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� Van T Z Boi 2019


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(HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of water, vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter. A good supply of tissues should be close at hand in case of sudden emergencies!)

(Thanks to all who have written it is nice to be appreciated, I do enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. Please note the new email ail. Now please read on. Till the next Time Van T Z Boi)


From Part Five

A crash of crockery rattled the room, like everyone I turned to look where Torkil was picking up the tray of cups which he had somehow dropped. His face went red as he picked up the motley of cups which appeared undamaged due to the heavy pile of the carpet. I surmised it more the noise of the tray falling against the trolley that had caused the unexpected clamour as it stood leaning against one of the trolley legs.

“O”Sullivan!” Thierry”s cry turned our heads.

Part Six

I saw with amazement that the red headed O”Sullivan had seized the moment whilst we were all distracted; he now sat firmly squatting heavily down on Thierry”s member, his hands pushing at Thierry”s shoulders to anchor the older youth on his spread hands. As I stared I caught sight of the subtle movement of O”Sullivan”s plump arse cheeks as he bobbed up and down as Thierry strove to hold his balance as O”Sullivan rode his member, his sideways turn of his head showed the triumphant look on his face and the gleam of excited lust flared in his eyes.

“Not fair!” Torkil and Carling cried out as one and moved towards Thierry.

Thierry had grabbed the impetuous O”Sullivan by the waist but I noticed his hands moved the boys body, controlling directing his movements, instead of ejecting him. O”Sullivan”s smile smirked broader and his hand fingered his own boyorgan as he bounced and swivelled at Thierry”s manipulating hands. I could see the fat fleshy tube move, the sight as it disappeared and reappeared from the moist grasp of O”Sullivan”s boyquim filled my head with images of my own ridings of that fabled organ and a tingling itch that I was quickly recognising and owning flared inside me.

“Not fair,” Carling repeated but he had sank to the floor beside Thierry, his hands moved to cup and caress and squeeze Thierry”s heavy sac, I could see the hidden spheres moving much like kittens in a sack as Carling manipulated Thierry”s scrotum. Torkil had also dropped to the floor, as I watched he took his position between Thierry”s legs, carefully he leaned forward and I was astonished to see him place his mouth at the base of Thierry”s shaft, his tongue protruded and almost delicately he licked the satiny skin of Thierry”s organ as it disappeared and reappeared. I stood there engaged and excited, watching and observing as the three boys serviced Thierry”s thrusting lance in a consummate combined and to my learning eyes well practiced way.

“Ohh, ohhhh, uuurrrgghhh,” O”Sullivan roared and reared, his fingers flashing along his boyorgan, the tip glowing as bright as a flame from the fire, I surmised he had peaked, reached his zenith and then he sank down hard, grinding his body against Thierry.

“My turn,” Carling pounced to his knees and pounced on O”Sullivan, dragging the squirming youth up and away.

I caught sight of Thierry”s organ, magnificent and pulsing, glowing with fecund rut just before Carling replaced O”Sullivan, his young slim body sliding down and capturing Thierry”s teenrocket with one swift motion. I gazed as he without any indication of pain immediately commenced a rocking and rotation of his torso, Thierry”s prodigious lance again impaled and recaptured by a boyquim. O”Sullivan lay sprawled on the floor, his fingers continuing to caress and molest his boypickle, his rapture clearly shown on his expressive face. Torkil moved to take up the stance between Thierry”s legs, his tongue lashed and lavished Thierry”s shaft as it became exposed and several times when Carling bounced high he swallowed briefly the pulsing helmet, releasing it to Carling”s descending opened boyquim, where it was sucked deep inside.

Thierry grinned broadly, he lay back on the carpet before the fire”s blaze, his hand grasped Carling”s boyorgan and he twisted and grappled at the slim ivory crayon, I could see the glowing tip, like O”Sullivan”s it battled the fire for colourful hue as Carling progressed his own pleasure. Carling with a delighted cry bucked hard and ground his body at Thierry”s groin, twisting and turning, it was clear the he too had achieved his glory and he twitched and trembled as the sweet waves of bliss rolled over his glowing body.

“ME NOW!” Torkil jumped to his feet, his boylance, a taut steel bar that stood proud and swollen. He jerked the riding Caring upwards and backwards, the shrieking youth falling backwards just managing to avoid landing on O”Sullivan as he fell ingloriously to earth.

