A Woman in Need

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It was Friday evening as I sat at my cluttered desk, staring at a spreadsheet and trying to work through a column of numbers, a loud, mechanical humming sound interrupted my thoughts. What was that racket? It was late in the evening, so I doubted many of my co-workers were still around, and my curiosity now aroused I went to investigate. Down the hall the new financial reporter, Veronica Parker, office light was on and glowed under the closed door. Without thinking I knocked and opened the door without waiting for an answer. There sat she sat, her auburn hair pulled up in a severe French twist, her suit jacket over the back of her chair, and her high necked silk blouse unbuttoned. Her exposed breasts were supported by a nursing bra, and connected to her nipples tubing to the noisy machine on the corner of her desk.

She looked up from her paperwork aghast. I quickly turned around, and began to apologize for the intrusion and attempt to explain. Veronica flipped the machine off, and took a minute to cover her exposed breasts. As I continued to stammer excuses, my mind wheeled at the sight I had just witnessed. It was so erotic to see her pumping milk from her full breasts, I began to feel aroused. Quickly I suppressed my emotions, and reprimanded myself for the inappropriate feelings.

“Robert, I can explain,” she started to say, before I turned around and began myself to explain again the noise had caused my unexpected entrance and how I embarrassed I was.

“You embarrassed!? I would appreciate it if you did not mention this to anyone,” Veronica continued. I questioned why she should be ashamed of her body.

Other than a quick introduction when she joined our firm a couple months prior, I had only encountered Veronica in passing. We worked in different departments, and did not have any reason to interact. She always dressed in the utmost professional, if rather prim, manner. She was tall and slender, but she did not play up any of her features, and her cold and severe manner did not invite second glances. I had no idea of her personal life, but had concluded from the breast pump she was a nursing mother. It must be hard I thought with her demanding job to balance a family and career, and she did not seem to exude a very maternal vibe.

“There is no valid reason for me to have milk,” she stated sadly. “Please do not say anything. I have a hormonal disorder that causes me to lactate, and without expressing the milk I become engorged. I thought I was the only one working late, and I needed to relieve the pressure.” She began to tear up, and I was surprised to see her formal façade crumble. “It is so humiliating, and I would prefer no one knew,” Veronica ended.

I felt bad for her, she was new here and it had to be a struggle to deal with milky tits and not even having anyone to produce it for. Sitting down I handed her tissue, and promised not to share her secret. Since she was still a bit weepy, pendik escort I took a deep breath and said, “We all have our quirks, so don’t think you have a monopoly on being a bit different.”

Finally Veronica smiled, and with the tension lessened we began to chat. Over the next couple hours we talked about work, ourselves and I began to see a side of her that was not as cold as she projected in the office. We walked out of the building later that night, and I accompanied Veronica to her car. She thanked me, and I suggested we continue our conversation over dinner.

“As much as I would love to Robert, I need to get home and take care of my little problem,” she said gesturing in the general direction of her chest. It was now or never. Knowing her lactation issue, and seeing a softer side of her I gambled on sharing a secret of my own.

“Veronica, you know how earlier I said we all have our quirks?” and she nodded yes. I kept on, “I have a bit of an embarrassing issue too. I like to wear diapers, it turns me on sexually.” I half way expected her to laugh or express disgust, but she only smiled.

“How about dinner then?” she said agreeing, “my place.”

“Great I would like that,” I answered and I followed her in my car to her home. Veronica lived in a high rise apartment close by, and within 10 minutes we were riding the elevator up to have a dinner I would thoroughly enjoy.

Entering the apartment I was surprised at how feminine and soft the surroundings were. I had been worried it was going to be a cold and modern design that matched Veronica’s persona at work. She asked me to have a seat while she changed clothes before she started dinner. I settled into the cushy sofa piled with throw pillows and looked around. My apartment was standard bachelor fare, but Veronica had spent time to make hers into a home. I felt relaxed and comfortable, and my mind wandered back to the scene of the breast pump and the short view I had of her breasts.

I looked up and Veronica had re entered the living room. Her hair was down and fell into full waves around her face. She had traded in the business suit for a cotton chemise over yoga pants. Her bare feet padded into the room and I could not help but notice the swell of her full pale breasts between the v-opening of her top. She carried a small tote with her that resembled a diaper bag. Her entire demeanor had changed, and we began to talk again.

I mentioned I was a bit hungry, and was there anything I could do to help with the meal. “Oh no need dear, I have it taken care of,” she answered. Veronica had not stepped foot in the kitchen, so I was curious. “First we have to get you dressed for dinner.”

Now I was really confused until she unzipped the bag she had sat on the floor and began to pull out baby powder, lotion and a diaper! Veronica explained how hard it was to deal with the lactation she had experienced since the onset of puberty, and how escort pendik it made her feel like something was missing in her life. She tried to keep her desires in check, so she went overboard at the office to present herself as a serious individual. Only at home could she give in to her body’s needs. I was floored; it was a dream come true. My wish of being pampered and nurtured was going to be fulfilled.

