Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 04: Vacation

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© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains ENF, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and vanilla sex. If this is not your type of smut please find another story.


“Did you bring a bikini,” Lars asked as the plane started its takeoff roll.

Aggie laughed, unconsciously grabbing his hand so tight her knuckles were white. “You know I don’t own one,” she says smiling at him, “but if you buy me one, no thongs or ultra tiny ones, I just might wear it.” Lars smiled at her and kissed her forehead as they flew up into the clouds.

The flight was uneventful, and the plane landed with a thump five minutes ahead of schedule. Aggie was grateful to be on the ground again. Even though she understood the physics of flight and the statistics regarding accidents, ever since her Grandparents died in a plane crash, part of her brain would scream that there’s no way that tons of aluminum can be suspended by nothing.

Lars looked over to make sure she was awake as the doors opened and passengers began to deplane. Aggie stood up, stretched, and kissed Lars feeling excited and happy to be on vacation with him, and even happier he never did ask about the mile high club.

Lars led Aggie through the airport to the pick-up area. Lars pointed to a tall handsome black man wearing a chauffeur’s uniform holding a sign with his name on it. As they approached the man he smiled, “Welcome back Mr. Hardy,” he greeted Lars.

“Hi, Chester, how are you,” Lars asks, shaking his hand. “This is my girlfriend Aggie, it’s her first time visiting.”

“I’m sure she’ll love it,” he says nodding at the young woman as he takes their luggage and puts it in the trunk before opening the back door for them. They drove for about a half-hour and pulled up to a large fence with a gate that opened automatically. The car drove up a long winding secluded driveway coming to a stop under a large ornate portico.

Aggie and Lars entered the lobby and headed toward the front desk. Suddenly Lars was jerked to a stop. Glancing at Aggie, he saw she was frozen in place, her mouth hanging to the floor and her eyes as wide as saucers.

“Are you okay,” he asked her.

“Those . . . the people . . . their umm uhh their na . . . na . . . naked,” Aggie whispered to him in shock and confusion.

“Of course they are. This is a clothing-optional resort,” Lars replied reasonably.

“A . . . a . . . a what,” Aggie stammered as she watched an elderly couple strolling hand in hand through the lobby and into the gift shop, with nothing covering their wrinkled old skin.

“A clothing optional resort,” Lars said enunciating each word.

Aggie spun around and glared at Lars. “You expect me to walk around naked! In front of strangers! I bet you even thought I would fuck you in front of some guys so you could high five each other, right!” Aggie hissed at him.

“No . . . no, nothing like that,” Lars said defensively, “I was hoping that you would see people can enjoy their bodies without being self-conscious. I hoped that maybe a little time around people comfortable in their own skin would make you curious. Besides, there’s no sex allowed in public. You don’t have to go around naked. You can wear whatever you want. No one will judge you.”

Aggie glared at Lars remaining silent. Lars stood still uncertain of what else he could say. He knew it was a huge risk, bringing Aggie here without warning her. But, like his parents always told him, “the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.”

After several minutes, Aggie exhaled hard and said, “get me into a room, any room, right FUCKING NOW!”

Lars hurried over to the desk and registered. He scooped up the key cards and led Aggie up to their room. As they got on the elevator, Lars tried to take Aggie’s hand but she pulled away from him and crossed her arms over her chest. Lars could feel the anger radiating off her, and had no idea what to say. As the doors began to shut, a male voice shouted: “hold it please.”

Without thinking, Aggie put her arm between the doors stopping them from closing. When the man walked onto the elevator, Aggie gasped in shock, as a very large, very black man, wearing nothing except his ebony skin, and a light sheen of sweat stepped onto the elevator.

“Hi, I’m Muhunnad,” he says holding his hand out to Aggie.

“I’m Lars, nice to meet you. This is my girlfriend Aggie.” Lars said, taking the giant’s hand.

Aggie stood there frozen, staring at the largest and thickest cock she had ever seen.

Muhunnad winked at Lars. “First time,” he asked, nodding at Aggie who was mesmerized by the apple-sized scrotum swinging hypnotically as the elevator almanbahis adresi rose the building.

“Hers, yes. Mine no.” Lars said smiling inwardly hoping this would be the icebreaker Aggie needed to cool down and enjoy their time at the resort.