I turned my eyes back; Torkil had already mounted Thierry, his quimlips clamped tight around the engorged organ as he placed his hands on Thierry”s chest. Anchored to his satisfaction I watched as Torkil vibrated his body, his hips swivelling and trembling with such pace and dexterity I was fascinated and intrigued. Instinctively I found my own hips attempting to match his tempo, the tingling itch inside me was soaring and demanding, I reached for and found my own member, the touch of my fingers brought a wave of succulent want flood over me and I rubbed myself as I watched Torkil ride to his peaking. As Torkil strove, his body quivering and shaking, Thierry”s fatness glowing and throbbing when exposed I felt other fingers grasp my boymember. Darius had moved close, his hand took over my ministrations his free hand taking mine and placing it about his own. As we watched his older brother being serviced our hands served to pleasure each other. Carling and O”Sullivan I saw were similarly engaged, they too took the opportunity that another hands provides as they caressed and played with each other, kissing each other which prompted my urge to kiss Darius. Our lips met and pressed at each other; our eyes still intent of Torkil”s magnificent ride of Thierry”s stallion like tumescence. Even as Torkil cried out in loud acclamation I too was panting, my young body churning as the hidden flame inside me blazed and raged. I felt Darius also peak, his lips became hot and his body trembled and quivered much as my own did. I closed my eyes as the delight rose rapidly to my apex, the tingling warmths seething about my body as my joy exploded and fireworked around the inside of my head.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Torkil slumped over Thierry”s body, his stance now limp and to my mind satisfied. Thierry however was not.

“Sate me!” he demanded and he glared at me.

“No me!” Carling rose to his knees.

“Me, me!” O”Sullivan sat up, readying himself.

“I have him!” Torkil apparently awoken from his sweet doze clamped himself against Thierry”s body.

“NOT FAIR!” O”Sullivan reached out to tug Torkil from his impaled place. Carling too was impulsively grabbing his colleague.

“Bloody fags,” Thierry himself heaved upward, dispelling Torkil from his overblown member. I gazed in awe at the pulsing throbbing of his meaty pole, my body quivering with want and izmit escort my head filled with a need that I did not understand but desperately wanted to comply with. “HERE YOU!” Thierry beckoned me as he stood up. I stepped forward.

“No, no me, me!” the three youths spoke their words of supplication jumbled as one voice. I stood quivering, unsure.

“Dammed fags,” Thierry once more beckoned me with his finger. I approached his side dazed and hopefully expectant. “I suppose you deserve your reward,” Thierry glared at the three boys, “Kneel then,” he waved his hand at them.

I watched as the three boys knelt, they took up their place before him, their trembling bodies close together.

“Come my little fittums,” Thierry addressed me, “Pleasure me with your fingers so that these naughty fags can achieve their reward.”

I caught on to what he was proposing. I took hold of his member, the sensation of excited arousement emanated from his throbbing lance, the tip dripped and drooled with his juices. The three supplicants opening their mouths and extending their tongues to capture the slimy essence as it fell from his helmet. Gently I took hold of his organ, the warmth and spongy hardness pulsed in my hand and I felt the energy through my fingertips. Slowly I stroked the meaty length, easing the loose skin back and forth over his helmet, Thierry held onto my shoulder for balance. I could feel the tension that embattled him. His clutching fingers informed me of my pace, I responded, instinctively working my fingers harder or slower as he subtly demanded. The sight of his, to me, massive member was awesome, the beautiful shaped helmet glowing stickily in the flickering flames from the fire, the long shaft, a true stature of power as I caressed its satiny length. I was entranced and ensnared in his desire, feeling the strength of his lust, his scent an overpowering odour of richness and heady perfume that infused my head with its must and musk.

The three boys kneeling before us watched with a wantoness I was aware of, how soon I too would be as wanton I then had no idea but their desire was evident and absorbing, their tongues seeking every small drop or dribble of Thierry”s essence as it floated down upon them. The three were pressed right up against Thierry”s thighs, their extended tongues seeking whatever came their way. I was simply the instrument of their reward as I massaged and rubbed at Thierry”s member, my own desire rapidly rising, a demanding wanting need inside me. I twitched and Thierry whispered softly.

“Darius see to my little fittums, he needs pleasure too.”

