Adventures with Captain Hook Ch. 01

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I came to Pensacola this hot June weekend to reunite with some old friends that I had served in the Navy with years ago. Everyone loves this area so much they wanted to come back. I have lived in this area off and on since I was born so I was thrilled when I got the invitation to meet them here. We decided to rent a condo on the beach a few miles outside the back gate of NAS Pensacola and just spend some time together. We planned a trip to spend the day at the base on Saturday. I had seen all the attractions at the base many times. I was excited about this trip to the base because the three of us had been stationed there together for better than three years.

I got to the house on Friday. Nina and Dee were already there and came out to greet me grinning and gorgeous. They were both beautiful all those years ago but they had grown even more so and were stunning. I was so happy to see them. When serving in the military even just one tour you become a part of something that makes you feel like you belong to a private club. No matter where you are when you meet a veteran soldier, sailor, or airman it is as if you have always known them. It is even a greater thrill when you get to find the ones you served with again, to be able to spend time with them remembering those special days.

It had been so long since I had seen Nina and Dee in person I just could not get over the three of us being together again. They were both so excited they were talking at the same time. I grabbed my things from the back seat and we headed for the house still laughing and taking each other in.

When we got inside the place was just beautiful. It was decorated in a beach motif but with a very nautical flavor. I was very impressed and it went perfectly with three Navy friends spending a weekend together. Nina took my hand and started to lead me through the house. She was tall, probably 5 feet 10 inches in sandals. She had gorgeous red hair that was cut bluntly at her shoulder and bounced with every step she took. Her eyes were the kind of green you just couldn’t help staring at. She was absolutely stunning. Dee was right behind us giggling all the way. She was somewhat shorter and a brunette with brown eyes. She wore her hair below her shoulders, strait and beautifully silky. She had long bangs that framed her face and beautiful red pouty lips. I could hardly wait to settle in with drinks on the balcony and listen to them tell me about the men in their lives.

After they showed me the room I was staying in we went out to the balcony. The view was incredible. As far as the eye could see there was bright white sugary sand. Beyond that the Gulf of Mexico with sunlight reflecting off of it making it seem like the heavens had sprinkled glitter across the horizon. I remembered that the sunsets would be equally as breathtaking. The girls made a pitcher of margaritas so we each poured ourselves one and sat around a beautiful white wicker table to relax.

I was just about to begin inquiries about their love lives when Dee exclaimed, beaming, that she had something to tell me that just could not wait another minute. I grinned at her enthusiasm and said, “Spill girl, you are about to pop so spill.”

She got up and walked over to sit on the arm of Nina’s chair and blurted out, “Lynn, you will never believe this but Nina and I have moved in together.”

I thought this was not such a big deal but replied very excited, “Great, good for you guys, it is always better when you can share everything with a roommate.”

They looked at each other and started laughing. I was not getting the joke. I guess Nina saw my confusion and she spoke up softly and seriously “Lynn, you don’t understand, Dee and I are in love with each other. We want to live together as lovers.”

The shock on my face must have come through completely. They both got very serious and started to explain they had contacted each other over the years and about a year ago decided to take a cruise together. They went as friends but one night shortly after the ship departed the port they consumed a few too many glasses of champagne at the nightly show and danced with every guy in the room until they were feeling dizzy. They went out on the ship’s deck to take a walk and listen to the sounds of the night out on the water.

Dee found herself resting her head on Nina’s shoulder and Nina found herself leaning down to kiss her. They ended up in each other’s arms and later in the stateroom bed together, only this time not as two women friends traveling together but two women lovers. They told me about how it all seemed so natural but it also seemed like they were seeing each other’s bodies for the first time. As I listened to them talk I was taken at how amazingly beautiful these two women were when they recalled making love to each other for the first time. I just smiled. I politely congratulated them but for the first time since we met I felt like I was the outsider. I was a little jealous of this. More so, I was very happy for them.

We talked on for quite some time and almanbahis adres then they excused themselves and said they were going to take a walk on the beach. They halfheartedly invited me to go but I refused saying I just wanted to sit where I was, enjoy the ice cold drinks, and the incredible scene before me. I felt happy.