“You kids have fun,” Muhunnad said as the elevator dinged. “This is where I get off.” Aggie took a step back afraid of his meaning. When the doors opened, Muhunnad stepped off and waved. As the doors closed again, he called out, “I hope to see you around.”

When the elevator got to their floor, Lars led Aggie to their room. Aggie began to unpack ignoring Lars completely.

After almost an hour, Lars asked: “Do you want something to eat?”

Without any indication Aggie heard him, she picked up the phone and dialed room service. “This is room nine-six-nine. I would like to order dinner. Send up a chief salad with a vinaigrette dressing, a club sandwich, and a pineapple juice.”

As Aggie was placing her order, Lars stepped closer to her. “I’d like a shrimp cocktail and the surf and turf with a Baltic Porter.”

Aggie looked at Lars dead in the eye, with an icy fury clearly and loudly said, “No, nothing else. Nothing at all. Thank you.” Then placed the handset on the receiver and ignoring Lars she grabbed the TV remote and turned on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which she knew Lars hated. Lars stared at her back until room service knocked on the door. He walked over to the door, yanked it open and stormed out.

The attendant rolled in the cart “Just leave it Aggie said as she signed the bill. As soon as the door closed, Aggie began to cry. Internally there was a war raging inside her. Part of her wanted to just strip down and spend the week naked. But, her insecurities and conservative nature wouldn’t let her be the girl she knew Lars wanted.

After a long hard cry and a few bites of her food, Aggie decided to take a shower. The warm water and tropical scented soap let Aggie imagine she was naked under a remote waterfall. She pretended Lars was there with her, and his hands started to cup her…

A loud knock on the door interrupted Aggie. She jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. Opening the door, the girl said maid service. Aggie nodded and let her in.

As the resort maid collected Aggie’s dinner remnants, Aggie kept telling herself to drop the towel. She even reached for the tuck several times, but just couldn’t bring herself to expose herself to a maid at a nudist resort. How the hell was she supposed to just go naked in front of strangers?


Lars had gone down to the bar and had a few drinks. He was angry that Aggie had refused to talk to him. He ate dinner at the bar watching some baseball. The more he thought about the situation the more he realized that he should have warned her. Once he finished, he decided that he needed to make things right with Aggie. After a few, well more than a few drinks, Lars headed to the gift shop to look for something he could give Aggie to make up with her.

As he drunkenly stumbled around the small retail space, he saw a mannequin wearing a fairly conservative all-black bikini. He figured it was the perfect present. After all, she asked him to buy her one, didn’t she. There Was no doubt Aggie would wear it. He figured it would prove to her that he didn’t expect her to walk around naked. Lars drunkenly stumbled over to the display and began looking at the boxes to find one that would fit his petite girlfriend.

The clerk came over ” Can I help you, sir,” trying to stop Lars from destroying the display that took him two hours to build.

“I wan one dese. Small, tiny small.” Lars slurred.

“Of course sir.” The clerk smiled at the drunken fool. This one should fit the lady you’re with perfectly.” He told Lars remembering the hissy fit she threw as they arrived when he was heading to the shop to start his shift.

Lars paid and headed back to his room. When he got there he saw the maid leaving with the dinner dishes and trash. In his drunken state, he thought ‘don wanna messy up a clice nean room.’ He took the bikini out of the box and dropped it to the floor. Holding the swimsuit in his hand, he struggled with inserting his card key and eventually got the door open.

Aggie was lying in bed, thinking about the list of rules she found on the nightstand when she heard the door open. She thought about feigning sleep but decided that they needed to hash out their latest disagreement, so they could salvage their first vacation. They both started to speak at the same time, Lars not realizing that Aggie was talking kept going so Aggie stopped.

“Aggie, I thought about it n I sorry. I shoulda tole you bout da rezzort beefur we kaym heer.”

Aggie listened to him, patiently as he drunkenly attempted to mansplain the resort’s rules, and ended with “I brung ya heer cuz iss my favurite playse to relaxe.” He awkwardly shoves the balled up bikini toward her. Aggie took the wad almanbahis adres of cloth from him and examined it. She decided to try it on, to see how it fits. But, it seemed to be one she would consider wearing.

