As Luck would Have It

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Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the storyline is true, the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early sixties and seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


I have always been amazed at the unexpected events in my life which led to me discovering wonderful experiences. As luck would have it, a chance meeting with a friendly, unassuming, over-weight man as I waited in line at the Post Office led to one such experience. We were both trying to purchase a sheet of stamps commemorating the one-hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863-1963. His name was Dave and after retiring from the U.S. Postal Service up north, he and his wife moved to the small town, about thirty miles north of Tampa, where I taught at the local high school. He was very familiar with the process of selecting historical events that were chosen to be commemorated on stamps and, being an American History teacher, I was very interested in both the history and the process of commemorating the event.

After making our purchase, we decided to continue our conversation over drinks at a local watering hole where he drank three double Scotches while I sipped on a bourbon and water. A little after six, he looked at his watch and declared, with somewhat slurred words, that he needed to get home for dinner. Given his condition, I suggested he let me drive him home; I was surprised when he readily agreed then invited me home to meet his wife and have dinner with them.

“Thursday night is manicotti night; it is Thursday, isn’t it?” He asked with slurred words. I was certain he would forget by the time I got him home.

And, as luck would have it, he didn’t forget. He introduced me to Anna, his wife of twenty some years; she was a very attractive, Italian woman, about five foot six with a knock-out figure and shoulder length, coal-black, wavy hair and green eyes; she was younger than Dave, probably in her late forties or early fifties. She wore one of those denim jumpers with the large front zippers which showed off her shapely tan legs and gave a hint of her more than ample cleavage.

When Dave introduced us and told his wife that I would be joining them for dinner, she quickly extended her hand, “I am happy to have you join us; I just wish Dave would give me a little notice so I could at least look presentable.”

I held her soft, warm hand a little longer, “You look lovely just the way you are. This wasn’t planned; I just thought it would be better if I drove him home. I apologize for dropping in on you like this,” I let her hand go.

Dave seemed to adore her and, after several more drinks with dinner, he gave her a loving swat on her shapely behind as she got up to clean the table and asked, “Will, have you ever seen a prettier bottom on a woman?”

Anna quickly spoke up, “Dave, that is not appropriate in front of our guest,” she then gave him a slight smile and softly added, “but thank you for the compliment.”

Dave sheepishly muttered, “I just like bragging about you.”

Of course, I fully agreed with Dave, but I did not want to embarrass Anna. While Dave made a bathroom trip after our delicious meal, I helped Anna clear the table and ready the dishes for the dishwasher. She thanked me for helping, then with a touch of her hand on my arm, she thanked me for bringing Dave home instead of letting him drive home drunk. Dave continued to drink after he overate Anna’s delicious Italian dishes; it was no wonder he was so overweight.

After cleaning the kitchen, Anna joined us in the den with her knitting basket and sat on the sofa beside me while Dave kicked back in his favorite recliner. As Dave and I discussed historical events, Anna would occasionally interject comments about their travels to some of the areas we were discussing without looking up from her knitting. It wasn’t long before Dave’s over-consumption of food and drink got the best of him and he excused himself for the night.

I announced, “I should be going too, I have imposed on you long enough.”

“If you must go, would you mind dropping me off at the bar so I can pick up Dave’s car? He will need it in the morning,” she said almost pleading.

“I’d be happy too, but I need to use your restroom first if you don’t mind.” Anna directed me to the bathroom down the hall then went to tell Dave where she was going and to get her purse.

When I turned on the light, the first thing I noticed in the large bathroom, was a bidet sitting close to the toilet and my mind immediately conjured up an image of Anna sitting astride the porcelain device carefully washing her undercarriage in anticipation of meeting her lover; my swelling cock was trying to point upward while I was trying to force it to point downward to finish my business. I had to wipe off the rim where I had missed my mark. I still have recurring images of Anna poker oyna and her bidet to this day.

As I held the car door for Anna to get in, I was reminded of the rewards of being a gentleman; I got a beautiful upskirt view as she opened her legs to get into the bucket seat of the low sitting sports car. Her panties were basic white but better than that, she took notice that I had taken notice and smiled.

On the way to the bar, Anna apologized for Dave’s drunkenness and his “crude” remarks about her bottom.

I wondered if she brought up the topic of her “bottom” just to open a discussion; so I waded in.

“Anna, you do not have to apologize for Dave to me; he obviously adores you.” I smiled teasingly and added, “He is right though, I haven’t seen a prettier bottom on a woman.”

She giggled, “Will! I’m almost old enough to be your mother.”

“Yes, and just as beautiful too,” was my quick response.

“Thank you, that was sweet of you; your mother obviously raised you to be a gentleman,” she said as she patted my thigh.

“Well, she certainly raised me to have a great appreciation and admiration for beautiful women,” I told her with a sincere smile; her hand remained on my thigh as she smiled a big smile.

The bar sat back off the road in a large stand of Spanish moss-laden oak trees. The shell and sand covered parking lot was only about half full so I was able to find a space beside Dave’s large Buick Roadmaster parked on the outer fringe of the wooded lot; it was beginning to sprinkle rain when I turned off the engine and turned toward Anna.

Not knowing if she would leave immediately, I asked, “Would like to go in for a drink?”

“No, if you don’t mind, I had just as soon sit here for a little while and enjoy your company. I really shouldn’t stay too long,” she responded.

