A Spanking To Remember

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Mary and I have been seeing each other for years. I would say about 7. In that time I have taught her how to spank me. It took me years. I should say I thought I taught her. But you will see. If you have never been spanked by someone that knows, and that is knows, how to spank you, then you do not know what I’m saying. I have been spanking woman for years. And it does take time to learn. To soft and it does not work. To hard and a person that is getting spanked has to much pain. I have had a woman spank me for about one hour. Just the right amount can make a person cum. Mary and I have a few friends that like spanking. We never and I’ll say that again, we never have sex. Someone might make the person they are spanking masturbate them or them self in front of us. But the rule is no one is to have sex. You are able to spank someone else if they say it is okay. A wife or husband could not make the other take a spanking from anyone else unless they wanted to. That way we all stay friends.

It took me some time to teach Mary how to spank me. She never was the hard bitch or dominate that I liked. She would never order me, tie me like I liked. She was good but I would have liked her to be harder. Most of the time the club, would met once a month. Then we would spank someone or a wife might spank her husband in front of us. She would tell him what he had done wrong and then he would have to let her spank him. Mostly it was the men spanking the wife’s. But at lest one man got it a night. Most of the time Mary would like to spank me in front of the others. She told me that it made her hot. Then I could spank her later.

About a year ago Mary started to go to Kathy’s house on Tuesday afternoon. She told me that it was for coffee and that she would never have sex because of the club rule. I never thought of it. But at the club spankings she was getting better. Then it hit me what was going on. I should say that one night at the club it hit me. Kathy was teaching Mary how to dominate a man. And best of all to spank and dominate a man. ME……

One night at the club Mary told the others that she would like to show off what she was learning. She went out of the room. Before she left she bent over and kissed me. “Bob you are going to love this. I have been going to class for almost a year and I think you are going to go nuts”. With that she left and soon came back in with a black lace bra on. She had on a skirt not to big but baggy. It looked like she had on stockings. She was holding a soft cat-and-nine-tails. She has used them on me before but never the way we liked it. It was always to soft. That is why I would let other spank me from time to time.

Mary walked over to me and just looked at me. casino siteleri “Stand up and strip”. I looked at her and a smile came across my face. SLAP. Her hand came down across my face. I wasn’t ready for that. “I said stand up and strip. For years you have been telling everyone here that you wished that I could spank you the way you like. Tonight you are going to get just what you have asked for. Now strip”.

I stood up. My face felt hot. I do not know if it was from the slap or that my girlfriend was doing what I wanted. I took off my shirt and then went to put it on the chair. SLAP. I got one more across the face. “Just drop it. I told you to strip. NOW STRIP”. I dropped it and then came my pants and underpants. I stood in front of Mary nude. My cock was getting hard. (it always does when I get a spanking). Mary took hold of my cock and pulled it up and out.

“For years you have been spanking me and then sticking this thing in my mouth, pussy and ass in front of everyone. Now you are going to know what it feels like. Turn around and bend over the chair. And if you say anything I’ll slap you ass harder then what you think I can”. With that I bent over a chair. Someone in the room said. “Right…. Mary slap his ass hard. She has been a pussy for years. She would never know how”. With that I got about 5 hard and great slaps. The room went quiet. No one moved or said a word. My ass was hot and red. I felt Mary start to spank me. First with her hand then with the cat tails. I must say it did feel good.

“Turn around and kneel in front of me. Now I’m going to show you trick number two”. I did as I was told. “Pull my dress up and kiss it”. Mary knows I love to eat pussy and she shaves herself three times a week. I pulled her dress up and looked right at a 6.5” dildo. Mary had a strap on dildo on. I looked at it and then up at her. The next thing I felt was a slap across my face. I fell over to my right.

“Did I tell you to look up at me. I said kiss it. Suck it like you have me suck you in front of this club. You have told everyone her that is what you wanted. A woman that could take charge. Tonight is that night. Now suck”. Mary knew that this is what I have dreamt of. We have talked of it for years. Mary took hold of her cock and put it to my lips. Most of the other wife’s have done this to the husbands in the past and I have told her I loved to watch it. Soon I was sucking her cock. After about 10 minutes she pulled it out.