Once again Aggie decided to forgive him and to surrender her body to him. Aggie threw the covers off her body and knelt on the bed. She leaned forward and kissed Lars. “Thank you for the apology. I was pissed. I thought you expected me to go naked and be in orgies and gang bangs. You know how I feel about that.”

Lars nodded drunkenly and moved in for another kiss. Aggie put her hand up and pushed him away. “Go take a shower and brush your teeth first, then maybe, just maybe I’ll kiss you again,” she said teasingly.

Lars stumbled into the bathroom tossing his clothes off along the way. He almost fell twice while Aggie watched, amusement replacing her anger. Aggie thought about joining Lars in the shower like she had heard some of the girls at school talk about, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do something so dirty.

While Lars took his shower, Aggie took off the flannel pajamas and granny panties, she had put on in anger, and took out the alabaster teddy she bought just for tonight. The negligee didn’t have a bra, just a sheer white babydoll embroidered with a tiny looping design. Each set of four loops looked like a stylized Celtic cross and the center of each loop was cutout. The babydoll was held up with two spaghetti straps and draped just below her panties. The babydoll was mostly opaque. It almost, but not quite, hid her nipples and areola. But as it draped down her body, it became more translucent. By the time it covered the matching boy short panties it was as clear as the water surrounding the island.

The panties covered her front adequately, but the back of the panties was made of a very loose weave, that left more skin exposed than it hid. The only thing missing was a veil to make this the perfect honeymoon lingerie. That was the reason Aggie bought it. She had agreed to this vacation, telling herself that it was a dress rehearsal for their honeymoon.

Lars walked out of the bathroom naked and saw what Aggie was wearing. He stopped in his tracks and his jaw dropped. Lars felt himself getting hard as he stared at his petite lover in her white lingerie. Lars stepped forward to get to the bed and tripped over the clothes he left on the floor.

Aggie moved to his side to see if he was hurt and Lars grabbed her and kissed her pushing his tongue into her mouth. Aggie remembered their first kiss and shuddered at the memory. After a second she reminded herself, this time Lars was kissing her, not mistaking her for someone else, and she kissed him back as her body melted against his.

Lars picked up Aggie and carried her to the bed. He laid her down and began to slide his hands all over her body. He played with her tits, kissing them through the material and ran his hands over her legs and up her thigh. As Lars kissed and bit Alpha and Mu his hand began to rub Aggie’s wet pussy through her panties.

Aggie tried to stop Lars so she could get naked but he wouldn’t let her. Once Lars could feel the moistness seeping through the material of her panties, he slipped his fingers past the elastic on the leg and into her arousal. Aggie gasped as she felt his finger penetrate her folds loving the sensations his fingers gave her. She lay back and let Lars caress her insides as she ran her fingers through his hair and moaned.

Lars tried to shift positions to keep in contact with Aggie and get his rapidly swelling manhood some attention. Aggie was able to reach it and began to fondle it the same way she always did. Lars realizing tonight would be the same as always, pushed the panties to the side and entered her

Aggie’s body went rigid, “Yes, YEs, YES, OH MY GOD YES,” she screamed as her body began to thrash about uncontrollably. Lars continued thrusting deep and fast as Aggie was deep into the throes of the most powerful orgasm she ever had.

When Aggie recovered from her climax she felt Lars was still thrusting into her and that there was another orgasm building inside her. Lars felt bigger than ever and was driving into her with an animalistic force Aggie loved. Lars had his eyes fixed onto Aggie’s body and his sweat was dripping onto her. Aggie was turned on by this and began to thrust her hips into Lars demanding that he go deeper and fuck her harder.

Lars and Aggie had been reduced to animals with one goal in mind. For the first time, they weren’t making love, they were fucking. This was base hard, fast and powerful. Aggie just wanted to feel his cock spasm with his milk of life shooting into her, and Lars was almost there. Aggie reached down and slipped her hand into her panties, and began to rub her clit trying to cum again before Lars shot his load into her.

Lars growled long and deep. The sound came from his chest and aroused Aggie even more. She felt his cock tighten up as it got ready to fill almanbahis adres her. Aggie rubbed her clit harder and faster and her hand lightly caressed Lars for a moment. That was all it took. Lars’ growl turned into a full howl as his cock began to jerk and spasm. The sensation of his shaft making those uncontrolled gyrations sent Aggie over the edge and she joined the howl, cumming even harder than before as Lars emptied himself into her.

