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(This is some of the back story to “Amber Lets Go.” However it stands on its own and is a full story in its own right.)

Amber stretched a long piece of packing tape across the top of the box, it contained her favorite books and all her DVD’s; the last of her packing was finally done. She stood and stretched her petite 5 foot frame. At 110 pounds she filled her clothes out nicely, bordering on the cusp of slim to curvy. Her chest was a modest B cup, but her hips flared out from a small waist and flat stomach, leading down to strong toned thighs supporting a backside that could only be described as a “bubble-butt.” She pulled her long dark hair from its pony-tail and gently massaged her scalp and temples as her mind became inundated with painful thoughts and emotions. With her large dark eyes closed and the stereo belting out mournful music she didn’t notice the car pull up to the driveway.

“Do you need any help loading that into your truck? Obviously you’ve stuffed anything you could fit into it, and I know for a fact you’re not strong enough to take care of it on your own.”

Her eyes flew open at the request and her heart hammered in her chest. She turned and looked at the source of the voice and inside she involuntarily melted. He looked at her with the clearest steel-blue eyes she had ever seen. “The color of rain clouds,” she thought. The straight, black eyelashes surrounding them made their affect even more penetrating. Inwardly she groaned in pain, outwardly she did her best to remain calm and collected.

“Ummm… Sure… but I think I could handle it, I’ve got all the rest so far.”

“Heh… ya right, don’t worry about it… I wouldn’t want you to have to lift a finger now that I’m around to do the work.”

She watched as he bent to lift the box filled with her books, the same ones he used to make fun of her for reading. “Well I won’t have to deal with that anymore I guess,” she thought to herself as he carried it out to her waiting vehicle, making room for it among the other boxes already loaded and ready to go.

“I always told you you have too much crap,” he said as he walked back in the house.

This was the man she had chose to spend two years of her life with, the man she had deemed worthy enough to give her whole heart to. He stood there in his polo shirt and jeans, sunglasses in hand and ball cap perched on his head. He wasn’t a large man, only standing 5’8″ with an almost delicate bone structure. She found her eyes wandering to his forearms, one of her favorite parts, the hair a soft dusting leading to his wrists, his wrists leading to his hands; he had long, trim fingers, “piano playin’ fingers” she liked to call them, always clean, always well manicured. She wanted nothing more than to close her eyes and run her face and lips across those hands; the back, the palm, kiss the inside of his wrists. She felt a yearning stir in her belly and abruptly snapped her eyes away from him. Too late.

As she brushed by him he grabbed her arm, stopping her in her tracks.

“I do love you… you know that, right?”

His eyes burned into hers, his hand so warm where bursa escort he gripped her; her knees became weak; she couldn’t look away if she tried, but she couldn’t answer him either. “I don’t know that… I don’t… you never showed me…” Her thoughts blazed through her head. He leaned his head down, his cheek almost touching hers, he breathed into her ear…

“I can show you…”

Her mind screamed a mix of warnings and consummate acquiescence. She felt her defenses fade, she couldn’t stop her body from melting against his, and as his lips closed over hers, she decided she didn’t want to.

He turned her body towards his, pressing her full length against him, one hand clasping the back of her head, the other flattened on the small of her back. As her mouth opened under his he drove his tongue into its warmth, grasping her hair with more urgency, gripping her ass over her jeans. A small sigh escaped her and she wound her arms around his waist, pushing her pelvis against his thighs. She couldn’t control herself, she knew he had this affect on her, she knew she shouldn’t have been there packing when he got off work, she knew this would happen if she saw him, and she knew she wanted it.

“Get in the bedroom. I’ll show you I love you. I’ll show you when my dick slides into that tight pussy and you remember that your body was made to fit mine… nobody can make you feel the way I do, and you’ll have no doubts about that before I’m through with you.”

He turned her around in his arms, holding her by the hips, keeping her tight up against him; she rose to her tip toes, pressing her ass to his groin, feeling the rigid fire he had waiting for her there. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them almost harshly, before wrenching her shirt and bra up to her collar bone and exposing their flesh to the air. He immediately pinched and pulled her nipples to erection then ran his palms in feather light circles across their peaks. His breath was hot against her neck, his lips and tongue leaving wet trails from her ear down her jaw bone.

“Such nice little tits,” he whispered in her ear, “I always loved your tits, after the first night I fucked you I jacked off thinking about rubbing my cock all over them.”

She closed her eyes as her pussy spasmed in response to his words. Instantly she felt her wetness soak the crotch of her panties and she reached around behind her to press him more firmly against her. He began walking her to the bedroom, once again gripping her hips in an iron-like vise.

Once there he tore her shirt and bra from her body and bent to take a nipple into his mouth. He sucked, almost too hard, and the pleasurable pain rippled through her belly, pulsing and engorging her clit. Her head lolled back and she began working on the button of her jeans, wanting to get any article of clothing between them out of the way. He stood and pulled his shirt over his head, seeing her jeans undone he jerked them down her legs, then removed his in one swift movement. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pushed them to the ground; she felt the crotch linger against her sex for a moment, bursa escort bayan the moisture binding the fabric to her skin. Her pussy was shaved bald and her fleshy lips were all but dripping with arousal.