I got up to go and fix myself another margarita. While walking to the bar I noticed for the first time that there was a balcony next to ours. I glanced around, quickly checking out the set up of the balcony next door, just making comparisons. As I reached the rail that separated the balcony from the Gulf of Mexico and sand below I was shocked to see a man standing there leaning on it and smiling at me.

I guess I must have looked surprised. He just grinned and said, “I wondered when you would notice me.”

I said, “I was so involved with my friends, we haven’t seen each other in such a long time, I guess I did not see you come out.”

He replied, “I did not come out, I was here first. I was just enjoying the show. You handled yourself very well,” then he laughed.

“I am confused,” I said in an inquisitive manner.

“Oh?” he asked. Then before I could say anything he mused, “The sound out here can carry very well if the breeze is blowing in the right direction. Understand now?” he said.

Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. He heard the entire confession of Nina and Dee with all the juicy details of their sexual encounter on the ship. I was a little embarrassed but I smiled and said, “I’m Lynn.”

He grinned an almost perfect grin and replied, “I know, I heard, and everybody calls me Hook. Glad to meet you Lynn.”

This is when I noticed how handsome he was. His body was athletic, he was so tan and built like a football fullback. He looked like he had been on the ocean his entire life. It oozed from him – the comfort and the companionship he seemed to feel with his surroundings. I was amused by his humor and his confident manner with which he seemed to be able to just entice me, a stranger, into this conversation.

I smiled at him and laughingly asked, “Hook? Is that as in Peter Pan Hook, or as in tail hook?”

He just grinned again and replied without missing a beat, “Well Lynn, you ask a very intriguing question; unfortunately, if I tell you I will have to kill you. There are some things that are top secret for a man.”

I started laughing. We continued this for some time, just idle banter and playful remarks. I looked down at the beach and I noticed that Nina and Dee were headed back. I was a little sad that the interlude between myself and Hook would now either end or be shared with others. I liked having him all to myself.

He must have noticed this as well and quickly moved closer to my side of the balcony. He looked me in the eyes and with the confidence of a man who is not used to being refused he said, “Lynn, I have an idea, why don’t you meet me at 2100 hours downstairs. I will take you to a little place I know and brief you properly about ‘Hook’. Then, if you feel you have been thoroughly briefed and have a mission in mind, I will later debrief you making sure no detail is left out.” He smiled even wider and said, “How about it, former sailor, you up for a secret mission?”

How could anyone refuse such a lame but totally adorable line. I said, “Well, Hook, or whoever you are, I am pretty sure that the briefing/debriefing line probably works most of the time, so I don’t see why it won’t work this time as well.” We both broke out into a laugh that sounded so exciting. I started to turn away and turned back and said, “2100, that is 7PM right?”

He smiled and said, “What?”

I just laughed and returned an answer of, “Just kidding. I know my military time. I’ll be downstairs at 9.” I heard his balcony door close and like that he was gone.

It wasn’t long until I heard Nina and Dee come in. They went straight to their room and closed the door. I could hear lots of laughing followed by long instances of silence, then less laughter and longer silences. It did not take a vivid imagination to figure out the beach trek must have gotten romantic and then hot. I figured they would be awhile so I decided I would get ready for my secret mission date with Hook. I would let my friends know later that I was going to be out or leave them a note. I wasn’t sure I would even be missed at this point. That brought a smile to my face.

I sorted through my things and finally came up with a white sundress that tied at each shoulder. It was not tight fitting but did manage to outline my figure. I felt like it played down my size 40D breasts but not in a bad or unflattering way. It brought out the tan on my skin and complimented my long blonde hair. I laid it out on the bed, taking a second look and once satisfied I moved on to shoes. Hook was 6 feet 4 inches tall. Since my height is 5 feet 5 inches tall in my bare feet I felt safe that any heel height was acceptable. I love higher heels because they really show off calf almanbahis adres muscles and give that tall leggy look. I think that look is incredibly sexy.

