A Night in Arabia

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My name is Azhar Qadir and I understand that what I’m about to share with you is definitely shocking. Especially coming from a man who was born and raised in Amman, the biggest City in the Capital Region of the Kingdom of Jordan. I have lived in the Confederation of Canada for almost twenty years now. I moved to North America with my parents when I was much younger. The City of Ottawa, Ontario, is the place I have long called home. I graduated from All Saints Academy in 1999 and earned my bachelor’s degree in business administration from Carleton University in 2004. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in business at the University of Ottawa. Going back to school in 2011 after such a long hiatus hasn’t been easy. I tried my hand at a career in the military and discovered it wasn’t for me. Fortunately, something good came out of it.

It’s at the University of Ottawa that I met the lovely Tahirah Simah Ibrahim, the young Saudi Arabian woman I am currently engaged to. Tahirah is a rebel in every sense of the word. I ran into her at the Persian Students Association. There are many Algerian, Saudi Arabian, Egyptian and Albanian students at the University of Ottawa. The school officials lump us all together as ‘the Arab students’. One of my classmates invited me and I came to one meeting, mostly because I wanted him to stop bugging me about it. I’ve never really been religious, nor do I associate with people of the Muslim faith for the most part. I’ve become somewhat of an atheist after living in the Province of Ontario for so long. I’ve grown disgusted with religion altogether. Doesn’t matter if you are Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist or Muslim. I think all religion is a load of crock. That’s what I said to my Muslim brothers and sisters at the P.S.A. meeting and I guess that turned a few heads.

I knew some of these Muslim students would be mad at me. They haven’t seen what I have seen. I spent years and years first in Iraq then Afghanistan as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. I served beside American soldiers and experienced firsthand the distrust that both Canadian and American officers have for any man or woman from the Muslim world. It didn’t matter to them that I barely remembered living in Amman, the capital of Jordan. My father is a tailor in Ottawa and my mother is a book store clerk. We’re not rich people. They’re religious, I’m not. I joined the Canadian Armed Forces because I felt moved to participate in the defence of North America after the September 11 Attack on New York City.

I have always felt that North America is the land of opportunity. While attending Carleton University, I spent one semester at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. I was fond of America. Yet that didn’t seem to matter to American guys and Canadian guys who saw me as an Arab first and a Canadian citizen second. Such a pity, because my sole allegiance is to the Confederation of Canada. These bigots forever darkened my view of the world. Don’t even get me started on the many Canadian citizens of Arabic descent who called me a traitor to Allah because I wore the Canadian Armed Forces uniform. I learned that you can’t please the world. You can only be yourself.

All this I shared with the men and women of the Persian Students Association of the University of Ottawa. I wanted them to know why I had lost faith not just in our religion but also in the tenets that Americans and Canadians claimed to live by. After that first meeting, I expected to become persona non grata with the Muslim students of the University of Ottawa. I was half right. I got confronted by Tahirah Simah. This tall, curvy and big-bottomed young Persian woman hailed from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She had been living in Canada escort kurtköy bayan for most of her life. Her parents were divorced. She was a member of the school’s women’s rugby club. She had the unique distinction of being a member of both the Persian Students Association and the Feminists of Ottawa. I would have thought that one couldn’t be a member of both organizations but I guess she proved me wrong.

Our first time talking wasn’t exactly pleasant. I’m five-foot-nine, slim, with black hair, dark bronze skin and pale brown eyes. I’m nobody’s idea of an intimidating man. I’m rather soft spoken in person actually. Tahirah was another matter. At six feet one inch in height, she was bodacious and somewhat intimidating. The gal was big from playing rugby for most of her life. Add to that the fact that she has a temper and you can see why our first talk was anything but comfortable. Tahirah told me that I was full of shit. She called me an imperialist for joining the Canadian Armed Forces in their wartime support of the United States Army in the Middle East. She called me a traitor to Allah for taking arms against our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

Tahirah was definitely on a roll, folks. And she didn’t appear ready to stop anytime soon. Oh, and she also called me an enemy of womankind…simply for having balls. That last one kind of stung in a way the others didn’t. I told her to shut up. She got in my face. I stood my ground. I’ve faced off against mean White guys and big Black guys from the United States Army who didn’t like having an Arab guy in a Canadian army uniform hanging around. Believe me when I tell you that I don’t intimidate easily. I told her that she was entitled to her views, but I would not stand for her insults. Tahirah wasn’t used to having men react to her this way. She just stood there as I shook my head and walked away. In my lifetime I’ve dealt with many fools, both male and female. This wasn’t the first time and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

