. She handed him an envelope, it was sealed with a kiss with her special color of lipstick and she had delicately sprayed it with his favorite perfume. He smiled as he began to open it, as she slipped off her shoe and traced a stocking covered toe up his leg and gently massaged his crotch with her foot, as he read. Inside the envelope was his plane ticket to Vermont and a note that said that she was going to take him places he had never been this weekend, clothing was optional and really not necessary, so pack light. He reached down and ran his hand from his burning crotch up her stocking covered leg.

He began to feel the heat from between her legs and came upon bare skin, she was wearing thigh-high hose. She stopped him there, teasing him and leaning into him kissing him telling him she would be waiting for him in Vermont and it would be well worth the wait. Her mouth devoured his and all he could think of at this moment is how he would like to clear the table, lay her across it and eat her instead of the dinner they had ordered. All through dinner she teased him and he though it was making him crazy he loved it. Others situated in the restaurant glanced over at them, some curious, some secretly envious. When dinner was over he drove her home and they kissed intensely for the longest time. She knew she was teasing him and was loving every minute of it. He was in agony with the huge bulge throbbing in his pants when she left, but he was keeping the eye on the prize and that would come tomorrow night, just 24 hours away.

The next day she packed a very special weekend bag with all the things she envisioned making this weekend one to never be forgotten. She was so excited she could barely concentrate but somehow she managed to get herself to the cabin just a few hours later, with everything she needed. She had called Tom when she arrived at the cabin to let him know she was there and confirmed that he would be there himself in just over five hours.

She told him to dress warm as it was snowing and very cold, but then she teasingly added that he would be very warm when he got there, she promised. He was already warm when he hung up the phone; no one had ever enticed him this way before. Now it was him that couldn’t concentrate, the soft sexy promise in Julie’s voice alone was making him hard. Julie on the other hand was having no trouble concentrating now; she was deliciously happy and moving around the cozy cabin preparing things and herself for his arrival. Once everything was in place she curled up in a cozy chair near the window and watched the big snowflakes drift toward the ground. Tom had just arrived in the airport and was getting a rental car to take him to the cabin. Julie had given him directions to get there, and even those were sexy. She had sprayed the paper with an enticing new fragrance that she had found that drove him wild and before each line of the directions she had pressed her lipstick-covered lips in canlı bahis şirketleri the shape of a kiss.

Tom drove through the snow and was glad he had arrived now instead of later. The snow was getting bad and driving wasn’t easy but tonight he was a determined man, nothing would keep him from her, even if he had to walk. She was glancing out the window and then back at the clock knowing he should be there any time, just then she saw headlights moving down the long driveway of the secluded cabin. He was here and her heart started racing. He pulled up and parked, grabbing his bag and heading toward the inviting door. He could smell the smoke from the fireplace and he could see candles lit inside the warm little cabin. When he reached the door, she opened it and looked so incredible.

She was dressed in a long white silk robe, her hair shone and her eyes sparkled with sexual electricity. He no sooner got in the door and her lips covered his, warm and welcoming. He parted her lips and slid his tongue into her mouth, both of them exploring each other mouths, tasting each other. She led him to a cozy chair near the fireplace and told him to get comfortable. As he sat there she went to get them a drink. He looked around the room, knowing that she had planned all of this for him. There was a lively fire in the fireplace, scented candles burning with the smell of lavender and a big, snuggly comforter spread out in front of the fire. She came back with two drinks and crawled on his lap as they sipped their drinks and watched the firelight dance on the walls.

Julie got up and began to remove the robe, slowly; tonight she was the ultimate seductress. He watched her as she exposed one shoulder and then the other, he had no idea what she had on underneath, so far he only saw bare skin and but he wanted to see more. With both shoulders exposed now she slid the robe down a bit farther until he could see her incredible cleavage and just a hint of white fabric. With that she untied the robe and let it drop to the ground in a silky puddle at her feet. What Tom saw before him took his breath away, he started to reach for her and she gently leaned him back in the chair kissing his soft lips, in time she whispered in his ear. Just her breath on his ear made him quiver. Julie was dressed in a soft, lacy white bustier, which connected to matching garter and stocking covering her long legs. The only thing between the bustier and the stockings was a lacy white g-sting.

