A Mother’s Desire Ch. 04

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Sally lathered herself, paying extra attention to her armpits. She felt for stubble and smiled as she found she was still smooth under her arms. She squatted down and clenched her pelvic muscles as she directed the spray of water onto her cuntal lip. Her son’s cock cream dripped out of her and formed into thick, viscous lumps as it mixed with the water. Sally squeezed her muscles harder and rubbed her fingers along her slit, cleaning herself up. Satisfied that all the spunk was out of her, she soaped her arse and then gave her whole body a final rinsing off.

She towelled herself dry and wrapped the towel around her body, tucking and folding the ends together just above her bosom and into her cleavage. As she stepped out of the bathroom and into her room, she found Tommy already changed and sitting on her bed. She envied men — they could dress up so quickly and look good in a matter of minutes. Sally noticed that Tommy had laid out her underwear for her. He had picked out a sheer, lacy, black panties and a matching bra.

“How did you manage to find these?” Sally laughed, as she picked up the sheer garments. “I haven’t worn these in ages. Not since your father died anyway.”

“You really miss him, don’t you Mum.” Tommy said softly.

“Yes, I do. He was a good man, your father.” Sally looked at her son lovingly. “And you remind me so much of him.”

Tommy stared and licked his lips slowly as he watched his mother step into the black lacy panties. Sally pulled the panties up her hips and adjusted the opening, framing her cunt with lace where the panties opened. Tommy loved how her cunt lips peeked out of the crotchless fabric. Sally then dropped the towel and slipped her into the bra, encasing her ample tits with the sheer, lacy material. The bra pushed her globes together nicely showing off the deep cleft of her cleavage.

“Is this all I’m expected to wear?” Sally teased as she noticed that Tommy hadn’t picked out anything else.

“I leave that up to you Mom.” Tommy smiled. “I just wanted to know what was inside so I can imagine peeling it off the whole night.”

Sally picked out a simple charcoal grey dress that hugged her body, accentuating her voluptuous form. She looked in the mirror almost admiring herself before she sat down and began to apply some light makeup.

“You look beautiful Mom.” Tommy smiled as they walked down the stairs, his hands on her butt.

“You’re just saying that so you can fuck me again.” Sally laughed as slipped on a pair of high heels before opening the door. “Now let’s get going for dinner. I’m starving!”

*** ***** ***

Sally enjoyed her dinner of steak — medium rare, just the way she liked it. She enjoyed teaching Tommy how to eat steak medium rare as well — he had always had his well done. A bottle of wine had been polished off between the two of them and Sally’s head was buzzing pleasantly.

She and Tommy walked out of the restaurant into the cool, crisp night for the short walk home. Tommy’s arm was around his mother and they looked like two lovers enjoying the starry night.

“Can I ask you something Mum?” Tommy asked as his fingers stroked his mother’s shoulder lightly.

“Mmm Hmmm, Sure honey.”

“Have you had… I mean since Dad died, has anyone else ever… you know…” Tommy mumbled.

“If you mean has anyone else ever fucked me since your father died,” Sally replied, “the answer is no. To be honest, I could have. God knows there were enough men interested.”

“So… I’m the only one you’ve had since…since Dad.” Tommy stated. “Was he… was he the only one?”

Sally laughed softly as she bent her neck and rested her face against Tommy’s strong shoulders.

“No darling.” She said as pulled him closer to her. “I wasn’t a virgin when I married your Daddy. But I didn’t really have a lot of experience either.”

“How come you never led Daddy fuck you in the ass, but you let me?” Tommy asked.

“It’s complicated darling. Sex with Daddy was really good but there were just some things I was afraid of doing with him.”

“I don’t understand Mom.” Tommy pushed. “He was your husband. Why should you be afraid?”

“It’s just that when you are married, you want to please your husband, you want your own satisfaction too, but at the same time you don’t want lotusbet güvenilirmi him thinking you are such a slut.” Sally tried to explain. ” Don’t try to understand darling. Sometimes I don’t understand either.”

