Anton Ch. 01

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Anton Robinson parks his motorcycle in the driveway of the upscale house. He takes off his helmet and walks up the steps to the front door. He gives a light knock with two fingers and waits there for a moment. The door opens to reveal an older black woman with blonde dreads wearing a black silk robe and open-toed high heels. She can be classified as a BBW and has beauty at fifty that proves black doesn’t crack. Her name is Angela Wess and she is the CEO of Wess Optimization.

Anton: Good afternoon, Mrs. Wess.

Angela: Hello Anton, I hope you came ready to work.

Anton: Don’t I always?

She smiles and steps aside to let him on. Anton is the newest member of the Wess Optimization team. Fresh out of LSU with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. The school’s job finder program got him an interview with the company and over the last six months, he has been a rising star. That raise got him noticed by Angela and after several professional meetings which led to several private late-night conversations, he is now visiting her home on a day when her husband and children are all away for the weekend.

Angela closes the door behind him and he turns to take her in his arms. She wraps her arms around his neck and they start to kiss. It’s not Anton’s first time kissing a woman old enough to be his mother. He has always been into older women but it is his first time kissing a millionaire and if things went as planned it would not be his last. When they break the kiss, Angela lets out a deep moan.

Angela: My God, your lips are so damn soft Daddy.

Anton smiles at her use of the title. Over their weeks of conversation, she had revealed a very submissive side that she is very interested canlı bahis şirketleri in exploring that side of herself. Having been a boss all her life she is now looking to give up that control in the romantic aspect of her life. Anton has always been a bit of a dom and he had easily slipped into the role she desired: Daddy Dom.

Anton: Take me to your bedroom. It’s about time for Daddy to make his Kitten purr.

She lets out a soft moan and leads him by the hand up the stairs to the bedroom she has shared with her husband of twenty years. She takes him over to the bed and turns to face him. He smiles as he unties her robe and opens it to reveal her naked body underneath. She is plump and curvy with huge 36H breasts that hang a bit but is still impressive. He has seen her dressed like a boss strutting around the office and now he sees her naked as the day she was born about to get fucked in her marital bed by someone less than half her age.

Anton. On your knees Kitten.

She drops to her knees obediently and watches as Anton removes his clothes. Soon he is standing over her completely naked. He describes himself as a fat boy but years of playing sports and working out have given him a body that is more muscle than fat. His eight-inch black cock is thick and curved sitting out before him hard as steel. Angela stares up at it with wide eyes and an open mouth. Anton takes a handful of her dreads and slowly guides his cock into her mouth. She accepts it gladly and moans around his shaft as she begins to suck him. Anton puts his head back as she puts her skills to work.

Anton: Damn.

She sucks, licks and kisses every inch of his shaft and balls. After about five minutes canlı kaçak iddaa of this, his crotch is dripping with spit. He pulls her up off the floor by her hair and puts her face down on the bed on all fours with her plump ass in the air. This will be the first time anyone other than her husband has been inside her in this bed but it is far from the first time she has cheated on him. She says he doesn’t touch her as he used to and she has been looking for that elsewhere. She has yet to truly find that same connection until now that is. According to her, Anton makes her feel safe and special. This is why when he takes her hips and slides his dick into her pussy for the very first time it is in the same bed her husband will return to.

Angela. Oh my God, Daddy. Oh shit!

Anton starts to stroke her pussy nice and slow letting himself get used to it. Angela moans and grips the sheets with manicured hands. Soon, Anton is pounding her without mercy and the moans turn into screams that he is sure the neighbors can hear. He hopes they can as he begins to fuck his new bitch even harder. He takes her by the hair and pulls her head back.

Angela: Oh fuck, Daddy! I’m cumming!

Her entire body starts to shake as the orgasm rips through her in waves. Anton’s dick is soaking wet as he continues to pound her through to the other side of the orgasm. He pulls out when it’s over and leads her by the hair to the room’s sitting area. He has had a video tour of her house and knows his way around. He puts her face down in her husband’s chair and slams his cock back into her. Her screams are muffled by the chair cushion and she is beating the side of it with her hands as he plows her.

Anton: That’s right canlı kaçak bahis Kitten, take it. If you want up cum on this dick.

He keeps going and within a minute she lets out a continuous scream as another orgasm hits her. Anton once again fucks her all the way through it. He pulls out and lets her catch her breath then he snaps his fingers to get her attention.

Anton: Crawl to the bed Kitten and lay on your back with your legs in the air.

Angela has does as she is told and Anton watches as her ass jiggles as she crawls across the room. She climbs into the bed and puts her legs in the air with her heels pointed at the ceiling. Anton gets on top of her and looks into her hazel eyes as he slides into her one again.

Angela: Oh, Daddy.

Anton: It’s time Kitten.

Angela: Yes, Daddy, yes. Please.

She had been fucked by many men but only one had ever done it raw and only one had ever put his seed in her. That was about to change. This pussy has a new owner now and Anton is about to make his territory. He bends her him half with her legs pushed back as far as they can go. He looks into her eyes as he pounds down into her as hard and fast as he can. He feels the moment her walls give out but he keeps going. He listens to her scream and begs for mercy but he keeps going. He feels her cum over and over again and watches as her eyes roll into the back of her head but he keeps going it takes him twenty more minutes to finally reach the finish line. He lets out a primal roar that echoes off the walls of the bedroom as he cums deep inside her pussy. At this point, Angela is barely conscious but her body shakes once again as her last orgasm hits.

Anton: Fucking hell.

He pulls out and stands up on shaking legs. Angela just lays there completely still and breathing hard. Anton catches his breath and then walks out of the room naked. He heads down to the kitchen to get some water. He had to rehydrate for Round Two.

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