A Stalled Car

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I didn’t’ know who I had seen, but it was obvious we were not welcome there. Scott was out of sight and incommunicado, in fact since we had become separated, I hadn’t been able to find him at all. I decided I had had enough and sneaked my way back to my car. It was raining very heavily and it was starting to get dark, but there it was, still parked out of sight where we had left it. My wonderful stallion that would get us the hell out of there – I unlocked the door and climbed in. Fumbling for the key, I inserted it into the ignition and waited, my fingers lightly touching the gear shift. The rain was pelting the hood and roof very hard which made it difficult to hear anything, especially if he was calling and so I figured it would be safe. Nervously I turned the key and started the car.

I couldn’t imagine what was keeping him or where he was, but I knew we would have to fly as quickly as we could. A crack of lightning and thunder, wind starting to blow, I peered out the window in the direction I had come, watching for any sign of Scott, still nothing, so I turned the key and started the car. I couldn’t escape the feeling that he was in trouble and I debated going to search for him. I looked around in all directions to see if anyone else was around or approaching – nothing. Finally! There he was, lightly trotting my way – we were getting out of here, so I turned the key and started the car.

I watched with relief as he rounded the front of the car, I unlocked the door for him to climb in.

“Let’s go” he said.

“Gladly” I replied.

I put the car in gear and floored it! Nothing – we were not moving. That’s funny I thought, Why aren’t we going? Just then I glanced down and noticed the check engine light. I reached for the key and started the car, put it in gear and pressed the gas. Nothing, again we weren’t moving, As before I noticed the check engine light and pressed the gas. The RPM gauge was pegged at zero. My car had stalled, in fact, with all of the nervous commotion, I hadn’t realized that it had stalled several times. I reached for the key and started the engine and pressed the gas. I could feel that sinking feeling in my stomach as I watched the RPM gauge drop to zero and the check engine light come on again. Suddenly we weren’t going anywhere.

“Let’s get moving” Scott said.

Again, I tried to start the car yet again, only to have it stall out from under us.

“What’s the matter” he asked.

I pumped the gas and turned the key, hearing the engine cranking, trying desperately to turn over. After several seconds I released the key. Oh no” I thought, What’s wrong with my car? as I again turned the key. I felt the engine turn over as I pumped the gas, but could feel it then begin to sputter and stall. I’ve never had a problem before I thought, but why here and why now? I tried again and again to start the car, but after repeated attempts, it failed. I couldn’t understand what was wrong and so in defeat, I fell back into my seat and glanced at Scott. He was staring at me in a way that made me feel uncomfortable, almost as if he were trying to undress me with is eyes. But it was how I suddenly felt, namely, strangely but curiously aroused, that made me once again reach for the key and try to start the car. As before, it sputtered and stalled.

Again I sat back but looked away out the window, I could feel Scott’s stare on me and I began to notice that I couldn’t help feeling an arousal by that. What is wrong with me I thought. I like girls … why am I getting turned on and why here, at this moment with Scott? I wondered. A second later I felt him lean over from his seat as a rush of unexplainable excitement washed over me. What was he doing I asked myself and I trembled slightly as he began to peer out as well. I kept my head turned to look out the window, but my eyes glanced toward his face. At that moment the most unexpected thought I have ever had entered my mind and took me by complete surprise … I wonder what his lips would feel like pressed against mine!?

I was completely taken aback at such a thought. How could I even think that, as I closed my eyes trying desperately to purge this ever increasing curiosity. I knew Scott was gay, but that was never an issue with our friendship at least not until this moment. Thoughts about what it would be like to kiss him filled my mind and for a brief moment, I actually felt as if I could just lean forward turn his face to mine and take his tongue into my mouth. It was then that I noticed something else. I’m not sure if he knew that my hand was on the gear shift, but I could feel a long, straight, semi-hard bulge emanating from his pants as he leaned my way and in an indirect way, I became aware that I was experiencing a pseudo sexual encounter with a man, at least by proxy and I found myself becoming rather thrilled by it. It was so taboo, yet so very erotic that I nervously surrendered to the feeling of it. It was very liberating, but frightening at the same time and I couldn’t güvenilir bahis prevent the fact that I was coming to full erection, though unnoticeably. Thank goodness for the dark, I couldn’t possibly let on to how I was beginning to react. He was so close to me as he looked out, and I asked if he could see anything.

