Across the Fence

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Sometimes men in need of M2M sex just need sex and not any romantic relationship. This is especially true for bi guys who in their life choices gravitated to the straight world, at least in public. They still have the need and spend enormous energy — wasted or not — to find just the right person and just the right circumstances safe enough to let go. Given these prerequisites, letting go very seldom happens. Occasionally, though, the hook-up they labor so hard to find is right under their noses, requiring no effort at all. Bingo, it just happens. Letting go even in seemingly safe circumstances, however, always means that lines are crossed, real and imaginary, even if only for a very short time. When the opportunity is rarely presented, however, all these barriers quickly fade. Take Jake as an example whose only barrier to the man sex he needed was a wooden fence.

Jake is a young partner an international accounting firm. He’s not just any partner but one who is singularly successful especially for his age. He has all the accoutrements of success: trophy wife, expensive car, nice cloths, a huge house in a great neighborhood, etc… Even with all this, though, Jake has a gnawing emptiness in his sex life. In addition to a wife who’s grown cold to him, Jake desperately wants sex with a man again. He vividly remembers all the few experimental M2M experiences in college, but their absence for a decade now only emphasize what he can’t seem to get any more.

Like any good accountant, Jake calculates the assets and liabilities, risks and rewards, of his personal balance sheet. This leads Jake to conclude that all he can afford is a growing interest of bi and gay porn followed by brutal punishment of his best physical trait, his enormous tool. One drunken night in undergrad, his male sex partner called it “the hammer.” This apt description of his physical manhood hits the nail on the head. The hammer is 10 inches of massive, veined, sideways-bent, thick man meat with a freakishly large head; hence the name. Even in its most flaccid state through clothing, the hammer draws stares of interest and delight from both women and men, the latter making Jake proudest.

The trophy wife is out of town this weekend, which provides one of the rare opportunities for Jake to gaily get off. Jake is really turned on by, and thinks constantly about, the idea of sucking a guy off and swallowing hot cum. This routine is grossly inadequate but keeps the vehicle of Jake’s non-outed success safely in the road. And so, Jake sits on the patio engrossed in a world of virtual lust kneading the hammer; that is until he hears the gate by the pool open. He instinctively slams shut the lurid other-world inside his laptop computer and mutters to himself rhetorically, “what the fuck.” In a blink, though, the interruption becomes completely worthwhile. Jake eyes the formerly unwelcomed visitor, Chad, dressed only in loose gym shorts and a short t-shirt that reveals the dark blond hair at his navel.

Chad is the youngest offspring of the cretins who live next door. In a neighborhood of big, expensive houses sits an out-of-place hovel. It is, in perversely artistic terms, a complete deconstructive shit-hole. It once was a respectable, post-WWII bungalow that in the few recent years degenerated into an obnoxious mass of torn shingles, taped windows, peeling paint, and over-grown vegetation. The parent inhabitants are equally obnoxious. It isn’t that anyone in this tony neighborhood resents a small rent house. Rather, it is the utter waste their laziness leaves behind. The father is a successful programmer, and nice enough, but the mother has all the charm and warmth of an OCD, bi-polar bitch on the raw edge of psychosis. These parents’ disdain of neighborly effort and manners perfectly matched and created their slovenly world.

Chad is the complete opposite of his disgraceful surroundings. Chad is bright and enterprising alright, but Jake’s memories of him, when Chad was too young and green to pick, best describe him. Chad stands six-two. He has a long neck, sharp facial features with full lips and longish silvery blond hair that covers his ears and forehead. Jake spotted Chad’s best feature early on. It is shown when Chad lied across the seat of his car looking for something underneath. His muscular, twin-global ass towered over the flat plain of Chad’s straight back and long legs. His ass is the hottest fucking thing Jake ever saw or imagined. Jake recently saw that Chad has returned from undergrad and has become with time perfectly ripe for fucking. Jake spends more than a little time beating off to this mental image.

