Afternoon of Playing

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House all to ourselves I lead you up stairs my hands rubbing you breast through your shirt my hands rubbing your ass as you walk up the stairs. Stepping inside the bathroom I strip you down naked you stop me as you bend down and get a new razor out, you hop up on the counter spreading your legs wide as you can handing me the razor I know what you want I start the water making it plenty warm I get the soap and lather your pussy up.

I start to shave away your bush little by little it comes off stopping often to rub your pussy and to rinse it clean my fingers rubbing your clit I see you biting your lip I hear you moan bringing you closer to the edge I start to finish shaving you. It has been a long time since your pussy has been bald and I was looking forward to having that bald pussy pressed against my face and cock. As I finish up your pussy now bald and smooth as glass I lead you to the bed, setting up a couple pillows I put you into position leaning down I suck your nipples your hands pulling my mouth tighter against your breast. My fingers start to rub your pussy I can feel your juices flowing as you are very wet and very hot.

I walk back over and get a couple of your favorite toys you look zeytinburnu escort like you want everything and I am ready to anything you want. I get your purple dolphin out turning it on low for both functions I place the vibrating part against your pussy I hear you moan sliding the toy back and forth I can see your wetness inside I push the head of the toy slowly in. You pull your legs back allowing the toy to push in deeper as the toy dives deep I spread your pussy wide open your swollen clit sticking out I give it a few licks you shake a little I push the toy deeper now the vibrating part hits your clit you moan louder I se you licking your lips your hands are caressing your breast I watch as you squeeze your nipples. Turning the toy up I work it in you the rotating part is deep in you the vibrating dolphin tickling your clit I can see you getting closer, I pull out the toy and slide the vibrating dolphin into your wet pussy you shift again I tease you some more playing with your toy I push it back in you this time on high I hear your cries I can see the pleasure running through you. I give you the big purple dildo you suck on it immediately I lay acıbadem escort the red glass toy on your chest between your breasts I see you sucking the toy I remove the toy from your pussy and turn it off I get your slim peach dildo out and slide it in your pussy and I take the toy from your mouth and le it slide down you.

I slide your big purple dildo in you and with a few pushes it is deep in you and then I add your slim peach toy, you moan even more and ask for my cock in you. Pushing the toys deep in your pussy I kneel on the bed now you take my hard cock in your mouth. I know you like to suck and fuck and today is one of those days that you want to suck and fuck. You stop for a moment and get up on all fours looking at you from the rear seeing those two toys stuffed in you makes me even more excited and a few licks on your ass my tongue presses on your hole I hear you moan even more. Rubbing your ass lightly and pressing my fingers against it I can tell that you want all your holes filled. I remove your slim toy and slowly insert it in your ass you moan and push back letting me know that you want it therewith a few more pushes you now have your anadolu yakası escort ass and pussy filled I kneel again and you waste no time putting my cock in your mouth.

I feel your moans on my cock I softly push the toys but you instead push back holding the toys you rock back and forth easy at first then with more and more effort, I pull out your slim toy and get your devil tail anal plug lubing it up and pressing it against you its larger then your slim toy I take it easy you reach grabbing my hand and push it in all the way in. Your heavy breathing and moans having all your holes filled now you beg me to fuck you, you tell me that you want my cock in your pussy so I remove your purple toy from there and place it on the bed right below your waiting mouth.

You quickly suck the toy clean as I move in behind you, I place the head of my cock at the lips of your pussy pushing back against me I ease into you I hear you demand that I fuck you, fuck you hard and wasting no time I pick up the pace your whimpers and sighs tell me that you are close. Watching you reach and I feel your hand squeezing my balls then you start rubbing your clit I can feel your pussy clamping down on my cock and a few more thrusts you cum wave after wave rush through your body your pussy is so tight squeezing my cock I loose my load in you tight pussy, removing your plug and you drop your toy to the floor we fall into a pile on the bed. Soft kisses and my hands grabbing you pulling you tight against me laying there with you in my arms know I just completely pleasured you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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