Veronica stepped into her role as “V” quickly, and began to undress me. I was happy to shed my slacks and dress shirt. She stripped me down, and first took wipes to clean me. The cool wipe explored every inch of me from the waist down. Then the lotion was rubbed in, and as V’s hand massaged me she began to coo, “What a big cock you have!” My penis had hardened and grown, and V only sprinkled on baby powder and patted me more. Finally the diaper came out. I arched up my hips and under my bottom V slid the diaper. She pulled up the front, but the tabs could not close. My cock was too big for the diaper. Disappointed, I worried if I would not get to wear a diaper, but when I asked V she only laughed.

“Of course Robbie has to wear a diaper! V will fix it.” I wondered how, but she only pulled out another diaper in a larger size that would accommodate my aroused member. As I watched V fasten the diaper around me I noticed the front of her shirt had two small wet spots right where her nipples pointed through, and as she became aware of it too, she announced, “Dinner is ready.”

Clad only in a diaper, I snuggled in V’s lap. She pushed open her blouse and unsnapped the right flap of her nursing bra. It was a different one than she had been wearing in the office. This one was bright pink and silky, and seemed prettier and less utilitarian. Out sprung her nipple, and droplets of milk formed on the pink tip. She cupped her breast, and holding my head, guided my mouth to her. I eagerly began to suck at the nipple, but was rewarded with little milk. “Robbie, you have to latch on to drink mama’s milk.”

V explained in simple terms how I needed to drink from the breast, and take the entire small globe in my mouth. It’s not like a straw she continued, you press and suckle with your mouth and tongue. Taking directions from her, soon the milk began to flow. It was sweet and thick, and I fell into a pattern of sucking and gulping. I wrapped my arms around her small waist, and kept my head against her breast. Time passed and I was entranced, and V had to pull me away to switch me to the other breast. I drank at them both, until the milk was thin and V’s breasts and nipples were puffy and sensitive. Her breathing was heavy and her arms around me were tight. My belly was fully, and my cock was still hard inside my diaper.

The effect my nursing had on V was clear, she was excited. Her eyes were half closed, and under me I could feel her hips gently moving. I was thinking how wet her pussy must be right. “What a good provider pendik escort bayan you are V,” I exclaimed as the nursing session finished. She moved to close the flaps of her nursing bra, but I stopped her. “I still want more.”

“No dear, they are too sore and the need a chance to fill with more milk for you,” V replied. I could tell this first real breastfeeding experience had been draining for her, but I was still captivated with her breasts and wanted to keep looking at them. I tried to suckle some more, and V stopped me. I pinched and pulled at her tits, fussing to get my mouth on them again, and V suddenly stood up. “I am doing horrible, Robbie” she exclaimed. She slumped over and began to sniffle. “I love you nursing, but I am getting so aroused I can barely stand it!”

“Why is that a problem?” I queried. Gently kissing her emptied breasts, I undressed her. “You need attention to,” I said as she looked surprised.

My diaper crinkled as moved from V’s lap to slide off her pants. She was left in her exposed nursing bra and panties. Her panties were soaked through, and I could see her look embarrassed as I leaned in towards her thighs. I could smell her sex, and I was eager to suckle again. “V, Robbie needs more than just your milk, I need all of you.”

V sighed deeply, and relaxed more, submitting to my demands. I ran my hands along her long legs, and laid my head on her thigh and spreads open her legs. Slowly, I began to rub her lips through the wet fabric. The hair on her pussy was neatly trimmed, and I could see even through the panties her lips were swollen. I pushed away the crotch of her undies, and wet my finger with her juices. I looked up at her and slowly licked my finger. She reacted, “Does Robbie want to suck on my clit?” and slid off her panties.

Leaning back she spread her legs open and granted me full access. I started sucking, then nibbling on her clit. As her hips began to buck, I inserted first one, then two fingers into her opening. It was so wet and tight, I wanted to put my cock into her. “V, do you have room for Robbie? Does she need to be fed with my cum?”

She moaned and answered by bending her knees in order to bring me closer to her. Her fingers undid my straining diaper, and grasped my throbbing member. “Robbie, you are a big boy, I don’t know if you fit inside, you can try though.”

I put the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy, and began to enter. It was tight, and I had to slowly work my way in. V was groaning in pleasure. As my cock finally made its way through her canal, I could feel the tip of me hit her cervix. I thrust in and out, stretching her. I pounded away, feeling my balls tighten with their load. As I rode her, her tits began leaking milk again. She grabbed them and squeezed, and sprayed milk across my chest. I grunted as I felt my cum rushing out, filling her up. Her hips bucked, and her pussy contracted around my cock as she came.

Exhausted, I laid down on her and she put a nipple in my mouth. We were both wet with each other’s fluids, and I left my cock in her as long as I could. I suckled again, and was pleased I we were able to help each other.

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