Annie’s Vacation Cabin Ch. 02

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Annie found sleep eluding her even after a long hot shower. She had even laid back in her Jacuzzi to no avail. William raced through her mind’s eye how tall he stood. His laugh lines, his physique was so masculine. His mannerisms were tender, gentle. How would he be to make love too? Annie shook her head jumping out of her bed she hurriedly threw on a robe.

Downstairs was dark she knew her home she didn’t bother with lights. She rounded the corner of the bar screaming as she hit something hard.

“It’s me Colby, Annie I was thirsty. I’m sorry are you okay?” Colby spoke quickly.

Annie caught herself sitting on the bench she tried to catch herself. Her heart was beating so hard out of her chest. She had forgotten about Randy and Colby. Thinking she was alone she was thrown into quite a state of shock. Colby’s hard body was a shock to hit. Annie didn’t realize she was sitting with her robe open revealing her long legs and sheer panties to his eyes.

“I’m okay, Colby I forgot I wasn’t alone. Wow, what a start you gave me. I think I might need some water.” Annie said still in shock.

Colby handed her his water she took it, drinking a long swallow. His eyes tried as hard as he could to look away from her. He couldn’t escape the fact of her vulnerability, she was so beautiful he saw her panties how they kissed her body so tightly. He thought how perverted he was ogling his best friends older sister. He finally realized he was getting a hard on. Oh great this can’t be happening. He broke his gaze upon her mound as he turned a little. A drop of water fell off her lip as he watched it he knew it was going to land on her bare skin he was going to be busted.

Sure enough it hit her high on the thigh she quickly looked down grabbing her robe shut. Colby waited for the shrill scream for Randy to come out here and get this sick perverted man out of her home. He was glad it was dark his face was so red. He didn’t know how to handle this.

“I’m sorry Colby, I didn’t realize my robe was open.” Annie said softly.

His mouth went dry he couldn’t speak. Come on say something he thought. Something that she will believe. Words failed him as his hard on grew. Colby did manage to sit down on the bench a few feet away.

“What’s the matter can’t sleep? I know it’s hard to sleep somewhere new. Especially out in the woods.” Annie continued like he hadn’t just been staring at her.

“Well, it was hot and I thought some cool water would help.” Colby said tentatively.

“I drank your water let me get you some more.” Annie said standing up walking towards the kitchen.

As she handed Colby his water his heart was beating faster. But Annie was being so kind, mature about what happened she didn’t make him feel bad. He took the water and drank it down placing it on the counter.

“I don’t usually have a hard time sleeping. Not here at least but tonight it seems I can’t get sleepy.” Annie said opening the front door.

She stepped out onto the porch, Colby followed her. They both sat down in rocking chairs. In silhouette Annie somehow got more beautiful in Colby’s eye.

“You have a girl friend Colby?” Annie asked interested.

“I have a girl I date. In fact Randy and I are looking to open a shop. We already named it, too. It’s called Between the Covers.” Colby said.

“What kind of shop is that?” Annie asked all excited.

“A book shop with coffee and desserts served. We both enjoy books. My girl friend loves to bake. We are looking for a shop that’s why we came here actually.” Colby lit up talking about the shop. ‘Only the newest books, some vintage titles though. We thought perhaps William might be able to help us out?”

“William? How would he?” Annie asked turning towards his land.

“A new shop in his strip mall. The interior would be eclectic by design. Who know’s we could go national.” Colby said sincerely.

Annie seen Colby differently he was a grown man. He sounded as though he definitely was planning for a career. She looked at him and saw he was a very handsome man. Standing six feet, graying hair. A killer smile, she thought if what she had seen earlier his girl friend should be well satisfied in bed. His hard on was ..

“Annie are you here?” Colby was asking loudly.

Annie thought she must have spaced off. Oh she would die if he knew she had spaced off over his earlier on hard on. She shook her head, not trusting her voice.

“Randy and I, think it has a real chance. I would like your feelings about a new book shop around here?” Colby asked earnestly. ‘ I’m sorry I’m talking to much after Randy and I met William leaving with our pizza. It just made sense a new place for our new place.” Colby said falling quiet.

