A Week of Control

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It is a pretty well known fact that men tend to express their sexual desires in short uncontrolled bursts. And while it is easy to get a man to those bursts, it’s much harder to keep him there for longer periods of time.

Now this isn’t to say that a man can’t stay aroused for a couple of hours if a woman is treating and teasing him right. But a man simply can’t stay aroused all night or for an even longer period of time, not at his emotional climax at least.

This is where men and women differ. Getting a woman to her climatic point of arousal can be a struggle at times. But once she’s there she can stay there all night with relative ease, if the man involved is stimulating her correctly. Now let’s not confuse a climatic point of arousal with a climax during an orgasm. We’re not talking about putting and keeping a woman on the edge of an orgasm and keeping her there. We’re talking about putting a woman into a position where they want, no need, sex more than anything else. Where they actually crave it.

So that is where my experiment and our story begin. How long can you keep a woman at peak horniness? I took it as a personal challenge to find out.

Monday Night:

Finally the kids were out of the house. I had my beautiful wife all to myself. How long has it been since we had a week together entirely uninterrupted? It must have been years, but alas finally we didn’t have just one week alone but two! And the first week my wife had promised entirely to me. She had an idea on what I had planned, but I knew that she didn’t know the full extent of my plans.

More than likely she thought I had several plans for throughout the week, but probably had most of my plans centered on fucking her non-stop. Well she was partly right. I did plan on having sex with her quite a bit, but unlike what she had thought I had practically every second planned out for the next week.

That started with the minute the grandparents drove off with the kids. Once they were out of sight she was mine. As it was the car was fading off into the distance. It had taken all day but they were finally leaving. I took her hand and started to walk with her back towards the house.

“What do you have planned for me now,” she asked me teasingly. I knew what she expected. And I was happy to oblige those expectations for now. I was fine with letting her think that she knew what was going on. That would make it even more of a surprise when she found out what was really going to happen.

“Don’t you worry about it, dear, you’re going to have a good time,” I coo back at her. And I meant it she would enjoy this week. If everything worked out like I had planned than this just might be the best week of her life. Definitely sexually at least.

“Oh we’ll see about that,” she replies as she starts to open the door and takes a step inside. “So what’s up first,” she asks me with a smile.

I follow her inside and guide her towards the spare bedroom. “Well first,” I whisper into her ear as she starts to walk inside the room, “is that we have to get you changed into something a little more comfortable,” I finish whispering to her. I give her a slight kiss on the ear before letting go of her and walking out of the room without her.

I shut the door on my out and head towards the living room. While I’m there I shut the curtains so one can see what is going on from the outside. Not that my wife particularly cared too much, but it was still early in the day.

After I shut the curtains I settle down onto the sofa and wait for my wife to emerge from the room. I hear the door open and shut and I can’t help but to feel a tinge of excitement start to build up. That is until I hear another door open and shut. I knew it was the bathroom door and I knew that she went in trying to “add” to her appearance with some make-up.

I don’t particularly like make-up, and I definitely didn’t want her wearing it today. I stood up off the sofa and walked towards the bathroom and opened the door.

And just I had suspected she was looking into the mirror putting on some eyeliner.

I grab a hold of her hand to stop her and she looks at me. “What,” she asks me.

“Take it off, baby,” I whisper back to her. I grab the eyeliner and put it on the table while handing her a rag. I slide myself up against the edge of the counter in the bathroom and watch her slowly clean the makeup of her face.

For the first time I get to look at her in the outfit that I had picked out. It was a dark red dress with almost no back to it. The front was low cut and revealed more than it covered of her breasts. And with DD breasts this meant it showed quite a bit.

It was a short dress as well only extending several inches past her waist. Short enough that if she bent over it would reveal everything underneath. Short enough that if she sat down on a chair without crossing her legs it would reveal everything as well.

She finished taking off her makeup and I grabbed a hold of her hand and walked her out towards the living room. I sat her down on the sofa and spread her legs a little. I knew what she was thinking. That this was going to lead to some foreplay and then sex. And in one sense she was right.

I grabbed the vibrator I had hidden from under the sofa and turned it out. It started to hum in my hands. It was about three inches long and about the width of a broom handle. Its vibrations were strong so I knew that my wife wouldn’t be able to ignore them.

I reached up under the little bit of dress that was there and slid the vibrator inside her. I heard her let out a little gasp of pleasure. I slid it all the way up inside her; I pushed it in as far as it would go with my finger. When I felt it hit the back wall of her pussy I slowly güvenilir bahis pulled my hand out but left the vibrator in her.

“Don’t push it out,” I commanded her.

“I’ll do my best baby,” she moaned back at me.