Quivering as I rubbed Thierry I felt the moist warm wetness as Darius knelt before me and took me into his mouth, the sensations making me rock gently on my bare feet as my fingers continued their exploration and adoration of Thierry”s throbbing delight. Three tongues licked at my fingertips as I stroked the skin over Thierry”s helmet, watching the drool of his lovejuice drip and drop onto the slickeing tongues. Thierry”s fingertips ground into my shoulder, I understood his need, quicker and slicker I moved my hand, Thierry”s organ vibrating in my feel. Somehow we all knew his fluming joy was imminent, the three tongues moved even closer together as my fingers fluted against his member and then came the low growl, the slight tensing of his body, his organ swelled in my hand, the helmet hued to a deep purple colour and the strings of brilliant pearly translucency soared, a fountain of silvery brightness as his seed was expurgated and sown across the three tongues and faces of his adoring angelic host.

As Thierry rocked on his heels, his hips thrusting forward with urgency, three mouths taking turns encapsulated his exploding head, sucking and swallowing whatever was delivered inside their mouths as his strong expulsions continued and then dissipated. Gently stroking his spongy length I watched as the three faces, coated now with Thierry”s fertile essence licked adoringly and worshipping at his tumescence. As Thierry”s joy diminished and no more was able to be procured the three fell to licking and kissing his seed of each other, tongues seeking every minute atom of his deliverance.

My own delight similarly flowered, Darius”s squelching sucking, loud now that the main event was ended brought me to my climax and I shuddered, this time it was Thierry who held me for my balance as I jerked and shuddered through my personal bliss.

“Come you maggots,” Thierry kicked at the grovelling threesome, “more tea and crumpets for me and my lovely fittums,” he grabbed me and we sank back to the warmth of the fire. Darius slumped beside us as Thierry”s adoring trio hustled to set up the tray before us.

I bit into a buttery crumpet, relishing the flavour and taste, I felt replete and a happiness I had not known, `this is a life for me,” I thought as I sipped my tea, savouring its sweet taste.

“Now you naughty fags, one more reward to offer,” Thierry grinned as he lounged beside me. I saw the inquisitive and yet hopeful expectant look that claimed the eyes of the three fags. “Pleasure my little fittums,” he turned to smile at me and I was at a loss, I had no understanding.

The wet mouth that swallowed my boymember quickly made my understanding clear. I turned to see the red-haired head that covered my groin, the strong tongue that swirled about my boyshaft was a lesson in itself as despite the tingling delights that rose within me my enquiring mind also gleamed more training in the arts of the pleasures that had been awoken in me.

The red-haired O”Sullivan was more than proficient; expertly he brought me to a fullness; a hardness that demanded further excitement and satiation. Darius relieved me of my tea cup as I was in danger of spilling its contents. O”Sullivan roamed over my boyshaft, his tongue licking and reaching to all places of intense pleasure. I swooned and twitched as he sucked me hard, drawing me deep into his orifice, I could feel his throat closing around me as he made swallowing motions, the hot tingles flared and flamed as I reached the oblivion of boybliss. Shuddering I mewled loudly, purring vociferously as I climaxed, O”Sullivan”s mouth claiming me all the way as I jerked and trembled and went into the final series of spasms of boyjoy. Panting I lay back, sprawled against the carpet, limpid for the moment.

Torkil took me next, his hot tongue enflamed me, brought me quickly back to the plateau and I once again quivered and wriggled as my boyorgan was service throatily. His fingers played around the base of my shaft as his long tongue roamed up and down my stiffened organ. I sighed and moaned at the intense pleasure, Torkil”s fingers invading between my legs where they gained purchase just inside my bumhole. The tingling tickles strengthened, Torkil”s digits expertly finding the places which made me writhe and twitch with increasing severity. Under the spell of such magnificent attentions I was lost to the dreams and delights of succeeding bliss, wave after wave of shocking pleasure surged and rushed through and over me. Torkil gripped the head of my boytreasure with his teeth. I could feel the points clearly as he cleverly nipped at the tip of my organ, the jolts of delight flared and seared though me. As Torkil”s lips, tongue mouth and fingers went to work I found myself all of a quiver, a jellification of vibrating action took me higher and right over my apex. Crying with sheer ecstasy I collapsed against the carpet, shuddering and juddering as Torkil”s pleasuring surmounted all that had gone before.

Wasted I mewled, my body limp and beyond satiation. I sensed Carling”s approach.

“No, no, no more,” I wheezed lanquidly exhausted.

“But you must,” Thierry was insistent, “my little rogues must pay the price for their impudence, they have gained their reward and so must pay their dues. Hush my little fittums, such bliss is yours today.”