The soft white material molded to her and the bustier pushed up her cleavage until her breasts were almost spilling out of it. Her large round nipples were poking through the tight fabric begging to be sucked on. With her back to the fire she began to unlace the bustier, one agonizing lace at time. She was going to make him suffer but he would suffer this way any time she wanted to torment him. Her firm breasts began to spill out of the material when she reached the bottom, and then she locked eyes with him and she pulled the bustier open, her nipples beckoning him. They were so hard and so perfectly round, soft buds he would suckle later. She placed one foot on the arm of the chair that he was nestled in and reached up to unhook a garter. In one fluid movement she began to slide the stocking down over her thigh, down her calf until one creamy smooth leg was exposed.

She did the same thing with the second leg, placing it on the other side of him, and seductively peeling away the stocking to her expose another bare leg. All he could do at this point was to think how badly he wanted to kiss all up those beautiful legs until he reached that wet spot on her g-string that she was teasing him with. Julie was almost completely naked and his for the taking and tasting, with the exception of that lacy white g-string. She turned her back on him and wiggled her tight little ass in his face, she was so close he could smell her sex, and it was so intoxicating. She reached up and intertwined her fingers in the top of the g-sting and made the delicate material dance between the cheeks of her tight ass. Oh how he wanted to tongue the very place that little scrap of material was and trace it around to the treasure between her legs. She was sensuously writhing her hips around and teasingly lowering the material of the g-string down over her legs.

She was bent over in front of him with her arms sliding the flimsy fabric down her legs. Julie stepped out of it and turned canlı kaçak iddaa around, completely naked now and his for the taking. She straddled him and crawled into his lap. She pressed into him and kissed him hungrily, her mouth devouring his, her teeth gently nibbling his bottom lip. He could feel her erect nipples penetrating into his chest. Her hands moved lower and she began to undress him. She unbuttoned his shirt and then slid down between his legs to unbutton his pants. She traced the outline of his throbbing cock while still confined in his pants and then released it as she discarded his pants. She loved the feel of his incredibly strong thighs pressed against her sides and his legs wrapped around her. She looked up at him one more time and then moved her mouth down over his cock. She gently licked the head, like a child lavishly enjoying an ice cream cone and then she would pull back and gently blow. He moaned her name and told her not to stop, but she had no intention of stopping. Julie’s lips circled his cock and she slowly lowered her eager mouth down until she had him completely inside her. Her hands coursed up and down his thighs while her mouth stroked up and down him, her tongue flicking the hard, taunt skin covering his cock.

She loved the taste of him, loved the way he reacted to mouth swallowing him time after time. She loved to hear his breathless moans, her name on his lips as he got closer and closer to cumming in her waiting mouth. He watched her head move up and down and he caressed her hair as she pleasured him. He was close now, she could feel his legs tense around her, holding her to him as she moved her mouth up and down in faster more deliberate strokes. She heard her name said more loudly this time as he began to cum in her mouth, she lapped him up, as his hot warm juice flowed down her throat. Just the slightest little bit escaped and glistened on her lips as she pulled away and lowered herself back into the snuggly comforter. He recovered with an incredible smile on his face, knowing this night was far from over.

Tom could feel himself getting hard all over again when there she was laying at his feet in that comforter, propped up by an inviting pile of soft pillows, the firelight dancing across her body. He moved himself down to be near her, tossing any remaining clothes aside. He would follow the same game plan she used for him during her seductive strip tease. His mouth found the hollow at the base of her neck and then moved lower toward her breasts, he kissed around each breasts moving closer and closer to the nipple begging to sucked hard into his mouth. Her back was arched and she moaning softly. Tom’s mouth sucked her nipple deep into his mouth and she gasped for air.

While his teeth gently held her nipple captive in his mouth, his tongue darted over it. He moved over kissing over to the other breasts and doing the same thing. He knew that nothing made her hotter than to have her nipples tormented and tantalized. With his hands cupping her breasts and his fingers gently tugging at her nipples, his mouth moved lower. His tongue tracing over her belly button and her stomach quivered and shrank knowing where the trail his mouth was heading down ended. His hands moved down over her and pushed her legs apart and then parted the soft wet lips of her bare pussy. Her clit was so hard and so ripe, he gently blew on it and she caught her breath. In one swift movement he lowered his head between her legs and took her clit between his teeth.