Next I grabbed the pair of panties that I had stored next to the vibrator under the sofa. These weren’t lacy panties or anything designed to look super sexy.
These were snug ones that would fit nice and tight against her body. I found these sexy in a whole other way. I slipped them on over her feet and pulled them up towards her crotch.

“Put them all the way on,” I told her. She obliged and I stood up to walk into the kitchen. I proceeded to make her dinner. Some chicken with veggies. I brought the food out to her with a fork and knife and told her to go ahead and eat.

I couldn’t tell for sure, but I was pretty sure that the vibrator was driving her crazy. As I watched her eat she would occasionally shift from side to side, while emitting a soft moan. Once she was done I took her dishes and brought them to the kitchen. I rinsed them off and put them in the dishwasher before returning to her.

I walk over to her and slide my hand up under her dress to see how the vibrator is working inside her. Once my hand reaches her panties I’m thrilled. Their soaking wet and I can feel the vibrations working their way down to the panties.

“Now what,” she coos at me excitedly.

“Now we play a game,” I teasingly answered her. I knew that she would think that this meant sex, but once again she would be wrong. I grabbed her hand and walked her towards the basement. I opened the door and walked down the stairs with her. I could tell that walking wasn’t the easiest task for her with a vibrator lodged in her pussy, but she didn’t complain.

I opened up the dart board and pulled out the couple of sheets of paper I had stored in there. I also pulled out three darts with different colored fins. A blue, yellow and a red. I handed the darts to my wife and started to explain the rules.

“The blue is going to determine what you’re wearing for the rest of the games down here. I have a list here correlating the outfits each number on the board, and one for the bull’s-eye of course. The yellow is for the game where going to be playing to start off, that list is here. We’re going to come back to throw that one more than once. Finally the red is the number of losses you get before you start to get punished. Got it?”

“What happens if I win?” She smiled back at me.

“Well than you’ll get rewarded, of course baby,” I smiled back knowingly at her. I knew that she would be put on the edge multiple times throughout the games. I also knew she wouldn’t be put right on the edge, or even cum. This was all about building anticipation for tonight.

She gave me a little nervous smile before grabbing the blue dart to get ready to throw. She gave me a nervous smile before throwing it at the board. Next went the yellow than the red. I went up and took a look at where each one landed.

The blue landed on a seven. I cross checked that with the list and smiled a little. I loved this outfit even though I knew in its simplicity it wouldn’t be a favorite of
hers. It was an old white pair of panties, nothing lacy and stained up a little in the crotch area. I loved them, my wife not so much. She’d be wearing that with a ratty old bra that looked like the panties. White in color and stained up a little. I found this hot as hell.

The yellow landed on a 12. I checked this with the list and realized she would be playing a version of pool. The thought of her bent over in those panties was already starting to make my dick hard.

The red landed on a three. An unfortunately low number for my wife. But if she did well it wouldn’t really matter anyways.

I pull out the panties and bra and hand them to her. “Go ahead and change baby,” I tease her.

I can see that she was hoping for something else but she doesn’t complain. Instead she slips her shoulders out of the dress and I watch it slide to the floor. Her standing there in nothing but a pair of panties with a vibrator inside it was hot as hell.

Her stomach was perfectly flat and her chest was amazingly large. They were just begging to be played with. But somehow I managed to restrain myself as she slipped the panties off.

“Now pull the vibrator out, girl,” I order her. She reaches up and grabs a hold of it and slowly pulls it out of her. She was trying to tease me and I knew it. I also knew it meant she really wanted to fuck. Which was the goal so I restrained myself from acting on my instincts.

Once the vibrator was out of her pussy she slowly started to slide it back in taunting me. I took a step towards her and smacked her across the face. Not hard enough to really hurt her, just hard enough for her to know I wasn’t kidding.

What she did next surprised me. She attacked my face with her kisses. She threw her arms around me and started rubbing her body up against me. I hadn’t realized that the vibrator had gotten her this worked up. She REALLY wanted to fuck.

I kissed her back for a couple of seconds before pushing her away from me. “Put on your new outfit you horn dog,” I smile at her. She gives me a little smile and a giggle and puts the clothes on.

I give her the pool stick and set up a simple shot for her to make. The cue ball is about three and a half feet away from the ball she is trying to get into the pocket. That ball is only 6 inches away from the pocket itself.

“Go ahead baby,” I say through an evil smile. I know that she probably isn’t any good at this. She bends over the table to try and set up a shot so I walk around so I’m behind her. I want to get a view of her ass in those türkçe bahis panties. Knowing that’s why I went back there she gives her ass a little shake before taking the shot.

A miss. “Well that’s one failure, baby,” I say teasingly. I set the balls up again.

