A Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 27

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27 The Reunion

Everything was fine when we arrived back home on Thursday afternoon. Tracy and Teri both told us they had enjoyed staying with their friends and Joe and Tom confirmed that they had behaved well and had been a joy to host. Trish and I were relieved to hear that, and promised the guys that we would gladly return the favor some day by taking care of Amy and Tammi if they wanted to get away.

We reminded everyone that we wanted to host a cookout at our home on Friday evening. They all assured us they would be there so we could catch up on what everyone did this week. Tracy told us about her exciting afternoon with her teacher, Sue Landers, and asked us if we could invite her as well. Trish recalled meeting Sue on a couple of occasions and thought it would be a wonderful idea. After hearing Tracy’s story I was excited about meeting her too.

I spent the better part of Friday shopping and catching up on mail and chores. The landscaper came by with her crew and did some clean up work around the yard and patio. Everything looked great when the team was done. I complimented Jill, the landscaper, as I wrote her a check for the day’s services. I always like it when she comes because not only does she do good work, but she’s easy on the eyes too, and she knows how to dress to show it.

She’s got short blonde hair and a young healthy looking face and figure. She’s strong and fit from the work she does, and she wears shorts that flatter her legs, and tops that emphasize her tan and her petite tits. When working around the pool and deck area, she often strips down to a thong and bikini top. She knows I love to watch her and she’s perfectly all right with it. In fact I think she enjoys showing off. I just don’t know how she keeps her laborers in control, unless maybe she gives them a little something after hours. Regardless, they do good work at a fair price and I’m very happy.

So the house and yard looked great when everyone arrived around five thirty. And they all arrived right on time! Tom and Dawn and Amy knocked on the door and we welcomed them inside. We had barely said hello when Sue knocked on the door and Joe, Rhonda and Tammi pulled up as we opened the door for Sue. So with everyone accounted for we moved out to the patio. I had prepared all of the food and beverages ahead of time, so other than cooking on the grill, it was just a matter of serving everything.

We invited everyone to jump in the pool and of course that was the perfect excuse for us all to get naked. Trish took Sue into our bedroom to undress. Joe, Rhonda, Tom and Dawn all took off their clothes in the guest casita. And Amy, Teri, Tracy and Tammi got undressed in the girls’ rooms.

Undressing with Trish and Sue in my room was a preview of the evening. As Sue stripped she made no effort to hide herself whatsoever. In fact I got the feeling that she was putting on a show for Trish and me. It was the way she sat on the bed. And the way she made eyes at us with each item that she removed. And as she finally took off her thong, she stretched her arms and legs and fell back on the bed spread wide open.

‘Oh I feel so sexy! There’s nothing that can compare to being free of my clothes with people who love it like I do. I’ve wanted to be able to do this for so many years. I just never met the right people. Thank you for inviting me to your home!’

Trish walked over to her and held her hand. Then she bent over and kissed her softly on her lips. I could see that Sue was turning it into a french kiss. Trish put her free hand on Sue’s pussy. I could hear a moan from Sue as Trish applied some pressure. Seeing Trish’s finger slipping inside of our new friend caused my blood to rush to my groin and I felt a growing sensation. Sue has an amazing body and I was totally enjoying the show.

As Trish broke her kiss she responded to Sue. ‘I’m so glad you’re here. We both look forward to getting to know you better, and I’m sure we will become great friends. Let’s go outside and join the party.’

They kissed again and Sue sat up on the edge of the bed. As I stepped

toward her and the door, she stood up and gave me a hug and a kiss too. I loved the way she stroked my ass while we kissed.

‘It’s so nice to meet people who are uninhibited, and secure with themselves.’ She told me. ‘I’m so impressed with Tracy. She’s mature beyond her years, and I know that it has a lot to do with the way you and Trish have raised her. Did she tell you all about our day on Tuesday?’

‘Yes she told us. And I have to give most of the credit for her upbringing to Trish. I’ve only been in the picture for a few months. But they have changed my life too. And I’m very thankful that we have come together this way. And you, Sue, are a welcome addition. You’ll have to come and visit with us often.’

We walked out to the patio. As we made our entrance Tom and Dawn and Rhonda were obviously checking out the hard body on our new friend. And Sue knew it and she didn’t mind at all. She was totally uninhibited and her smile was infectious. She was instantly liked by us all.