“But how come you wouldn’t let him fuck your ass? Didn’t he want too?” Tommy persisted.

“Oh Tommy. If only you knew how many times he asked. Sometimes he would beg for my ass but I was afraid. I was scared it would hurt. I wandered what it would be like and sometimes I wanted it too, but I needed him to just do it. Needed him to just fuck my ass and take it from me. Like you did. But I just couldn’t tell him that, you see. I couldn’t tell him that.”

“Was there anything else you couldn’t tell Daddy, Mum?” Tommy had that evil glint in his eyes again.

“How ever did I raise such a clever and perceptive boy?” Sally said mockingly.

“Don’t try to avoid the question Mom, tell me, what else was there that you couldn’t tell Daddy.” Tommy’s hand was under her coat and his fingers had dipped into her dress to massage her breasts.

“I…I don’t know if I should be telling you this…” Sally whispered as she felt her nipple harden.

“Tell me Mom. There’s no need to hide anything from me.”

“Well…it’s kinda like… I had a lot of fantasies that I never told your father about.”

“Such as?”

Sally was glad that they had reached their home. He skin was tingling and her breasts were aching for some attention.

“Oh Tommy. Let’s just go in… You’ve got me so worked up” Sally moaned as she worked the key into the lock.

She practically dragged Tommy up the stairs and within seconds, she had her tongue in her son’s mouth. Tommy peeled off her clothes as Sally fumbled with his belt and zip. Tommy helped her pull off his pants and shirt and then his underwear, releasing his long, thick cock that was now standing proudly erect.

Tommy pushed Sally backward to the bed. She fell on it, bending her knees and holding them apart. Her son seemed fascinated with her hairy cunt. He bent down and sniffed at it while his fingers ran about the puffy lips, gently probing at her distended clit.

“I just love your smell Mom!” Tommy groaned in lust.

When his finger moved into her cunt, Sally gave a soft mewl of pleasure, scooting her ass on the bed to give him plenty of room at her cunt. Her hand moved to grab his hard cock and gently she began to fondle the hot meat.

“Your fingers fell so good Tommy,” she murmured thickly. “but I want more… I want this.. I want your cock!”

“Oohh.. Yes Mother,” he groaned.

“Give it to me, baby!” Sally whimpered as she turned, face down and raised herself on her knees, flinging her ass upward and toward him. “I want it so much! Oh, God..I need it, darling!”

She reached behind her and grasped his cock, pulling it toward her seething cunt. She teased herself and her son by brushing his swollen cock head about her pussy, her hips sliding back and forth. Tommy moaned softly and then pried open her buttcheeks and positioned his cock against her gaping pussy lips. With a low wail, Sally pushed her hips backward, setting her cunt upon her son’s cock and feeling it sink slowly inside her.

She moaned with the ecstasy of his cock filling her cunt, stretching the sensitive, steamy pussy lips and going deep as his cock could possibly go until his balls smacked against her pussy lips. For a long time, she just knelt on her fours. Feeling her son’s cock buried in her clasping pussy. Her naked body shivered with pleasure as she reached behind and toyed with his balls, rubbing them against her creamy smooth ass cheeks. She could feel his cock throbbing against the wet, satiny walls of her cunt, and finally she began to move her hips, pulling back and then pushing her ass against his cock, fucking her son with slow motions, letting the delicious sensations wrap about them both.

“Hold my tits!” she urged throatily. “Hold mother’s tits, Tommy! Oooo, I love it when my tits are squeezed… with a lovely hard cock in my cunt!”

Tommy’s hands reached beneath her to cup her tits and he pulled on them almost viciously. “Ooohh! I love it when you talk dirty Mom!” His eyes lit up with pleasure.

“Yes Tommy! Tits . . . cunt . . Fuck!” She gurgled. “Fuck lotusbet yeni giriş my hot cunt with your lovely cock!

With his prick engulfed by his mother’s fiery cunt, he laughed, and began to chant, “Fuck… Fuck… Fuck!”

