A Little Animal Ch. 05

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Part 5 of a larger work best enjoyed together. Whereby our heroine tries her new tricks out on her unsuspecting husband.

Huge thanks to SueDNym for ongoing contributions. Far more than mere editing. Be sure and check out her own excellent works.


Chapter 14

Gary conducted the meeting and left in such a rush that it might have been considered rude. But, the negotiations led to a compromise which was acceptable to both parties. Monique’s little surprise and his cheeky response had left him feeling energized, confident and authoritative. His testosterone rush definitely worked to the benefit of all.

Every time he pictured the risqué image sent by his wife, two things happened. First, his cock swelled until rock hard. Then, an immense feeling of pride blossomed in his chest at the thought of the beautiful, sexy woman who was waiting at home. While his reactions were juvenile, he didn’t care. For the first time in years, his wife’s sexuality was empowering to him rather than emasculating. It was a very welcome change.

His assertive mood had positively affected his involvement in the negotiations throughout the day. He was decisive and spoke with vigor. Both sides appreciated his suggestions and they quickly moved forward with few distractions and setbacks. Plans had been agreed upon and contracts were signed, days ahead of schedule. The CEO, Brendan, had been impressed and appreciative.

Gary hit the road without hesitation, trying his best not to attract the attention of police officers. Under the circumstances, it was a difficult task. The hour and a half drive was torture in his uncomfortably tight trousers, since his balls had been aching for hours.

He was out of the car and in the house before the automatic garage door had closed. Feeling a primal need to be close to his woman, Gary planned to relentlessly kiss and grope Monique. He hoped the kids were occupied elsewhere in the house so she couldn’t use that as an excuse to push him away. Years of experience had conditioned him to expect the worst.

The savory smell of his wife’s cooking welcomed him home. He heard her moving about in the kitchen while happily humming an upbeat poppy tune. Following his nose and ears, he sought out his prey.

There, he found his pert, thirty-two year old yummy mummy. She was dressed simply in comfortable form fitting jeans and a snug t-shirt. Enjoying the view, he stood in the doorway and silently watched her from behind. Monique’s buttocks moved in a beautifully subtle dance beneath the pants which clung to her perfectly flared hips. Her hips swayed in rhythm with the music playing in the background. In response, he carefully adjusted his erection, which seemed to be growing by the second. Her flawless pale skin glowed as she bustled about while finishing the meal preparation. His mouth watered and it had nothing to do with the aroma of food.

The hypnotic sway of Monique’s hips, along with her feminine humming, wove a powerful spell of lust within Gary. Was his wife aware of the effect she had on men? Being the one man in the world to which she would occasionally gift her most intimate company only increased his sexual arousal.

In actuality, Monique had long understood the effect pretty young women had on the opposite sex. It was unavoidable, like gravity. Though far from arrogant, Monique knew her good looks attracted attention from men. ‘The effect’ was a double edged sword. There were certainly men from which she didn’t want attention and minimized any outward show of sexuality in their presence. Rarely, she harnessed and focused that power to satisfy her modest desires in life.

But, Monique was feeling more confident in her sexuality than ever before. She knew precisely what she was doing to the man standing silently in the doorway across the open living space. With her back towards him, she smiled deviously. Perhaps she should have chosen to wear something more provocative. But no, that time would come soon enough.

Monique struggled with her own impatience. Would it be possible to lure Gary from merely lurking in the doorway to actually attacking her on the spot? Tormenting her husband, before rocking his world, was becoming a guilty pleasure.

Without turning, Monique teased, “Are you going to stand there like some teenage stalker or greet your wife properly?”

Gary grinned and sauntered over to the sweet little package by the stove. He scooped her up and sucked her neck where it gracefully transformed into her shoulder. Like some crazed teen, he sank his teeth into the muscle above her collarbone. Though he did not break the skin, Monique was thrilled at the force of Gary’s attack. Her vagina instantly moistened as his lips produced the first true hickey she had ever received. Gary publicly marked her as his. It would be difficult to hide in the place he had chosen.

Gary’s teeth pressed quite hard and it hurt Monique as she struggled to free herself. But, with her feet off the ground, the güvenilir bahis only purchase she could get was to push her hands against his chest. Suddenly, she was reminded that her husband was very strong. There was no possible way to break his hold. He only needed one hand to lift her, by gripping her backside, and his other hand mauled a breast.

