A Moment Alone

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Finally a moment alone I thought as I plopped down on my unmade bed. I had lunch in the oven and a load of laundry was going in the washer, I could hear the water filling the washer tub from where I sat on the bed. I let myself fall back onto my pillows with my legs half hanging off the side of the bed and closed my eyes.

True to form thoughts of you begin to fill my mind and I let them wash over me as my hands absently wander to my already hardening nipples. What a wonder it is to be a woman and the thrill that comes from exciting a man and watching or feeling his hardness grow betraying his thoughts.

I closed my eyes and relived last night. How while relaxing after dinner I had let my fingers graze over my nipples instantly making them hard as I stared hard at you until I caught your eye. You had let your hands wander to your thighs and then moved them up to your growing hardness, knowing I was watching, mesmerized by your movements. I watched you unbutton your pants and slowly move your zipper down as you let your eyes connect with mine and a subtle smile play on your lips.

You reached into your pants and came out with the mushroom head of your manhood in your hand and I watched as you touched the tip and gently stroked yourself hard in front bedava bahis of me. How erotic you are, and how you send my fantasies soaring in my mind.

You pushed your pants down lower to give yourself more access and used both hands, one massaging your sacs while the other slowly stroked your hardness.

I slumped down in my own chair and let my hand slip under the material of my blouse and searched out the already hard nipples as I watched you.

Reliving all this again in my mind as I lay back remembering I began to repeat last night’s movements. My hand still massaging and pinching the hardened nipples as I continued to relive how exciting you are and how well you know what turns me on.

We kept on touching ourselves in full view of the other, each getting more excited as we watched how well our hands knew our own bodies. A man stroking and touching himself has always excited me and you’re fully aware of that fact. Foreplay without ever touching. You pull your fully erect member to your stomach and stroke upwards while rolling your sacs around in your other hand and touching the sensitive area beneath them. You let your eyes close and your head go back as you let your mind wander and a slow grumble comes from your bedava bonus throat instantly moving my hands from my nipples to the soft warm hair beneath my pants. I let my fingers wander through the trimmed hair, parting the moist lips I find waiting for my touch.

Last night I had only my hands but today laying back on the bed I also have my favorite toy nearby and I sit up to reach for it. I yank my pants down to my knees to free up my legs which I let fall apart as I begin to circle the opening with the head of the cold toy and let my thoughts wander back to last evening and how you looked as you stroked yourself in front of me.

The thought of you sends a chill up my back and I feel my wetness grow in response. I let my toy push through the resistance I feel at the opening of my warm tunnel and gasp slightly as my toy plunges deep inside me. I can push the toy inside me all the way and then rotate it slightly while touching my clit with the thumb of that same hand, leaving my other hand free to fondle both breasts. I wish you were watching now and I close my eyes again reliving last night in my mind’s eye.

Each of us watching the other and getting more excited as we touch our most sensitive parts in front of one another, deneme bonusu not a word spoken between us. I remember standing up and pushing my pants down to my ankles so your view will be better as I open my legs for you to see where my fingers are dancing and pushing two fingers inside myself then pulling them out to rub furiously at my tender clit.

My toy comes out a little with my muscles involuntarily squeezing and I hold it in to the best of my ability while my thumb continues to rub. The toy is curved to rub on my G-spot and it does it’s job well making my hips move into each movement of my own hand. I never try to hold back and I feel myself reaching the edge in what seems like no time at all.

I hear your moaning last night again in my ears and that excites me even more, recalling how you had pumped as your cum squirted out through your fingers making your eyes get a far away look in them and moan your pleasure. When you moan it sends tingles through my entire body making me cum knowing the pleasure you’re feeling. Laying here now is no different, and as I recall your moans of pleasure I’m pushed over the edge once again and the toy adds to the pleasure I feel making me moan out loud and gasp loudly. The waves continue for quite some time wracking my body with convulsions that slowly subside. I let the toy slip from inside me, a smile on my face now and lay there for a moment before getting back to my household chores. I can’t wait till you get home this evening, what new adventure shall we enjoy together?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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