The words erupting from his mouth thrilled her, and she urged him on. “Say it, darling! Oooo, say fuck and cock and cunt and… ohhh, fuck me, baby! Fuck Mother’s Cunt!”

Tommy was using her tits as leverage now as he thrust hotly into her burning cunt. His mothers cunt walls clung to his cock as he fucked her wildly. Her shapely tits, cupped in her son’s hands, swelled until she thought they would burst. Her nipples were hard and swollen like tight brown bullets.

She threw her hands forward and gripped the bedsheets as she raised her ass higher. Her tits were tits dangling down, mashed and pulled by her son. Her naked ass bumped and churned, gyrating in tight, frenzied circles as she was fucked furiously. She groaned and whimpered into the sheets as her son hammered away in her pussy.

Sally could feel the juices of her cunt seeping out of her and running down her thighs. Her pussy was so sensitive and she seemed to grasp her son’s cock tighter than ever.

“Oh, God!” she wailed as the hard, wet slapping sounds of their sex filled the room. “Oh, fuck… so good! Tommy, I love your cock . . . in my cunt . . .fucking me!… ohhh, damn it, I love it!”

Tommy pulled on his mother’s nipples as he slammed harder into her. The teasing of her nipples gave her the extra stimulus she craved.

“Oh God Tommy!” Sally cried out, her head now raised as her fingers gripped the bed sheets hard. “Harder… Harder.. Fuck Mother’s Cunt… That’s it… Yes! Yes! I’m gonna come!”

Her body twitched and her asshole seemed to clench on its own as a wave of ecstasy washed over her. She let out a low guttural sound that grew until it almost became a scream. Her pussy clenched and unclenched on her son’s cock as he stopped fucking her for a minute, enjoying the clasping of her cunt walls on his turgid cock.

“AAaaaaah!! Yessss Oh Goddd Oh Yessss.. Yesssss!” Sally cried out as the ripples of pleasure tingled in her right to her toes. She collapsed back on the bed, her ass still up in the air and her son’s cock buried deep inside her.

Tommy slowly pulled out of her. His rigid cock was coated with the thick white secretions of his mother’s horny pussy. He climbed on to the bed and lifted her head, offering his cock to her.

“Suck it!” Tommy commanded, the evil glint in his eyes again. “Suck your juices off my cock.”

“Ohhh… No Tommy,” Sally protested, as she turned her head away, mildly turned off at the thought of having to taste herself.

Tommy’s right hand flew to her neck and he squeezed slightly as he turned her face again to his cock.

“I said Suck it Mom!” He commanded again, remembering how his Mother had said that she wished his Father had sometimes forced her to do things. His left hand moved to her pussy and he roughly inserted two fingers into her sopping wetness. “I want you to taste yourself. Do it!”

Sally moaned softly as the ministrations of her son’s fingers in her pussy stoked the fires again. She opened her mouth and pulled his cock in, licking softly and tasting her own juices coating her son’s cock.

She was almost surprised at the taste, it was kind of fruity and musky. She found that she didn’t mind the taste at all and in fact was even nicer than cock cream. Her stomach fluttered at the kinkiness of what she was doing and it only caused her to get even more turned on.

Tommy groaned as his Mother sucked hard on his cock. Her tongue worked feverishly against his glans and shaft as her fingers moved to toy with his balls. Tommy worked his fingers deep in his mother’s cunt and she gurgled around his cock as she felt another orgasm approaching.

Sally pulled her mouth of his cock momentarily to cry out.

“Fuck me Tommy! I’m gonna cum again! Fuck me with your hot cock! Please!”

Tommy grinned and moved back to the edge of the bed. His mother flipped herself on to her back and Tommy spread her legs. With one thrust, he fucked deep into her, knocking the air out of her. He began to piston his cock hard and fast into his mother.

Sally began lotusbet giriş to moan loudly again as she felt her stomach start to clench with the throes of orgasm.

“I cant last long now Mom!” Tommy cried out, his face grimaced almost in pain. “I’m gonna cum soon!”