Gary’s mouth left her shoulder and his lips crashed into hers. The kiss was the most intense of Monique’s life.

‘Fuck,’ she thought, ‘this is hot!’

Her underwear rode up uncomfortably into her crack, but that only added to the desire which was quickly consuming her. By now, she was seated on his hands, which he placed on the counter. Capturing his face in her hands, she tried to make the moment last.

The kiss ended and they both panted heavily. Gary had a wild grin on his face that reflected a feeling of joy and a desire for more.

“Wow, now that was a kiss!” Monique gushed.

“Good thing the kids are upstairs,” murmured Gary.

“Ummm, actually it’s just us. I dropped them at my parent’s house. Tonight, I want you to myself for a change.”

Gary’s eyebrows rose at the unexpected news. This was a first! For the last six years, he had come in a distant 3rd place for Monique’s attention, behind their two offspring. He had never once complained. After all, how could he begrudge his kids love from their mum? He was as crazy about them as Monique. But, until now, her affection seemed to be a finite resource and she had never had much left for him. He was pleasantly shocked by the change of circumstance.

“I made us a lovely dinner.” Monique crinkled her pretty nose. “You need to go shower and meet me in the dining room. I’ll give you fifteen minutes.”

Gary sniffed his armpit on his way up the stairs. Sure enough, he reeked of office sweat. Not the clean heady musk of hard physical labor, but the sour smell of stale stress. Fair enough! He was happy to make himself presentable for his woman.

Gary showered, shaved and, for the first time ever, trimmed his unruly pubic bush. Appraising himself in the bathroom mirror, he decided to put in a little extra effort to compliment his wife. Considering her recent grooming efforts, he felt it was the least he could do. He finished his bathroom preparation with a light splash of cologne. Wanting to keep it casual, he donned his favorite track pants and a simple black T-shirt to match her comfortable outfit. Fourteen minutes later, he made his way downstairs.

Chapter 15

As Gary came down the stairs, Monique directed him to the dining room, which was off the foyer. The table was set for two, complete with candles. From where he was seated, the kitchen was not visible.

“Dinner smells great, Honey. What are we having?” Gary called out, his voice laced with happiness and anticipation.

Monique sounded sultry as she replied, “You’ll see in a moment.”

Just then, he heard the click of high heels on the wood floor in the hall. Turning, he was greeted with a mesmerizing sight.

Instantly, he felt underdressed, or maybe overdressed, for the occasion. His wife proceeded to saunter into the dining room and stroll slowly around the table with a platter of Greek styled roasted lamb. She stopped just beyond his reach, turned, bent forward at the waist and placed the platter on the table in front of him. While still leaning over the table, Monique picked up a small piece of the delicious roasted meat and used her tongue to pluck it from her fingertips. She moaned while slowly chewing then sucked the juices off her fingers. Gary was transfixed.

Straightening slowly, Monique turned and strode back the way she had come, while looking over her shoulder maintaining eye contact. She exaggerated every move for maximum effect.

Cliché though it may have been, the show was fucking hot just the same. Gary sat stupidly, his mouth agape at the vision that was his date for the evening. Yet again, he found himself wondering who this woman was and what she had done with his wife.

An image briefly flashed in Gary’s mind. It was a frightening picture of his dowdy old wife, trussed up in one of her horrid flannel onesies. Mentally, Gary hogtied, gagged and locked the old Monique in a closet. Hoping she would stay lost and forgotten, he chose to concentrate on her enchanting doppelganger, with whom he was now smitten. That uptight, emasculating nag had been usurped by this mysterious goddess.

The old Monique couldn’t be more different than the woman who had just boldly paraded herself through their dining room in sheer black lingerie. Wearing a half bra, Monique’s erect nipples proudly led the way. Her peekaboo panties cupped flawless buttocks and framed the exposed cleft of her backside. Thigh high hose hugged her toned legs, with the seam perfectly aligned up the back, appearing to lengthen

her already long legs. Patent open toed booties completed with seductive ensemble. She looked like a walking advertisement türkçe bahis for sex in the four inch heels that forced her hips to sway, provocatively.