I went home that night feeling tired. As I checked my Facebook, I realized I had a message. It was from Tahirah. She was apologizing for her radical views. I was surprisingly lenient with her. I remember being young and passionate. I’m thirty two years old and she’s twenty one. I think immature behaviour is still expected from someone like her. I didn’t tell her that, of course. I told her I respected her views. Moments later came a reply, followed by another. Before I knew it we were chatting for hours. At the end o this session, she offered me her cell phone number. She wanted me to meet with her at some point during the week because she wanted to pick my brain. Well, what do you think I said? I agreed to meet with Tahirah by the Tim Horton’s restaurant near the University of Ottawa. She looked beautiful in a bright red T-shirt and short black dress which showed off her big, sexy legs and big butt. She’s definitely a Saudi woman. They love to show off. I smiled as she sat down, and we began chatting over coffee and sandwiches.

It’s in this first meeting that I learned quite a bit about Tahirah. She wasn’t the simple hot head that I thought she was. I learned that she had joined the Canadian Armed Forces but got tossed out before deployment. Something about beating up a white female officer who made a derogatory comment about Muslim guys in the women’s locker room. I raised an eyebrow as Tahirah told me this. The young Saudi woman scoffed, saying that she wasn’t about to let any white bitch disrespect the men of her culture. I smiled at that. I was really surprised. Not because Tahirah beat up some racist white chick, but because she stood up for the rights of Arab men. escort kurtköy bayanlar Would her feminist buddies approve? I wondered. I kept this to myself, of course. I looked her in the eyes and congratulated her on having the courage of her convictions. Then I asked her if she wanted to go dancing with me. Tahirah grinned broadly when I said that. What do you think she said?

And that’s how it all began. My relationship with Tahirah. This tall, big and beautiful Saudi Arabian woman who changed my life. Our relationship was passionate, especially when one of my big sexual secrets was revealed. You see, I haven’t been completely honest with you. There is a reason why I shunned my fellow Arabs in recent years. I felt that my sexual desires were not compatible with the tenets of Islam. In the past I mostly dated white women and Hispanic women, and the occasional Black woman. I found these women more sexually open-minded about my unique fetishes. What are my fetishes? I’m into female domination. There, I said it. That’s the secret of the big Muslim guy from Jordan. I like dominant women. When I revealed this to Tahirah, she smiled. Then she told me that kind of already figured it out. I was in for a surprise. For my liberated and freaky Tahirah was even wilder than I had previously imagined. She is a practitioner of BDSM. Hardcore domination at its best. I grinned from ear to ear when she told me that. We’re perfect for each other!

And that’s how I ended up here. Completely naked with my hands tied behind my back, kneeling before an equally nude Tahirah. Sitting on the couch, she held a long black leather belt in her hand. My belt, actually. Tahirah smiled as I gently sucked on her chubby little toes. I took each and every one of them in my mouth, sucking them neatly. Tahirah giggled as I sucked her toes. Then she turned me around and gave my back a few whacks of the belt. I endured them for I knew what was to come later. Tahirah began spanking my ass with those big, sexy hands of hers. Hands that usually gripped rugby balls and threw them with fierce accuracy. She spanked my ass, and it stung so deliciously. As she spanked my butt, she called me all kinds of names. The more vicious she got, the more turned on I became. And she could tell, for she commented on how hard my eight-inch cock got during my much-deserved spanking.

Tahirah put me back on my knees, then gripped my cock and balls. She squeezed them really hard, causing me to first wince then scream. Tahirah laughed as I scream, then let go. She began stroking my cock gently, then slipped a gloved finger in my asshole. I gasped as her finger penetrated me. I’ve never had anything up my ass before. Okay, I’m lying. Once, this white chick I was dating shoved a slim dildo up my ass but she got turned off when I asked her for more. Women seem to think that a man can’t enjoy receiving anal penetration unless he is gay or bisexual. Well, I’m totally straight and my idea of a good time is having a woman shove a dildo up my ass. I told Tahirah this, and she smiled. She added another finger up my ass. I groaned as I felt her fingers digging up my ass. The rougher she got with her fingers up my ass, the harder my dick got. Especially when Tahirah began stroking my cock while fingering my ass roughly. I screamed in pleasure, begging her for more. And this time, I was in luck. For the woman I’m with now isn’t turned off by my kinky side. When I begged her for more, Tahirah obliged me. Soon I had three fingers up my ass. Allah, I’m in heaven!