Chad is back from undergrad living at home and in law school. Chad, just like Jake, also has an unanswered sexual need. Chad’s need is mostly anal, and it’s only been virtual with his computer and plastic so canlı bahis şirketleri far; that is dildos. Chad commutes to school on his motorcycle, but with an erotic twist. Often before riding home, Chad takes his backpack into the men’s room stall from which he pulls lube and a butt plug. He pulls down his shorts, bends over and spreads his ass. He enjoys the feeling of being in a public restroom, inserting and twisting the plug into his ass. He then pulls up his pants and rides his bike home in the prone position, jamming his ass against the plug along the way. Chad even steers for rough spots in the road that help shove the plug up his tender ass. When he arrives home, he immediately pulls off a big load of cum, which he sometimes tastes. A couple of times he even shot a load of jiz in his pants before he could make it home.

Chad has increasingly frantic urges to shove things up his shoot. He started with small dildos in his bedroom at night when all was quiet, but over time moved to ever-larger dildos. As the plastic schlongs increased in length and girth, he found a place of escape from his shitty surroundings and omnipresent psycho-bitch-mom. The owners of the rental hovel once fancied the utterly failed and crazy idea of self-building a place that better fit the neighborhood. In so doing they first framed up unfinished “quarters” over the garage before giving up. Chad made this space his den of escape and sexual pleasure.

When not studying the law, Chad has three main interests. First, he lifts weights and works out. Second, and more to the point, he built a device onto which he kneels that makes the largest dildo he could buy stand firmly vertical. When working his ass onto it as far as he could stand wasn’t enough, he found a mirror to watch. He looks down and watches as the dildo parts his blond ass hair around the sweet spot and slowly slides in and out his tight ass hole. The intensity of watching a cock disappear into his ass, even when it’s just a dildo, forces Chad to stroke his respectable meat hard during the show into orgasm. Occasionally he licks his own warm cum from the mirror. Alas, even these sensual pleasures have become inadequate and lead to Chad’s third interest, spying on Jake across the fence watching gay porn and playing with himself.

It’s not just the sex that causes Chad to find Jake’s world and habits irresistible. The idea of breaking into Jake’s successful world is intoxicating to a young man energetic enough to want financial success and escape from his life growing up. More than this, however, Chad wants a real, live, pulsating, human, non-plastic cock to fuck him thoroughly. These longing and lurid desires overcame Chad this weekend night, and he worked up the courage to cross the line — in more ways than one — and pay a call on Jake. What neither Jake nor Chad could foretell was what simply crossing to the other side of a fence and invisible property line would bring; more lust and desire that night and afterward than either imagined possible.

* * *

“Hey Chad,” Jake said with a warm and welcoming smile. “Great to see you.”

“Thanks, great to see you,” Chad replied with a big smile.

“Come have a drink and tell me what you’ve been up to,” Jake politely commanded. Jake instinctively saw awesome possibilities. Chad was having the same thoughts.

Jake began plying Chad with drink. They talked about law school, Jake’s business, sports, and inevitably sex. During the conversation Jake made a common married-guy crack about seldom “getting any.”

Chad said he had no time for girlfriends with law school. As the alcohol loosened tongues, Chad had the courage to ask Jake if he ever “whacked off,” since “hand pussy” was about all he ever got.

Jake replied, “yeah, ‘fraid so.” Jake, sensing where this conversation might lead observed he’d seen the lights over the garage. “Ever watch any good shit on the Web to help you fuck your hand up there,” Jake asked in an increasingly serious tone of voice. The hammer was getting angry.

Chad took his queue and the next step in the conversation. “There’s some pretty interesting stuff out there — he paused and thought for a second — but not as good as the stuff you find.”

Jake knew from this loaded observation, of course, exactly what kind of porn Chad found so interesting, gay and bi porn. This momentarily terrified Jake at the thought that Chad “knew,” but Jake wasn’t about to let it drop. He calmed himself and asked the really private next question in this exciting exchange, “you like what I watch”?

“Fuckin’ A,” Chad replied. “It’s some of the hottest shit I’ve ever seen.”

Jake invited Chad to have a seat next to him on the wicker love seat and have a look up close. Chad literally jumped at the invitation. Jake opened the laptop and found the premium canlı kaçak iddaa pay-site porn site he’d been watching. As they sat closely to each other, their legs started gently touching the other. They could feel the other’s body warmth and leg hair. Jake adjusted the hammer in his shorts that revealed an obvious boner.

The moment of truth had arrived. Chad slowly reached over and started messaging the now rock-hard hammer. When Chad felt what he was dealing with he half gasped and said, “shit, that’s some dick you’ve got.” Jake smiled as Chad stared at the bulge in Jake’s pants.

