An American Indian Western Ch. 02

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The tribal practices of the American Indian were totally misconstrued by the pragmatic attitude of the highly religious imperial invader – that had inhumane behavior, as observed by the Indians.

Unfortunately, the White man’s behavior was identified after the damages occurred, leaving the bewildered Indian to use whatever ingenuity they could come up with for survival.

Because of the honoring of individualism and their uninhibited attitude (that was in conformity to nature), sexuality was respected! Making the Indians [ probably] the sexiest nation in the world.

Cock in cunt was the primal drive, and availability was generous (and grateful). A wild slut was cherished and honored, along with a male satyr! Also, women were the legislative force in the tribe (matriarchy) since they were the “Source of Life”; obviously, they not ‘paragons of virtue’ so life was much more comfortable and realistically normal.

[To fully understand this chapter you should read ‘An American Indian Western’ first.]

Lakota’s Open Heart

Fat Fox’s hunting Party was very successful. One Deer, three porcupines, two possums, five squirrels, three woodchucks, one duck, a stringer of fish, and an alligator gar. The catch was then turned over to the squaws that divided it up for the benefit of the tribe. The trip only took five days!

“Running Fawn, it’s so good to see you. Let me tell you a story about the hunt.”

“Bullshit Red Dog, five days without pussy, I know what you really want! Grab your saddle blanket and lets get away from camp – so I can properly reward a mighty hunter.”

“Okay sweetheart, you lead the way.”

“Sweetheart?” “Now I am curious what you will call me after your balls are empty?”

* * *

“Let me spread the blanket over here where no one can hear us.”

“So Red Dog, you think your long cock is going to make me cry for mercy? You could only get that if you shoved it up the ass of a squaw-man! My proud cunt has accommodated all the braves in our tribe, and was designed by the Great Spirit to please all!”

“Quiet woman! Let me fulfill you’re your request for doing it white man’s way. That’s it lay on your back and let me prepare you for the rut.”

“Shithead, you’re still soft? Lay along side me and I will go and do a woman’s work. That’s it, now I will roll over and take control.”

With that Running Fawn takes Red Dog’s cock and starts licking the tip until it has more sustenance, Then while fondling his testicles she glides her lips up and down his hardening shaft, while swirling her tongue, seeking all the sensitive areas.

With him starting to groan beneath her and thrust into her mouth, she moves her damp hairy pussy that already has a droplet of male sperm intermingling with her vaginal excretions, toward his face only to feel him enthusiastically kiss and nuzzle her well-used cunt.

“That’s it Red Dog, suck my pussy, lick my clit to make it stiff like your cock, then suck it like a mini cock. Aiee! You thrill me!” As she then excitedly starts bobbing her head, energetically sucking his cock.”

“Hold up Running Fawn, I can’t take this much longer. Roll off and let me fuck you while we are both in heat.”

She rolls upon her back with knees bent and legs spread. Red Dog puts his head between her thighs, his hands on her ass as he raises her pussy to his lips to again fondle her clit with his tongue. She bucks and moans struggling to meet his enthusiasm.

“Red Dog, please, you’re making me too sensitive. I need your cock inside me, come let me feel your naked body against me as you press into my cunt. Ohh I need you so!”

With that she helps him raise her legs onto his shoulders, compressing her body until she feels his cock masturbating in her seam. She is helpless and cannot grab his member and steer it into her soul – where it belongs. He presses her further and the tip enters her cunt.

“Aiee! [pant pant] That’s it push it in, Oooh, I want to feel all of you! Oops! I feel your cock’s head slipping past – and opening up, the mouth ümraniye escort of my womb! That’s it Red Dog, don’t stop. YES, Fuck meeee!”

Stimulated by her pure wantonness Red Dog is shagging her very intensely, when the familiar boiling of freshly brewed sperm starts raging in his testes. She feels his pulsation rippling through her womb, her very core of desire, and feels him ejaculate – very heavily, with intense spasms of male seeds splashing onto the walls of her very center of existence.

“My man, I still need you, lower my legs and stay inside me, my ghost dancer. Relax on me until you are ready again. Kiss me while I manipulate your cock with my cunt. Uh, you feel so good. That’s it, kiss me again – I am starting to feel you harden within me. Lick and suckle my titties now, so I can get ahead of you this time – so you will ejaculate into my heavy vaginal secretions.”

“Running Fawn you are a torrid bitch, and I love you for it. Ohh ugh, you have me deep in your fawn fur, and I am caught in your trap of lust. I loved the taste of your pussy loaded with another brave’s sperm, and will have to wait until I refill you, to taste your freshly fucked pussy. That’s it, wrap your legs around me and lets do it together this time. Oyy yi yi, your cunt feels so good.”

“I am close lover, keep it up for me Aiee, fuck me, fuck me, Ohhh here I cum!” Her body twitching beneath his, her pussy gyrating madly, attempting to suck his very heart through his cock – into her infinity.