So the relaxbet güvenilirmi kids were already in the pool. Tom, Dawn and Rhonda joined them. Trish, Sue, Joe and I got into the hot tub. Trish was telling us about how Joe had masturbated and cum on her tits when they first met on Tuesday. Tracy had already told me about it, and her recount was almost identical so there was no reason to doubt it at all. We were listening and laughing and enjoying the conversation so much, I barely heard the gate open behind us.

But then I heard a familiar voice.

‘Oh Rob. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had company out here.’

It was Jill the landscaper. I quickly got up out of the spa and walked over to her, forgetting for the moment that I was naked. The expression on her face reminded me though.

‘Oh God! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt your party. I saw the cars but I thought you would all be inside. I left some tools down in the lower garden. I’ll get them and hurry out of here!’

‘Jill, relax. It’s no big deal. As long as you’re not offended by me being naked, we’re all OK with it. Let me help you find the tools. What are you missing?’

I put my hand on her waist and guided her down the walkway past the guest cabana to the garden.

‘My guys left two clippers and a small trowel here. Normally I wouldn’t worry about it and I’d get them next time I come here. But I just bought them, and I know we’re going to need them on the job tomorrow. Sometimes those guys make me nuts!’

I spotted one of the clippers on the ledge and picked it up. As I held it for her she commented, ‘Be careful. Those blades are sharp. You wouldn’t want to cut yourself! Especially with all that you have exposed there.’

I looked down and laughed at her joke.

She asked, ‘Do you always party naked?’

‘Well since you asked, yes we do quite often. Would you like to join us?’

‘Oh I’m all dirty from work and I’m a mess. I couldn’t.’

Her excuse seemed weak enough that I decided to ask again. ‘You could jump in the shower in the casita and then join us in the spa. I know you’re not shy about your body. It would be a good chance to get to know each other better. We can add a new dimension to our business relationship. More than just dirt and plants. Will you join us, please?’

She found the other clipper and the trowel. She held them there and looked at me. I think she was focusing on my cock, but our eyes did manage to meet.

‘Well I guess I don’t have any other plans for tonight. I won’t be intruding?’

‘No! We’re happy to have you. Come with me.’

We walked back up the steps and I took her inside the casita. I showed her to the bathroom and made sure there was a fresh towel there for her.

‘Get yourself freshened up and then join us in the pool. Do you want steak or salmon, or both, for dinner?’

‘Oh gosh, you’re too kind. I’ll have the fish. Thank you so much for including me. I’ll be out in a few minutes.’

‘OK take your time.’

I went back out and settled into the spa again. Joe and Rhonda had switched places. He was in the pool now and playing with Tracy and the others. Rhonda was sitting in the spa in the place where I had been. As I climbed in, I teased her by scooting close to her on the seat.

‘Who is that?’ she asked.

‘That’s Jill, our landscaper. She left some tools here today and came back to get them. I invited her to stay.’ I glanced at Trish to make sure that she didn’t mind.

She let me know it was OK by saying, ‘She’s a really nice lady. And we both get a big kick out of the way she dresses when she comes here. She wears the skimpiest clothes I’ve ever seen on someone in her line of work. And she’s cute. And I know that Rob enjoys watching her.’

Rhonda nodded and said, ‘The more the merrier. Nothing livens up a party like a few more naked girls!’

‘I couldn’t agree with you more!’ We all laughed together.

A few moments later Jill emerged from the casita. She had a towel wrapped around her as she walked out onto the deck. She stood above us at the hot tub.

‘Do you have room for one more in there?’ she asked.

I stood up to take her hand and assist her in. ‘We sure do. Toss your towel on the chair. Jill, this is Rhonda and Sue. And you know Trish.’

She took my hand and stepped down into the tub, smiling and nodding to everyone as she did. When she saw Sue she did a double take.

‘Sue? Sue Landers?’

Sue looked at Jill and smiled. ‘Jill Clark? Oh my God! It’s you!’

‘Sue! How are you? I can’t believe it’s you!’

Trish and Rhonda and I were all watching and wondering how they knew each other. Sue looked at us and said, ‘Jill and I were roommates at ASU, our freshman year. I haven’t seen her in… fifteen years!’

‘Do you live here in Sedona Sue? What do you do?’

‘I teach and coach at the high school. Trish and Rhonda’s daughters are in my class. How long have you lived up here?’