“Not to bad….. But you are going to have to learn how to please me better. Now back to the chair. Bend over like I had you before”. On the way to the chair I got hit about 5 times. My ass was red and I loved the way it burn. I was bent over the chair canlı casino and I felt her finger on my ass. Next thing I knew Mary was finger fucking my ass. We have done this at her place but never here. I turned to say something and I got one word out of my mouth. SLAP…… SLAP….. SLAP. “Did I ask you something. Did I say you could speak. I said if you said anything I would slap your face or ass. Right?. I looked up at her. “Yes…..” I got one more across my face. I thought it was because I did not say mistress so I added it. “Yes Mistress”. Once more I got it. Mary had a smile on her face. “No matter what you do I’m going to slap you, right”? I was going to answer but I knew I would get slapped. So I just looked at her. SLAP. I asked you a question. Right”?

“Yes Mistress you did”. SLAP….. SLAP……. SLAP…… SLAP….. Fuck no matter what I did or did not do I was going to get slapped.

“Turn around and stop talking”. I was back on the chair bent over the chair with her finger going in and out of my ass. I was starting to like it when I felt her pull out. I could hear Mary doing something but I would not turn around . That way I would not get slapped. I felt her push two fingers in my ass and the pull them out.

“Now……. You are going to feel what I feel when you fuck me. You are going to know how I feel when I get your cock pushed up inside me. You have told me that if I knew how you felt fucking me then I would know why you like to do it all the time. Now tell me…… Do you like it when I shove my cock up you ass. Do you like it? Do you”? With that I felt Mary push her strap-on deep into my ass. We have done this at home a few times But only with a hand held dildo. But this time it felt different. Not only was it the first time with a strap-on. But if was in front of the club. Soon I felt Mary start to fuck me. She was getting into it. Holding my hips and tell me how great it felt. “You ass is so tight. I think I’m going to cum in that tight ass of yours. Yes.. Yes.. I love the way your ass feels holding my cock. Soon. I’m going to fill your ass……. Hold on my dear”. I felt her pull out and then I felt her trying to turn me over. Now I was on my back. Mary pulled my legs up and put my knees in my face. My cock was about 5 inches from my face and I felt her pushing back into me. She bent over and I could hear her. In a soft voice.

“Do you like this. Do you like what I’m doing. Is this what you want”? I know no one else could hear her. So I looked at her and told her that I loved her and that she had made me very happy. Soon I felt her pick up speed. She was getting into this. And for the first time I knew how she felt when I fucked her. I was looking at her kaçak casino and I could see her eyes looking right back at my eyes. I looked down and I could see that the other end of the strap-on had a small cock on it. It was going in and out of her as she fucked me. As she fucked me she was fucking herself. Each time Mary pushed in a cock went in her. And when she pulled out it came out of her. Faster and faster she went. My cock was as hard as a rock. I was just about to grab it when I heard.

“Kathy…… Come and help me. I’m almost ready and I want Bob to cum at the same time. Let him know how it feels to have a man cum in your mouth. Jack him off as I fuck him”. The look on her face, it was asking me if I would let this happen. Kathy has jacked me off a few times as she would spank me. But this would be the first time I ever let someone do it onto my face. Mary has never done it. This was a first.

“Yes”. That is all I could say. It was funny. Mary never slapped me for that word. But just a smile. I felt her pick up speed and I felt Kathy’s hand. The room was quiet. Not a sound. All I could hear was Mary saying.

“Soon. I’m going to cum soon. Open your mouth. Let me see you do what you like to watch me do. Take it in your mouth. Please”. Mary knew that, that was one thing I loved to watch. To feel myself cum in her mouth and at times I love to watch myself cum on her face or in her mouth. Kathy was doing a great job and I do not know what felt better. Mary fucking me, Kathy’s hand job, the way my ass felt or the thought of everyone watching my girl friend fuck me for the first time.

I then felt it happen. My cock just went off and I felt it hit my face. Hot. That is all I could say. Then I felt Mary push in so deep I just open my mouth to yell and it went in. I could taste it and feel it in my mouth. Mary looked down and just went off herself. She pushed her cock into my ass deeper then ever. I could hear the other talking. But could not make out what they said.

Later that night over coffee Mary told me that her and Kathy have been working on teaching her how to do this. Kathy would let Mary spank her or her husband on Tuesday. Then after she was ready Mary got the strap-on. Kathy or Steve would hold on to it as she would fuck her or his hand. But tonight was the first time she used the two headed dildo. That was Kathy’s idea. Later Steve talked with me and told me that he had never touched my wife. And that he hope I would understand why he did it. You see Steve is a submissive. Kathy has been the boss for years and he just wanted me to know how it felt.

Now a lest once a month Mary takes me like she did that night. And sometimes in front of the club. And other men have now let the wife’s do it too. I think I have open a Mary and Kathy box.

Let me know what you think. I’m also love to wear panties for her and I’m also somewhat Bi. E-mail me at the link below…………… Hope to hear from you soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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