Jake returned the favor by feeling up Chad. As they masturbated each other, they soon forgot the staged porn on the laptop and turned their attention to each other. They stared at and felt each other’s package. Jake could feel the slight upward curve of Chad’s dick through his gym shorts and could only think of having it and Chad’s warm cum in his mouth. Jake took control.

Jake stood and pulled a cushion onto the floor beneath Chad’s legs. Jake’s hammer strained at his pants sideways. Jake leaned in and hooked his thumbs into the waste band of Chad’s shorts and tight white squeegees. Jake slowly pulled them down to Chad’s knees. Chad obligingly lifted his hips. Jake entered into a trance as he took in Chad’s smooth dick, rippled abs and blond carpet that matched the blond drapes. Jake knelt and leaned in to lick the drop of pre-cum from Chad’s dick. The salty and slightly bitter taste and man scent from Chad’s swelling balls sealed the deal. Jake opened his mouth and consumed Chad dick, bathing it with his tongue. Jake’s slackened jaw slowly face-fucked Chad’s member, up, down and around. Chad’s member returned the favor with another drip of pre-cum that Jake immediately sucked out and swallowed.

Jake kneeled before Chad in amazement and ecstasy. It was for sure the most awesome blow Chad ever had, and for Jake, the best he could have imagined giving as Chad’s dick rubbed against Jake’s lips and tongue. The sensations for Chad became almost intolerable as he watched the head of this well-to-do captain of capitalism suck his dick. Both were consumed by what was happening.

Jake took it to the next level. He pushed Chad’s shorts to his ankles, pushed Chad’s knees apart and quickened the pace. Chad, trying to stay cool, only moaned a bit. Jake stopped for a second to lick his middle finger. He returned his head to blowing Chad and began gently massaging, then entering, Chad ‘s ass hole with the finger. Jake went down and sucked in Chad’s nuts and then lower. Jake pulled Chad’s shorts off, pushed Chad’s knees up and started rimming Chad’s sweet pink hole. All of Chad’s dildo play paid off. Jake pulled Chad’s beautiful ass globes apart and found Chad’s wide-open hole. Jake was able to truly tongue fuck the warm pink lining of Chad’s ass hole.

Chad was turning beat read from his erect nipples up and knew he was about to come. Jake instinctively recognized the signals and returned to Chad’s straining dick and furiously fucked his face on it. As he did, Jake could see the sure signal of orgasm as Chad’s abs and hips began to pump. Chad tried to pull Jake’s head up before he came, but Jake stubbornly sucked and mouth-fucked Chad deeper. All of Jake’s long waiting to taste another man’s cum was soon over. Chad’s hips began to involuntarily jerk, and Jake jammed his finger back into Chad’s expanding and contracting hole. Soon ropes of thick, viscous, bitter Chad-cum was flowing across Jake’s tongue and down his throat. Jake swallowed every drop and frantically sucked for more. When Chad was finally empty, Jake leaned back onto his haunches to catch his breath. Chad leaned in and deeply kissed Jake to taste his own cum. In his afterglow, Chad whispered into Jake’s ear, “I want you to fuck my ass — hard.” It was a prayer to soon be answered with a vengeance Chad imagination could not fully grasp. He would understand the Pandora’s box he’d just opened in just a couple of minutes.

They both got up to take a leak. Jake grabbed lube and an extra-large condom. Chad knew the drill. He pulled another cushion onto the patio floor, got onto all fours and arched his torso downward to perch his exposed ass hole high for Jake to violate, not really understanding what was coming. Jake knelt down and began rubbing his huge dick up and down the crevice of the beautiful Chad-ass he craved for years while rubbing the bulbous cheeks up and down and squeezing it gently. Finally seeing Chad’s ass naked almost made Jake shoot his load. Jake then lubed himself and Chad well with a finger, then two, and three. Jake placed the rock hard hammer’s head at Chad point of entry feeling its warmth. The circumstances were now just right, and the person was oh so right, for Jake to let go. That which was followed was a truly legendary canlı kaçak bahis ass fucking.