“How many till a new game,” she asks me. I can tell that she doesn’t think she’ll ever make a shot.

“Five times, girl. Failure or not its five attempts,” I answered to her disappointment. I take my spot behind her again but this time I slide up next to her ass when she bends over. I rub my dick up against her ass and I can tell that she loves it.

She sets up the shot and misses again. “That’s two, baby,” I whisper into her ear.

“Fuck this,” she blurts out in her frustration. She spins around and starts kissing me. Before I know it she pulls her panties off and is rubbing herself against me. “Feel my pussy baby, feel how wet I am. I’m not getting any hornier, fuck me now pleeeeeeease,” she begged me.

She grabbed my hand and pulled it down to her pussy. She wasn’t kidding she was not only soaked but dripping. I’d only ever seen her, this wet before once, and then she told me I could do whatever I wanted to her because she was so horny.

“OK you’re ready baby. Put your dress back on, no panties we’re going out,” I whispered into her ear as I took a step back.

“FUCK ME DAMN IT!” she screamed at me.

“I will baby just get dressed OK?” I said with a smile. “Be out in the car within two minutes wearing that dress. NO PANTIES or BRA. Just the dress.”

I went upstairs and out to the car and started it up. My wife was in the passenger seat in less than a minute. I started up the car and headed off towards the club.

“Lean your seat back and spread your legs a little for me baby,” I said giving her a quick glimpse out of the corner of my eye.

She quickly did as she was told. I reached over with my right hand and pulled her dress up slightly. This exposed her pussy to me and I could tell just by looking it was still dripping wet. I reached over and started to rub her clit gently.

“God yes, baby” she moaned at me. I slid my finger down a little further. I found the hole to where her vagina started. I meant to only circle it with my finger a little, but it was so fucking wet it slid right in on accident.

I started wiggling it around frantically while she threw her body up off the seat a little. “FUCK YES,” she screamed at me.

I slid a second finger inside her than a third. I purposely kept her extremely aroused but away from an orgasm. I wiggled my fingers around and fucked her with them but if a climax would start to build I would slow down a little. I knew that this was frustrating her on one hand but that she loved it as well. As long as I didn’t put her right on the edge she would have a huge orgasm when I finally let her cum.

After 15 minutes we got to the club and I slid my fingers out of her. “We’re here, get out baby,” I said to her with a smile.

She reluctantly got out of the car. I walked around to meet her and linked arms with her and walked to the door. We paid our way in and I walked straight to the bar with her.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear “you better fuck me while I’m here”.

“Deal,” I smiled back at her and ordered three shots. One for me and two for her. After she took the first two shots I got her two more and told her to turn around and face the club. I had noticed a couple of guys checking out her backside and figured they might as well get the full show.

I turned around with her and grabbed her third shot off the counter and handed it to her. After she took it I gave her a smile and told her “uncross your legs baby”.

“But then people will be able to see my vagina, baby,” she answered reluctantly.

“I know,” I answered while handing her, her fourth shot and ordering three more, two for her and one more for me.

“You’re ok with that,” she asked me sounding surprised. She leaned her head back and took her fourth shot.

“Yeah angel, the thought of that turns me on,” I answer back nervously. I don’t know what she’s going to do but I can tell that she’s considering it.

“Well ok,” she says with a nervous smile and uncrosses her legs. I pull her bar stool a little closer to me and grab her right leg and spread it a little further.

“If you’re gonna give them a show girl, give them a good one,” I teased her and gave her a kiss on the lips. I put my hand on the top of her legs and worked it towards her inner thigh.

“Well than you better put a finger in me boy,” she teases right back while reaching back to grab another shot. I excitedly slide a finger in and out of her. I can see a couple of guys watching and some of their boners are readily apparent. I’m pretty sure one of them is even masturbating under the table.

I do this for about five minutes before a mid-twenties man comes up to me. He’s of a muscular build and I can tell that you find him quite handsome.

“My wife and I,” he says pointing over to a striking woman at another table, “where wondering if you guys wanted a little company in the back room”.

“Well that depends what you two had in mind,” I reply as I continue to finger my wife.

“Nothing you two wouldn’t enjoy,” he answers with a devilish grin. He turns around and walks back to the table where his wife is at.

I slide my finger back up into my wife’s pussy and wiggle it around a little while I talk to her. “Well what do you think baby”?

Swinging was something that we had talked about before but never done. I had wanted to do it pretty bad but my wife was always on the fence.

“If you want to baby,” she answers with a smile. I know that this means that güvenilir bahis siteleri she wants to but is too coy to say it outright. But for something like this I need her to.

“I want to girl. But I need to hear you say that you want to too,” I can feel my heartbeat racing. I wiggle my finger around inside her and she lets out a little moan.