I groaned and Carling touched me, he kissed my bare toes, sucking them one after the other, his subtle approach created a growing urgency within me. Dissipated as I was mentally, it appears my body was made of sterner stuff. Carling”s delightful sucking and nipping at yahya kaptan escort my toes advanced up my body. Engaged I allowed him all licence permissible. O”Sullivan had been a revelation, Torkil had been magnificent but Carling, Carling was sheer brilliance. How he coaxed life back into my boyworm I did not know but his gentle approaches, the kissing nippings, the seductive lickings and kissings all somehow touched special spots, places on my young body that soon had my boymember pulsing and throbbing, its glowing tip bouncing around in the hot air from the fire, its glow a measure for the flames that flickered in the hearth. Bewitched I lay there, his mere plaything. I watched as he straddled me, his boyquim a hot heat against my boyorgan. Entranced I observed as he moved and rotated his body, using his quim lip muscles to gouge at my boymember. The succulent squelchings made loud slicking sounds, an accompaniment to my own purrings as he rubbed me with his boyhole. The gape of his arsehole lay about me, its heat radiating at my poor organ as ecstasy and bliss joined to create a different series of delightful points of pleasure. His quimlips whilst muscular were moist and suckled at my boylength. His heat as he moved was incandescent and my boyorgan basked in the delighting flaming joys Carling gave me. I panted and grunted as my climax drew closer, Carling expert as he was, reacted to each jerk and judder, making the pleasure so long lasting I was soon breathless with the passion the boy had raised within me. I writhed and trembled, my head a maelstrom of sensation and wondering as the heat inside me tingled to extreme fervour. The bright starry lights that constantly crossed my eyelids also flamed and flared, I rocked and twisted beneath Carling”s undulating body, his quim lips tight at my tip, the compressing rubbing was pure ecstasy and as the flares became too much I swooned, crying and sobbing as the intensity exploded. The room went dark in my gaze, all my head could see were the sparkling stars that flickered inside my mind.

“There, there little fittums, too much for you, I forget just how much a virgin you are,” Thierry”s hand caressed my cheek and involuntarily I turned to kiss his fingers. “Oh I see much better thou art,” Thierry chuckled and as I attempted to sit up he caught my shoulders and dragged me into a sitting position.

Blinking I gazed about the room, Darius was there he was holding out a cup to my lips, I drank thirstily of the sweetened tea, its sugary flavour warming me with replaced energy. Draining the cup I smiled up at the two brothers who had suddenly become very important factors in my life. Darius grinning broadly brought me another cup of the refreshing tea, this was less sweet but the more welcome. Suddenly I twitched, memory surged inside my spinning mind and I cast around for the three young malcontents that had more than contented me; but they were gone. Darius had noticed my glances.

“They have gone, they still have services to provide,” he told me. At my enquiring glance he expounded more. “The House has a number of positions available for those who wish to serve,” Darius chuckled, “some less exhausting and adventurous than those practiced here in the confines of this part of the House, but the rewards, especially those Thierry can provide are much sought after.”

Thierry smirked and leered, “Tis true that my seed is much favoured and my member is such that it is also feted within the House, the fags are constantly at me to reward them for their service.” He laughed deeply, “You have yourself been more than impressed by my agility and ability and of course,” he stroked his fat tumescence which lay across his thigh, “everyone wants Thierry”s cock.”

I know not why to this very day why I leaned over to kiss it but the sense of the satiny skin against my lips and the aroma that permeated the air about his todger are memories that instantly come to mind and ever bring with it a rising passion and demanding need.

“So my little fittums, you too have fallen under my spell,” Thierry caressed my head, my very hairs tingling as he did so.

“I think so,” I murmured.

“So be it then, I shall seek to have you moved to this House with all speed,” Thierry kissed my forehead and I felt my head heat and redden at his touch. “But first we must replace the energy expended. Come let us dine.” I suddenly discovered that in fact I was ravenous.

Thierry rose, Darius and I both naked as he we got to our feet. I followed them out of the room, through the large room and on into the corridor. We went down a flight of stairs and entered the dining room. It was much the same as the one in which my Junior peers ate but the walls were adorned with drapes to contain the heat and the chairs were covered with stuffing and fabric which made it much more comfortable to sit. A number of tables were gradually filling with the other inhabitants of the House. I noticed the majority of those present were hardly clothed, some naked like we were, some wearing capes over their nakedness, these Darius whispered to me were the teachers, “Teachers that also participated in the pleasure of Portcullis House” he added whispering. Entranced I hardly heard his whispered intonations.

