A Wild Rose on the River

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This story involves infidelity, if that offends you, please read something else.

A Wild Rose on the River

This game they were playing was a dangerous one. She had fallen for him hard. She hadn’t seen it coming, and for some reason couldn’t let it go. She had no right to him, nor he to her. They were both married, but each clearly not happy with their spouse, and neither one wanted, or had the will to keep any distance from the other for any length of time.

Rose had been married forever it seemed and had raised two kids while her spouse did his forty hours a week and nothing more. She had taken care of the kids, the house, the yard, and still had time to take classes and eventually get a part time job, at the local junior college a town away.

Still she had been expected to do all for everyone. Now that the kids were grown and off at college she thought she could focus on herself. That was short lived. She was losing her extra weight and was dedicated to adhering to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Her spouse started to complain that she was never home, while he sat in a dark room watching the television. She had no intentions to sit beside him, she had done that for so many years that her life had half slipped away. She would not concede on this matter!

When his old techniques had failed to manipulate Rose to what her spouse wanted, he decided to try a different route, if she was never around anyway, she should get a job that would provide benefits, so he wouldn’t have to pay for the medical out of his own pocket. Her spouse had chosen to work for himself, because he didn’t want to work for “the Man,” and he was in the habit of getting what he wanted.

Her spouse’s efforts were so transparent, and he didn’t realize what thin ice he had been on for years. She had quite frankly had it with him. She had stayed in their marriage the last seven years just because of the kids. There was little love left for him there, although her spouse wouldn’t know it.

Rose wasn’t even sure if there really truly had ever been love there, or if she had believed he would be the only one that would ever ask her to marry him, so little was her self worth at the time, and why she had agreed to be his wife. She was still looking for her identity back then, not the confident woman that she now was.

She looked back now at the insecure girl she had still been at twenty-two, and then objectively at the forty-nine year old woman she was today, and thought, I will take the older wiser me any day. Not only was she ten sizes smaller now, but she was very confident and comfortable with herself, and lately hadn’t taken shit from anyone.

Her younger self had tried way too hard to please others, thinking that she would get the same back. Her current self knew not to expect anything from anyone but herself, and that the only control she had in her life was control of herself, which was why she worked out so hard and lifted so heavy. She refused to be dissuaded from her goals. She was making up for half a life wasted.

Other than raising her children, she hadn’t done a damn thing that had been on her bucket list, in fact, she hadn’t even put serious thought into what she had wanted to accomplish before she died, because she had figured she would never get the chance to do any of it anyway.

Marriage to her husband had produced two wonderful children, but that had not come without great cost to herself. She had sacrificed a full twenty years of her life to raising them. She loved them all very much, but hadn’t even wanted children when she had met her spouse.

The truth about her husband hit Rose hard when she realized that he had managed her throughout their entire marriage. She had nearly gone mental a few times because he had never given her a break. For example, when the kids were all under four years old, she would wait all day for her spouse to get home from work to go to the store for groceries, so he would watch the kids when he got home, and she could have a few minutes of peace, but he would always word things so she ended up taking the kids with her anyway. After twenty- five years of this, she was DONE!

If she had to go get a job that provided benefits, and quit the two jobs she had now that she liked, then she could probably make all the bills on her own, and frankly didn’t need him! He always claimed that the house and property and all that was on it, were all because of her, but she had never asked for it, nor, if she was honest, needed it, or really wanted it.

She wasn’t a homebody, truly, never had been. Home was for eating dinner and sleeping. He was the one who spent as much time at home as possible. She would much rather have been hiking, or fishing, or kayaking, or skiing, or anything outdoors. Fear had kept her from doing these things with the kids when she was raising them. The funny thing was that before they were married, her husband had been into all of those things too. She didn’t understand how he had changed so much.