However, I was at the beach and I did not know where I was going so I chose a pair of white sandals. Now, the hard part. I always kept my pussy and mound completely smoothly shaved so I found it very comfortable to go pantiless most of the time. Should I slip on a thong or not? What a decision; I doubt that Hook would ever know one way or the other on a first date so no thong… decision made. I did not need a bra because the sundress was made to wear without one. Well then, how simple is this, one dress and 2 shoes. I would say that my outfit should qualify as simple and elegant. Pretty much acceptable anywhere he takes me as long as I cross my legs. I grinned at this thought and picked up my bath bag, leaving the bedroom behind me for a short swim in the Jacuzzi.

When I got to the master bathroom I was stunned. It was so beautiful. A giant Jacuzzi with a step up and then a seat at the back. There were mirrors all the way around the room. Candles on every marble ledge. A stereo system that was installed into the wall with access from the tub. Had I died and gone to heaven? Surely the person who designed this bath had been slipping into my dreams and taking notes. I slipped out of my shorts and pulled my white peasant shirt over my head leaving them where they dropped on the floor.

As I bent over to turn on the water I saw my reflection in the mirrors all around me and I thought to myself how much I had changed since Nina, Dee and I had worn our uniforms. I took inventory of my body and decided that the years had been pretty good to me. My legs were completely muscle. The calves were proportionate to my thighs and my thighs were muscled but not muscular. They were soft and smooth but very firm. I liked this. My ass was not what it was 20 years ago but I thought it still had its supple roundness. It stayed where it should and I could put on any fabric I wanted to dress it in with no worries of anything unsightly.

I was what people refer to as curvy. I was not thin like Nina but very proportionate considering the breasts that were full, firm and still sitting up on my chest in a victorious stance. The nipples and areolas were large and a dark pink with nipples that when erect would push themselves out to be easily visible without any warning to me that they were about to show themselves. Yes, as I saw the mirror image I was feeling good about me. I liked what was looking back at me.

I turned the water off and slipped into the tub, took a bottle of bath oil from the side of the tub and added enough to fill the room with the wonderful aroma. I turned on the jets, reached up to put on the music and found the candle lighter. I lit candles all around me. Then I let my head rest on a towel at the back of the tub, closed my eyes and contemplated the upcoming evening with Hook.

I had been in the Jacuzzi about 20 minutes when I heard the door open and I looked up to see Nina and Dee both smiling at me and carrying wine with all the accoutrements. Neither one of them had a stitch on and they were beaming with smiles that lit up their entire faces. I laughed and said, “Okay, I see you guys found the party, may as well come on in.”

They came in leaving the door wide open and Dee pulled the cork from the bottle, poured a glass for me, then handed me the glass. They each filled their glasses and Nina raised her glass upward saying, “Thank God for WAVES.” We all in unison replied with a firm, “Amen.”

Dee was the first to enter the tub and she was incredible. Her body remained as firm as when she was 25. She had smaller breasts than mine but at least a 36C I thought. Her brown eyes would sparkle as they peeked out from behind the bangs. She had a small patch of pubic hair at the mound of her pussy but really not so much. It was hard to say if she shaved it that way or if it was natural. I guess I was staring because Dee smiled with a little blush at her cheeks and said, “Lynn, you see something you like?”

I could feel the heat rise up from my cheeks. I had actually been aroused by these two women today. I never thought of them like this when we were in the barracks back when, but something was changing today. Nina got in next and everyone shifted to allow all of us to fit. She had much smaller breasts and more pointy nipples and areolas. At this point I noticed that all three of us were sitting there with our breasts floating on the bath oil with six perfectly erect nipples pointing at each other. It was an incredibly erotic sight to take in.

Nina set her wine glass on the edge of the tub and leaned over to kiss Dee perfectly and fully on her mouth. When she had kissed her solidly she moved her face down and took Dee’s breast in her mouth and began teasing it with her tongue around the excited nipple. I could not turn away even though I was feeling awkward and uncomfortable; I seemed to be in a trance. When Nina looked back at me and saw almanbahis adres the look on my face she moved closer to me and before I knew what had happened she was kissing my mouth and fondling my breast. I felt my body catch fire. I had never felt softness touching my body like this. I just froze like that would make everything remain the same forever.