Thierry leaned close and whispered in my ear, “You will find my lad that a youth such a yourself, especially of such early years will be very popular with the staff and I can assure you that their staffs will serve you well and teach you more about boyjoy and bliss.” I stared at these older bodies, glimpsing their limp organs and wondering about the pleasures Thierry promised.

Thierry ignored the waves and calls that beckoned him, instead he led us towards a vacant long table; as we sat down, others crowded pushing and shoving each other aside to join us. I could see extreme ramming and jostling taking place as Thierry”s fellow students sought to place themselves as close as possible to him. I felt honoured and could see the jealous glances from the younger set of fellow students, I even managed to recognise some I had seen about the school, although there they were fully clothed.

Thierry bowed his head, other followed suit and I too bowed my head but something stopped me from clasping my hands together in prayer as I would have done when saying grace at the Junior Dining Room. I surmised that here `Grace” was said silently as each individual dined, the strict adherence to mealtime regulation was I believed lax in Portcullis compared to the more strict regulations in my own Junior House.

Food was being delivered to the full tables, there was no sense of urgency and it gave me the chance to observe the customs and habits of those diners. I noticed that all those serving at table were clearly fellow students and that apart from the long apron they wore were naked. A number of older youths apparently supervised the younger ones, they stood out as they were taller but likewise they wore just the long apron. I noticed that those dining would often reach under the aprons or simply caress the server through the apron, even the older youths were subject to such caressings, occasionally kissing would take place and the fumblings were definitely more intense. As I watched I noticed the three youths I had met earlier, Torkil, Carling and O”Sullivan serving amongst the throng. Each of them gave me a smile and winked their eye at me as they passed by on their route. The caressing and kissing activities were not confined to the servers, other diners were similarly engaged and I caught my breath as I observed one of the Masters who taught me sat at one of the tables, he was also naked and his arms entwined around an older youth. Glancing around the dining room I identified several other figures who were adult. `It”s not only Mr Goodstock then that loves…?” My head meandered at such a thought, I envisaged some of the Masters who taught me in the Junior classes and wondered if any of them shared Mr Goodstock”s proclivities. My head jutted and somehow I recalled that Darius had mentioned that teachers took part, I had assumed they were relevant to Portcullis House, now I knew it was the full range of Masters that were represented gebze escort here.

The students who had managed to gain a place at our table were I observed all naked, each one sported a bloated member and it appeared were intent on displaying their swollen treasure to Thierry. Sitting beside Thierry I watched the performance as these diners stretched and arched their backs, just so that their engorged privates were visible. I found myself studying the diverse presentation of male members, some were long and thin, some were thick, some even did not have it appeared the fold of loose skin that covered and protected the sensitive head. I squirmed as I noticed those wondering how it was they could allow the rough fabric of their school uniform to touch such an intensely delicate part of ones anatomy. Some of the members gleamed, I caught sight of the jerking pulsings that produced the silky liquid that I knew tasted honeysweet and would lubricate the tip. `Did everyone produce this attractive dew? I wondered as my eyes pounced from member to member, my own pipe had stiffened in response to the various sights I was experiencing and part of me wanted to explore the visible delights on show. `Was I becoming like the youth Darius had mentioned, Sandwell that was his name,” I looked avidly for his presence but initially drew a blank and then as I noticed an empty place at one of the tables I saw the youth appear, he had apparently been beneath the table and from his wetly gleaming and swollen lips I considered that he had been heavily engaged in sucking his fellow diners at table. The thought crossed my mind that I could do that, a tremble shook me as my head soared with prospective imagery but I managed to gain control of my thoughts, the idea that I would become like Sandwell was anathema to me at that moment.

The team of servers for our table approached, I saw they were headed by a tall youth, he had a shock of blonde hair that stood up from his scalp, the rigid looking hairs were short and his hairstyle gave the appearance of a stiff clothes brush.

“Ah Montmorency,” it was Thierry that greeted him, “this is Montmorency, Davenport,” he introduced me, “as Senior Monitor of the Dining Room he has the honour to look after my table.” I nodded at the youth; I saw the glitter in his eyes as he surveyed Thierry”s naked form, his eyes danced on Thierry”s member.

“Johnstone Major,” Montmorency bowed his head but his eyes remained focused on Thierry”s swollen tube.