Steve had picked his wife because she had been a beast at the gym and had fawned izmir escort bayan all over him, showering him with compliments, making him feel like a hero. After they had married, and children had not been an option for them because they found she couldn’t have them — which suited him just fine — his wife had gotten lazy and complacent. She was not the woman that she had made herself out to be, to land him. She knew that he would never divorce her, so she became lax in any kind of workout routine. Now she worked, and while she managed about six miles a day on her job, she sat around a lot and ate things she shouldn’t eat.

His spouse had been cute and energetic when they were dating, not anything super special, but her enthusiasm had been infectious and she had made him laugh, and still did on occasion. It was different now somehow, he wished that she had stayed true to who he had thought she was. He was frustrated and unhappy that she had changed so much. She used to want to do all the things he did and had been super disciplined about working out. She had wanted to spend all her time with him. Now his spouse never went to the gym, nor hunted, or hiked, or fished with him, and the few hikes he had persuaded her to go on were less than fifteen minutes of walking.

That wasn’t a hike, that was a warmup, he would think, but he would praise his spouse for the effort so he could persuade her to go out again soon.

His wife didn’t want to go out into nature with him, she didn’t want to go anywhere with him or even by herself, unless it was to spend money. She loved to spend money. There was always something new in the house that he would notice on his next set of days off.

She did the grocery shopping, too, but that made sense because she worked up in the city and he worked rurally. Steve was gone most of the time; when he wasn’t working or preparing meals for the next week of work, he was fishing, hunting, out off-roading with his side-by-side, or on foot hiking.

He took his dog with him whenever he could, so always had a constant companion. He worked hard and played hard, always on the go. He was a bit of an adrenaline junky if he was honest with himself, and his spouse had turned into a nondescript homebody who didn’t seem to want any adventure.


Rose and Steve ran into each other fishing quite a few times. She would usually be fishing her way out as he was heading in. The first few times, he and his dog just headed past quietly, but after seeing her everyday for a week at various parts of the river he had an opportunity to talk to her. She was packing her catch up to head out; he could see that she had just caught her limit.

He had been watching her as he was heading upriver. He saw her anchor her stringer and wade out thigh deep. She cast her line in, the worm landing into a deep pool by a large boulder, and got a nibble immediately she waited a few seconds more before tugging up lodging her hook into the fish. She reeled in slowly keeping the line tight as she walked towards where she had anchored her stringer just moments before. She reeled the fish in and placed it on the stinger before dislodging the hook. He could see that she had done well today. She had five trout on the string and they all were between twelve and fourteen inches.

He commented on her catch as he got close. She was just about to take a picture of them.

“Nice haul today. I can take a picture for you if you want to hold up the stringer,” he offered.

“I don’t think my husband would believe me if I told him some passerby took the photo, thanks for the offer though.” Her eyes were somewhat hidden in the shade of her cap but her lips turned up slightly at the corners that took any sting there may have been out of her words.

So she was married, he thought disappointed. He checked her hand, there was no evidence of a ring. He understood her comment, his wife would challenge something like that too. Jealousy!

He could understand why her husband might be jealous, she was gorgeous.

“So how is it that he isn’t ever out here with you?”

“He doesn’t go out, and I just stopped waiting for him to,” her tone was a little bitter. Then realizing that she was divulging way too much to this man she didn’t know, she got quiet.

Rose had noticed him here often. He was hard not to notice. He was tall, over six feet, shaved head, olive green eyes, straight even teeth, and bulging muscles pulling his t-shirt tight enough across his broad chest to see his nipples through the fabric.

He had honest eyes and an open smile. She couldn’t help but to widen her own smile in response, as she looked up into his open face., her teeth flashing white against her tanned skin.

He had thought she was gorgeous before, but, when she smiled, her whole being radiated with an amazing luminance. He was star struck. She had taken the breath from him and he stood there speechless. He realized, in that moment, that he had forgotten to breathe, and inhaled deeply.

She was looking at him expectantly, like she was waiting for him to say escort izmir something, but he hadn’t heard her question him at all.

