Alice Falls for a Stripper

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I’m pretty sure her plan backfired and she wasn’t happy. I couldn’t say I was disappointed but if she wasn’t so pissed off I probably would have assured her no one was more surprised by how the events turned out than me. But I didn’t tell Barbara that because she was too busy glaring at me to care about what I had to say.

I’m sure this all sounds pretty confusing so I’ll back up a little bit. The most important background information is that I was always a straight woman. I was married for three years to a boring man who found me equally boring. We had dated in high school and it just seemed the natural progression of things for us to get married. I’m not even certain Ted actually proposed to me. It was more like an understanding between us. Then one day, Denise walked into his restaurant and I guess it was love at first sight for them – or lust anyway. By the time I even knew about their affair she was pregnant and he had divorce papers ready for me to sign. The worst part was I didn’t even care! The marriage was over quickly and we never fought once. I even still eat at his restaurant sometimes. I see Denise there with their two kids and it doesn’t even bother me. I’m happy for them. But not really for myself.

I definitely felt like something was missing in my life. Of course I logically assumed I needed a man in my life to make it feel complete. I went on date after date but nothing connected with any of them. I was approaching thirty-five and feeling quite desperate.

No one at the real estate office where I worked had to be told I was lonely. They helped set me up on dates and some of the guys asked me out themselves. But like I said: nothing.

Barbara kept suggesting I try it her way. Everyone at the office knew Barbara was a lesbian, I guess because she never made a secret of it. Her random girlfriends would come meet her for lunch and she always brought another woman to office parties.

I was hesitant of course but told her I’d think about it and I did. I checked out women the way I usually checked out men. But other than admiring their soft skin or shiny hair, I didn’t feel anything towards any of them.

Then Barbara seemed to let her frustration on my behalf turn to a bit of an obsession. Suddenly she didn’t just want me to try being a lesbian. She wanted me to try to be a lesbian WITH HER. I politely rebuffed her advances but she seemed to think I was playing with her – playing hard to get.

She’s always been arrogant with a major superiority complex but she was so convinced she was right about my sexuality that she insisted I go to a strip club with her one weekend. She called me all kinds of wimpy and cowardly names when I tried to talk her out of it. I was so annoyed by her that I finally threw up my hands and agreed to go. But I told her I’d only concede on one condition. If I went to a female strip club with Barbara, she had to agree to leave me alone forever after that if it wasn’t what I wanted.

From the outside, The Station looked like any other bar and a decent one at that. The inside wasn’t bad either. It was clean and the set up at the bar was actually elegant. There was dim lighting of course but the music wasn’t cheesy in the least.

But the clientele was right out of your stereotypical movie about a strip club. They were chubby, sweaty guys with a constant drink and glazed eyes riveted to the stage. They looked dirty to me. All of them. I started to get a little nervous. I wasn’t used to being in a place like this. What was I even doing here?

Barbara found us a table and I sat down gratefully. I was wondering if sitting down made me less conspicuous. A divorced, straight woman in a female strip club. Just get it over with, I told myself. Just get out of here quickly.

I tried to be a good sport about it. I smiled at the dancers when they looked my way. I tucked dollar bills in their g-strings if they approached our table. Many girls seemed to know Barbara and were happy to see her. As dollar after dollar disappeared in their g-strings from Barbara it made sense.

“See anyone you like yet?” Barbara asked me between performances.

I didn’t want to lie but I definitely didn’t want to encourage her either. “They’re all so beautiful,” I said honestly.

“All women are beautiful,” she breathed out. Her hand slid onto my leg and I shifted away. She laughed softly. “One of these days, Alice . . . You’re going to let your guard down and watch out!”

Luckily the next dancer came on then and I didn’t have to listen to Barbara’s threats anymore. And then I wouldn’t have heard her if she told me to fuck her right then and there.

The DJ had introduced this girl as Angel and who was I to argue? She was heavenly and exquisite. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and I kind of thought my mouth was probably hanging open. But I didn’t even care.

When Angel’s set was over, Barbara excused herself from our table. I was grateful to have a moment to myself, to collect myself and calm down. It was nothing, escort bayan I told myself. Just the atmosphere and the fact that I hadn’t been fucked in five years.

Sad right?