“See his attention to his duty is such that he has removed all his hairs to ensure that none fall into our food,” Thierry grabbed at Montmorency”s apron exposing the thickening form of Montmorency”s groin. It was true; his private area was shorn of any of the coarser hairs I knew that grew around an older person”s body.

I stared at Montmorency”s body, his engorged member was slim and pointed, his lose foreskin gathered halfway over the light mauve hued tip, as he stood there his member jerked and throbbed and a drool of his juice slid out of his slit, the teardrop oozed down his shaft such was the upright stance of his organ.

Montmorency moved, I had not noticed the sign Thierry gave, he dropped the apron and stood naked, the other servers did the same, handling balancing their laden trays as they did so. Naked the team moved around us, serving hot plates and hot food. Particular attention was taken with Thierry, who ran his hands over all the youths that served him; each obtaining caresses of their members as they leaned over him.

“Everything to your satisfaction?” Montmorency stood beside Thierry, his eyes continuing to gloat over Thierry”s body.

“Fine Monty, now leave us in peace,” Thierry dismissed the older youth without even looking at him.

“Montmorency has a huge pash on Thierry,” whispered Darius in my ear, “Like so many others Thierry is like a god idol in so many ways,” I nodded, what Darius was saying was clear to my own eyes.

Montmorency leaned over and gave Thierry”s member a slow long stroke Thierry leaned back casually as the older youth caressed him but this time he failed to touch Montmorency”s body in any way, unlike with the other servers whom he had laughed and joked with them as he caressed them. Montmorency reached down to cuddle Thierry”s heavy sac, I could see the two hidden spheres move within the stretched skin, his hand slid up Thierry”s shaft, squeezing as he did so, as he compressed the swollen dark purple head, he caught the full weep of Thierry”s juice in his fingers and transferred it to his mouth. I noticed the gleam of satisfaction as he walked away, sucking his fingers. His team of servers followed picking up their and Montmorency”s aprons as they departed. The sight of their naked backsides as they marched away was a fascination to me. The line of naked globes undulating as they walked sent a tickle surge up from my own posterior and I wriggled on my seat as the tickle tingled inside me.

“Eat fittums,” Thierry stoked my member as he spoke. I fell with gusto on my plate.

As I ate Thierry continued to caress and fondle my boyorgan, soon I was twitching and squirming as the internal tingling pleasure soared within me. The other diners too engaged in mutual caresses and strokings and above the clatter of cutlery on plates I caught the occasional moan of mewl of pleasure. I also drank the wine offered me, it was much stronger than the weak beer we were granted at table in the Juniors and I felt my head swim in a different way to the one induced by pleasuring. Somehow the wine was making the pleasurable delight I was feeling become stronger and fiercer in a warm way. I trembled as I felt my internal heat flame and flare.

The dining room became less noisy as those eating finished their repast, more wine was poured into my glass and in need of refreshment I sipped more of the heady mixture, my head swam more and more. Thierry was playing closer attention to me and even as I gasped and swayed delighted in my chair I noticed that Darius was caressing the thin but shapely organ of the youth who sat beside him. A sudden surge peaked within me and I knew I was due another pleasurable joyous eruption.

“You seem close little fittums,” Thierry whispered. I nodded weakly as the surges continued. “Then up onto the table my boy,” Thierry rose from his feet, “up and take your place, let us show the House how beautiful you are when you achieve your ending.”

I stared around the dining room, seeing the baked bodies and organs pulsing and throbbing, the eyes turning to stare my way; Thierry”s arms caught me and swung me up into the air.


End of Part Six

To Be Continued…??????????????????????????????????????????????????


(Our poor young student is having a very hard time of it, is it time to close the veil on this dissolute story? Or are you reliving time of your own past existences? If this past repast appeals to you then if you really do want more and really want me to continue this story then you have to write and vote to tell me or this could really be the Lesson”s end. Don”t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on “s prolific authors listing ( fty//authorslist.html scroll down to V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also remember to make a different deposit in “s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this and further chapters. All the best, Van T Z Boi)



(In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole” have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies” and `Mummy Said” from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can”t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. (Well then if you do want more and really want me to continue this story then you have to write and tell me or this could really be the end. Don”t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on “s prolific authors listing ( fty//authorslist.html scroll down to V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also remember to make a different deposit in “s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this and further chapters. All the best, Van T Z Boi)





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