“I’ve been here for about six years. I got married after college to a real asshole. He wanted relaxbet yeni giriş to party and do drugs more than he wanted to help make a home. We got divorced after about three years. I moved up here and started a business. I’ve got a great crew of guys who work hard for me. I pay them well and they’re loyal and they do good work. And I make a fairly good living.’

‘I’ll attest to the good work part.’ I said.

‘What about you Sue?’

‘Well I turned my cheerleading at college into a job. I worked for three years in San Diego with the cheering squad there. It was more dancing than gymnastics, but it was fun for a while. When it got old I got my teaching credentials in order and came back to Arizona. The best offer I had was here in Sedona and I’ve been here ever since. I love it here.’

‘Did you ever get married?’

‘I had several offers, but I never felt compelled to do it. I have too much fun just being on my own. I like being free and easy.’

‘I can relate to that.’

In that short conversation, Trish and Rhonda and I all gained a huge amount of information about Jill and Sue. And I think they gained our respect as well. I was impressed with their backgrounds and attitudes about their lives.

Jill continued, ‘So Sue, do you always party naked with the families of your students?’

We all broke out in laughter. We laughed so loud that everyone in the pool stopped what they were doing to see what had happened.

When the laughter died down, Sue answered, ‘Actually this is the first time that Trish and Rob have invited me here. Their daughter, Tracy, and Rhonda and Joe’s daughter, Tammi, are best friends and two of my favorite students. They wanted me to meet their parents and so here I am. I feel honored for a couple of reasons. First of all, most students today don’t want their parents and teachers to ever meet. And second, I have never met people who are as cool and together as these families are. You have no idea how mature and responsible these young ladies are, thanks to the quality of the upbringing their parents have provided. And they’re good students as well.’

Sue’s statement made us all feel proud not only of our daughters, but also of our good fortune in finding good friends.

But Jill went on with the nudity issue. ‘So it’s your first time meeting and partying with these parents and their kids and you all happen to be naked?’

We all laughed again. Trish decided to clear the air.

‘Jill, our household is not typical. We spend most of our time without our clothes on. Obviously, we’re usually dressed when you and your guys are here, but we like to socialize in the nude. We’ve met several other people who share our love of fresh air and nudity and Sue happens to be one of them. And it seems that you are too. We’re glad to have you joining our little group.’

‘So Trish, does your nudist lifestyle promote sexual freedom as well?’ Jill had asked a very thoughtful question. Trish thought about it and responded.

‘I don’t think that our nudism promotes sexual freedom. It does promote comfort and releases us from a lot of the stress and hassles of sex. But coincidentally, we are a sexually freethinking group. We enjoy various sexual activities with each other. But not without limits of course. We respect each other and we treat each other that way. And I believe that we’re all pretty well adjusted.

‘Wow Trish, you do have it together. I’m glad to be here with you. This should be a fun evening.’

I got out of the spa and went to check on the grill. I turned it on and let it heat up. The fillets and the salmon were all prepared in the outdoor fridge so I didn’t have to go inside the house for anything. I was able to observe all the interaction at our party.

Trish, Rhonda, Jill and Sue were all talking girl talk in the spa. It even looked like there were some touching games going on beneath the surface. I wondered just how well they were all getting along. In the pool the girls were having chicken fights atop Joe and Tom’s shoulders. They were constantly changing partners and seemed to enjoy the falls as much as anything. They have so much energy. It was good though because I knew they would sleep well tonight.

The sun was setting and I knew it would cool down soon, so I turned on the gas tower heater and built a fire in the chiminea. I put the food on the grill and got everything set up. Within about twenty minutes I was calling everyone to the food line.

The crowd got out of the water and dried off and then gathered by the food. They all helped themselves to steak, fish, salads, and fresh bread. Beverages were refilled and we all sat around the large dining table outside. Jill and Sue sat opposite each other, but it was gratifying to see how everyone was interacting with everyone else. The youngsters were very adult like and fit in well. I was reminded of Sue’s comments. The dinner conversation was lively. There were stories about what we had done on our extended stay in Phoenix. And we heard about the girls’ return to school and visiting at relaxbet giriş each others’ houses. Sue and Jill were somewhat amazed, I’m sure, at what they were hearing. But they were more comfortable as they realized what our friendships were all about. And they became quite relaxed about it too.