He sucked her clit into his mouth and then lashed at it with the expert tip of his tongue. She almost screamed out his name as his tongue bantered back and forth over her clit. By now her pussy was drenched and he used his tongue to trace a line down the between the swollen pink lips. She bucked up against him and he dove into her, his tongue penetrating deep inside her hot pussy. He eagerly devoured her, plunging his tongue in and out of her, sucking her juices into his mouth. Her hands reached down and held his head between her legs and she began to cum over and over. He lapped up every drop of her sweet nectar.

Julie’s pussy tingled from the fresh orgasm but she wanted more, she was so hot now, she had to have him. They had been to this place many times but it had never gone any further, but tonight it would go all the way. This would be the first time she would feel that incredible cock of Tom’s buried deep inside her velvety walls. He canlı kaçak bahis wanted that too, his cock ached to be inside her wet, warm slit. He moved over her and as their eyes locked he slid his cock into the slippery wetness of her. He took his time, lingering as he guided himself deeper and deeper into her.

She thought she would go crazy from the sheer agony of wanting him all the way, so that he filled her completely. She arched towards him and as he finally penetrated her completely. For the next few minutes they just lay there, Julie’s hot pussy holding tightly on his throbbing shaft. It was all they had better than each of their imaginations had conjured up, they could see that in each other’s eyes and they lost themselves in each other. Tom filled her completely, offering every inch of himself to her and her hot pussy wrapped around him in a velvety vice. He moved his mouth lower and began to kiss her breasts and then tugging one nipple into his mouth, circling it with his tongue and then sucking it. As Julie began to moan with the tantalizing pleasure of her nipple being possessively sucked by him, he pulled out and plunged back into her.

She lifted her hips and met each one of his thrusts, they had worked into a good rhythm, she would tighten down on him as he pulled out and then relax to allow him deep back inside her. They were both completely caught up in each other; the rest of the world outside this little cabin didn’t exist for either of them. Tom was trying to hold back, this rhythm was about to carry him over the edge, and it felt so good to him to be inside her. He couldn’t even remember now how many times his cock would get rock hard and ache just thinking about being nestled inside her. Julie was holding back too, she had waited to long to feel him between her legs, to feel him inside the most intimate part of her.

She gently nudged him over and playfully rolled him over, the comforter sticking to their sticky bodies. He started to ask what was wrong, when she leaned down into him and kissed him with a passion that took his breath away. She moved over him this time, straddling him and sliding her body down the front of him, until he was back inside her plush walls. Her hard nipples grazed his chest and she was stroking up and down him. She arched up, completely astride him and began to move up and down his cock. Her breasts were bouncing with the rhythm and her body glistening in the firelight as she rode him. He reached up and cupped each tit, rolling her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, that was all she needed to send her over the edge and she was going to carry him with her. She tightened down on his shaft and stroked her body up and down him, building a faster rhythm.

Oh yes, it was close, she could almost feel herself starting to loose consciousness, that feeling you get when an incredible orgasm is starting to wash over you. She could feel him tense beneath her and knew he was close too. She slowed down just a bit, but made deliberate movements, guiding her pussy up and down him, until they both began to cum. It was a long lingering orgasm that washed over them wave after wave. She collapsed on top of him and he lay there completely spent, with her warm body pressed against him like a second skin.

They lay there for what seemed like many minutes, not able to even speak, just enjoying the incredible sensations of the after shock of what was such a long, intense orgasm for them both. As they lay there they noticed a slight chill in the air and the fire was dying down. He grabbed the edge of the comforter, pulled her to him and wrapped them tightly together, his body molding around hers. They would close out the chill and keep the tingling warmness from escaping. They each thought to themselves, this would be the first time they would wake up in each other arms. Julie told Tom that this was just the first of many times they would escape from the world and into each other. Tom whispered in her ear that he was looking forward to that and told her how good she felt nestled against him.

As they looked out the window to see the snow still falling, all they could think about was getting snowed in together and not having be able to go back to the real world, to savor this as long as they could. This had been the most incredible night Tom had ever spent in his life and Julie was thinking the same thing as she drifted off, feeling him against her. Tom wanted her all to himself, and here she was pressed up against the full length of him in this big cozy blanket, looking very sensuous and smelling like fresh lovemaking. Tonight might have been record cold in Vermont, but it burned hot in this little cabin nestled in the woods.

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