He shook his head to clear the cobwebs so he could focus, and asked her to repeat the question.

“How far upriver are you heading?” She repeated.

“I’m heading up past the statue rock about a half mile. How far in did you go?” He was glad that he sounded normal talking to her, because he was having the hardest time focusing on their conversation and not on all the lusty thoughts that kept flickering through his brain about her and those full lips as she spoke.

“The rapids, just this side of the overflow…so you should be able to catch something decent since you are heading in a bit farther than I went.”

Steve knew that she was teasing him, and he liked it. He also admired that she came out here even though her husband wouldn’t. His spouse did nothing without him but work and shop. Yet his spouse wouldn’t do the things he liked with him either. He looked at this woman in front of him and realized they may be in the same situation.

He started fishing a little earlier, which meant getting his gym workout done earlier.

He started running into her at the gym then, too. He hadn’t even known they belonged to the same gym. He had figured that she probably lifted, but hadn’t even thought they might belong to the same gym. Her arms, shoulders and legs were way too well muscled to just be from fishing.

The first time she saw him at the gym, she went over to him and playfully threw her hat at him to get his attention, it hit him on the thigh and landed on the floor where she bent to scoop it up, “you stalking me?” Her tone was mockingly stern, but her smile went clear to her forehead, softening her accusation.

“Negative,” he replied with his own smile, but his hands had to stay busy on his phone because they suddenly started shaking, his pulse rebelliously becoming unsteady. “I didn’t know that you went to this gym, but I will be honest that I’m here earlier than I normally would so I could beat you to the river today. It’s my last day off for a week.” He felt like he was rambling so stopped.

She laughed then, the sound tinkling brightly, making him feel a little euphoric. He wanted to make her laugh more. The emotions it released in him were indescribable. He had never felt a high like it.

That was the first day that they fished together. They talked some, introduced themselves to each other, but most of their time together, they spent in companionable silence.

Over the next couple of months they fished together a few days a week, and Steve would catch himself watching Rose more than he was fishing or working out at the gym prior to heading out to the river, for that matter. He still managed to catch his quota or get his workout in, but it took longer, because his focus wasn’t completely on the fishing, or the gym, like it had been before meeting Rose.

They talked often and joked around a lot, but would rarely bring up their spouses unless one of them had to unload about something his or her spouse had done and couldn’t get past it without venting.

They talked about all kinds of other things: politics, metaphysics, physics, math, history, and of course fishing.

Her job at the college kept her mind young and sharp. She had all kinds of stories about little known historical facts or some data from environmental science, like recycling is actually worse for the environment and less cost effective than just tossing the item into the trash. He loved her energy and her enthusiasm, and also the way she saw the world. Even when she would rant about something her spouse had done, by a few minutes in, she would be looking at the positive in the situation, and they would both be laughing.

They had stopped for lunch while fishing way upriver one day at the end of summer. She was in a black bikini with a white Hawaiian shirt over it half buttoned. He laid his hoodie down on the bank so she could sit on it. She sat, but left room for him next to her. He sat, their hips and thighs touching. She turned towards him, he turned too thinking she was going to say something; instead she leaned in slightly and kissed him. He kissed her back, it just felt so natural.

She probed past his lips with her tongue, and he turned towards her further until he found himself kneeling in front of her in the water, his arms slowly twisting around her well muscled back to pull her into his embrace.

She, while holding around his shoulder with one arm was struggling out of her bathing suit bottoms with her free hand. He loosened his hold on her to aid her in her struggle. He easily slid the bottoms down to her ankles where she stepped out of them. They kissed for a minute more while he read her body by Braille.