“No you aren’t you are just enthusiastic and well should you be. I am excited in your endeavor my brother doesn’t tell me a lot.” Annie leaned her head back quietly started poker oyna to rock.

Her mind racing with William’s kiss. She hadn’t been kissed for so long. A tear escaped her closed eyes. Human touch was such a basic need for humans. Then another tear slipped down. She allowed them to flow. Not caring Colby could see her or not. She hadn’t cried for herself in a very long time.

Had it been years? Yes it had been years since she was touched or kissed.

Colby found his thumb touching her cheek taking a fresh fallen tear. He wanted to just hug her allow her to cry on his shoulder. Sitting down on the vacant part of the double rocker, he pulled her closer.

Tenderly he placed his strong arm around her shoulder. Brushing her hair back he looked upon such a beautiful woman almost child like in her needs. He was afraid she would jump and run. She didn’t she fit herself into his curves. He took over the rocking so she could lift her legs up and curl into him.

He didn’t need to know why she was crying. He didn’t need to talk it out or analyze it to death. She needed human touch. He was here. His face kept looking down on her’s he felt such a rush of raw emotions. His girl friend wouldn’t have ever allowed him this. She was a self made woman. She called the shots. She showed him she could do everything. Until this moment with Annie he didn’t realize it but he hated that in her. She wasn’t soft always in somewhat control. Annie was wounded he was there to see to it she could let loose. He tightened his hug she responded by snuggling into him.

He didn’t know when but sometime he fell asleep as she did. He opened one eye couldn’t feel his arm it was dead. Glancing down he saw Annie had slipped down and was laying in his lap. His first thought was how glad he slept with pajama bottoms. He had to take his one arm to lift the dead one off the back of the rocker. The needles started stabbing him immediately upon movement. He tried to be careful not to wake Annie up. Looking down on his lap he saw her beautiful curls splayed across his thighs. He couldn’t see her face, then he saw it. Her right breast was exposed. His mind tried not to look. It was perfection then he got worried it might bring on a hard on. He jerked his eyes away willing

himself to think of anything but this perfect breast so beautifully exposed. The nipple was a little aroused, by the light summer wind blowing upon it. He knew he was losing this battle his eyes just kept falling upon her.

“What the hell is going on out here?” Randy’s baritone voice shook the porch.

Colby was relieved, shocked he jumped so high it made Annie roll off his lap. Colby felt his hard on burst out like a Flag of guilt. Annie sat up dazed somehow she was totally covered. Colby was hoping he would be the only one that knew he was admiring Annie’s breast.

“Annie explain yourself to me right now. Before I kick Colby’s ass.” Randy was livid. ‘Colby you know the law sisters are off limits.” he started for Colby.

Annie jumped standing between them both.

“Get a hold of yourself Randall. Nothing happened. I was unable to sleep I came downstairs and Colby was getting a drink. We came out here to talk. I don’t have to explain myself to my baby brother. Colby, has been a pure gentleman apparently we fell asleep. Then you came out here and that is all that took place.” Annie was angry.

Colby and Randy were like two bulls eye to eye neither one backing down. Every muscle in Randy’s body was ready for a fight. Colby’s were still on fight or flight mode. Colby knew he could hurt Randy but he also knew he wouldn’t. His eyes were pleading with Randy’s to calm down. Randy lowered his fist Colby sat down.

“Okay guys, that is better. You are friends and I know Colby wouldn’t do anything to hurt you Randy. He told me all about your bookstore. Colby thank you for last night. Now I’m going inside to get ready for the day. I will have breakfast on soon. You two talk it out.” Annie said with authority.

Randy looked sideways as Annie went into the cabin. Colby’s hard on was soft probably never get up again.

‘Colby tell me I will believe you. Did you touch my sister last night?” Randy said full of pain.

“Randy, I held her while she was crying. I did not however do anything you wouldn’t approved of.” Colby said feeling bad he lied to his friend. Because his thoughts were not pure. He felt lower than a snake’s belly. He wouldn’t have done anything with Annie. He just kept seeing her so vulnerable in his mind’s eye.

“Did you make her cry?” Randy asked concerned.

“Nope.” Colby answered truthfully.

“Then we talked it out. Let’s go in and change.” Randy said holding the door open to Colby.