Chad had read and heard the glib notion that “pain was part of the experience,” and he had felt a little along the way from his collection of dildos. But, all the articles, stories, naked pictures, porn videos and huge dildos could never, ever have prepared Chad for the real deal. Jake was too out of control with lust to be concerned with all this. He was going to take and fuck this most beautiful sex object — Chad’s ass — he had ever known. Jake was in no mood to merely play around.

Jake took the hammer in hand and placed it at the spot. When Chad’s hole resisted, Jake leaned in hard and took it hard. The hammer’s huge head popped in. Chad’s visceral reaction was a spasm of red-faced, cushion-grabbing, head twisting, forward-lurching attempt to escape the most excruciating pain imaginable. Jake, not entirely the Marquis de Sade, paused for a moment, but neither did Jake release the two hands-full of his animalistic desires that were Chad’s ass globes about to pleasure his huge tool. Chad’s perseverance and deep desire for this, pain and all, was soon rewarded.

Despite the initial pain, Chad tried to be a good sport. He desperately wanted to feel the comings and goings of a very live, human dick sliding in and out of him. Jake pushed in until Jakes pubes eventually pressed against Chad’s blonde-hair-covered, white skin. Resting for a moment to allow Chad to stretch a bit fully inserted, Jake began his masterful fucking of Chad.

Jake’s massive dick slowly pulled back and slowly re-entered Chad. Jake could only see Chad’s sensual ass and was determined to slowly enjoy it. His mind left and moved down to his dick. Chad was getting what he always wanted, a huge human dick sliding slowly in and out of his hole. It hurt at first alright, but each of Jake’s in-and-out cycle rubbing Chad’s hole brought incredible pleasure to Chad’s most private human part. Soon enough the initial pain passed, and Chad wanted it more and began pushing back to get it all the way in and then slowly out, again and again. Jake involuntarily picked up the pace and fucked Chad ass hard for five or ten minutes.

Fighting his orgasm, Jake pulled all the way out, grabbed Chad’s body and flipped him onto his back. He roughly grabbed Chad’s legs and shoved them back until Chad’s knees almost touched his ears. Jake rammed it in and out, again and again. Chad began to moan with each plunge, and his dick betrayed his lust with a full, almost painful erection. After a few minutes Jake knew the end game was at hand. Unable to hold out any longer, Jake pulled free of his sex object, ripped off the condom. He slammed Chad’s legs to the cushions, scooted forward while stroking the hammer to blow his load. Chad instinctively pulled his head up to meet it. Jake let go of the hammer, and Chad grabbed it to keep up the stroking. Chad’s full lips lightly encased Jake’s member, and Jake exploded his hot cum down Chad’s throat. Chad gagged but kept at it, trying to swallow all of the tidal wave of hot jiz in his mouth and throat. Jake lurched uncontrolled has he shot over and over. Chad swallowed all he could, but one big white globe spewed out and down the sides of his mouth. Chad was almost drowning in cum. The feel, smell and taste of Jake’s cum were awesome.

Too spent for more, Jake pulled his knees back and collapsed onto Chad. They shared the warmness of the other’s body and kissed hard like men do, tasting Jake’s seed. They kissed long and hard until even this took more energy than they both had left.

They wobbled to their feet and kissed more until Chad pulled away and awkwardly said, “I guess I better go.” Chad placed his hand on Jake’s shoulder, stared Jake in the eyes and said, “thanks more than you know.” After a moment of silence and staring, he nervously asked Jake, “our little secret, right?”

Jake collapsed into the sofa, looked up and said “thanks. It was truly awesome. Maybe we can try again — and you’re 100% right, definitely just between us.”

Chad replied, “I’d like that,” smiled, turned and started walking away.

As Jake watched with lust as the Chad ass he finally fucked turned and walked away he said, “hey, forgetting something.” Chad had forgotten to put on his shorts that Jake was holding up.

Both showered and had uneasy sleep as their minds processed what happened that night.

* * *

Mid-morning of the next day, Jake found that his wife had return early and was in the bed. Jake rolled over and gave the trophy wife the hard hammer treatment that put her into a fit of multiple orgasms. Afterward, she felt in love, but all the while, Jake had only held the mental image of fucking Chad’s ass.

At that same time, Chad was feeling the very painful remains of taking the hammer the night before. As he did, Chad’s dick quickly became hard, and with only a few strokes, he shot a load onto his feet and the tile floor.

And, for this brief moment they shared equally but apart, the fence became invisible to them.

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