“Not really,” he replied.

He slowly went to sit back in his seat. Just then his hand slipped from the door armrest. There wasn’t really anything he could do to brace himself except to put his hand down. His hand … I could feel it land with such abruptness, and in the only place it could … along the upper inside length of my thigh. It felt so strangely wonderful to be touched like that and I knew my secret had been discovered. There was no hiding it, and as I felt his hand slowly slide away from my now rock-hard penis I felt an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment, exhilaration and disappointment all in that one moment. Embarrassment at my apparent arousal, exhilaration at the thought of Scott touching me and disappointment when his hand finally released me.

I was shocked at the situation and reached for the key. Turning it, I could hear and feel the engine desperately trying to start but it just wouldn’t. Scott could sense my confusion and embarrasment as well as my state of arousal, so I turned the key again. It started! But within a moment it began to sputter. Rather than try to keep it going, I curiously let it stall out again. I began to feel as though the car were an extension of me and just like the car, I didn’t want to leave, I couldn’t leave, my powers were being robbed and despite my attempts at escape, I was being overcome and would soon be helpless in the face of something more powerful, something I had never experienced but was finding I could not resist.

I sat back in my seat again looking in Scotts direction, my eyelids sighed as he gazed at me. My heart racing and my breathing at a level that indicated to Scott that I was … perturbed and confused. At that moment he leaned in toward me, ever closer, my eyes widening as he approached, I tried but couldn’t turn away. I closed my eyes just as he came in range, I could feel his breath on my face and on my mouth and then it happened. The softness of his lips touching mine – I remained motionless. A kiss … and then another and another. He was confident but a little unsure, so I opened my mouth to better allow him to explore. Suddenly, I pulled away and whispered.

“Scott … we can’t do this – not here, not now!”

Of course all of my objections were feeble and everytime I tried to speak, I would be interupted by his lips on mine. Ultimately, my words went unheeded as he pressed in again, I moaned and whimpered as his tongue slid into my mouth and I was overcome with intense pleasure. I pressed in, to my surprise and slid my tongue into his mouth. Gently swirling as our tongues danced with each other, the moistness of his mouth and lips, the warmth of his breath, I gave in – like my car, I had stalled.

How could this be happening … and how could it be so intense? I wanted him so badly, I thought. But what did that mean? How could I want him? What did I want? I wondered. I struggled, but couldnt’ remember a time that I had been so sexually aroused. I had to repeat it over and over in my head. Scott was kissing me and had me more turned on than I had ever been in my life! Just then, he took it to the next level and I could feel his hand on my thigh again, only at a safe distance. The kissing went on for what seemed like an hour and I forgot all about who may or may not have been following us. After a time I started to wonder why he wasn’t touching me how I longed to be touched.

I readjusted in my seat to better offer him a feel I so desperately wanted. I think I may have been too obvious in my attempt as he smiled and finally reached over, grasping me. By this time I had completely surrendered to his advances, but I maintained the appearance of being prudish and put my hand on his, slightly pushing it away only for him to fight back and squeeze me once again – I moaned with pleasure. That was the signal he was looking for and I felt his hand reaching in the darkness and my pants being opened.

Oh God – what is he going to do to me? At that moment, I felt myself spring free from the restraints of my underwear. I was completely vulnerable and quite literally out in the open, his hand grasping my very wet penis. I gasped in shock to add to the intensity of this moment, playfully pretending that I objected and was being victimized but powerless to stop it. Scott was going ot have me and he knew it. I only hoped that it was as much of a turn on for him knowing that he was so easily able to seduce me into his world, a world I had never given a second look at. Me, a masculine male, lover of women now completely under HIS control, free to do to me what he wished with me, neither willing or able to escape.

