An Erotic Reawakening

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I’m thirty four and recently divorced, no cheating or anything on either side, we just grew apart after nearly fifteen years. We have a teenage daughter together who spent the beginning of the summer holiday’s with her Dad this year (they went to Florida for a couple of weeks). We have been separated for almost two year’s now but barely intimate for much longer, we just saw each other differently, and I must admit neither of us had dressed up nice for a meal out or anything in a long time. More like brother and sister than husband and wife.

When my ex moved out it was autumn, so the cold and sense of loss meant I spent most of my time in a dressing gown curled up on the sofa (my daughter being out with her friends more often than not). I was a bit miserable. Until around spring time last year, I was having a bit of a clear out when I found a pile of old photos from when our girl was little, and remembered how much happier I looked back then and it showed in my appearance.

I was a fine looking young woman, with Mediteranian heritage, dark, slightly curled, thick hair to the middle of my back, olive skin tones with my mother’s emerald green eyes. A womanly woman, with curves where they should be, 5’4 with ample DD breast’s (naturally blessed) and a bum with “just enough jiggle” as my ex used to say.

But at that time I might have been a bit more womanly than I would have liked, it had been a while since I had seen a belly anywhere near toned and my bum had more than enough jiggle.

However, after putting the pictures back in a draw I didn’t think about it too much until summer rolled around. Now, I’m sure every one cheers up a little bit when the sun has got his hat on but last summer I started to feel quite good and again it must have started to show, as by the end of august I’d noticed I was catching the eye the men I was coming across (I hadn’t really noticed before as I wasn’t particularly interested, but now I’v been single for almost a year and hadn’t thought of myself as a sexual creature for many years) and I liked it.

So over the winter, rather than sitting in front of the goggle box in my PJ’s I started Yoga, Just to tone up a bit and avoid some of that winter weight. By the time spring came around I was looking and feeling pretty damn good, there was a natural rosyness to my cheeks, I’d let my hair grow out, my belly isn’t as flat as it once was but that suits me, as while I was losing about a stone, none of it came off my boobs and the yoga has kept them nice and firm, they look fabulous in or out of clothes, and just a month or so back my ex (who is happily in a relationship with a friend that I introduced him to, we still get on very well, like brother and sister) paid a jiggly compliment, which made me smile.

Which brings us to the beginning of this summer, I’d been meaning to see a bit more of the world, so while the ex took our daughter to Florida I went for a week of sun and beaches on the Italian Amalfi coast. I went by myself, I needed to get away for a little while. I booked a nice little B&B five minutes from the beach and a short taxi ride from a busy little town. It was going to be a week of good food, good books and walks around some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Surprisingly, it was also going to be the reawakening of that sexual side I had almost forgotten existed.

The first two day’s were spent on the beach in the morning, a walk to a nice little café for lunch, fine wine with a book in the B&B’s flower garden for a few hours before dinner at one of a handful of eateries in town. All the while enjoying my new found attention. The weather was beautiful and the little summer dresses and sarongs that I’d packed fit the atmosphere perfectly, but they fit me better.

I wore a bikini underneath for most of the time but on this day I was more than confident enough to ditch the top. I was walking down the coast road to the café, there were others, but I quite fancied the guy who worked on the counter at this one (he was a bit shy but still a bit flirty, early to mid 20’s, I kept catching him stealing a glance my way before going a bit red and finding something to do out of sight).

About half way there, a bit of sea breeze rustled my dress and I felt my nipples immediately perk up, I smiled when I looked down and saw them very prominent in the flowery pattern of my dress, not too tight, slinky enough to have some movement but tight enough to show off my curves, and now, my nipples (like I said, I was feeling good and looking good).

As I neared the cafe’s patio I wondered if the guy would be able to hide a smile if he noticed my nipples, I giggled and was a tad annoyed when I noticed they weren’t as perky, never mind. I took a seat at a table that looked out to sea and was shaded under a grape vine.

A moment later the young man began to approach from inside, this was odd it was usually a waitress takes orders and then I’d pay at the counter when finished. Just at that moment, another breeze and the girls are at attention again. I sit up straight, legs crossed with beylikdüzü escort menu in hand as he arrives at my table and asks to take my order with a cute little crooked smile.

