Across the Room Ch. 03

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“Well, that depends. What sort of toys are you hoping for?”

I lazily turn my head to face her while waiting for her to answer. I am still in a languid stupor from the hard come she gave me only moments ago. Her eyes hold the same hazy pleasure I feel, but I can see a fire burning in them. We are definitely not done yet.

She licks her lips and gives me a sexy smile. Rising up on her elbow, she leans over me and whispers against my lips. “The kind of toy you can use to fuck my brains out.”

As she takes my mouth in a passionate kiss, my pussy clenches and my clit comes alive once again. My body is on overload. How did I get so damn lucky? I have a gorgeous woman in my bed with what appears to be an insatiable sex drive. I am certain that there are few better things in the entire world.

When she pulls back from the kiss and I manage to get my breathing under control, I make an attempt at a coolly delivered reply. “Ohhh, that kind of toy. Yeah, I definitely have that. There’re a few in the bottom drawer of the nightstand. Take your pick.”

Smiling saucily at me, she scampers off the bed and begins rummaging around in the drawer. I sit up and lean back on my elbows while I watch her eagerly sort through the selection. Admittedly, most of my focus is on her beautiful backside and those two cute little dimples at the base of her spine, right above the soft swell of her ass. I love those dimples. I want to run my tongue around the slight indentations. I wonder if the skin there would taste as sweet as the rest of her?

“This is quite the assortment. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Hunh?” Distracted by my musings about her luscious body, it takes me a moment to figure out what she is talking about. “Oh, hmmm. Well, the purple one is a favorite. It’s not too big and the bumps on it hit all the right spots.”

“Ooooh, that sounds fun. The purple one it is.”

With that, she attaches the purple dildo to the harness and holds it out towards me. I swing my legs off the bed and stand up. For a moment, I am a little concerned about whether my legs are going to hold, since I am still a little shaky after my orgasm. But, after a few seconds, my legs are steady and I smile cockily at her. I take the proffered gift, slip it over my legs, and adjust the buckles around my waist. When I am done, I look up to see a hungry expression on her face as she gazes down at the fake cock protruding so lewdly from between my legs. She unconsciously licks her lips and I am suddenly concerned once again about my legs giving out on me.

“I take it that means you like it?”

She izmir escort bayan is only able to manage a vague nod, her attention fully focused a little farther south of my face. I grab a bottle of lube out of the drawer and put some in my hand. Deciding to tease both of us a little, I slowly stroke the length of the dildo. It pushes just hard enough against me to make my clit twitch and I can see her breathing starting to increase. Eyes still glued to my cock, she reaches up and starts playing with her nipples. My hips jerk forward against my hand and I can feel my heart starting to beat faster. I know I am soaking wet again and I feel the moisture starting to drip down to the inside of my thighs.

Voice raspy with arousal, she manages to say, “That’s really fucking hot.”

“Then why are you standing over there just watching?”

That gets her attention. Her eyes snap up to meet mine, and in a flash she is pushing me backwards to sit on the bed. She is quickly straddling me, her knees on either side of my hips, and the dildo trapped between us. Our lips meet in a fierce kiss and she wraps her arms around my shoulders. My hands fall to her ass and I knead the skin there, helping her grind her pussy against the cock. It does not take long before both of us are back to the desperate-to-come stage of horniness. I can smell the combined scents of our excitement growing stronger and feel my clit pulsing where it is trapped under the harness.

I break away from the kiss and lean back slightly, intending to demand she put the cock in her before we both explode. However, her lips chase after mine, eager for contact. When she sucks my bottom lip into her mouth and starts running her tongue along it, I completely forget about making any demands. I am more than willing to go along with this sweet torture, even if I am sure that my clit is going to be permanently damaged from prolonged arousal.

I move my hands around so I can cup her breasts. I play with her stiff nipples, pinching and pulling them. Low moans in the back of her throat are all I need to know that she is enjoying the somewhat rough treatment. I can feel the blood rushing to the tips as they swell and the skin around them puckers. I reach down and grab the dildo, rubbing the head of it between her drenched pussy lips. The shaft is soon glistening with both her come and the lube, and her hips are thrusting with tremendous force against it. This time, when I break away from the kiss, she lets me pull away as she turns her head and leans her cheek against mine. I nibble and tease her conveniently placed earlobe before throatily escort izmir whispering to her.