When we finished with dinner Trish announced that we had a choice of three different pies for dessert that we had brought home from the Rock Springs Café. We had Lemon, Blackberry Crumb and Jack Daniels Pecan. Rather than serve individual pieces, we cleared the table of the dinner plates and gave everyone a fresh dessert plate. Then we just passed the pies around the table and let each person help themselves.

As the pies were going around the table and slices were being cut and placed on the plates, Rhonda dropped a big glob of blackberry on herself.

‘Oh yuck!’ she cried.

Tracy was sitting next to her and without hesitation she leaned over and licked the fruit off of Rhonda’s breast.

‘Oh Tracy, I should have dropped more.’

We all laughed. Tracy just smirked.

Dawn spoke next, ‘I should have dropped some on me.’

Joe took a fork full and dropped it on her leg. ‘Oops! I’ll get that!’ he said as he dove into Dawn’s lap and licked it up.

Dawn giggled and said, ‘I think we may have figured out a more exciting way to eat pie.

‘And whipped cream!’ It was Sue and she was spreading it all over her tits and down her belly. She pushed her chair back and called out, ‘Who can help me with this?’

Tammi got up and started licking her teacher. Teri came over proclaiming that whipped cream was her favorite and dove in too. Trish scooped her hand through the berry pie and then put it in my crotch. Jill was watching closely as Trish invited her.

‘Jill, can you help me clean this up?’

Trish dove into my lap and started to lick it up. She held my gooey cock and offered it to Jill. Jill took the bait. She bent over and cleaned all of the fruit off, but as my dick grew in her mouth, she kept sucking. I pushed my chair back further to allow her easy access. Meanwhile Trish took another finger full and reached down between Jill’s legs. And then she proceeded to clean it up…with her tongue of course.

From that point our dinner party became a gastronomic orgy. Everyone was eating pie off of everyone else. I looked around and saw it all. As Jill sucked my cock with incredible enthusiasm, Trish ate her tight blonde cunt. Joe was licking Dawn’s legs and lower body. Tom was licking whipped cream off of his daughter Amy. Tammi, Teri, Sue, Tracy and Rhonda were all over each other. Hands, mouths, food, all in contact, all in play, and lots of sounds of pleasure brought on by good tasting food and good feeling sex. I’m not sure how many orgasms there were, but I heard at least four sets of moans and sighs that were dead giveaways! I myself managed to score a deep shot down Jill’s throat. As she looked up into my eyes Trish hit her button and she came for the next minute or so.

I held her and stroked her amid the sounds and cries all around us. Finally Trish stood up and looked around.

She called out to everyone. ‘OK boys and girls. Have you had enough to eat?’

The answers came back sounding like Mmm and Ahs and oh yeahs.

‘Well when you’ve had your fill of whatever (or whoever) you’re eating, there’s a shower in the casita, there are two in the girl’s wing and we have a huge one in our bedroom. Let the party continue!’

There were cheers from everyone. Trish grabbed Jill and took her inside. When Sue got up she came to me and asked where Jill was. I told her I would show her. The others were going in every direction. I didn’t bother to pay attention where. I took Sue by her hand and brought her back into our bedroom. We could hear the shower running as we came inside. We peeked in the stall and found Jill and Trish kissing under the running water. Sue stepped down to join them.

As she joined their kiss I heard her say, ‘I wanted to tell you Jill, that since we lived together, I’ve learned to like girls a lot more.’

Jill answered, ‘Oh I wish we would have known that fifteen years ago!’

‘But we still like guys too Rob! Get in here!’

I stepped down into the shower. Trish grabbed my cock and started to lather it up. That of course got it hard again too. Jill and Sue were washing each other’s pussies.

Sue turned and leaned against the wall with her back to me, and her legs spread. ‘Trish, I think I need a cock in me right now. Can you spare your fiancé for a quick fuck?’

Trish pulled me over and placed my dick beneath Sue’s ass. I pointed it at her cunt hole and pushed forward. Sue wiggled back into me and I was in. I began to pump her and I was amazed at how she got into it. She was crying out and urging me on. Having Jill and Trish there was exciting too. Jill got close to the wall and started kissing Sue while Trish fondled my scrotum and diddled with my ass. Sensing our approaching orgasms (like she always does) Trish reached around and tugged at Sue’s clit. Then she poked her finger up my ass and that did it. I shot another load up into Sue as she moaned and shook on her feet while she was cumming. As we finished we let the water run over us all until we were thoroughly rinsed. Trish turned off the shower and I grabbed towels from the shelf.

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