Lars collapsed, completely spent and drained. He was soon asleep, and Aggie had just enough strength to roll on her side before she fell asleep, totally drained from the intensity of her two orgasms.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Aggie no longer pressed against her, and she felt lonely. She quietly went into the bathroom. Closing the door, she peeled off the sticky, sweaty babydoll and panties. She washed herself clean, relieved her bladder. Then she put on one of the complimentary robes the resort provided. Returning to the bedroom, she realized she wanted Lars inside her again. She climbed back into bed, dropping the robe onto the floor, and reached for his manhood, pleased to find that it was semi-erect.

She wrapped her hand around it and tried to stroke it to full hardness. Unfortunately, the earlier session had left it all sticky and gooey and glue-like. Aggie was disgusted by that and pulled her hand away. Her desire was still there, so she went to the bathroom and got a warm damp washcloth. As she was leaving, she saw her makeup case. She opened it and took out the baby oil she always carried when she traveled. She got back into bed and began to clean him thoroughly with the washcloth.

Once he was clean, she poured a little baby oil on her hands and started to stroke Lars’ shaft with long slow strokes trying to get it firm enough to be inside her. Lars moaned in his sleep and shifted his hips around as she continued to stroke his growing cock. Lars was still a little drunk, and mostly asleep. He had no idea what was going on, he just knew he didn’t want it to stop. He felt Aggie try to pull him on top of her and he decided to feign sleep to see if she would climb on him and ride him.

Aggie continued to stroke her lover’s shaft but was unable to get him in position. Feeling desperate she straddled his body kneeling over him. Lars felt the bed shift and opened his eyes a crack. When he saw her in this position a slight smile flitted across his face. Aggie lowered herself onto him and using her body and legs she was able to get Lars to roll on his side, his cock half-buried in her.

“If you want more,” she said, seeing Lars eyes open, “then mount me properly.”

Lars mentally cursed, as they shifted into their only lovemaking position. He began slowly and lovingly sliding in and out of Aggie while kissing her tenderly. Aggie caressed his body and looked into his eyes, breathing deeply enjoying the feel of the powerful pole inside her and the weight of her man on top of her.

As Lars continued to thrust into her Aggie realized she was head over heels in love with him and that she would marry him tomorrow if he asked. Lars kept thrusting and leaned down to suck on Alpha. Aggie whispered “Lars I love you”

Between being drunk and half asleep, her words didn’t register with Lars. He rocked his hips and gently nibbled on Alpha while his other hand reached for Mu. Aggie gasped as he bit one nipple and pinched the other. Lars released her nipples and kissed Aggie again as he reached his orgasm.

Aggie felt Lars stop thrusting and he rolled off her and was instantly asleep. Aggie was worried something had happened but was unable to wake him. She didn’t realize that between the booze and the power of his earlier climaxes, Lars had a very weak orgasm.

Aggie snuggled up against the warm naked body and kissed the back of his neck and laid awake the rest of the night worrying about why Lars stopped, and why he didn’t respond when she told him she loved him.

When Lars woke up in the morning, Aggie was in the shower. Lars got up and took some aspirin for his headache. He felt ravenous and looking at the clock he knew why. It was 1:30 in the afternoon. Aggie got out of the shower and walked into the room wearing her new Bikini. It was fairly conservative for a regular American beach, never mind for a clothing-optional resort. It was all black and the top tied around the neck and back. The bottoms were one piece, no ties, and pretty much covered everything.

Lars leered at Aggie, and she giggled. “Let’s go eat lunch and then go to the pool.”

“Sounds like a plan, I’m famished,” Lars said and quickly took care of his morning ablutions. As they left the room Aggie grabbed some towels. “The hotel provides towels at the pool and beach, so guests can keep towels in their rooms,” Lars told her. So Aggie put down the towels and they left the room, hand in hand.

They went to the dining room wearing their swimsuits and sandals. They ate and talked about school and their professors. Once they finished eating they walked hand in hand to the pool area. “I just want to catch some rays now,” Aggie said, “and maybe soak in the hot tub later.” As she put her cell phone, earbuds and room key in a waterproof pouch that hung around her neck.

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