Art Class Ch. 02

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The following week was a pretty much spent with the same naked abandon. David & I just loved being naked & hard together and loved our intense bisexual union. Jen loved to watch or participate whenever she was around. Matt was rather pensive and remorseful about the little incident on the previous Saturday, and kept his distance.

The next Sunday was my birthday and David & Jen wanted to take me out for brunch. We all ended up at “Le Mer Blanc” a nice waterfront restaurant. David had mentioned something before but it had slipped my mind when he introduced Beth and Jon to our table, who were back in town visiting for the summer from Calgary. Justin the model from art class was there too as was Matt, who more than anything was curious about Jen.

We had a boisterous time and eventually ended up at Justin’s place to party. Justin lived in a one-room artists flat by the waterfront that was fairly large and open with hardwood floors and windows out on the harbor. A kitchen was tucked in one corner and a living area with a couch & chairs centered a huge bed in the other corner. As the partying progressed & we got a pretty good buzz going and I was standing with a glass of wine talking with Jon and Beth. She was everything that David had described her as – a slim, smooth hard body with long straight brown hair, lovely face & smile. She was a fox in her casual, flimsy, yet elegant short, blue summer dress. Her petite, yet pert titties gently swayed as she moved and her pointy nipples clung to the flimsy dress, pointing enticingly out. She had a mischievous grin as she hung on Jon’s arm and laughed along with us.

“Go ahead Jon, I know you are dying to” I heard her whisper to Jon.

“No you start” he stammered back.

“Did David ever tell you about the incident on the boat a few summers back” Beth asked me in a matter of fact way.
“Goodness” I replied “I think David used poker oyna that story to seduce me”. It was obvious to everyone that David & I were dating. Actually dating is too passive of a term. We were wildly enamored with our newfound relationship and the way we acted together, sided up to each other or touched each other it was pretty evident that we were a couple. I had had a talk with Matt that since I crossed over the line from straight to bisexual that I found it difficult to hide something so good anymore. He was cool enough about it, but I think he was afraid that he would become gay, especially after the Saturday morning incident a few weeks back.

Beth took the initiative and lifted Jon’s hand to my crotch. He smiled at me as he brought my cock to a growing state of hardness as he rubbed the front of my pants.

“Has anyone ever told you could be David’s brother” Jon asked as he continued to rub me and I had my hand around his waist to support my weakening knees. David had walked up to the three of us smiling at the déjà vu he was seeing with Beth, Jon and me. “Happy Birthday, “’Bro’” he said with a smile taking Beth arm in arm.

David whispered to me asking, “what would I like for my birthday, besides the gifts I had already been given at the restaurant. “Ever seen that old porn flick “the Green Door”” I said as Jon was now undoing my pants. “There was a chick, the main lead in the movie who was on this ceremonial gurney and she was being munched on be other chicks and had cocks in her hands and mouth and cum all over her” I mumbled as I felt the flesh of Jon’s hands touch the flesh of my cock.

Beth took the initiative and gently slid the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor. Wow! She did have magnificent little tittes as she helped Jon jack me off standing the in only a pair of silky blue panties. Matt was trying to make time with canlı poker oyna Jen on the couch as Justin got up to join this interesting tryst standing on the other side of the coffee table. Jen looked hot too and Matt was feeling up her titties through her top as she nuzzled his neck and sighed with her hand on his crotch as they were starting to remove each others clothing.

I was then ceremoniously stripped & led to the bed. Everyone was all now naked with all the guys and me now sporting huge hard-ons. As I lay there fondling cocks all around me Justin kneeled over me and fed me his huge cock, which I ravenously licked and tasted the fat mushroom head as he pumped it slowly into my mouth. David was kneeling down and hungrily sucking my cock as I jacked on his boner and was feeling his lovely shaved balls (as were mine now thanks to a very erotic shaving scene one day with David and Jen). Jon had lubed his dick and was very happy to be spreading my legs and inserting his cock to my now receptive boy pussy.

I was in heaven; a cock in my mouth, a cock in my ass, a mouth on my cock and David’s cock in my hand. The lovely nude girls thought the scene was very erotic too and pushed Matt up the have me stroke him too with my other hand, as I was the center of this hot gay universe of sex.

Justin continued to pump his monster cock in & out of my hungry mouth, pulling out occasionally to have my lick his huge manly balls. David lovingly gave me such a sweet blowjob and Jon was as in love with my ass with his cock as he was years ago with David’s. It was a groaning, churning cock laden sexcapade as I was getting sucked & fucked. I was lying naked there to the world with the harbor noises and street noises being drowned out by our rolling, rippling gay orgy. Justin’s cock was so huge and manly that the taste and silky flavour drove me wild.

David’s mouth knew what to do on my internet casino cock and feeling his cock and balls as I jacked him was so cool.

And Jon was in a déjà vu with my sweet little ass taking his boner. I was so hard & horny that I was soon spasming my goo into David’s warm mouth, bucking like a horse. With this Jon and Justin began spilling their loads several minutes apart, almost like a wave of cum. My mouth and face was soon a gooey mess of tasty cum. Jon pumped me full of his white honey as the girls were saying “ oh yeah, go, fuck, yeah fuck this is hot, what a hot fucking little gay bitch Tyler is”.

Shattering. It was a shattering sex earthquake that was my birthday present that will always be remembered. Justin slid off and I was there on the bed with still a cock in each hand, David and Matt’s.

David climbed over me and began to nuzzle his face on Matt’s cock as I jacked it. Soon he was licking and sucking on it as I slid over to watch in my satiated post orgasm, post ass fuck glow. David placed Matt’s hand on his own cock for Matt to feel. Before long David had swung the two of them around and was pressing his cock in Matt’s face as he offered it in this erotic bi 69. Matt submitted and tentatively opened his mouth to tasted cock for what I gathered to be the first time. I caressed Matt’s naked shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair to give him encouragement for his crossing this sexual frontier.

Jen and Beth were standing by clad only in panties with Jen behind Beth kissing her neck & embracing her and affectionately playing with her titties as Beth’s sweet pantied ass gyrated into Jen’s pantied front.

Matt didn’t last long as he was soon spurting a jet of cum into David’s mouth, as he hungrily pumped it in & out. As David’s cock started to cum in his mouth, Matt took his mouth off and started jacking it, embarrassed to taste the sticky cum, but amazed and curious to see another guy cum in his hands by his doing. Cum was splashing out of David’s cock and over Matt’s hands as Matt intently watched the pleasure of jacking off another guy.

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