As if the outfit wasn’t enough, she actually managed to wear makeup that spoke directly to his cock. Dark grey eye-shadow gave Monique a smoky “come fuck me” look that was punctuated by her fire-engine red lips, finger and toenails. Giving the impression that she had already indulged in a little play, her dark shoulder length hair had been teased in a slutty fashion. In fact, she had set her hair such that there was nothing to lose if she was to be ravished. It was both slightly messy and enticing.

Gary had never thought of Monique as anything less than stunningly beautiful. Even in their sexually lean years, when she still had baby weight and dressed like a 60 year old librarian, any man could tell she was a natural beauty. Having never felt comfortable receiving overt attention, Monique had always been careful not to promote her natural assets.

But, the woman who just served dinner was pure sex on legs. No lingerie model had ever done an outfit like this more justice. He could not possibly picture an expensive, top end escort having made a more arousing entry. His painfully erect penis was testimony to this being the most fantastic sexual experience of his life. And, nothing more than a catwalk had taken place!

Pushing his chair back from the table, he stood and quickly adjusted his uncomfortable underwear. Just then, Monique returned with two plates of salad. He never noticed that the salad, like the platter of roasted meat, had also gone ‘Greek’. Gary remained blissfully unaware that his new, naughty wife had a theme for the evening.

Monique caught Gary in the most embarrassing and incriminating pose possible. Hunched forward, Gary’s thumb was hooked in his waistband. Trying to find some comfort, the other hand fished to readjust his stiff cock and aching balls.

Monique placed the plates down on the table, frowned and wagged a finger at her husband as if he was a naughty little boy. “Oh no, Baby. One mustn’t play alone with Mummy’s favorite toy.”

“Oh no, Babe, it’s not like tha…”

Monique slid forward, well into his personal space, and cut off his explanation by placing her finger on his lips. “Hush now. Let Mama take care of her Sugar Daddy.”

Slowly, Monique sank to her knees, drawing Gary’s pants and underwear down to his ankles. His hard prick flicked upward when freed, and bounced lewdly in her face. Monique then gripped the root of his shaft in a ring of her thumb and forefinger.

Monique studied her husband’s beautiful cock. It was rock hard and throbbing veins pulsed from the hot blood beneath the now tight foreskin. His glans was obscenely shiny and purple. It looked… impatient.

Monique’s mouth watered as she looked up over his short crop of public hair and flat abdomen. His body was divinely masculine. Traveling up past his navel and pecks, her eyes made contact with his as she opened her luscious lips and fell forward onto his shaft.

Just. Like. That. Why was it suddenly so easy, Gary wondered?

Gary felt nothing until his glans pressed on the back of her throat. She did not hesitate for one moment, but merely plunged her pretty nose into his pubic hair. Without even a peep, she closed her lips tightly on his root. Gripping a buttock in each hand, she crushed her nose against his pubis and inhaled deeply. Then, she began to rhythmically swallow his cock. At first, it was a weird and uncomfortable sensation, but she knew he would love the tight fit of her throat.

Twenty full seconds passed before she came up, gasping for air. His cock glistened and dripped with saliva. Pursing her ruby red lips, Monique slurped up the excess drool from the underside of his cock, beginning at the base and finishing at his shiny purple knob. Watching his face, Monique again plunged his manhood to the back of her throat and began the process anew.

At the end of her fourth pass, it became too much for her overstimulated husband. As her pouting lips prepared to slide tightly back over the head and begin another downward plunge, he gripped her hair and unloaded with a bellow into her wanton, hungry mouth. His thick jism splashed forcefully against the roof of her mouth and tongue.

During her successful deep throating performance, Monique had been dripping with desire. Her enthusiastic sucking of Gary’s dick fueled a maddening arousal of her own. She had been unable to resist fingering her own sopping sex through the flimsy material of her panties. Slightly rough, the texture of the fabric helped stimulate her erect clit. Receiving his thick goo into her hungry mouth set off a climax of her own. She quaked and shuddered through a lovely cum, as she greedily swallowed down her husband’s delicious jizz.

Gary dropped, panting and weak legged, onto his chair. Monique rose. Bringing her hand to her face, she scooped some stray semen from just güvenilir bahis siteleri below her bottom lip, and sucked their combined nectar from her slimy fingers.

“Yummy. It’s the perfect entre, don’t you think?” She queried, coquettishly.