I know that she’s going to say yes, she practically has already. Still a part of me is nervous that she’ll say no, unable to believe that she will say yes.

“I want to baby,” she replies with a smile. She slides my hand out of her and takes her last shot before taking my hand and walking towards the other table. I follow behind her my heart beating out of my chest.

“So is there anywhere a little more private that we can play,” my wife teasingly asks the other couple.

“Yeah just follow us,” the man’s wife answers with a lick of her lips. We follow them to a back room. You can still hear the base thumping off the walls but it’s fairly quite in the room.

“So what are the ground rules,” the man asks the two of us.

I decided to answer before my wife could open her mouth. “She doesn’t do anal. And we won’t give you oral. But if you want to eat her out feel free to and of course you can fuck her as long as you wear a condom. And I’m in charge of her. If you want to try anything new with her, you ask me not her”.

The woman looks at me and smiles before opening her mouth, “you can put your dick wherever you want in me. Just be sure to go easy to start”. I liked the sound of that, but I knew I wasn’t going to put it in her ass. That was something for me and any my wife only, not another woman.

The man tossed me a condom and I held on to it knowing that I would need it soon. I looked over at my wife and I could tell that she was nervous too.

I leaned over and whispered into her ear, “I’m a go I just wanted make sure you’re all ok right now”. She didn’t answer me, instead she went up and started making out with the other guy. She pushed him onto the sofa in the room and started to pull his shirt off. Her animalistic instincts aroused me even further. And in the back of my mind I knew all the prep work I had done was going to give her a MASSIVE orgasm.

“Well you just gonna watch or fuck me,” the woman asked me with a smile. I walked over to her and she pushed me onto the sofa next to her partner. She proceeded to take my shirt off before removing her own dress. Unlike my wife she was wearing some bra and panties underneath. As I reached around to take her bra off I saw that my wife had flipped herself on the sofa. Now she was laying down on it with her legs hanging off the edge.

I lifted the girl on top of me and laid myself down facing the other way on the sofa. My hips were right over the edge. My head was resting right besides my wife’s as we lay there on our backs. I didn’t need to look back to know when the man started fucking my wife. Her moans and screams said it all. I handed the woman the condom and she pulled my pants off of me before putting it onto my dick. Next she pulled off her panties and quickly slid her pussy onto my dick.

I hadn’t had another woman on my dick since I met my wife. The pure excitement of it was amazing. I could tell by my wife’s screams that she was having a night to remember too. “Fuck her harder,” I yell out to the man.

My wife’s screams get even louder as I feel her orgasm building. I lean my head over to kiss her and find her eagerly awaiting them. Half the time she is kissing me the other half moaning and screaming. I can feel the woman working her pussy up and down on my dick.

She’s taking it all and slowly building up speed. I can hear her moans starting to get louder and louder as well. But I don’t think she is a screamer like my wife. I can tell that my wife is close to coming so I whisper to her “go ahead baby”.
It takes her a minute but she complies. Her screams are resounding. “AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! FUCK YES!”

I can hear the man moaning a little too. “Mhmmmmm that feels good. Holy shit you’re cumming. I can feel it. Oh God now I’m cumming”. I look back in about a minute and sure enough he’s pulling his now softening dick out of you.

“Sit up,” I tell my wife before sitting up and turning with the woman still on my dick.
When were sitting side by side each other, with the woman still fucking me, I tell the man “you better eat her out till I cum in your woman”.

“Of course he will,” his woman replies for him.

By this point she is fucking my cock vigorously. I look over and see the man get on his knees between your legs. He starts to eat into your pussy and I hear you starting to moan again and I love it.

What my wife does next do surprises me. “Stick it in her ass,” she moans at me.

“Okay baby,” I answer. The woman slides my dick out of her pussy and lines it up with her ass hole. Slowly she pushes it inside. Unlike her pussy which was already stretched out a little, her ass is tight. Once my dick is about halfway in I moan out to the man “suck her clit, she looooooves that”.

My dick slides in the rest of the way and it feels amazing. “Fuck yes,” I say through my moans. As soon as he starts sucking my wife’s clit I know. I feel my wife’s ass come off the sofa shoving it farther into his mouth as she starts to scream.
“AWWWW YESSSSSS”! I can’t help but feel lucky for marrying a screamer.

The woman starts to fuck my dick with her asshole a little harder and I can feel my orgasm building. Also can hear my wife’s starting to build up again. Once my wife gets close to cumming close I slam my cock into the woman’s ass hole and cum. I can tell that my wife is cumming too and I love it. Slowly the woman slides off me and the man away from your pussy.

Without saying another word to the other couple my wife and I get dressed, pay for our drinks and catch a taxi home.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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