His hand slid gently up and down the türkçe bahis top of my penis, the feeling so pleasurable, but after a few moments the kissing stopped as he began to move his head away from my face. Down he went, further into my lap, my hand and arms grasping hid head and neck, all the while my heart racing. He paused for a moment and I could feel his warm breath on and around my dripping penis. There was no hiding it, I was completely bound and chained by him, completely enthralled and I new that at any moment I would be experiencing one of the ultimate forms of one person’s power over another and it was the surrendering, the acknowledgment that not only was it OK for him to do what he would with my body, but that I was both eager for him to do so and helpless to resist him at the same time – I almost came right then at the very thought of it.

Without further hesitation, my immediate wish came true – he had done it, he had taken me into his mouth and I gasped with pleasure calling out his name.

“Oh Scott!” I cried.

He moaned with delight as his tongue began to swirl along and around the head of my penis. He was really doing it – he was giving me the most incredible blow job I had ever had in my life! I could hear the slurping sound of his mouth as he gently but firmly sucked me over and over again. I had never felt such intense pleasure before, and I am embarrassed to say that within moments of contact with his mouth I was already at climax’s door.

“NO, NO, NO” I panted. “NOT YET!”

Scott could detect in my voice, despite all of the heavy breathing, that I was losing the battle. He began sucking more intensely and I knew I couldn’t stop the inevitable.

“Scott – it’s going to happen” I exclaimed.

“You need to stop before it’s too late!”

“Scott, don’t!” … “Scott … I’m going to CUUUUUMMMMM!

All of my efforts to prolong the pleasure were in vane, in fact it only drove him to suck me all the more. This was his conquest of me and he couldn’t claim victory until his prize was realized and he absolutely wasn’t going to stop so close to that prize. He had taken me, a straight male and converted me into helpless mass of homosexual lust. Just then a wave of absolute and all-encompassing pleasure overcame me as I began to release wave after wave into his mouth and in my mind I defiantly boasted, to let whoever was after us throw open my car door and catch us in the act.


I was in complete ecstacy, my mind was on only one thing … the sensation of being made to cum from a man’s mouth. I moaned with pleasure over and over again, repeating my oral stimulator’s name as the climax began to conclude.

“Scott” I sighed.

I fell back into my seat, my heart racing, barely able to catch my breath, but Scott hadn’t yet released me. On the contrary, he began to deep throat me, up and down the entire length of my penis slowly, it felt so good. I just laid back and took it all in and I laughed a little saying that I wish I’d had a towel. That’s when he finally released me, laughing too, to which he replied, that I didn’t need one. Leaning back up towards me, he kissed me and I gladly accepted. Muttering words between each kiss of how incredible it was what he did to me and how he was not only surprised that I relented, but how quickly I was induced to cum. The make out session began to become intense and I found myself still erect – wanting more. I could taste the distinct salty flavor of my liquid expenditure on his tongue and in his mouth at which point I became even more aroused.

“So – that’s what it tastes like!” “Hmmm, I think I can do this” I thought.

I then began to motion for Scott to lay back in his seat and I now began to press forward with him. Earlier I had felt the bulge in his pants, albeit accidentally, but now it was no accident as I reached down to massage his fully-erect cock. I mentally chose the word “cock” because I was feeling a bit more dirty now than just playfully curious and because I could feel how big he was. Penis just didn’t do it justice, this was a bona fide “cock”.

I slowly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly, eager to get at what I knew would be a hard, yet at the same time, a soft, long shaft. I wasn’t disappointed and I was awashed with sexual arousal at the touch of it, but more so for how my immediate lover reacted. I could hear and feel his pleasure and it turned me on so very much. My patience was non existent and so I wasted no time introducing my tongue to the tip of his dripping wet cock. I marveled at it’s size and hoped that I would be able to orally encompass it’s massive girth. First I started with the tip of the head, swirling my tongue gently round about and then I slowly continued down below the spout where the two bulbous curves come together to form the tip. Interestingly enough, I knew that this is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis and so I focused my attention güvenilir bahis siteleri there for several minutes.