He finally spread her legs wide, and bent to worship her until she begged for him. His tongue meandering around different areas of her pleasure complex, learning what she enjoyed. Neither one of them worried about anyone witnessing their passion this far upriver. They both gave of izmir escort themselves as if they were both free to do so. Her moaning got increasingly louder and more frequent as he swirled his tongue around her pleasure center. She orgasmed as he placed his rigid tongue inside her. That was when she begged for him. He obliged her. His board shorts pulled down about mid thigh; he was positioned over her and slowly entered her, watching her face as he pushed a bit more each time. On the third thrust he entered her fully. She arched her pelvis to meet him, moaning softly each penetration, and they ground slowly together, her second climax happened quickly.

It had her grasping around him with both legs and both arms as she caught her breath urging him to not move, as if he could, her body had clamped down around him, he wasn’t going anywhere. It was an oddly amazing feeling. They stayed motionless for almost a full minute before her convulsed pussy relaxed around him and enabled him to move again, slowly.

Their lips met again, playing leisurely, tasting, nibbling, and sucking. She drew away, only to suck his lower lip into her mouth and gently bite grazing the skin of the lip. It was so hot!!

She was as fully into this as he was, neither one thinking about anything other than how amazing the other was and how well they fit together.

He couldn’t help the thought that entered his consciousness, now that he had tasted her, there was no way he could ever give her up.

His ball sack tightened, as he felt his climax rising inside, he pulled out of her just in time. He shot his load, and some of it landed in a broken stream up her belly, but most of his cum had settled into the cleavage between her breasts still in her bathing suit top.

She took a quick dip in the river washing away the evidence of his climax, but baring her very nice breasts in the process. While she washed the spots from her top. She walked back towards him and slowly leaned in to kiss him, and he reached up to fondle her breast with one hand and with the other he drew her in to him again holding her to him. Their tongues finding each other over and over again. He couldn’t believe he was hard for her again already.

In the back of his mind, he worried that this might be the last time he would get to spend with her, and he never wanted it to end. His hands were wandering over her skin trying to burn the memory of her into his brain. His fingers found her wet and wanton. His lips leaving hers to meet up with his probing hand. He spread her legs wide once more this time his tongue stayed by her honey-hole and he used the corner of his palm to apply pressure to her clit. He had her panting and moaning in no time. Her hands on either side of his shaved head. She urged his head even with hers once more to passionately engage their two tongues while she reached her hand down to fondle his cock.

She couldn’t get enough of him. She hadn’t known sex could be so satisfying. She wanted him over and over again. Hoping that this was not the only time that this would happen, but feeling that she might need to end things with her husband if this man had this much pull on her.

She begged for him over and over again that day. He had been amazed that he had been able to keep up with her wanton desires for him. He had languished in the taste of her and wanted to please her in any way he could.


They continued to fish or hike together a few times a week and he would always find time to sex her up. She was as insatiable for him as he was for her. Some days they had every intention of fishing but would make love all afternoon instead.

Sometimes she would give him a blow job and he was good for maybe five minutes, before he would orgasm. She definitely knew what to do to please a man with her mouth and tongue. Then they would fish for a while before he would have to have her again.

He already knew he was in trouble. He needed Rose, like he needed air, but at the same time, he had made promises to take care of his wife for life. It didn’t make it any easier for him that his wife had completely misrepresented who she truly was. That was an error on his part, and the error was doubled, because when looking back he saw there had been many warning signs. He wouldn’t make the same mistakes again, and even though he had always believed that marriage was forever, he was now considering his alternatives.

His parents had stayed together and been solid all the way through, but it had been hard. They had been a good team as far as he could tell. His mom had gotten sick and eventually died of cancer in her early fifties. He had gotten a tattoo to remind him of his mother’s love and sacrifice for him, inevitably promoting his will to soar and excel in his endeavors. Looking back on it now, the death of his mother had ignited the need to settle down as well, and his spouse had been the next woman to show him interest, he had clearly been duped, in hindsight, she had all but stalked him, always seeming to show up at the gym when he was there, no matter what time of the day it was. His wife would often say it was her second of the day when it was an off time. Which could have been the truth, but the drive for his spouse had been him, it hadn’t come from herself. Now that she had married him, she had no drive.

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