I downed my third drink of the night and pulled myself together in time for Barbara’s return. She seemed smug as she gathered our coats and bags. “Come with me,” she told me. I followed her wondering if we were leaving or what.

No. Barbara bought me a private lap dance. From Angel. I should have refused. I should have left right then. But I was curious and I was ready to have some fun for once.

Angel danced in front of me for a while without speaking, just moving to the music and I wouldn’t have taken my eyes off her if a bomb dropped outside. She was mesmerizing.

“What’s your name?” she asked me as her dancing brought her closer to me.

I had to clear my throat to get the words out. “My name is Alice.”

She smiled slowly. “Well, Alice, I want you to do something for me, okay?”

I nodded.

She slowly but steadily moved her lips to my ear. “I want you to kick your friend out so I can touch you.”

Of course I told Barbara to leave. She protested but I insisted. Angel just smiled at me and I found myself giggling like a little girl with a new friend.

Once the door closed after Barbara, Angel leaned her hands on the couch behind my head. “Now, baby. Let’s see if we can’t get rid of those nerves I see all over that pretty face of yours.”

I had no idea what to say to her but that didn’t seem to matter. She straightened, then removed her bikini top and ran her hands over her tits, all the while keeping her eyes on mine. Then she turned her back on me and hooked her thumbs in her g-string. She slowly pushed it down her legs, leaning all the way over as she did so until her ass was in the air and her beautiful pussy was on display right in front of me.

I let out a small moan at the sight of that pussy. It was so pink and I was amazed to see it glistening in the dim light. Could she be turned on just because she was showing herself to me?

Slowly, Angel straightened again but, though she smiled at me over her shoulder, she kept her back to me. Her ass came towards me while her hips continued to move to the music. I gripped the couch on either side of my legs to resist the suddenly strong urge to grab that spellbinding ass.

Angel moved over my legs, hovering there for the longest time still moving to the music. Then agonizing inches at a time, she lowered herself on to me and I let out a shuddering breath. I could feel the heat from her body as her ass began to buck against my pussy. I couldn’t help it. I jerked my pussy up against her ass.

She made a purring sound deep in her throat. “There you go, baby. Let me know you like it.” Her head fell back to my shoulder and she kept her ass moving so I kept moving against her.

We developed a nice rhythm but I was embarrassed by how erratic my breathing was becoming since my mouth was basically at her ear. I didn’t want to do anything wrong but I couldn’t stop my nose from burying in her hair. I was all but nuzzling her as I inhaled her intoxicating scent.

Suddenly, she spun around. She was on top of me again and straddling me. Angel looked into my eyes before she leaned in to kiss me. I’ve never experienced anything as sensual as those lips on mine. She was soft and sweet but then she turned demanding. Her mouth opened against mine and I felt her tongue reach out to stroke mine. I moaned long and loud. She purred again and then I whimpered as she took her lips from me.

“Baby, you’re too sweet.” She watched me as she brought her hands up to my tits and kneaded them. I sighed and she smiled. “Yeah . . . That feels good doesn’t it, Alice?” She saw where my eyes trained – to her much larger tits as they bounced freely between our bodies, her long nipples stood out straight. They pointed at me like twin little erect dicks.

Her purr this time was one of disappointment. “Aw, baby, I’m not allowed to let you touch me. Rules of the lap-dance. But here.”

Angel released my tits and leaned forward, rubbing our chests together. I could feel her hard nipples stab into my own and I cried out, “Oh, Angel! Please!” I didn’t even know what I was begging for except that she never stop causing me to feel this good.

She kissed me again. This time, she held my face in her hands and angled my head to her preference. The kiss was hot and carnal as our tits continued to rub and mash together. Angel was still grinding her pussy against mine and the heat I felt coming from her was matched if not surpassed by my own.

I couldn’t get enough of her.

And I was about to have an orgasm.

It was as though Angel sensed this because her hand left my face and traveled between our bodies until she slid it down over my crotch. I bucked even more furiously against her as her fingers dug into the fabric of my knit pants and panties. The force of her hips accelerated, driving her hand against izmit eve gelen escort my pussy again and again. All the while her tongue fucked my mouth and I whimpered against her.

“That’s it, baby,” she whispered against my lips. “Cum for me, Alice.” That purr was back as she dove into my mouth again.