Her passion is driving legs to squeeze him tight, and is now triggering his pent up lust. Again his cock head imbedded deeply past her cervix is spilling his sperm directly into her womb, in hot spurts. The feeling of full completion, while tongue kissing each other, is smoothly cooling the passion – for it to be replaced with a happy glow.

His cock drags out the mating goop to splat upon the blanket, with stringers of cum still attached to his penis. He lovingly places his face between her thighs to taste their togetherness. As his tongue continues to sooth his loving partner, she starts moving her hips again. And she cries out, “unless you can get your cock up again you better stop for now Red Dog!”

He gratefully lays back down alongside her, pulls her over partially onto his body and continues hugging and kissing her. Happily sharing the taste of their togetherness.

“Well Red Dog, if you want to have me as your wife, I am sure daddy would approve, and give me to you as a bargain, he really does like you. Then we could stop this fooling around, and seriously make babies. I don’t think we need to practice this any more, I am totally confident you can knock me up within a month.”

“I do believe you are the best piece of ass in the tribe, and you are the most beautiful also. I am glad you brought this to my attention, let me think about it.”

“You’re a glutton, and an asshole Red Dog. You want to be free to party tonight! As your wife I wouldn’t care how much squaw cum was on your cock when you push it into me. As your wife I believe the bond of love, and sharing the generation of life together exceeds any concern of how many fucks you’ve had.”

“Hi guys, are you through? With all the noise you were making, I couldn’t help but get curious, so I watched. You are spectacular!”

“Rainy Face, go home, I didn’t invite you to watch me fuck my future wife!”

“AIEE YI YI ,” screamed Rainy Face as tears of joy rolled forth from her happy eyes.

“My sister is now imbedded into my heart, and we will share our loves together.” The girls are hugging together, and dancing creating a curious sight of three Indians, one with a dress on!

* * *

The bonfire in the center of the clearing is casting dancing shadows upon the teepees modulated by the dancing Indians. Drums, flutes, rattles, and voices make up the music. This is the celebration for the return of three successful hunting parties. The Squaws for finding eggs, berries, fish, a couple of pheasants, and rabbits. The üsküdar escort two Brave parties brought in deer for making jerky, so that with the Indian agent’s provisions, they will have their larder full for a while.

“Hi Girl-With-Spirit, have you seen Running Fawn?”

“Yes Red Dog, her father has assigned her to keep Chief Loud Voice happy. He comes once a year and only stays a couple of days. They are probably fucking now in Thundercloud’s wigwam. When they are done they will probably join in the dancing.”

“After Running Fawn, I don’t think the Chief will be able to dance.” They both break out laughing.

* * *

“Hi guys, I seem to always miss out on the fun, lets do some dancing here.”

“Okay Fat Fox, we were laughing at the thought of Chief Loud Voice’s condition after fucking Running Fawn. He better take a lot of totes on the peace pipe*, or swallow some firewater – both before and after.” Now Fat Fox is howling with laughter.

[Note: Indians never put tobacco in a peace pipe. Marijuana plus other psychedelic drugs were the proper fuel.]

They then get into the dance.

* * *

After dancing for more than an hour, the three Indians are hot and sweaty. “Lets go somewhere and talk for a while Fat Fox.”

“I don’t think Girl-With-Spirit will let us talk much. Maybe she should ask Flapping Wing over there to join us.”

“If that’s what you want! Remember, I have a reputation, and I can easily handle the both of you. In fact I am totally turned on with the idea! Besides Flapping Wing already has two ‘accidents’, and Thundercloud will force one of her lovers to take the full responsibility for her children. I don’t think she needs another forced suitor!”

‘Okay guys, lets go to my teepee.”

They go to Fat Fox’s home, crawl inside, start a small fire, spread a couple of blankets, undress while Fat Fox loads a small pipe with marijuana.

After lighting up and passing the pipe around Girl-With-Spirit asks Red Dog, “I hear you and Running Fawn will become one, and I am totally happy for you. I kinda wish that Fat Fox would want me that way. Making babies and families is what the Great Spirit made us women for.”

“Fat Fox takes a big tote on the pipe before giving it up.” Girl-With-Spirit picks up her medicine bag and pulls up some peyote.

“Chew on this before we start Fat Fox.” She then pushes Red Dog over, quickly places her knees each side of his shoulders, bends over grasping his responding cock and just about inhales it, while lowering her pussy onto his mouth.

“Watch what is going to happen to you.” While wiggling her hips to accentuate the tongue lashing her pussy is receiving.

“Yes, Red Dog, give it to me. Lick me good to prepare my cunt for invasion! Mmph, slurp, your cock is a long one, more than a mouthful.”

“Hold on bitch, here I come. See my cock is begging for your mouth now,” and Fat Fox pulls her away from Red Dog’s cock, helps her to sit upright, French kisses her deeply to transfer some of the ruminants of the peyote, then starts sucking on her tits, while she is shamelessly wiggling on Red Dog’s tongue.