“Put it in you, baby.”

She leans back and I feel her hand grab onto the dildo as she puts her other hand on my shoulder for balance. The small gap between our bodies gives me a perfect view as she places the head of the cock against her entrance and lets it slowly push inside. I look up in time to watch the pleasure wash over her face. I love the way a woman looks when you fill her. That open-mouthed, heavy-lidded look is enough to make my pussy clench in sympathy.

Working her hips in small circles, she slowly lowers herself all the way down until the shaft is buried to the hilt between her lips. Her head falls back and she stays there for a moment, taking some time to catch her breath. But my own aching clit is not happy with the delay. I put my hands on her hips and urge her to move.

My voice is nearly a growl as I tell her, “Fuck it. Now.”

I punctuate my statement with a powerful thrust of my hips. The movement brings a sharp cry of pleasure from her throat and her eyes drop down to meet mine. The fire burning in them earlier has turned into an inferno, I feel like melting under the intensity of it. She places both hands on my shoulders and starts to ride me in earnest. Her moans grow louder as my hands on her hips help guide her. There is a reason this is one of my favorite dildos. The small curves on it hit your g-spot perfectly. Every time the cock pushes inside, it brings you closer and closer to the edge.

Sweat sheens on her skin from exertion and I can tell that she is going to come soon. Her hips start jerking erratically on the dildo as her climax begins. I do my best to thrust against her to help prolong the orgasm. When the first climax ebbs, I reach down and stroke her fully engorged clit with my thumb. This action makes her bury her face against my neck, muffling her screams of ecstasy as she comes again and again.

Finally, with one more hard thrust, she collapses against me, pushing me until I am lying back on the bed. The position makes the dildo slip out of her and her whole body shivers at the loss. But while she relishes the post-orgasm stupor, my body is still strung as tight as a bow. Sensing my discomfort, she rolls to the side and slips a hand underneath the harness.

“Awww, poor baby. You still need to come, don’t you?”

Her fingers find my clit and all I can manage is a barely discernible, “Fuck, yes.”

As her fingers expertly tease my throbbing center, she starts licking and teasing my breasts. When her teeth close down sharply on one nipple, my back arches and I come hard against her hand. After a few moments, she pulls her hand out from under the harness and we shift around until we are in the middle of the bed with our heads on the pillows. Her fingers idly play with my still twitching stomach muscles, drawing random designs across the sensitive skin. My arm is curled around her back and I rub lightly around the aforementioned lower-back dimples. When I look down at her head resting on my chest, she is looking back up at with me with a devilish grin.

“What’s that look mean?”

“Welllllll, I want more, but I’m too tired to be on top. I don’t suppose you have a solution?”

This time, I am the one with a devilish grin, as I roll us over so I am in a half pushup position above her. I reach down and run my finger lightly around her entrance, surprised to find that she is still soaking wet. I then grab the dildo and guide it into her, letting it ease a little ways in and then letting it pop back out a few times. I can tell this is driving her insane, every time it comes out, she moans and arches her back towards me in an attempt to reclaim it. Finally, I take pity and drive the cock hard inside of her. She puts her legs on my shoulders and grabs fistfuls of the sheets as I pound into her. I lean over her and grab onto the headboard in order to give myself some leverage. Fleetingly, I wonder what my neighbors must think as they hear the headboard banging against the wall, but that thought dissipates when I lean down and capture her lips in a demanding kiss.

My ass and thigh muscles burn after a several minutes of constant, hard thrusting, but my aching clit and the soft moans she is making encourage me to keep going. Soon, she is lifting her hips to meet every push, driving the dildo even harder against both of us. My clit twitches violently under the confines of the harness and I know I am about to come. My head drops to her chest as I climax and I feel her nails dig into my arms as she quickly follows me over. Completely exhausted, I roll over to the side and shimmy the harness off my hips, dropping it onto the floor to deal with later. With a contented sigh, she rolls over and throws a possessive leg across my body. We leisurely make out for a while, until we finally succumb to the need to sleep, the early dawn light shining through the windows.

I wake up several hours later, the sun high in the sky. The bed next to me is empty and her clothes are gone. I lie there thinking about the amazing night. The smell of sex still clings to the sheets and my muscles have that pleasurable soreness that only occurs after a night of great sex. I picture her gorgeous face and perfect body. I chuckle to myself as a thought occurs to me: I never did get her name.

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