Monique serenely sat next to her shattered husband and began calmly serving meat, as if she had not just given the most incredible cock-sucking known to man.

Gary broke. Sitting naked from the waist down, pants around his ankles, his now flaccid cock leaked leftover cum onto the dining chair between his splayed thighs. He started chuckling, in disbelief.

Soon, they both chortled, madly. Watching his gorgeous wife giggle and smile, was also highly stimulating to Gary. She appeared to be the perfect, pretty little slut. Her ruby lipstick had smeared lewdly when she collected his ejaculate from her lip. As she laughed, her pert titties jiggled enticingly. Noticing her erect nipples, Gary was struck by the fact that there was still more to come.

Her sex appeal was irresistible. Lunging forward, he planted a tender, heartfelt kiss on his beautiful wife’s lips.

Her tongue stole out and parted his lips in return.

Monique tasted like cum.

His sweet, innocent spouse, the mother of his young children, had cum on her breath. He was conflicted. The idea of tasting cum (even if it second hand and his own) threatened to turn his stomach. But, the idea that his naive wife had magically become a cum loving… slut? That was definitely arousing and had him rock hard, almost immediately.

Gary decided ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ weren’t the appropriate monikers. He knew Monique would never sleep around with just anyone and he certainly didn’t want her to. No sharing would take place. But, he very much wished this behavior would continue. Great male lovers are often referred to as a ‘studs’. What was the female equivalent?

Monique was a sex goddess, Aphrodite incarnate.

“Honey, I have never cum so fast in all my life. Where the hell did you learn to give head like that?”

Monique opened her mouth to answer, but he cut her off, abruptly.

“On second thought, maybe I don’t really need to know. Let’s leave it a mystery.” He joked. “Nice work though. You blew my mind out the back of my head”.

Monique grinned. “Why thank you, Darling. No training was involved. I’m merely an inspired and enthusiastic amateur. Although, it’s amazing what one can learn from the web these days. I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.” She winked, slyly.

“I love the new you, Baby. It’s an awesome change of pace.”

Gary watched his lingerie clad hostess rise and strut the length of the table, her arse swaying seductively. At the far end, she paused, turned and skimmed her fingertips over her protruding nipples. It was too distracting! Gary’s appetite for food had been overwhelmed by his desire for Monique. It was precisely as she had intended.

Gary beckoned to her with wave and a wolfish grin, pointing to a spot on the floor, just in front of his chair.

Monique slowly strode back with her cock-tease attitude, hands on hips. She was enjoying herself immensely. But, the look on her husband’s face indicated he wanted her in a more intimate fashion.

Pushing his buttons was exciting for her. When would he lose control, and what would happen when he did? The unknown potential of his unrestrained lust was thrilling beyond belief.

A moment of embarrassment ensued when she saw the damp patch, left by her pussy, on the fabric of the dining chair. How on earth would she ever explain that? In a moment of true liberation, Monique realized she didn’t give a fuck.

The new dynamic also changed the way she viewed Gary. This interlude was reminiscent of having a new sexual partner. Mystery mixed with a touch of uncertainty, and perhaps, danger. There was a definite thrill involved in ‘the chase’. Wanting to push both their limits, she couldn’t wait to see where the night would end.

Obediently, Monique stopped where instructed, in front of her seated husband. Soaking wet, her moist labia slid smoothly together as she rhythmically swayed her hips. It was friction she desired at this moment.

Gary reached forward and took both hips in his hands. Looking intently at her, he forced her to stop the hypnotic movements. Monique reveled in the power of his grip. While not painful, he clearly had strength to spare. She loved being at his disposal and wanted more. The normally strong willed, independent woman would never have surrendered her body, or dignity, like this in the past. But now, having built his desire beyond anything she had previously attempted, Monique was desperate for an unpredictable sexual act.

Gary tugged on Monique’s arm, bringing her a step closer. She stood between his splayed knees, in front of his proudly jutting erection.

Shifting forward, Gary planted a kiss on the soft skin of her flat belly and softly stroked her mound through the flimsy fabric of her sheer panties.

Monique felt ready to burst, acutely conscious of her own arousal. Her sex literally buzzed with anticipation. Never again would she deny herself such pleasure. Being a ‘good’ girl was GROSSLY overrated.

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