Scott was oozing which helped to lubricate my continued oral stimulation of his manhood. The taste was salty, but this only acted like an aphrodisiac, spurring me on to bolder more adventurous exploration and a moment later I slid my lips over the entire head. Scott moaned and slowly thrust his hips forward as though he had just entered a vagina. Only this vagina had a tongue, which swirled and teased the underneath portion of his penis, tickling and tantalizing. As I massaged with my tongue I?slowly began to move in an up and down motion, providing additional stimulation to the massive shaft. Giving a blow job was extremely easy and everything I was doing to him, every lick of the tongue, every pull with my lips seemed so natural. It was almost instinctive to know just how to pleasure him even though I had never done this. I knew what I liked and I assumed that the feeling was mutual among other men. I mean who better to please an individual than someone who knows what to do.

Before long, Scott’s moaning increased, I knew he was losing the battle just as I had lost and that it wouldn’t be long before …


At that moment I began to feel a gusher of warm liquid filling my mouth, one pulse after another, he was cumming. His head violently turned from side to side and I almost believed he was on the verge of actually screaming. I had done it, I made him cum, but now what. Sensing his extreme pleasure I refused to stop. This overwhelming sense of power and control was intoxicating. I didn’t want to let go of him, but my mouth was full, making it difficult to continue. My sexual desire at that point overrode any hesitation I had about doing the unthinkable, and with that I closed my eyes and swallowed. I had to admit that I was a little freaked out by the feeling, but as soon as the contents had cleared, I was able to continue to suck unabated, and suck him I did.

I was uephoric, I was completely free and out of control. I wanted his cock in my mouth permanently, I absolutely did not want to let go of him and so I didn’t. With renewed vigor and excitement, I grabbed the base of his penis and started sucking hard, moving my head up and down, faster and faster. I added a little hand motion to help things along. I focused on the head with my mouth, pulling, licking and sucking for as long as I was able. After several minutes I again felt the familiar stiffening of the shaft as his moans grew louder. I couldn’t believe it, could I make him cum again so quickly after the first time?

I began to moan as well, indicating to Scott that I was having the sexual time of my life and that I now worshipped everything about his cock. Just then, he gasped and I again felt the pulsating waves of orgasmic release, he was cumming again. This time there was less to swallow and my rythmic oral motion began to slow as we both slowed our gasping breaths in unison. After a few moments I finally let him slide out of my mouth. I gently began to lick and kiss his penis as it began to return to normal, albeit, large size. I?just couldn’t get enough of it and I gently licked and kissed his penis over and over again.

Finally, I laid my head down on it, feeling the wetness against my face. I glanced at his smiling face and smiled myself. His grin began to grow and ?Ibecame curious.


There was a pause, but he gave no response.

“What”? I repeated.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Strange” I replied.

“Scott, I have never been so turned on in my life, not by any woman. I can’t believe what I’ve done.” I said.

“I’ve completely abandoned my principles, my beliefs and performed something so alien, so taboo … yet so unbelievably erotic.”

I began to stammer.

“I just can’t believe what I’ve done” I said softly. I’m so embarrassed, so confused. I’m laying here in your lap, with your exposed penis against my face and all I can think about is sucking you dry – what is wrong with me? How can I be having these feelings, these thoughts?” I continued.

“Don’t be ashamed” he said.

“I’ve simply released something within you, something I knew you desired but couldn’t admit.”

“How could you have known?” I asked.

“I just did … and so I set up this elaborate situation to make you face it.”

“YOU SET THIS UP?” I asked, surprised, as I lifted my head from his still wet penis.

“Of course I did.” he smiled.

“But my car?”

“I blocked the air intake with a rag, there was no chance of it starting. The more you tried, the more it would be starved of air” he said.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I realized for the first time that he not only conquered me sexually, but mentally as well. It wasn’t enough for him to take me sexually, it wasn’t enough that I couldn’t or wouldn’t stop him. It was that I had to willingly to reciprocate in kind, I had to give in to my own desires and relinquish my own misgivings. I had to freely, of my own volition and without coercion, sexually satisfy him. Only then would his conquest be complete, only then could he claim ultimate victory, and claim it he did.

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