“Oh, Yes baby, do it!” she wailed. “Come. I’m gonna cum too! Let me have it, baby! Let mother’s hot cunt have your sweet cock cream!”

Tommy thrust deep into her with a low moan. She felt her son’s cock swell deep inside her and then burst, with a hot flow of spurting cum. Her cunt bubbled into a wild, mindless orgasm. She slammed her cunt up hard against him, grinding and wailing with shuddering ecstasy.

She dug her fingers into her thighs as her hips jerked about, her head raised up slightly to look between her legs. Her cunt continued to contract and convulse about her son’s spewing cock. Her cunt was being flooded with the hot, thick fuck cream of her son and it was making her cum in multiple ripples of orgasm that she had not felt for a long, long time.

When it finally stopped, she fell back, her tits quivering. Weakly, she looked up at her son who was leaning over her, panting breathlessly. Her tits continued to heave up and down, in time with her own breathlessness. Her pussy continued to twitch and her stomach felt like it was cramping.

Sally reached between her legs and felt the thick cream oozing out of her. Tommy’s wet cocked slipped out of her and she stroked it softly, smiling up at him.

“We’re getting better and better at this Tommy.” Sally whispered.

“I know Mom. I know!” Tommy agreed as he moved up on the bed to lie with her.

Sally giggled like a tipsy schoolgirl as Tommy rubbed his spunk all over his mother’s pussy.

“So tell me Mom…” Tommy whispered into her ear. “What were some of those fantasies that you couldn’t tell Dad.”

“Oh God! Tommy! I thought you’d have forgotten about that.” Sally groaned.

“I just want to make you happy Mom. You can tell me anything. Maybe I can make some of those fantasies come true?”

“You already did when you fucked my ass…” Sally grinned.

“Yeah, okay, so that’s one. What else did you fantasise about?”

“Did?” Sally laughed.

“Okay, okay. What else DO you fantasise about?” Tommy laughed at his Mom’s play on grammar.

“Sometimes, when you father was fucking me, I wished I had another cock to suck.” Sally said softly.

“Ooh! A threesome! I’m sure you could have mentioned THAT to Dad?”

“I kinda implied it once, but he dismissed me, said that it was too kinky and that he couldn’t imagine watching someone else fucking me.” Sally explained. “I guess I was always a little more wild than your father.”

“What else, Mom?” Tommy persisted. “This is kinda hot. Who knew you were so horny!”

“I’ve also got a submissive side, I think.” Sally went on. “I want to be taken sometimes, you know, dominated and made to do things for my man. Maybe even being tied up or something”

“Kinky! Tell me more.”

“This is kinda embarrassing Tommy!” Sally protested. “telling my son my deepest fantasies is not exactly the kind of thing a mother does.”

“Well, a mother and son fucking isn’t exactly normal either Mom,” Tommy countered, “So quit acting shy around me.”

“That’s about it Tommy, I guess I’m pretty much open to anything but if I think too much about it, then it wont happen. You know, just like I always wondered what it would be like with another woman, but the thought of eating pussy was kind of, you know, just kinda strange. I tried tasting myself many times when I got really horny and my fingers would play in my pussy — but I just never could bring myself to do it” Sally continued.

“So I guess, when you sucked my cock and tasted your juices you finally got to do what you always wanted to! See? I listened to you Mom. When you said that you always wanted Dad to fuck your ass but you were afraid to tell him, but rather wanted to be ‘forced’ into it. That’s why I made you suck your juices off my dick — even though you said no. If you had turned away again, then I wouldn’t have made you Mom. I love you too much to make you do anything you don’t want to.”

Sally smiled and stroked her son’s face. “I guess you understand me better than your father did. Sexually at least…”

“Speaking of which,” Tommy laughed, as his hands cupped his mother’s breasts. “All this talk of your fantasies has got me hard again. You game for another fuck?”

“Always my darling son! Always” Sally smiled with happiness as she spread her legs wide again.

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