As Colby passed through the door he felt Randy’s hand slap his back just like always. Colby, felt relief and disgust for his impure thoughts. He promised himself he would never canlı poker oyna get caught in any situation with Annie again. He was going to stay near Randy all waking hours. If he couldn’t sleep he would just lay there and suffer in his guest room. He would forget what he looked upon. Yeah, right how was he going to do that?

“Breakfast, guys come while it’s hot.” Annie’s voice was so crystal clear.

Randy was out of his room waiting on Colby before moving down the hall. Randy was happy Colby lied about everything being innocent. If he hadn’t hollered when he did, he was sure Colby would have lost his gentleman ways. Having Colby believe he believed him, was punishment enough. Colby would suffer from his guilt. But it was an unwritten law between friends ‘sisters were off limits’ Annie was asleep she didn’t know she was exposed. So it was just between him and Colby.

Colby looked down on his plate it was filled with two perfect fried eggs, hash browns, bacon and ham. He was shocked at what a great cook Annie was. They were eating talking about the book store. After finishing the boys took off towards town. Something about making calls, and getting some items they were looking for. Annie was left alone after the kitchen was cleared she thought about a swim.


She went upstairs and changed into a bikini she liked the floral print. Turning in the mirror she thought she looked pretty good in it. She started walking down the path thinking of the water kissing her sun baked skin. As she reached the sandy beach she took off a little further down the path. A more private swimming area. She knew she was safe so she walked into the shallow water looking off to her right she saw the water fall. She walked deeper the water lapping at her inner thighs. The end of her curls were brushing on the surface as she raised her arms and dove in. The water bathed her in instant luxury. Her mind cleared she kept swimming towards the water fall. Stopping at the base of it.

Listening to the sound of water running was soothing. She tread water as she leaned her head back. Then in one slick motion she went under the water. Didn’t even leave a ripple where she had been. Coming up on the back side of the falls. She found the water smoothed stones and got out of the water.

She could see through the water fall nobody could see her. Sitting behind the water looking out she smiled this was her place. She couldn’t really get any sun but she didn’t care she slipped her suit off and laid back. Naked in nature as one. She always came here when she was restless. She would walk into the water then lay back down allowing the air to dry her nakedness.

Laying there she allowed her mind to drift to the past twenty four hours. William’s kiss. Colby’s tenderness. Both gentle her mind went to William’s possessive kiss. Maybe he wanted her to know he was interested in her. Colby’s placing his arm around her was so poignant it took her over the edge causing her to cry harder. William’s lips were so wonderful. Colby’s touch was so basic and tender.

Her mind drifted to the moment she realized he had a hard on. It caused her to moan. Remembering his gentleman way of trying to cover it up.

Her fingers went to her nipples one light touch she realized she was ignited. It was William’s kiss and Colby’s tenderness. His body was like slamming into a piece of granite with very little yielding. She found herself replaying his hard body hitting her softness. Touching her nipples she felt the flow of sensual foreplay between her legs. Her hands slipped down the center of her body her hips were moving to allow her access. Closing her eyes she recalled his hard on. She hadn’t realized she had been exposed to his eyes.

His looking at her panties made her feel a little more aroused. She normally didn’t wear any. His appreciation of the way they fit her curves was evident. She wished now she had been without panties so he could see her pussy. Her right hand laid softly on her pubic hair, she wanted to take it slowly.

Bringing her left hand back to her left nipple she squeezed it hard, she had a rush of wetness glistening off her beautiful full outer lips. The scent was of raw sex.

What if she had stood up and drew her panties down to her knee’s? Then took his hand and placed it on her mound? Would he have slipped his finger between her slit? Would he have massaged her pussy?

She knew she would have reached out for his manhood. It was a magnificent looking through his pajama’s. As Annie pondered about their clothing covering their sex organs her fingers slithered down to feel her wet pussy. The outer lips had spread open inviting her to explore. She slid her fingers up and then down the outer lips. Her inner lips began to flower bringing her hooded clit into play.