This sweet torture went on another a few minutes, then Tahirah and I tried other stuff. I was dying to have her stuff a dildo up my ass but she wanted to have some gebze escort fun first. She made me lie on the carpeted floor and climbed on top of me. Then she impaled her pussy on my hard dick. Man, I couldn’t believe this. Laughing, Tahirah began riding me. Moving my hips, I thrust upward. I slammed my dick into her pussy, loving the feel of it around my cock. Tahirah was really going wild, urging me to fuck her harder. How could I disobey my gorgeous Saudi goddess? I fucked her as hard as I could, and then some. We went at it until she wanted to try something else. Tahirah shoved me hard to the carpeted floor, and before I could realize what was happening, she was straddling my face. My big beautiful Persian goddess sat her big butt on my face, smothering me. And I loved it!

While smothering my face with her big sexy ass, my Saudi Amazon Tahirah ordered me to lick her pussy. And I did just that. I teased her clitoris, then darted in and out of her pussy with my agile tongue. I worked that pussy with my tongue, since my hands were tied up behind me and I couldn’t get at it with my fingers. I worked my magic on her, folks. Until she squealed in delight. A little while later, she playfully smacked my face and thanked me for a job well done. Only then did she give me what I had been begging her for. A good fuck in the ass. Grabbing me forcefully, Tahirah put me back on all fours. Spreading my ass cheeks wide open with her strong hands, she applied lubricant all over my asshole. And just like that, she got up from behind me and left the room. Moments later she came back, with a strap-on dildo firmly strapped about her waist. I watched her as she stroked it. Hot damn. My tall, big and beautiful Saudi Arabian goddess looked simply sublime with the strap-on dildo. Grinning, Tahirah ordered me to suck it.

Without hesitation I fastened my lips to Tahirah’s strap-on dildo. I eagerly sucked on it. Laughing, Tahirah asked me how long I had been thirsting for a taste of her plastic cock. I would have answered that I’d waited forever for her, but my mouth was kind of busy at the moment. I sucked her dildo like my life depended on it. Until my goddess Tahirah ordered me to stop. Then she turned me around and pressed the dildo against my asshole. And just like that, she began fucking me in the ass. I closed my eyes as she penetrated me. Hot damn. At long last my ultimate fantasy was coming true. While sinking the dildo deep inside my hungry asshole, Tahirah was gentle. I urged her to fuck me harder. I’ve been playing with my own ass for years. Believe me when I tell you I can take more. Laughing, Tahirah spanked my ass and called me a slut while thrusting her strap-on dildo deeper inside my asshole. I screamed as her dildo began really pounding my ass. It hurt, no lie, but it also felt kind of good. I totally fucking love it. And I begged for more. Tahirah really let me have it, slamming the dildo deeper and deeper inside of me. Fucking me mercilessly until I came, and then my tired, sweat-covered body slumped on the floor. That’s when she pulled out.

A little while later, I was still on the floor. Still recovering from the serious fucking Tahirah had just delivered. My sexy Saudi goddess wrapped me in her arms and held me tenderly. Then she kissed me tenderly on the forehead. I kissed her lips, and thanked her for making my ultimate fantasy come true. Tahirah kissed me back and gave my ass a good squeeze. Then in a breathless voice she told me she loved me. I looked at my sexy Arabian goddess. The sincerity and sudden vulnerability in her eyes was startling. I told her that I loved her too, and I meant it. Every word. I love my dominant Muslim goddess! And as Allah is my witness, I will never go to another woman again. I’m going to marry this one as soon as time allows. And I look forward to having her lovingly dominate my very willing ass for the rest of my days. Allah Akbar! The women of the Arab world are amazing, folks. They’re uniquely difficult to get at but the patient man knows they are definitely worth his time and effort.

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