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You walked in and there I laid, naked, legs spread. I was rubbing my clit, letting my fingers slip down fingering my own hole. Candles were lit, there was a firry feel to the room. You stood at the foot of my bed watching me. The only words you spoke you whispered. ” Nice.”

I had my toy out, the silver vibrating egg. I glided the egg over my pussy, from hole to clit. My hips rocked when the egg was rolled over my clit. You could see the sweet nectar leak from my pussy. As you watch me get my pussy juicy, you take your clothes off, standing there starting to touch yourself.

Your own hands roam down your chest to your swollen cock. My eyes watch as you stoke it, your eyes watch my fingers as they glide between my pussy lips. The silver egg buzzes its way down to my wet pussy hole. With the cord I let it slowly go inside my pussy then pulling it out, dragging it back up towards my clit.

As my toy is brought up to my clit, you climb onto my bed. Your face dives into my wetness. My sweetness is long over due to flow. Your tongue laps at my hole, licking, sucking up my juices. Dragging your face upwards over my pussy, grinding deep in me. I feel your nose and tongue being rocked güvenilir bahis from my hole to my clit.

My hips rock the opposite direction of your face. One of your hands reaches for my nipple. Grabbing and squeezing. The other, two fingers are slid in my pussy. First, just slowly teasing my hole. The tips were bent to hit my spot. Then deeper and deeper I feel then go inside of me.

You fingered me slow and deep, while your mouth licked, sucked at my pussy. My legs spread even wider, but wrapping around your head. My hands reached for the rail to the bed. I needed to hold on I was in for the pussy licking I’ve been denying myself.

You grab my toy getting it wet, then placing it by my asshole. Your tongue is flicking over my pussy from hole to clit. Applying pressure when reaching my clit, parting your full lips sucking in my clit. My hips rock, your fingers go deeper in my pussy as my ass is tingling from my toy. I unwrap my legs, spreading them further. Your fingers, keeping their rhythm going deeper in my pussy. Your tongue concentrates on licking me from hole to clit.

I lift my hips, keeping them up raised. You take the toy, rubbing my asshole with it. You feel my güvenilir bahis siteleri body is about to explode, but you keep your pace the same. You make love to my pussy with your sensual mouth. One more lick with the tongue and waves over take me. The sweet nectar you’ve been thirsting for flows. My juices exploding all over your face as you lick them up.

Your face is buried deeper in my pussy. You tongue my hole, sucking the cum from me. Licking, lapping your tongue you hit my ass with it. You see the response my body has and you flip me over. On all fours you take to licking my ass. You lick me from pussy hole to across my ass. In long hard licks, my back arches with every lick of the tongue. You lick me harder and deeper. Waves of hot orgasm over take my body again. I feel the juices flow from my pussy. Running down my pussy. Your tongue licks up my pussy juices, licking, sucking till the spasm ceases.

You lay down on the bed, I sit down by your feet. Your cock is still hard and waiting. I let my fingers trail over it, from base to the head. I run my fingers under your balls, cupping them I lower my head.

Softly I brush my lips across the head. Dragging them just iddaa siteleri under the head, letting my tongue dart out licking. Another longer lick, this time licking from base to the head. I stop almost up to the head, parting my lips sucking in. My tongue licks lifting your cock to my mouth. I part my lips letting your cock slide inside my mouth. I wrap my lips around the head sucking in slowly.

I take you deep in my mouth, sucking slow. Flicking my tongue, licking the base. Then letting my tongue dance back up your cock. I work your cock in and out of my mouth, taking you in slow and deep.

My lips wrap tighter around your cock. Sucking a little harder, working the head, twirling my tongue around it. Your hands go to my head, your fingers wrap deep in my hair. In long strides your big cock is being worked in and out of my mouth. Your hips start to meet my mouth. Your cock going a little deeper.

I feel your cock become harder, bigger in my mouth. I suck you in a little harder. Working your length, sucking flicking my tongue all over your dick. I stop letting you pump your cock in and out of my mouth. Long hard thrusts, licking the base of your cock with each suck of your dick.

With the last thrust of your dick, you shot long bursts of hot cum deep in my mouth and throat. Sucking and swallowing all you have to give. I feel the hot cream run down my throat. Licking, sucking till your cock has released its last drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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