Fat Fox directs his cock toward her face, and she grabs his ass to pull him close to engulf his rigid plump prick into her mouth. Feeling his balls press against her lips Fat Fox cries out, “Aiee, this is wonderful, suck it good you hot blooded bitch!”

With that, Red Dog presses her body upward and tells them to hold their place for a moment, as he slides upward until her pussy is now over his cock. She breaks rhythm and reaches for the long cock and directs it toward her soaking pussy. After the tip enters, she undulates while lowering herself until she feels him slide fully into her, and her uterus is properly skewered.

Ohh, that feels so good, your cock is so long, YES, we are fucking now, Aiee, come here Fat Fox, we are not through. Let me suck your cock while I am being fucked. Uhh, I love doing this for you.”

“I love you trembling now because of my sucking, yenibosna escort [slurp, pant]. Remember I will use your fat cock, after Red Dog empties his balls into me, to [slurp] seal my juicy cunt with both your sperm – ohh shit, so my body can fully devour what is left of both of you. [slurp] You’re making me so hot Red Dog, Ohh Oh, you’re rubbing my clit while your cock is moving in and out of me. Sorry Fat Fox, [pant] get ready to fuck me. I feel Red Dog’s cock pulsating. OOOh. Lay down here and after I drain Red Dog, uhh, I will get on top, and give you the fucking you deserve. That’s it Red Dog, give it to me. Aiee yi yi, I feel you squirting, don’t hold back, I want all you can give.”

“Ugh uhh Girl-With-Spirit, your cunt sucked everything out of me, I feel wonderful. Thank you!”

“Don’t waste my time, [pant pant] give us room cause I’ve got one juiced up Indian brave that really needs me. That’s it Fat Fox, with all this fucking uuh, I am not too tight for your fat cock. Kiss me, Ahh, you’re all the way in me now.’

“Let me fuck you! Kiss me ummm, just relax my warrior. This is beautiful, we are doing a heavenly dance together. Uugh, thank you for letting me lead. Ooh, I wish this night would never end, [pant] let me know when you are close lover.”

“I love you Girl-With-Spirit! My cock now has control of my mind. Uhh, I want to cum, but after you do; I don’t know if I can make it, Ooh oh.”

“I’m close also [pant], Red Dog come here and put your cock into my mouth, that’s it , let me suck you, [slurp]. Mmm, Fat Fox I am ready, Aiee, that’s it, spill into me, [slurp slurp], don’t you dare take it out. Keep it up, fill me up – Shriek!

Red Dog moves away from the screaming Indians, fearful that Girl-With-Spirit could bite his cock off! After the intense orgasm the fucking Indians separate with a pop, and the juices flow out of Girl-With-Spirit’s cunt onto the blanket freely.

She drowsily looks at the two males that now have deflated cocks, and praises them while they take turns kissing her cunt in symbolic gratitude.

Relaxing they pass the pipe around and Fat Fox is looking at Girl-With-Spirit.

“You know I really do love you bitch. My mourning period for Sonseray, my Apache wife that died in childbirth, is over and I would like to make my life with you. I have only one problem, and that is Flapping Wing. She has children, to replace my loss, and I believe the council would want me to take her for my wife – to maintain balance.”

“Stupid man. First of all, select the woman you love, and take her for yourself. If no one claims Flapping Wing or me, take us on for other wives. That way we could team up to make your life really miserable, and have fun doing it! Although we would probably fuck you to death, I don’t think you would complain!”

“Look Red Dog, not only is she a torrid bitch when in heat, and will put out more than she gets, she is brilliant! Most likely destined to be a Great War chief, like those that taught Yellow Hair a lesson at the little big horn. The 7th Calvary will not talk about fact that five of the War Chiefs in battle were women!

“Look Fat Fox, we are a dwindling nation, and it is truly up to us women of the tribes to rebuild our greatness. Every child that we give birth to, that becomes educated to the white mans ways, is the only hope we have left for survival. Each male taking on several wives, and keeping them knocked up, would be a warrior fighting for our freedom!”

* * *

“Hi guys, I looked for you at the dance but your friends said you were over here making all kinds of sex noises, so I thought I would investigate.”

“So Running Fawn, how did you make out with Chief Loud Voice?”

“Yes Running Fawn, did you make him happy, or did you send him to the ‘happy hunting ground’?” Red Dog snickered.

“O he is happy, my daddy is happy, you look happy Red Dog, but I’m still in heat. Chief Loud Voice is not a cocksmen, and could only stir me up – but could not finish me off! Do I have any volunteers?”

With that said, the three sexual fugitives look at each other with pained expressions. Girl-With-Spirit pipes up, “when something important needs to be done, count on the woman to do it. Come here Running Fawn.”

As she was removing her garment, “uh, what happened to our brave hunters?”

“I believe the ‘boys’ have headaches Running Fawn!”

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