Struggling to keep eye contact with me, his eyes darting from mine to my chest to my eyes to anywhere else, but my dress was fairly low cut so they spent most of their time south, I didn’t help matter’s, pushing out my boobs a little, the dress was snug enough to keep them together and I kept flashing glances at them myself so even if he was looking into my eyes he’d follow them back to my boobs.

He took my order and hustled back inside. I grinned to myself, thought what a terrible tease I was, and was surprised at how much this brief encounter had turned me on.

The waitress brought over a glass of wine and then fifteen or twenty minutes later my lunch (you havn’t eaten Italian food until you’ve eaten it in Italy, ahh, gorgeous). Pasta carbanara followed by some real Italian ice cream. I’d brought my book with me, so when the waitress cleared my dishes I ordered another glass of wine and stayed for a while.

A few hours had passed, along with another glass or two, as well as the occasional flirt with Gio (the guy, Giavani). He’s a good looking lad, tanned, short neatly trimmed hair, around six foot with a swimmer’s build, square jaw and piercing blue eyes, but what I found more attractive was his way, he just had a way about him, just casually nice, with his colleagues, his customer’s and his flirty shyness (if that’s a thing) when he was around me, I was drawn to him you might say.

Now, you have to remember, I’ve only really been with my ex-husband, we weren’t virgins when we met but I certainly wasn’t very experienced, and in the year’s since our split I hadn’t really thought too much about a man in my life, I was being a mother. But she’s growing up now, it’s time to start thinking about me.

It might have been the wine or the sun, that holiday vibe or my new found confidence, it was probably all of the above, but when I was ready to leave I called for the check and when I dropped it off at the counter I made sure that Gio noticed my number written across the top of it. As I turned and left I could feel his eye’s follow me and so had to look back, when I did, he was watching my bum jiggle, just enough, then he met my eye’s, smiled, embarrassed and waved (bless him).

I walked back to the B&B with a coy little smile on my face. That day was the first time in a long time that I had felt overtly sexy, and it felt good.

It was early evening when I got back to the B&B, 6ish, it was hot and a bit humid, so I jumped in to a luke warm shower, it was lovely washing away the day’s dust and sweat. I started to think about Gio. Nothing particularly kinky, just that he was a handsome chap and do I think he’ll call.

Then I started thinking about, what if he did call? My hand is caressing my inner thigh at this point. All kinds of erotic scenarios are playing out in my mind while my middle finger finds my sweet spot, a tweak of my already proud nipple sends a shiver down my spine to join up with the quivers between my leg’s. Ten minutes later, I’m clean and feeling pleasantly dirty. I jump out of the shower, dry off and fall naked on to my bed for a nap.

I was awakened an hour or so later by my phone beeping, sleepy and strangely horny, I stretched and ran a hand up my body, it tingled all the way and a little circle around one of my nipples made me sink back in to my pillows with a smile. I picked up my phone, the message was from Gio, a fresh tingle ran through all the right places and my smile turned to a cheeky grin.

He was at a bar just a short walk away “with some of his work mate’s, did I want to join them?” and I did, maybe him more than them. I texted him back saying ill be half an hour then jumped out of bed, picked out a skimpy but figure shaping bikini, black, then started the make up, not too much, red lips and a bit of eye shadow, my tan did the rest, I ran my hands through my hair a few times, messy, casual… sexy? I thought so.

I caught myself in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door and had to admire what I saw, a nice all over tan, tousled, long dark hair, buttocks accentuated by my bikini bottoms, tight thighs and calf’s a stomach that want’s to be kissed and breast’s fuller than when I was in my twenties, the bikini top giving some lift. If I was a dude, I definitely would… I picked out a red dress that finished just above the knee with a plunging neck line, silver jewellery including a necklace that sat in my cleavage just right, and to finish, black strappy shoes that make my calves pop with red nail polish.

That sexy feeling was strong and amplified by anticipation.

The walk from my B&B to the bar was nice, the air was balmy but with enough of a breeze to keep the temperature down, the girly excitement inside me was bubbling up as I arrived, but then it sank back down again as I saw Gio at the bar with a girl, not just any büyükçekmece escort girl, she was tall and slender with long blonde hair pulled back in to a loose pony tail, her long dress clung to her curves beautifully, she was gorgeous.

