A Random Encounter

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He was out late, cruising. His mind would not be still. Earlier that day, he the chance to interact with a woman that had left an impression on him. He had run into her at a bookshop and they had started talking by chance, when he mocked a book she was looking at the book in question, was the latest thing in semi erotic literature and had taken the world by tremendous storm.

He had suggested that she was a sexual deviant, for wanting to read such, as the book was said to have contained a lot about bondage and domination.

She had laughed, caught up in the amount of charm that he had attached to the remark, but had never really given her opinion on what he had said. They ended up having a chat about those matters and plenty more, before she was called away to a meeting.

Thinking back to her now, he realized that he should have asked for her number of her address or something, but they had both been far too caught up in the conversation to consider such things and when she got her call, she had left immediately.

He remembered her body, for that was what had him interested in the first place. Skin that was smooth and even, high cheekbones and nice eyes, curves that were to die for, breasts that were full and an ass that he had to actively hold himself back not to touch. He mulled over the image in his head while driving.

He drove along the beach, just to hear the waves, hoping they would calm his restless soul, but it was not to be. When he had finished thinking about her, he realized that he was in a state of arousal. Arousal and self irritation. Not the world’s greatest combination, but he figured, there were lots of bars in the area, all brimming what easy, desperate women and he was bored, so he figured he’d give it a shot.

He pulled up to one of the newer, trendier establishments, where the beautiful young things went to play, as the bar tagline put it. He walked in and took a seat at the bar, observing the crowd.

She gazed out from her table. Her friend was on the dance floor, wrapped around some man while she was purse sitting. She was ok with this, since she was contemplating the man she had run into earlier. He was incredibly handsome, so well built, with a charm and manner on him that was kurtköy rus escort just delicious.

While she was dreaming about him and staring, her eyes caught sight of someone sitting alone at the bar. He turned his face into the light for a second and her heart skipped a beat. It was him!

When her friend came back, she asked to be excused for a moment. She walked over to where he was sitting, seeing the joy and surprise in his eyes as she did so.

Jackpot, he thought. This time, he was not letting her get away from him. They shared drinks and the flirtations began. He made sure her glass was always full and started his probing.

‘I know we met earlier today, but I didn’t catch your name’, he said.

‘Oh it’s Ella, and yours?’

‘Mason’, he replied.

He learned that she was a writer and she learned that he was in business. They talked and flirted for a while, until she felt his warm hand settle on her thigh.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear ‘truthfully, I think you know that I’ve been wanting to get you out of here for a while, so do come with me’.

She was powerless to resist, as she had wanted the same thing for a while.

They arrived at his house and he wasted no time tearing her clothes off her and kissing and biting her smooth skin as he did so. She smelled like apples, a crisp and fresh scent, all the more arousing to him. He bent her over his kitchen counter and with one powerful thrust, entered her. She was dripping wet.

He chuckled as he grabbed her hair and whispered into her ear ‘you’re a horny little slut aren’t you? You’ve been waiting for my cock haven’t you?’ she nodded breathlessly.

She felt so amazing, being stuffed full with his hard, powerful, magnificent cock, but there was something she wanted to do first. She wriggled away from him, much to his surprise and consternation.

No woman had ever done that to him before. He felt like punishing her for that, but before he could finish that train of thought, he was buried throat deep in her mouth. The warmth of her mouth and the feel of her velvet tongue licking his cock all over while her lips massaged the base of it was overwhelming for him.

He kurtköy otele gelen escort forgot the previous event and began to vigorously fuck her mouth. She took it in perfect stride, going in rhythm with him and looking up at him every now and then. She massaged his balls, his ass with her hands, while devouring his cock with enthusiasm and consummate skill. She took a break only once and that was to suckle on the head, very gently. She let her tongue find his slit and glide over it, while creating super tight suction with her cheeks.

He pulled her off him, not wanting to come just yet. He wanted to fuck her pussy and make her beg for him cum, something which he already suspected she would readily do. He took her upstairs to his bedroom and threw her down on the bed. He ran his tongue over her soft pussy, so wet, so warm and inviting. She moaned softly and delicately with each lick as he slowly worked her up. He licked her clit and suckled on it, until her hips were bucking and she was forcing his head down onto it. He then ran his tongue between her lips and French kissed her pussy, lashing his tongue in and out of her entrance until she was wild with desire. He felt her walls contract and spasm as her orgasm came.

She lay back afterward and he brought out some rope. Seeing as she didn’t hesitate or even bat and eyelid, he began tying her up.

‘I knew you were a dirty slut when I saw you in the bookstore. Your choice of literature has just proven me right’.

They both chuckled. Soon she was tied, on her back, legs wide open. He thrust himself into her and she moaned in pleasure. He bit her neck and her shoulders, he put a hand over her mouth and grabbed her neck with the other and began riding her pussy. She was bucking and moaning and he felt her second orgasm come on. The velvet walls of her pussy spasmed around his cock and made him want her more. He released her mouth and neck.

She was shaking in absolute pleasure. He untied her quickly and flipped her over. He bent her over the bed and tied her hands together around her head. He put a gag in her mouth which he tied all the way around her head, but left enough space for him to grip it. He then put duct tape over her mouth as well. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a vibrating dildo and some lube.

She made wild sounds from beneath the gag and tape when the vibrations touched her clit and pussy area. She pushed backward to try get more of them, but was denied. This made her thrash around in fury and desire. She was so hot like this, tied up, helpless and wanting. He lubed up a finger. She felt something enter her asshole. She once again went wild with pleasure. He once again felt as if he’d hit the jackpot.

Not many women were as willing to have anal sex in the first night, but, this one was definitely a special kind of slut.

He inserted another lubed finger, lubing her passage up generously. He then inserted the vibrator into her pussy. She started shaking and he could hear that she was screaming in pleasure from beneath her bondings.

He then duct taped the vibrator into her pussy. She moaned, both in pleasure and pain. He then lubed up his cock and gently inserted it into her ass. He grabbed her gag so that the back of her head was raised and proceeded to ride her like a horse. Indeed, underneath him, she became animal. She thrashed around, bucked, screamed, she was definitely not moaning delicately like a lady anymore. He let go of her gag and grabbed her ass cheeks spanked and held them while he slammed in and out of her ass. He saw, by the motion of the vibrator that she had already cum two more times. He ripped off the duct tape from her mouth, so that he could hear her animalistic screams of pleasure. Soon they were in rhythm again, heaving, sweating, and fucking.

He knew he was going to cum soon himself, so he grabbed her gag again and rode her. He could feel her ass was now beginning to spasm too, and he knew that she would have another orgasm. He wanted to cum with her. She started moaning again and so did he. Her ass began to shake and his cock went into that familiar spasm of cumming. He shot load after load of his hot sticky cum into her willing ass, while she screamed out her orgasm.

After he pulled out of her, he undid her writs restraints and her mouth gag. He gently lay her fully on the bed, as she was too weak from the orgasms to do much. He removed the vibrator from her pussy and he saw that is was dripping with her juices.

They lay gently side by side cuddling and just getting their breath back.

‘I’m so glad I met you again’, he said.

‘Yeah me too’, she replied , and they both laughed before drifting off to sleep.

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