After All: Ch. 01

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I had been isolated my entire life despite moving around all the time. I chose this kind of life. I had always stayed out of the way of the world and watching everyone was just fine with me. But the truth is, I am very sensitive to life and nature itself. I am the type of person who could stare at the beauty of a flower petal and study all the veins and how the pigment was so bright and pure. You can only imagine how hard it was for me to find the perfect man for me.

I had always been rejected and cast away; I had always been kicked while I was down as I helped someone else to their knees. But after a while, I grew tired of being ignored and unappreciated. I was still young, a supple and nubile young woman as pure and innocent as a white rose. I had reached a womanly figure that only few would really appreciate. The figure I never showed to anyone.

My body is the type that fit the bodies of ancient Godessess in the paintings of the masters; natural, voluptuous, soft, inviting. My stature is rather small with a small frame. But my bones are not glass and my body is not as delicate as the clouds. I do have muscle, enough to fend for myself and shape my body into what it was with a layer of softness to fill in the gaps and add to my nubile maturity.

I had never been touched lovingly by another person. All feelings were going to be so new and lively and exciting to me. But I never thought it would have happened like it poker oyna did. I never planned on this.


He is a big, muscular man. Burly, tall, intimidating figure. He represented a Viking warrior. His abs protrude from his torso and his pecs puck out. His arms and shoulders so wide he cast a shadow over everything he passed. His legs as thick and muscular as a horses. As for his back: chiseled and adding to his large stature. It would take two large men to take him down with force no doubt. He is a force to be reckoned with apparently. But also apparently not as I had conquered the beast by stealing his heart and keeping him on a leash.


The sun rises slowly to meet with my face and the birds sing to my awakening. I slid upwards to escape the too soon day break but the day insisted it start. I groaned softly as I opened my eyes slowly. I look around my small home. Everything as usual. I immediately get a check list in my head and silently read out what needs to be done today.

‘Water the garden. Pick the ripes. Wash the plates. Clean the knives. Clean the arrows, too. Don’t forget the hide drying outside. Make sure the smoke house is secure. Clean the rug. Go to the stream and wash the cloths. Maybe finish sewing. I need dinner tonight. I think rabbit sounds good.’

On and on my thoughts rolled as I threw the blankets off and into a pile on my mattress. The damp cold air rushes canlı poker oyna through my bare skin and I’m instantly more awake. My toes lightly poke at the rug and I slide into an upright position, reluctant to get away from my warm, comfortable bed. I lean forward and stretch towards the new day peeking through the large cut outs in the wall in front of me.


Hours later and several chores later, I finally get a chance to head to the stream. “Good, now I can wash these filthy dresses and socks! I think it’s been 3 weeks. Disgusting!” I say to myself as I hold out the 4 dresses, 4 pairs of socks, and the extra chest supporter I own in front of me and get a scope of the messiness. As soon as I arrived at the stream, the sun was just about at a 3 o’clock position and sinking rather quickly. I set down my arrows and clothes in a pail on the bank before slipping out of my night skirt and blouse and into the nude.

I get down on my knees and grab the washboard I brought with me and start washing away at my socks and supporter. I feel a bit embarrassed being nude in the open like this even though I haven’t seen a single human being in months. I bend forward more to get to deeper water for my dresses and blush softly at the breeze lightly brushing against my bare bottom. I have no idea why, but I feel secure with the trees as my camoflauge and soon the thoughts of population fade out of my mind and I continue washing internet casino my clothes.


The sun drifts slowly and hangs lazily around a nearly 5 o’clock setting. I could feel the air changing around me as it got damper and more chilly and it wrapped itself around my body and made my skin rise. I had ended up washing my night skirt and blouse for a surprisingly long while for small pieces of fabric. But I had gotten some very bad blotches on both. To sum the situation up, all my clothes were soaking wet and I was permanently nude for the trek back to my reclusive cabin. I wasn’t worried though, at least not at first.

As I started back, I could have sworn I heard leaves crackling at some points. I reassured myself that it was just a fox or fawn as they usually hang around the banks and the areas around it and I myself have seen them crossing my trails often.

Suddenly the crackling was on my near left. I stopped completely. I set down my pail and grabbed my bow and an arrow. I tip toed and focused my sight through the brush and on a medium rabbit grazing by a log. I smirked and carefully, quietly drew my arrow back. I lined my aim and my arrow swiftly went through the neck of the rabbit and it pinned to the log. I pranced over gleefully and yanked the arrow out with my prize dangling dead. I inspected the arrow and then carried my meal on the pike as I continued home. My hips swayed more than usual as I was in a hurry to make it home before night fall.


Note: This is my first chapter series like this and this is only the beggining so not a lot of erotic action going on yet! I like to establish an atmosphere first.

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