It had been a while since I last felt jealous, but I was now. Gio saw me as I walked towards the bar, as confidently as I could, and he called me over, I joined them and as I did he rested his hand in the small of my back and kissed me on the cheek, he seemed a bit more confident, comfortable and relaxed outside of work. He introduced me to his friend, Giselle and implied that we had met before, it was then I realized Giselle was the waitress from Gio’s café, they had both changed out of their work clothes before going to the bar (the waitressing uniform was not doing her any favours).

The jealousy passed now that I knew she was the work mate. They were both lovely, easy to speak to and so the time seemed to fly by, until Giselle thought it was time for her to go home, we were all a little tipsy and giggly by this point so Gio flagged a taxi down for her, we said our goodbyes and I hoped I would see her again. Gio suggested a moonlit walk down the beach and I agreed with a smile.

I had slipped off my shoes and the sand squeezing between my toes felt lovely. Shoe’s in one hand, Gio’s arm in the other. We’d been getting quite flirty back at the bar, lots of hand touching and sideways smiles but now we were alone with just the sound of the sea gently lapping against the shore, we eased into a more comfortable togetherness.

Some way down the beach he stood in front of me and looked me in the eye, without a word we kissed, easy at first, slow and tentative but as I held his hips closer he began to kiss deeper. My boobs squashed and rubbed against his torso, I could feel my nipples perking up again and was sure Gio must be able to feel them too. I hadn’t held or been held like that for a long time.

The top few buttons of his shirt were open so I moved my lips down to his chest while my hands explored his back, he had a hand running through my hair sending shivers across my scalp. My nipples weren’t the only things perking up, I could feel his manhood expanding, pressing against my lower belly through his shorts as I pulled him closer, I smiled to my self feeling a wetness spread in my bikini bottoms, I was so turned on.

That’s when Gio said he lived just a little further down the beach, would I like coffee? He asked with a cheeky grin and a glint in his eye, I couldn’t refuse, so we hurried the last hundred meter’s or so to his modest bungalow on the beach.

Gio had a nice home, stylishly furnished with comfy looking seats, facing the sea was a wall of glass that must show an amazing view in day light. I didn’t notice any neighbours so it was quiet too. Gio poured two glasses of wine and offered one to me, I accepted and took a sip looking seductively over the rim at Gio, he flashed his cute crooked smile back and that was it, years of pent up sexuality began to spill out of me.

I stepped over to him placing my glass on the counter behind him and took his face in my hands coaxing him down to my lips, he didn’t need much encouragement so again we were kissing deeply, his hands holding my waist, stroking my back through the thin material of my dress, I pushed against him on my tip toes as he rested on the counter. His firm body was nice to rub against and it wasn’t long before I could feel him growing again as I unbuttoned his shirt.

I moved my lips down to Gio’s chest again, now shirtless I kissed a nipple and felt him shudder a bit so I made a loose circle around it with my tongue and he shuddered again this time with a little groan of pleasure. Still pressed up tight I started to undo the buttons on his shorts, leaning back a little squeezing my boobs between my arms, Gio had a great view of the girls and as I looked at his face he was drinking that view in. I finished with his buttons and let his shorts drop to the floor, he wasn’t wearing any underwear, so now I was pressed up against a firm, naked body.

I used to enjoy playing with a dick so I was looking forward to this.

We were still close, he kissed me again with some urgency and I leaned in to it, one hand on his back the other wrapped around what felt like a nice cock, with my thumb and forefinger around the base of his shaft I started to stroke, slowly, I could feel his heartbeat pumping through it. He felt good in my hand as I sped up a little, he was nibbling at my neck now and that felt good too.

It was then I realised that I was dripping wet between my legs but still fully clothed, I took a couple of steps back, and had a good look at Gio, he was a fine specimen, toned but not ripped, evenly proportioned with nice shoulders and as I thought, a very nice dick, trimmed hair, a bit above average length, maybe seven inch’s with a bit of girth. I bit my lower lip unintentionally which made Gio smile.

With one easy movement my dress was on the cevizli escort floor and while I was still bouncing I saw Gio’s cock twitch and his smile broaden.

I took him in hand again, gave a little stroke and led him over to the sofa where I pushed him playfully into the cushions, as he settled I stood over him between his legs still clad in my bikini. As I looked down at him, the way he was looking back stirred that sexiness again.