My orgasm swept threw me so powerfully that tears poured down my cheeks. “Yes, Angel!” I yelled. “Yes!”

Her hips dug her hand into me one last time and I realized she was cumming too. I had made this gorgeous creature cum! I couldn’t imagine how that was possible since my fingers were still tightly curled into the couch cushions but somehow I knew it had.

Angel kept kissing me while she sighed and then she was licking my lips and all down my neck. “Baby, oh, baby . . . I’m not done with you yet.” She purred against the top of my tits and I shivered. She laughed softly. “Not by a long shot.”

But then there was pounding at the door and one of the other girls said, “Time’s up, Angel. I need the room.”

Angel sat up and looked down at me. “I get off in an hour. Wait for me?”

I was more shocked by this question than anything that had happened tonight so far. Before this I was convinced Angel was playing a part. Sure she may have enjoyed herself a bit but I assumed that was all part of her game – that she simply enjoyed turning other women on for fun.

Now she wanted to extend my lap-dance? Into what? A make out session in the alley? As much as I wanted to keep feeling this way, I was getting in a bit over my head now.

Angel could sense my hesitation it seemed. “I just want more time with you.” There was more pounding on the door. “And we’ve run out of it in here.”

“I came with a friend . . .”

She leaned over and gave me a long, sensual kiss before she stood and reached for her short robe. “That’s perfect. I’ll give you a ride home.” Her smile left no doubt that our evening wouldn’t end once she drove me home.

“I don’t know what I’ll tell her,” I admitted.

Angel belted her robe. “The truth usually works the best. Tell her I’m insisting on driving you home and you’re willing to let me. As long as that’s the truth. Is it, Alice?”

I swallowed hard and let out a quiet, “Yes,” which caused a slow smile to bloom over Angel’s gorgeous face.

She reached for my hand and gave a tug to have me standing in front of her. I was surprised by how much taller she was than me. I came up to her chin but tilted my head back to meet her eyes. She moved into me so that our bodies pressed together.

“I’ll see you soon then.” She gave me one more long kiss that left me aching and shaking. “Only an hour, baby.”

But within that hour I’m faced with Barbara which is where this story began. Her plan of seducing me has backfired and she’s mad at me. As if I planned to be seduced by anyone tonight. I figured I’d go home to my apartment feeling lonely as usual but at least relieved that Barbara would no longer be a problem for me. Now this.

“What are you doing, Alice?” she asked me as we stood at her car.

“I’m not really sure,” I answered honestly. “But at this point in my life I can’t afford to pass up an opportunity to find something good for once.”

She let out a huff. “You sound like some lovesick teenager. Get real, Alice.”

I decided not to let her get to me. I was pretty sure she was simply jealous that I was taking Angel home with me and not her. “Good night, Barbara.”

Her anger was easy to sense as she slammed into her car. “Yeah. See you around, Alice.”

After I watched Barbara drive away, I did have a moment of doubt and panic. What was I doing? Aside from my horniness and fear of these new sexual feelings, I was going to get in the car of a virtual stranger and most likely let her into my home. This couldn’t be smart.

For the remainder of the hour, I agonized over what I was committing myself to. I sat at the bar but only ordered soft drinks because as nervous as I was, I didn’t want to lose myself – and whatever sense I had left – in the numbness of alcohol. I seriously considered just calling a cab several times and perhaps would have in the end. But then Angel walked out.

Her relief at seeing me there knocked down some of my nerves but also helped me finally realize what it meant when people spoke of butterflies in their stomach.

“You ready, baby?” she asked, reaching for my hand.

I nodded and linked my fingers with hers. As we left I could feel eyes following us. I kept my mind away from wondering if Angel leaving the club with her hand in someone else’s was a common sight. But it still passed through my thoughts.

Once in her car, Angel smiled at me and sighed. “Free at last. You want to get something to eat or just head to your place?”

“I’d rather go home,” I told her. In truth I was afraid I’d lose my nerve if we prolonged the preliminaries much longer.

“Me too, baby,” she said with a slow smile. As she izmit otele gelen escort drove, Angel kept her hand on my thigh but we didn’t talk much other than my telling her where to turn. She let out a low whistle when we got to my apartment building. “This is a nice place, Alice.”

“Thanks. I’ve only lived here about a year.”

“Yeah? Where did you live before that?”

“In the house my husband and I bought.”