Dee moved up behind Nina and reached her hands underneath Nina’s arms and began to cup her breasts while pinching her nipples. Dee was kissing Nina’s neck and licking and teasing her ears. I was so caught up in the scene that it escaped me that my pussy was now on fire. My clit had popped out and was erect. The warm water from the bath just made my clit ache for attention. What was happening and when did this happen? I really did not care to answer those questions now, I just wanted to find out what was next.

Nina turned her attention away from me and back to Dee. I watched them intently, thinking that no artist, not even the greatest, could paint a scene so beautiful. Dee put her hands on the tub and pulled herself to a standing position facing Nina. I was in a position to have a perfect view of Dee’s face. I realized that my hand was now between my legs, first taunting my clit and then rubbing my pussy as if to try and comfort the burning that had overtaken it. When I returned my glance upward again Dee’s face was so beautiful. Her face tilted upward and her mouth was open. Her voice released inaudible words and moans.

I traced her body downward with my eyes until I saw Nina. She was washing Dee. She had a sponge filled so full of soap that the suds were overflowing. I continued my gaze as she took the sponge and ran it completely around Dee’s ass, taking it through her legs and right down the middle of her slit. The suds flowed down Dee’s legs in waves of white one right after the other. I thought my own body was going to shiver in orgasm just watching this. I never in my life had seen anything like this.

Nina rinsed the suds from the sponge followed by rinsing the suds from Dee’s body. She rose to her knees, then carefully turned Dee with her back to her. Dee bent forward and placed her hands on the mirror to brace herself – all of these movements were like they had been choreographed. When Dee was in this position I had a perfect view of her moist pussy along with the opening to her fully exposed ass. I wish I could have seen the look on my face. It must have been a look of utter amazement. That is what I was feeling.

My fingers were now probing my own pussy with vigor, no longer gently rubbing my clit but in a way that meant I was in need of the release building in me. I gasped as Nina took her finger and gently slid it into Dee’s pussy and began to finger fuck her with a steady firm stroke. Dee’s head tilted toward the ceiling and she moaned from her throat almost nonstop. Nina then took her tongue and ran it gently around the opening to Dee’s ass, stopping directly in the center of it and then entered her with her tongue, burying her face deep within Dee’s ass. I felt the rush of heat between my legs. I arched my back and stiffened my thighs letting go of the muscles in my pelvic floor and pussy only to tighten them again in intense orgasm. The moan that escaped from my mouth must have come from deep within my lungs because I know it drained every ounce of air from them. I was having orgasmic spasms in my pussy that just kept coming. I had never experienced this before from my own self induction. As I rested back again to continue watching, Nina had now removed her tongue and placed a finger from her other hand into Dee’s ass. She was fucking her pussy with one hand and her ass with the other. Dee gave a loud groan and stiffened so tightly that I could see every detail of every muscle when she reached the height of her orgasm.

Dee slipped back into the tub with her back to Nina and fell back into her arms. Nina held her close for a short while. When I could see that Dee was coming back to life I watched as she guided Nina to stand in front of her. Once Nina was standing, Dee gently pushed her legs apart with her hands and Dee positioned herself on her knees but bending forward. She placed her hand between Nina’s legs and cupped her pussy, pulling her slightly forward, and then she took Nina’s pussy into her mouth. I could see from behind that Dee was biting and licking Nina’s pussy while she slid her fingers between Nina’s full, swollen pussy lips reaching as high into her as her long finger would allow. At one point Nina was so aroused she went up on her toes and Dee had to reposition her mouth around Nina’s clit when she came back down onto her feet again. I could see in the mirror that Nina was massaging her breasts, stopping from time to time to tease the nipples.

Dee was in a position that only allowed her access to Nina’s clit with her mouth. She began to suck hard on Nina’s clit, thrusting her finger quickly in a steady rhythm into Nina’s pussy. It did not take but minutes for Nina to tighten every muscle visible to me and pull herself back to her toes, leaning forward to brace herself on the mirror, allowing her body to orgasm over and over again. I could see from behind the spasms released by her pussy and directed at Dee’s finger. I could not believe my eyes.

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