I stepped in closer, sultry, he sat up on the edge of the sofa, pulled me close and kissed my belly, my hips, his hands caressed my bum and thighs, he had a gentle touch and I almost didn’t notice when he slipped my bottoms off, his lips and tongue working their way down between my legs, I found my fingers in his hair lightly guiding him in that direction.

I opened my legs a little more as Gio started exploring with his hands, I was already so slick that when he ran his thumb around the outside it slipped right in, it was my turn to visibly shudder and groan as he used his tongue to tickle and flick my sweet spot, before long I was close to climax, Gio must of sensed this as he started to go harder and faster, and there it was, an explosion of sensation and a gush of fluid. I couldn’t contain a moan or the shivers and Gio went with the flow easing off as my orgasm eased off then went back to lightly kissing my stomach.

I just stood there for a moment or two, eyes closed, a wave of bliss covering me.

I opened my eyes again when Gio sat back in to the sofa, he looked quite proud of himself, and I smiled at his still proud self as I knelt in front of him, I ran my hands up his thighs, grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me so he was on the edge of the sofa, I told him it was my turn as I cupped his tight balls in one hand and gripped his shaft with the other.

I grabbed my purse from the coffee table, I wanted my body lotion. A good squirt in my hands and Gio grinned from ear to ear, I rubbed the excess into his rock hard cock slowly but firmly up and down paying attention to the tip, using both hands.

As I sat back on my heels my chest was at a level to rub Gio’s tip down and through my cleavage, so I shuffled forwards a bit and hooked his cock behind the string at the front of my bikini top which held him there, nestled between my boobs, I drizzled a bit more lotion as I started to slowly rock back and forth.

My breasts were heavy and firm enough so as to not need to push them together too much. As I mentioned before, I do like to play with a nice cock, my ex had a nice cock so I found myself in this position quite often early in our relationship, and I learned to give a good tit wank. Gio was enjoying this one, so was I, as I watched the head of his manhood peak out the top of my cleavage at the bottom of each long stroke I use my hand on myself.

With my other hand I take the base of Gio’s cock and squeeze a little, just enough to push the blood to the tip, sitting up straight I use his throbbing member to rub my nipple through my bikini, that’s a nice tingle, running through my chest and down my back, I slip it under my top, sensitive skin on sensitive skin, tingles turn to shivers and I bite my lower lip again, my other hand still busy down south.

I give his cock a few firm strokes, gripped the base again while I took the head in my mouth, not all the way, sucking on it like a lolly pop, big sloppy kisses before going down, slowly at first then after a little more stoking and lolly popping I fell in to a nice rhythm, building the pace, while sucking away I was following the same rhythm with my hand pressing firm little circles around the top of my dripping pussy.

Gio was getting close now, I could feel involuntary twitches from his hips, I was close myself and decided to make us both cum at the same time, I switch from mouth to hand on Gio and stroke increasing the pace, I want him to shoot his cum on my tit’s or between them, the thought made me smile, he was dribbling pre cum now, his legs were tight so I positioned myself to finish him with my boobs and just in time, as I slipped his cock up my cleavage the first time he exploded, ropes of cum shooting towards my neck, under my chin some went over my shoulder.

At the same moment I hit my climax, I shuddered as my hand went slick, that shudder carried all the way through to my boobs and other hand which were still enjoying Gio’s cock, he was still unloading so I took both my hands to him, slow, firm two handed strokes, using my cleavage until he was dry, the moans and shivers stopped, but the smiles were still there.

I spent another few minuets just enjoying Gio’s manhood, we still had body lotion on so it just felt nice to rub and stroke. Then I joined him on the sofa, he wrapped an arm around me and as he lazily drew circles on my skin with his fingers, I dozed off.

I woke a short while later alone with a blanket draped over me, it looked as though Gio had tidied up a little, my dress was neatly folded on the coffee table with my bag and bikini bottoms my shoes tucked under the table. It sounded like Gio was in the shower, he had a separate w/c so I went and relieved myself. While in the bathroom I smiled at myself in the mirror, hair all over the place, smudged make up naked except my jewellery and bikini top that only housed one boob. I washed up, cleared my make up, ditched my top and ran my fingers through my hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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