A Sociopath’s Vacation

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Stephen is the name. I’m a big and tall young black man originally from Boston. I lead a very normal life. I’m a student at Brockton Technical College, the best community college in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I major in Criminal Justice. Someday, I’m gonna be a Massachusetts State Trooper. Yeah, they’re the toughest cops in the world. In the meantime, I’ve got tons of work to do. Basically, I’ve got to keep busy. For a cheerfully sociopathic individual like myself, keeping busy has some rather strange applications. Lately, I’ve begun to seek out other sociopaths. I go after them and, well, let’s just say their lives get really interesting. Then it’s all fast-paced and quite red. Oh, well. We all need a hobby.

Dealing with sociopaths and protecting the innocent from them is my job. There are a lot of them on my college campus. Brockton Technical College is the largest community college in the state. It has over twenty thousand students, spread over three campuses. The Brockton, Randolph and Milton campuses. The Brockton Campus is home to the Athletics Department. They have a good number of sports. Oh, yeah. They’re top notch. They have Men’s Intercollegiate Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Cross Country, Wrestling, Football, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse. For female student-athletes, they have Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse. All of these sports compete in the National Junior College Athletic Association’s Division Three.

Yes, I’m the college man and quite the dedicated student too. I go to church on Sunday and I’m good to my friends. I live in an apartment all by myself. The house belongs to Gina, a noisy and nosy woman and Leonard, escort ataşehir her passive-aggressive, short-statured husband. They have two brats. A closet lesbian named Cassiopeia and a clueless punk named Michael. I rent the place from them. They’re lousy people. Fortunately, my personal and deeply private life is far more interesting. I have all sorts of fascinating hobbies. Oh, and I’m also a bisexual erotic fiction writer. I’m single. And I have a certain fascination for big women, and an anal fixation. Is that too much info? Maybe so. I don’t know. I’m not known the most well-adjusted person on the planet. My mother Ellen is a man-hating loser. A former teacher. She and my pops got divorced. She does her thing. I don’t call her or talk to her much. I avoid her as much as possible. My father Frank is a businessman in the Caribbean. He’s a cheerful psychopath too. Where do you think I get my special talent from? Dad decided that I spent way too much time hanging out at school after classes were over and doing who knows what. So he sent me to Long Island for the summer.

Currently, I’m in Long Island, having some fun with one of my special gals. The gal in question is Dadelie, a sexy chubby black nurse who is one of my Friday night freaks. She’s on all fours, her plump butt cheeks spread wide open, thick body glistening with sweat. I smile as I press my ten-inch black dick against her puckered asshole and push it inside. As my cock slides into her asshole, I close my eyes. This is Nirvana. Oh, and by the way, we’re cousins. Dadelie has no conscience, something I can relate too. And she’s also a great big slut with a craving for big dicks. I was horny and there was no sexy man or lusty woman to satisfy my needs. So I asked her for some pussy. What kadıköy escort bayan do you think she said?

I place my hands on Dadelie’s hips and thrust my cock into her booty hole. This is something I’ve dreamed of doing ever since the first time I met her. I don’t know. I’ve always had a fascination for big women, especially big black women with big butts. I’ve got an anal fixation, as I mentioned earlier. I must stick my cock into the asshole of a willing big woman. It’s the only thing that satisfies my urges even temporarily. Today, I was killing two birds with one stone. Screwing over sociopaths, both literally and figuratively, is something which I totally love doing. I’ve known that my cousin Dadelie is a sociopath for quite some time now. Usually, that would make me hate her totally. I am a sociopath who hates other sociopaths. I don’t like normal humans. They’re pathetic. I really hate other sociopaths. People like myself. Men and women who have absolutely no conscience whatsoever. In the case of Dadelie, I totally hated her but I still wanted to fuck her in the ass. What a dilemma. What’s a sociopath to do? Oh, well. It’s a good thing I learned to multi-task, right?

Dadelie is such a bitch. Seriously. But I like her, though. I like to play with sociopaths. She works as a nurse in some hospital in Long Island. She’s all but admitted to having no conscience whatsoever. She’s also quite promiscuous. She sleeps around with lots of guys. And she has a short, light-skinned female friend whom I’m pretty sure is a closet lesbian. That doesn’t bother me in the least. It just makes her more fun to play with. Female sociopaths are predators. They’re not to be toyed with. Women are a manipulative and crafty breed. Female sociopaths are worse. escort bostancı Lucky for us, I’m much worse. I do to sociopaths what the Terminator does to ordinary robots. Got it?

I continued drilling my cock into Dadelie’s asshole. The big black bitch screamed as I pounded her ass. I shoved my dick into the forbidden depths of her asshole. It was almost as if I were making her plump black ass pay for being so damn tempting. Just kidding! I love my cousin’s sweet ass. That’s why I flipped her on her pack and temporarily pulled my dick out her asshole. I licked her ass, then put my cock right back in. Dadelie’s eyes widened. I smiled. It’s always fun to look into a woman’s eyes when you’ve got your cock in her ass. I shoved my dick deeper into her asshole. I felt her ass cheeks clench and her hole tightened around me. That’s a good gal. It’s no fun to fuck the ass if it’s not tight. Believe me, I know. Actually, I got a surprise. Dadelie farted. Oh, my frigging gawd! The big black woman fucking farted during anal sex. Dadelie started mumbling apologies. I laughed it off and topped things off by ejaculating right then and there. I sent my hot cum deep into her asshole. She squealed in delight. I roared victoriously. Who’s the man?

A little while later, Dadelie and I were in the shower together. Just scrubbing ourselves clean and laughing about the morning’s events. She had to get back to work in half an hour. I would stay home all day, watching television and surfing the web for hardcore porn. Staying at this house was fun. The house Dadelie shared with our aunt and her husband. Of course, in a few days, I’d have to return to Boston. Oh, well. I had fun. When I returned to Boston, I was ready to once more tackle college life and the fun, thrilling and unpredictable business of hunting down sociopaths and psychopaths. As for Dadelie, I’m sorry to say that she lost control of her car the day I left and perished in a terrible accident. It’s a real tragedy. I even shed a tear. Then I forgot about her and moved on with my life.

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