A Whole Lotta Woman Ch. 02

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…read part one to find out how we reached this point in the story.

I heard her moving towards the bathroom upstairs as I got busy making a pitcher of orange juice & vodka in the kitchen below, then put two glasses on a tray to accompany the jug which had enough ice in to keep it cold for as long as possible in the sweltering heat. Glancing at the clock on the wall as I carefully walked back out I saw it had just gone two am & despite my eagerness to hurry back, I took it one step at a time up the stairs as each step made the flotilla of ice clink in the glass jug & the glasses wobble precariously on the tray until I reached my bedroom where I found Tracy standing in front of my wardrobe mirror. Setting the tray down on a table by the double bed with relief I sat on the edge & poured each of us a glass full of the ice cold mixture.

“Do you think I’m fat?” she asked softly.

“Nope” I replied without hesitation, “big – yes, beautiful – certainly, voluptuous for sure, but fat, noooooo.”

“Flatterer” she giggled, lifting her juicy tits up & squeezing them together before letting them fall with a soft slap onto her breast as I took a long drink & admired her full figure in the soft light.

“Sometimes” I admitted candidly, offering her glass up which she accepted gratefully, sitting down beside me on the bed. “But you have a heart of gold that lights up your eyes & makes you prettier than most women. Some women are beautiful but have a small, mean heart which makes them ugly in comparison.”

“I’m never exactly sure if you’re takin’ the piss” she replied, thoughtfully sipping her drink.

“Ask me a straight question & I’ll give you a straight answer” I chuckled, reaching for my tin to begin rolling a nice fat spliff which would give us a lift for the ensuing action. “I’ve always thought you’re a sexy lady & Gary was lucky to have you, but if he’s dumb enough to play away that’s his problem!”

“She’s a skinny little slut an’ all” she spat, “Elaine told me she’d seen ’em together at ‘The Mill’ (a pub) & she was all over him like a rash. Bitch!”

I spread a thick layer of skunk onto the paper & rolled it expertly while she got it off her chest, nodding as I understood how she felt as my ex had done the same to me two years previously.

She drained her glass as I lit up & I leaned back on one hand, taking a deep pull on the weed while she refilled her glass.

“Anyways, fuck him. I’ve come here to forget him & his bullshit tonight – assuming I can stay the night?” she said.

“Of course” I drawled, languidly blowing a smoke ring towards her. “You want some of this?” I asked sociably & was surprised when she nodded affirmatively as she rarely smoked anything stronger than her cigarettes.

“Some o’ this” she said accepting the slow-burning smoke & eyeing my cock resting against my thigh, “then some o’ that” she grinned around the doobie before taking a big pull which made her splutter as the unfamiliar taste hit the back of her throat.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell” she coughed, “what’s that funny taste!”

“Blueberries” I said, “it’s a blueberry skunk-weed spliff that’ll knock ya socks off”

She lifted a foot & waggled it exclaiming, “bloody hell, it did!”

Chuckling amiably at the inanity of it I watched her take beşiktaş escort bayan a smaller hit & hold it deep in her lungs. Reaching up I relinquished her hold on it to take another drag while she drank some more & eyed my swelling cock as it reacted to my admirable view of her jiggling tits which rose & fell like an ocean wave with each deep breath she took.

“Want a blow-back?” I inquired, waggling my eyebrows playfully at her.

She gave me a long look back before replying, “sure.”

I sat up to face her, then placed the lit tip into my mouth & made sure my tongue was well out of the way before taking a deep, long pull to build up a good head of steam on the joint. Then, holding her head in my hands our lips moved to within an inch as I blew it into her mouth until she had as much as she could handle, then pulled back to watch how her eyes rolled as it hit her like a brick!

“Like a blow job?” she breathed through a cloud of fragrant smoke. I certainly wasn’t about to argue with that & lay back as she took an ice cube between her lips & rolled it around her tongue while leaning over to set a cool kiss on the head of my hardening cock. Gasping at the contrasting sensations of her hot breath & cool tongue bathing my meat as it sank into her wet mouth, energising every nerve that stimulated an uncontrollable reflex in bringing my ass off the bed as I stretched out my hands to caress her glorious red hair, while her lips kissed their way down the length of my cock until they opened to take one of my balls into that icy fire & I cried out in sheer joy to feel her suck lovingly on each sac. The ice cooled my flesh & enflamed my libido as her lips worked over my balls while she hummed happily to send tremors of

desire coursing through my body, surging along my spine & spreading through every nerve until I ached for her in ways I’d never dreamed. Tangling my fingers in her hair I pulled her head gently up until she looked back at me.

“I LOVE sucking cock” she declared, stroking me hard with her hand then slapping it onto her moist tongue as I gasped for words to describe how good it felt, but giving me no time to collect my thoughts she leaned forward as though in benediction over my loins to let a trickle of cool spittle slither onto my cock head. I threw my head back leaning in to fill her mouth & work the rapidly melting ice over my cock. I felt her hair tickling my inner thighs while her mouth opened to take me ever deeper, gurgling with approval on my cock that throbbed in her throat, pushing

herself down the last inch to take me in completely while she held herself down on the root until the ice melted onto my hot balls that seethed with a fresh load of creamy juice.

“That – feels – in-fucking-credible” I managed to gasp while her throat swallowed my cock in gulps that made my body shake with intensity urging me on to lewdly use her throat as she gobbled every inch greedily while I held rigidly in place for her to feed upon, grunting in surprise at the questing fingertip over my asshole while her tongue flickered over the tip to gather the pre-cumm. She pushed into the tight muscle slightly & crooned happily as she was rewarded with a fresh pearl of love juice that smeared across her lips as she kissed it off the swollen glans beşiktaş escort while I felt my head spinning with the erotic stimulus.