Maybe he would have fallen to his knee’s and mashed his face into her pussy internet casino using his tongue to taste her womanly wetness. Annie’s legs pulled up so her knee’s were bent. Still teasing herself she didn’t allow her knee’s to fall open. She just played with her lips, barely tracing her hood. Twisting her nipple then licking it, she was in that glorious mind numbing playfulness Thinking of Colby’s young hard body caused her to moan out loud. Using her thumb and index finger she placed them around the base of her clit. Stroking it from the bottom, the foreskin immediately split open showing her clit. She looked down seen its head and the paleness of her clit quickly turning red. Her hips were grinding now slowly to the stroking. Her clit cum was slippery she indulged herself. By moving her fingers to her left nipple and then sucking it off tasting its sweetness. She had found her rhythm her hips rocking she felt herself hovering over her orgasm.

At first she only thought she heard voices. She felt more determined now in getting her orgasm. Laying her thighs wide and laying on the rock she took her clit and started to pound it hard. Pulling her nipples and stroking with a vengeance she exploded. Her tummy was trembling her knee’s locked shut as she kept herself on the rim of the wave she was riding. Her body stiffened, her mind flew out in the universe. That’s when opening her eyes she finally realized her name was being hollered.

Now what? She just blew her mind with an orgasm and somebody wants her. Feebly she slipped her suit on. Walking to the water fall she jumped in with all the energy she could manage she came up on the outside of them. She looked towards the voices seeing Randy and Colby walking along the bank. She didn’t want them to see where she had came from so she dove deep. Swimming until she was sure she was straight across from them she came up for air.

“What do you, guys want?” She laughed.

“To know where you are. You had us both concerned, sis.” Randy said as he dove in coming towards her.

“Is that right Colby? Did I have you concerned?” Annie teased Colby.

Colby jumped in with long stroking strides he beat Randy to Annie, He seen Annie’s eyes and he knew without mistaken she had just had an orgasm. He seen the sparkle in her eyes and was jealous.

“Did you two get what you went after?” Annie smiled into Colby’s eyes.

Randy swam away from them but kept close.

Colby was to much of a gentleman to ask Annie what she had been up to. In fact he would go to his grave with his suspicions. But Annie caused him to have to mention it. She jumped and took a deep dive in front of him. He noted right away her bottoms were on backwards. She was totally unaware of it. He was flashed by such a beautiful sight. The back was creased in her pussy lips. His heart pounded at the sight. She was so sensual.

Annie broke water a little further out. Randy was swimming over to them. Colby had to tell Annie quickly.

“Annie your bottoms are on back wards. By the way your beautiful. Just don’t get out without fixing your suit.” Colby grinned as he saw Annie’s face turn red.

Annie was so busted, Colby knew she had masturbated. It sent a thrill through her. If he only knew it was him she had gotten off on. She felt her bottoms sure enough she was exposed quite openly. Randy would have pitched a fit. She expertly fixed the bottoms. Secretly excited that Colby seen her. She was enjoying Colby he seemed to be enjoying it too.

“Annie are you hungry I know Colby and I are.” Randy said with emphasis on his own hunger.

“Yes I am matter of fact. Why don’t we get out and I’ll whip something up.” Annie swam to the shore.

Colby hadn’t seen her fix her suit so he was waiting for the explosion as she got out of the water. He looked at her back as she stepped into the shallow water. She was so beautiful and her suit was adjusted. Randy and Colby got out together. The three of them walked back to the cabin.

“By the way Annie, where were you? We hollered for five minutes didn’t we Colby?” Randy asked interested.

“I was swimming I must have been under water whenever you called my name.” Annie said letting it be known there wouldn’t be anymore discussion on her where about’s. ‘Colby you mentioned you made a mean steak so let’s cook outside. Would you do the honors?” Annie asked smiling at him.

Colby shook his head he would cook. Randy started to race off ahead of them then stopped.

“Colby I spoke with Michele she is coming here. I told her the directions. Isn’t that great? She can see the place where she will be working. She should be here late this afternoon.” Randy said smiling.

Colby went numb. He wasn’t ready to see Michele, not to have her here. Not now. His mind seemed to explode with the mere thought. How could Randy do this?

“Randy I should have invited her not you. I can’t believe you would do that.” Colby said with anger in his voice.

Annie could see Colby was very angry she didn’t know why exactly. Michele must be his girl friend Annie thought with a pang of jealousy hitting her.

Now what?

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