She whipped her head to look at me from her study of my building. “You’re married?” The shock was obvious but it seemed I detected a sadness too.

“No! Oh God no. I’ve been divorced for five years. I just meant he was my husband when we bought the house.”

“Whew!” she said with obviously relief.

I laughed and everything suddenly felt more relaxed. ” So,” I said finding my nerve at last, “do you want to come up?”

“Hell yeah I do!” she said, yanking her seatbelt off and slamming out of her car. This caused us to laugh all the way to the elevators.

Our eyes met as we laughed and she starting moving towards me but then we were joined on the elevator by an elderly couple who I’ve seen once or twice. Angel stood beside me then but our laugher had faded to sexual tension. I felt my breathing become shallow.

The elderly couple smiled and we nodded at each other but we didn’t know one another well enough to converse. Thank goodness. I probably wouldn’t be able to form a sentence.

The ride seemed incredibly long, though I only lived on the ninth floor. We all but sprinted out of the elevator and it seemed to take me forever to deal with the locks. Angel moved in behind me, her body pressing into mine. I let out a soft moan and I heard her purr.

“Hurry, baby,” she urged me.

Finally, we were stumbling inside and then we were all over each other. Her mouth was on mine and I was finally able to run my hands over her magnificent body.

“I’m sure you have a nice place, Alice,” she said against my neck as she nibbled there, “but take me to your bedroom, baby.”

There was no need to tell me twice. I grabbed her hand and dragged her behind me. This made her laugh again but once she saw my four-poster, king-sized bed she sighed.

“This is perfect. Come here, baby.” She opened her arms to me and I gladly walked into them. For a while she just held me but then her lips turned to mine and we explored each other’s mouths slowly.

Eventually, she began to remove my clothes and I did the same with hers. Then she lay me on my bed and just looked at me. Just when I was becoming self-conscious she smiled at me.

“You’re beautiful, baby.”

“I’m not,” I told her. “My tits are too small and my hips are too narrow. I’m built like a 12- year-old boy.”

I was surprised when she laughed. “Alice, if 12-year-old boys looked like you, I wouldn’t have been into girls when I was 12.”

That made me laugh too but then she joined me on the bed and the time for talking was over.

I was surprised by how amazing her body felt as she moved on top of me. I could feel every inch of her on every inch of me and it was driving me nearly insane with lust. I couldn’t stop from bucking my hips up, trying to grind my pussy into hers.

“Ssshhh…” she soothed me, her hands combing back through my hair. “Slow down, baby. We’ve got tons of time.” She slid her hands up my arms and pushed them flat against the bed. Her message was clear even after she released them: I was to let her do the touching.

It was difficult to lay there as Angel took her mouth on a dizzying journey down my body but I almost felt drugged. It was as though I couldn’t quite remember how to move my limbs because just when I ordered a muscle to move, the sensations she caused would distract me and the message would be lost in my pleasure-filled mind.

I know I was moaning loudly by the time Angel’s lips closed over one of my nipples, sucking gently but urgently in a rhythm her hips were mimicking against my leg. I was writhing on the bed, half embarrassed by my reactions but half mad with the desire I felt for this woman on top of me.

When her tongue circled my belly button and continued down, I gasped. “Oh Angel . . . you don’t have to.”

She looked up at me and I noticed how she panted against me. Our eyes met as she said, “Baby, Angel is just my stage name.”

Embarrassment filled me and I felt so stupid. Of course! First of all, who names their daughter Angel? Second of all, who uses their real name when stripping? Stupid, stupid Alice!

“Oh God! I’m so sorry!” I reached towards her and she grasped my hand with a smile.

“It’s okay. I wouldn’t mind except I’d really like to hear you gasping my real name . . . if you don’t mind.” Shockingly, SHE seemed embarrassed.

I was so flattered and even more filled with lust that it mattered to her. “I’d love to,” I told her. Then quietly asked, “What is it?”

“It’s Max,” she said quietly. “Short for Maxine. Not very feminine.” She shrugged gently.

“It’s perfect,” I told her, stroking her hand. “You’re perfect, Max.”

She smiled slowly and them moved my hand up to my tits. Our eyes stayed locked as she used my hand to cup my own tit. “Touch yourself, baby. Give yourself pleasure while I pleasure us both.”

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