“Time out!” I gasped desperately, “don’t make me cum before I can taste you again love.”

She lifted her head as I leant up to kiss her moist lips. Our tongues danced back & forth as I savoured the salty taste of my flesh on hers as it darted around my mouth. Looking deep into each others eyes to find our desires reflected there, licking, kissing & nibbling our lips until we briefly parted to suck in air before returning to the feast. Lying back on the bed with my feet on the floor while she knelt either side of my chest to give me a grandstand view of her magnificent arse.

“Fuck, that’s a beautiful sight” I breathed, kissing each cheek lovingly as my hands caressed her hips, then ran down to rub all over the soft, sweet curves as she pushed it back into my face until she filled my world with her sex. I heard her moan in recognition of the compliment as she concentrated on feeding me back into her mouth once more; taking it by the root to hold it still while her tongue swished back kissing alongside the pendulous folds of her hairy pussy as I dug my fingers into her voluptuous flesh, passionately pulling her back harder as she ran her nails along the sensitive underside of my shaft to tease behind the glans of my cock while her tongue tip wriggled into the seeping slit as more spittle dripped from her watering mouth which then began to suckle harder on my pulsing cock.

The sound of our growing pleasure harmonised with the smacking of lips wrapping my arms across her waist, I buried my face into her soaking crack to dart my tongue up her juicy channel, feeling her cunt lips wrap around mine in an obscene kiss while I breathed her musky aroma, drinking her crème & savouring each drop on my tongue like a connoisseur of the finest wine before letting it slip down my throat while I felt my cock begin to slide back into hers in a relentless rhythm which made me lift up to meet her head coming down. Using my feet to help steady each thrust while I fucked her mouth with my cock as I fucked her cunt with my tongue in a synchronous rhythm that made the bed shake.

Running my wet tongue along her crease it seemed to wink at me as I felt her hands slide under my arse to pull me up until her nose rubbed my straining balls while she swallowed me whole. The peristaltic waves sending ripples shivering down my shaft that made my sacs boil with spunk as I slithered my tongue around her puckered hole before plunging all the way inside. Relishing the earthy texture of her ring as I opened her up while raking my fingers down her cheeks to drive her wild with desire. I felt my meat slipping from it’s snug spot & heard her gasp before screaming out: “Oh my fuckin’ God YESSSS”, then wildly bucking her haunches as I held on to really work my tongue around & fuck her ass with it as I dug my nails into her flesh, slapping each cheek at random while tongue fucking her arse & inhaling the intoxicating aroma of her lust as I pulled her back onto my tongue to swirl it around that juicy hole in tight circles, using my lips to suck up the free flowing juices that poured from her pussy in waves. Rolling my tongue & keeping it stiff, I began to stab it in – out – in – out as she shuddered which forced my tongue right up her bringing a wail of triumph from her trembling lips that slobbered uncontrollably on my burning flesh. Lost in lust I reamed her asshole open & began scraping my nails down the soft skin of her thighs which made her buck crazily, snorting for breath like an animal while hanging onto my throbbing cock with her lips in a tight grip that only added to the pleasure of her squeezing my cheeks in her hot, sweaty palms.

Alternating now between her arse struggling for breath I pushed on her right hip, but the horny bitch only pushed back down to trap my tongue deep inside her pussy as she poured herself down my throat, trapping my head tightly between her thighs to smother me completely in her gushing crack. Left with no alternative but to drink or drown, I naturally opted for the former & began to fuck her steaming cunt with my tongue as I rubbed her clit on my chin. A squirt of love cream filled my mouth & her body writhed upon mine to force my nose deeper within her streaming crease, inhaling her juices as I drank her down while she worked over my cock in a frenzied rhythm to get at the spunk seething for release in my balls which bounced on her chin with each down stroke of her mouth, possessing me with no

chance of parole until I’d given her every drop she desired.

Suddenly her body stiffened in anticipation & a flood of her salty-sweet love juice drenched my tongue as she forced two fingers past my tight ring to trigger an uncontrollable blast of spunk from my balls which she brought to the boil at exactly the right moment. Digging my fingers into her arse & holding on for dear life as I struggled to swallow the juices she poured over my open mouth while her tongue lapped at the fountain of spunk cascading from me.

Swallowing a hot mouthful of her love juices I pushed her arse up

Moaning happily, at tasting the love we had freely given each other, then moving reluctantly apart with sighs of complete contentment to gather our wits; lying head-to-toe gasping for breath, & I looked back up along her body to see that each gulp of air was making her tits heave which only added to my lust-crazed state as I licked my lips of her slick juice.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell” she groaned, “nobody did that to my ass before!”

I grinned & let my eyes drink in the vision of her bountiful body glowing in the soft light, glistening with sweat, as she regained a measure of composure.

“You really are a whole lotta woman!” I said, rolling onto my side & running a hand along her thigh.

“You taste delicious” she whispered, licking her moist lips sensuously as she looked back at me, languidly trailing a red tipped nail across one of her fat, juicy nipples..

“You got a license for that dangerous weapon?” I quipped, eying her sinuous tongue as it swiped across those full, red lips.

“Have you?” she retorted quick as a whip, flicking her gorgeous green eyes over the glans which throbbed appreciatively to feel her renewed attention.

Grinning like the cat who’d got the cream I moved up to lay beside her face-to-face to hold her close as we kissed, languorously letting our tongues tell of each others love while our lips melted softly together, luxuriating in the afterglow while our hands caressed gently in savouring the emotional moment. Breaking the kiss I suggested a cool shower would feel good & she agreed…which is where the story continues in part 3).

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