Adventures In Hitchhiking Ch. 03

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From 2;

I gagged, I drooled I swallowed what I could swallow, then he let go of my head, and I pulled off his cock.

Then I couldn’t help myself I grabbed my cock, I jerked my cock, I just had to jerk it off. A few strokes, and I shot off, I shot my cum, and it was the best feeling cum I ever had.

Then he told me to “You ain’t finished yet boy, Get up here now boy and clean off this cock and my balls. But first eat that load in your hand boy.”

My hand went to my mouth. I ate my load for his enjoyment, then, I managed to rise up and use my mouth to clean him off.”


As I cleaned his cock and balls, Jake said, “Man Al that was a fine show. We are going to have some fun tonight Al. I want this cocksucker to get my cock off at least two more times.”

Al said. “Yeah man this is going to be great! I want to use this bitch a lot myself.” he continued “Hey boy, go to the refrigerator and get us a couple of beers.”

After the Army, I was really used to following orders, I did what others told me without questioning. I got up and got the beers and delivered them to my new superiors.

Jake told me to get on the ball, and get him hard again for the next round.

I took Jake’s semi stiff cock in my mouth and started to suck on it.

It felt good, like a cock should be in my mouth. As it got harder his cock grew in my mouth, grew to it’s full firmness and length.

His cock was filling my mouth, and as he pushed my head down, his cock jammed into my throat. Now hard cock was gagging me and making me drool again. süpertotobet yeni giriş

My spit drooled out over his cock, and his previously, licked clean balls.

Al, sat and watched. He stroked his cock, as my head was going up and down on Jake’s cock. I could see, that as he watched, his cock got full and hard again.

He laughed and said; “Man what a great cocksucker you found us.”

“Ex-Army you say,(he laughed). Man, I was in the Marines, and we didn’t have any cocksuckers there. The Army must be taking all the fags.” and he laughed at me again.

I got Jake’s cock into my throat and swallowed on it enlisting a moan from him. It felt good to know my work was pleasing him, and pleasing his cock.

He made short strokes into my mouth and throat as I sucked.

“OH Fuck!! This is a great mouth, and a great throat here, better than any pussy I ever had.”

Al said, “Yeah, nothing like a turned on cocksucker to pleasure a man’s cock. Man or woman cocksuckers can really do things with their mouth that no a pussy can do. And cocksuckers like it, they know their place, so they get into it.”

My two superiors sat on the couch drinking their beers, and talking about their time in the Marines, and how manly they were.

They talked about how the Marines were so much better than the Army.

In the position I was in, on my knees, with a cock in my throat, and a couple of loads of cum in my gullet, I couldn’t debate that point of view.

As I sucked Jake’s cock, Al told me how stupid I was, and how much of a sissy I was, down on my knees, with a big cock in my mouth.

Al süpertotobet giriş was stroking his hard cock, and said;

“Are you ready to get this cock in your ass?” I flinched. “No reason to waste a hole, when there are two good hard cocks here for you.”

“Keep that cock in your mouth, but get your ass up to a nice height for my use bitch.” he demanded.

Ready or not, I knew what was going to happen, and wondered how that would feel.

I wondered how much use my other hole would be getting.

Wondered why I was allowing all this to happen to me.

And why it seemed to be turning me on.

My cock was hard and leaking pre cum with excitement and it felt so good like little orgasams tweeking along it and up my spine.

I was hot, I was turned on to sucking cock and now to getting one in my asshole.

Al got up and reached for something on the table. It was a lubricant of some kind and he spread it on his cock and on my asshole. Then stuck a finger into my ass working in the lube.

I twiched again.

Then with a slap to my ass, I felt the head of his cock against my asshole.

He pushed a little he worked his cock up and down my crack and over my hole a couple of times, then more of a push against my hole.

Pushing and sliding it was driving me nuts.

God: do it for cripes sake, get that cock into me.

I wiggled my ass and pushed back. Trying to capture that cock and take it into my hole.

Jake kept my head on his cock and I was sucking for all I could as I tried to push back.

Then Al’s cock was sliding into my ass.

It hurt some at süpertotobet güvenilirmi first and felt like I had to shit, but then he drove it in and out a few times, and I relaxed, and then it felt OK.

Then as he fucked me, he reached around and played with my cock.

“Damn!” he exclaimed This guy’s cock is leaking like a faucet, he must just be loving this. He’s loving getting cock into both his holes! What a pig!! What a cocksucking pig.”

OH God, he was playing with my cock and I thought I was going to cum again.

But I held out and it all felt wonderful.

I was being a tottal pig, with a cock in both holes stroking and fucking me.

I was sucking on cock like it was the fountain of life, and a big cock was stroking my ass and driving me wild.

I wanted to scream out ‘YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME’ but couldn’t say anything with hard cock using my mouth.

God; in a matter of hours I had been taken, been used, and turned into a cock pig, for these two men!!!!!!

Then the cock in my mouth stroked hard and deep as he held my head “OH DAMN! OHHH! MY GOD! OHHHH! TAKE IT! TAKE IT!” and shot a load of hot come into my suck hole. Shot it in my sucking mouth, and down my working throat.

“Take that come you bitch boy. Take it!! suck it down!!!! SWALLOW IT DOWN!!!


As I swallowed, my working throat gave even more pleasure to his cock and he kept giving me more come. His hard cock shot into my mouth and spread the come all around in my mouth.

Then Al announced he was going to shoot his load and pounded my ass deep and hard. He stroked in and out then jammed in, and emptied his load of come into my gyrating ass.

At that point I shot my load too.

We all fell back and Al sat down, while I collapsed to my knees and then down on the floor.

Al said, “That was just fine. Hell it was great. And the night is still young! get us another beer.”

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