“Turn around…. turn around and get on the bed.”

She hesitated, confused for a moment. “Turn around? He hardly ever wants to see me from behind.” She had time for this one thought before he physically turned her himself and pushed her to the bed. She climbed on the side, her knees perched dangerously close to the edge, her elbows locked and hands planted for support.

“No, lean down. Lean down and spread your legs.”

She quivered with excitement, and obeyed. Her chest and face rested on the bed and she slowly let her knees slide farther open. She arched her back; she was now successfully in the most prone position she could imagine; her ass high in the air, her legs spread to the point of shaking from instability, her pussy gaping.

“Open it for me…”

She reached her arms around the backs of her legs, pinning her face more firmly to the mattress, and found her throbbing sex. She gently ran her fingers the length of her slit, dipping into it enough to grasp her puffy outer lips and pull them even farther apart. The cool air lapped at her most secret places and goose bumps were breaking out all over her body.

Suddenly a mouth closed over her clit…his mouth… and he sucked, like he sucked her nipples. The pure pleasure that coursed through her in that instant sent shockwaves from head to toe.

“Oh my god… ohhh, oh my god…”

He began flicking her clit with his tongue… alternating between sucking and licking. Her legs began to tremble. He fluttered his tongue, like a butterfly kiss, on her fully exposed button. She could hardly breath, her grip on her own lips had become severe, and her hole was aching to be filled. All at once the fluttering stopped and warm wetness entered her cavity. He plunged his tongue as far as he could and wiggled it, side to side, up and down; his thumb began a rhythmic dance on her clit.

“unhhhhhh… uhhh….” Her orgasm was building, climbing with speed and strength; she knew this was going to be a mind-blower.

“Don’t stop… don’t stop…. Oh god, please… please, don’t stop!”

It hit her, like a ton of bricks. She let go of her lips and tore at the blanket she was on… she clawed and twisted it, burying her face in its softness. Her hips wildly pushed back against his face, bucking and grinding; he used his arms to capture her around the legs in an effort to control her movement and moved his mouth back to her clit, sucking in and out, in and out, and shaking his head from side to side.

One sharp intake of breath… she couldn’t make a sound… she could feel her face contorting… and she went limp. He released his hold on her and she sank to her stomach, her pussy still contracting and her hips twitching involuntarily.

He flipped her onto her back and devoured her mouth in a hungry wet kiss, her juices coated her face and her nostrils were filled with the scent of her own cum. He rested his escort bursa body between her legs and pressed himself against her.

“I’m going to fuck you now… your cunt is so ready and you taste so good… my dick is throbbing to be inside you…”

She raised her hips, wanting to feel him, needing to feel him. He stood at the edge of the bed; grabbing her ankles he rested them on his shoulders and began to stroke the head of his cock along her slit, from clit to hole. He pressed against her, needing hardly any pressure at all, her sopping pussy gave no resistance as he entered. He pointed his face toward the ceiling and closed his eyes; she fit him like a glove, the perfect sheath for his rod. He gripped her ass and raised it off the bed, with full control of her body he pounded against her. He felt her heels hook to his shoulders as she pounded back. Her small breasts bounced on her chest and her hands ran up her body, from her prominent hip-bones, across her clenched tummy up to her chest to capture a nipple in each hand.

“Oh baby, you drive me crazy,” he said as his thrusting became more frantic, “do you like it? Do you like it when I fuck you? Do you enjoy my cock as much as I enjoy your sweet pussy? Tell me…. tell me you love when I fuck you…”

“I love it….. oooohhhh, I love it… oh my god… harder…” she was losing her breath, another orgasm building, “oh, harder… I love it….” she could only whisper, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, her teeth grinding.

Abruptly he leaned over her, pinning her legs on each side of her head. He pressed his mouth to hers, licking and sucking her tongue and lips, breathing her in. She grabbed the backs of her knees, drawing them further towards the bed. Their bodies made loud slapping noises as they bucked against each other battling with the sound of his erection plunging into her drenched chamber. Slowly his grunts could be heard, his face pressed into her neck, muffling the sound.

“I’m gonna cum baby…. I’m gonna cum… cum with me…”

“Yes, yes… I am, I’m cumming….. oh god, right now!”

She threw her arms around her legs and his waist, cleaving him to her just as she erupted… her pussy contracted around him, milking him as his dick began to lurch and spurt inside of her. He drove his hips against her, hard, his hands somehow finding their way into her sweaty tangled hair and hanging on for dear life.

They lay there for a minute, sticky, hot and out of breath. Amber’s eyes were closed, her heart raging inside her chest, she still held him tight to her.

“Let go.”


“Let go, I’m all messy, I need to clean up.”

Reluctantly she loosened her grip around him. He stood up; almost rudely pulling out of her… an overwhelming feeling of emptiness enveloped her. He found an old t-shirt in one of his drawers and threw it to her.

“Don’t get any of that shit on the bed, I just washed the blankets.”

She placed the shirt between her legs, careful to make sure it was under her ass to catch him as he flowed out of her. She watched as he pulled on his jeans and made his way to the bathroom, his naked back as familiar to her as the back of her own hand; and as he closed the door behind him she didn’t stop her tears from flowing either. He was right; nobody could make her feel the way that he did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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