A Vampiress’s Inner Most Needs…

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A Vampiress’s Inner Most Needs And Desires

It is 11:00pm and the nightclub is moderately full of people. As Anna enters the smell of mens bodies fills her nostrils. The smell of their sweet blood… she hears their individual heart beats… some fast… some slow. Her eyes adjust immediately to the darkened club as she quickly scans for a man to which she might desire. Ahh she sees him… he is in a corner talking to some friends… She thinks he will do… very nicely…

Having decided on the hardest part she walks over to the bar and asks the bartender for a glass of house red wine..

“$4. 50” says the bartender. and she hands him a five dollar bill. She slides one of the stools over and sits down.. Every eye in the bar is on her she can feel them all looking at her… Men and women. She smiles to herself… for she knows she is different and yet even today people still don’t know how to take someone who is different than them. Anna looks in the mirror behind the bartender… she really looks at herself…

Anna has very pale skin… almost see through… you can see her veins she is so pale.. her hair is black with blue streaks running through it when the light hits it just right.. She is 5’5″ and weights 115lbs.. so she is petite in size. small frame which is very deceiving since she has the strength of probably 3 very healthy men… Anna is wearing a black dress made solely out of lace… very see through. her undergarments are a black lace bra, fishnet stockings held up by a garter belt. no panties.

the dress is one that goes down to just below the knee but very loose in fit.

As Anne sits there drinking her wine finally her man makes his approach.

“Hi” he says.. “Can I buy you another glass of Wine”.

“Sure, that would be nice”.

He calls the bartender over and orders her another wine… “Sooo… what is your name?”

“Anne… and yours?”


“Very nice to meet you Ryan. ” holding out her hand for him to take.

He smiles. Takes her hand but instead of shaking it he gently kisses her hand. He is hard already she can smell his precum… Hmmm how it smells so good… But all she does is smile tuzla escort bayanlar at him. Ryan askes to sit down with her and she motions that it is okay with her… they both sit there at the bar and chat to each other for an hour or so over minor stuff before he askes her if she would like company on a more personal level.. She smiles showing nice white even teeth… Anne tells Ryan how about they meet at a hotel up the street that she would feel more comfortable meeting there. He agrees and they both leave to go the the hotel up the street.

In the hotel room, which is very nice. The bed is a king size bed so no worry about not enough room. Anne turns all the lights off but one and she puts it on dim… just enough light so they can see each other but not so much light that it hinders the mood of the evening.

As Anne starts to move back the bedding Ryan approaches her from behind taking both of her breasts, one in each hand and gently starts to kneed them. Massaging the whole breasts. She moves back towards him and places her hands over his which makes them both more excited. Annes head is resting back just below his head. She can feel his hard cock up against her butt.

She moves her hands down towards his hard cock and gently starts to move her hand up and down feeling it through his pants. Oh he is very hard and nice in size.

While Anne is doing this Ryan moves one of his hands down to gently pull up her dress exposing her legs and pussy to his touch. Not being able to take it anymore he rushes in to feel her pussy, wanting to feel her wetness. And yes, she is wet… very wet with need. He kisses the back of her neck.. Anne lets out a nice moan of pleasure. Both are very excited now and decide it is time for the clothing to come off.

Ryan is now naked. Anna naked now as well except for she fishnet stockings and garter belt. Ryan picks Anne up and places her on the bed gently sitting next to her body. He looks down at her very white skin seeing her breasts as they slowly move up and down with each breath taken. Ryan finally touches her breasts with first his hand, then gently leaning in starts to lick each istanbul tuzla escort nipple to hardness. Annes hand is on the back of his head feeling his hair, playing with it. Her eyes are closed now as she is enjoying the sensations that his touch brings her. He moves up and kisses her on the mouth with his. His tongue slowly invading her mouth searching and finding hers… While his hand moves down to her pussy genly playing and spreading her inner lips apart to feel and play with her clitoris. As the feeling increases for her Anne lets out another moan which moves Ryan down towards her wet pussy… Ryan is at the foot of the bed now and he gently takes her legs and spreads them far apart to accomadate his body being between them. He then moves in and gently, every so gently starts to flick her clit with his tongue.

Anne is feeling tingling in every part of her body now… she knows soon she will come… and the joys her body will feel will be worth the wait..

Ryan starts to move his tongue a little harder over her clit now… in longer strokes… Anne starts to really cry out now… He knows she is very close… Ryan sticks his tongue inside her pussy now.. thrusting it in as far as he can up inside her.. Anne starts to explode after a few times of his tongue moving in and out of her wet pussy… her orgasim comes… very strong… she starts to move away from Ryan but he grabs both her legs to keep her from moving away still moving his tongue in and out of her pussy feeling her insides squeeze his tongue from her orgasim.

When finally it starts to recede he moves his mouth away from her and moves up to kiss her once again on the mouth…

Ryans hard cock is very swollen now… as Anne reaches down with her hand to massage its shaft.

Up and down her hand glides over it while he is kissing her… As Anne breaks the kiss to now move down on him… her green eyes are sparkling with glitter… excitement fills her whole face…

Anne moves down between Ryans legs spreading them apart for her.. As she sits between them her hands gently moving up and down his hard shaft… watching as the pleasure starts to kartal escort wash over his face… she smiles… soon he will know pleasure that he has never known before she thinks to herself…

Still playing with his cock she moves one hand down to feel his balls… Ryan lets out a soft moan of pleasure… his balls are very hard… full of cum… Anne leans down and gently takes one of his balls into her mouth… gently she moves it around while lightly sucking on it.. then she takes the other ball and does the same thing to it… Ryan is getting close.. his legs are starting to tense up and his back is becoming rigid…

Anne moves away from Ryans balls and up to his hard cock.. taking one hand she angles it upward towards her mouth. She slowly takes her tongue and encircles only the tip of his cock.. tasting his precum that has started to come out of the tip.. moving her mouth down more she takes her tongue and tries to open the tip of his cock up where his cum is… sending shivers through Ryans body as she does this… Anne smiles again at knowing she is pleasing him…

As Anne starts to sense he is very very close she starts to glide his cock in and out of her mouth gently massaging it at the base with one of her hands while the other hand is playing with his balls… Ryan is very excited and telling Anne he needs to cum… then Pain…

then ecstacy at a plateau Ryan never has felt before… looking down he sees blood… lots of blood… but the sensations running through his body over takes him… and he cries out in ecstacy.

Anne had taken her long fingernail and drove it deep right between his inner thigh and pelvic bone and blood was running out like a faucet… When Ryan looked down he saw Anne sucking and drinking in his blood… green eyes aglow… then ecstacy at the feeling of the sucking so close to his cock… her hands were still massaging his cock up and down… finally when she had had her fill of blood, and knowning he was ready to cum… she mounted his cock and rode him very hard… her hands on his chest for support, his hands on her hips to bring her down even harder on his cock… until finally they orgasimed… blood… cum mixed together… both bodies shaking in ecstacy… riding the orgasim out finally Anne dismounts and licks up all the cum and blood around his cock…

Ryan falls asleep from exhaustion… Anne leaves for the break of daylight will soon appear… and she needs rest for tomorrow is another night of hunger and desires…

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