I loved the way she phrased her comment; she didn’t say “I can’t stay long,” meaning unable too. She said, “I shouldn’t stay long,” implying that she might stay longer than she should; after all, Dave had gone to bed before we left and her hand was still on my thigh.

I decided to take a chance and leaned across the console and gear shift knob to kiss her; I cursed myself for driving the MGB instead of my VW camper. The kiss was successful and receptive even though a bit awkward.

Anna smiled when our lips parted, “It would be more comfortable if we sat in Dave’s car.”

“Great idea, let’s do that.”

Anna quickly exited my car and hopped into the driver’s side of the big Buick as I ran around to the passenger side. Since Dave’s size required the long bench seat to be all the way back, the inside was roomy. Anna slid across the seat close to me and we continued our kiss; our tongues probed each other’s mouth while our hands explored each other’s bodies.

“It has been a long time since I have made out in a car,” she said with a chuckle.

Her smile faded and she added, “You must think I’m terrible being so forward, but I just don’t get a chance like this very often; Dave and I no longer have an intimate relationship.”

I kissed her then replied, “On the contrary, I don’t think you have a “terrible” cell in your body. I admire you even more for being honest about your needs; most women try to deny them, preferring to live in misery instead.”

After another delicious, long kiss and groping hands, Anna sat up in the seat, lifted her sweet bottom and began to remove her panties in a very ladylike manner without exposing her charms, “If I had known about this ahead of time, I would have worn something sexier,” she said as she pushed the full cut, white, cotton garment over her feet and carefully folded them. She laughed, “I noticed you got a good look up my skirt when I got in your car.”

“I did and what a beautiful sight it was. Thank you for giving me that treat; I hope it was on purpose.”

I took the garment from her hands and held them close to my face and inhaled, “Ummm, you smell delicious.”

“Yes, I wanted you to look. I had the most wonderful and naughty thoughts when you were helping me in the kitchen. If Dave had not walked in when he did, there was telling what I would have done,” she said with a coy smile. “I do wish I had freshened up before we left the house.”

“Not to worry, the ripest fruit is always the sweetest,” I said as I laid her folded panties on the dash.

“If you push the lever on the side, the seat will lay back,” she advised as she began unbuttoning my shorts.

When the seat was at just right angle, Anna pulled my shorts down just enough to expose what needed to be exposed, kissed the shiny head of my engorged cock, then straddled me as I lowered the zipper down the front her dress, unfastened her front opening bra, and uncovered her beautiful, untanned set of grapefruit-sized breasts. My lips and mouth suckled her nipples as they dangled above my face; her hand deftly guided me into her incredible warmth and quickly sank to the bottom. My hands canlı poker oyna reached down until they met the smooth flesh of her bare flanks and firm, round cheeks; I gently opened the mounds of flesh wider to allow for deeper penetration. My fingers teased her tightly puckered rear orifice. Anna moaned and sighed as her hips moved slowly to adjust to the intrusion of my turgid meat.

“It’s been a long time since I have been with a man; thank you for starting out slow. You feel so good in me,” she lowered her face to kiss me then straightened her arms again to dangle her breasts in my face and added with a smile, “I love the way you are teasing me with your fingers; my sister has told me I should try anal sometime,” she giggled.

I kissed her then responded, “Then we will just have to give it a try.”

Anna’s eyes closed as her breathing increased; her hips began moving a little faster. I squeezed my nuts tight and let her take over the driving. Occasionally, I let a finger, covered with her slick, juices dip slightly into her tight rear chute. Anna would give my finger a squeeze and add an extra wiggle in her hips. She quickly passed from the moans and sighs to grunts and groans as her hips moved even faster; I became more aggressive with her nipples which produced louder yelps and grunts until she finally collapsed on top of me gasping for breath. Luckily the rain had increased and drowned out our noise so people coming and going from the bar could not hear us.

“Oh Will, that was wonderful,” she said once she caught her breath.

After several minutes of resting on top with my arms around her, we change positions. It took some doing, but we ended up with Anna on the bottom with her knees on the edge of the seat and her upper torso and arms resting on the top of the seat back in sort of a modified doggie position. I was able to slip down to the floor enough for me to again open her cheeks and shower them with kisses. Anna rolled her hips upward enough to allow me full access to her juicy treat; the tip of my nose pressed against her tightly guarded rear opening. She giggled and then wiggled when I pressed my nose against the tight opening.

I lapped up the creamy juices that oozed from between her swollen, puffy lips before sucking her clit into my mouth. It only took seconds of batting her clit around with my tongue for her to plunge deeply into the throes of another orgasm; she was even louder the second time. I used my fingers to spread her slick, creamy liquid in and around her tightly puckered rear orifice before moving close behind her to lubricate my cock with her juices; she moaned softly and wiggled her sweet bottom as my turgid cock made contact with her completely exposed undercarriage.

I took my cock in hand and pushed its glistening, engorged head against her tight opening; moans escaped her mouth and her membranes stretched tightly over the intruding mass; I paused a moment to let her adjust to the intrusion. She squealed when I grasped her hips and slammed against her flanks. In the close confines of the car, I wrapped my arms around her mid-waist and began pounding her with short, powerful strokes. I felt her fingers close to my balls as they worked feverishly in her juicy folds. This time it took minutes, not seconds, to crash through the wall of pleasure as I pumped spurt after spurt of hot liquid deep into her bowels. The back pressure caused my thick cream to seep around the base of my shrinking cock.

“Oh my goodness, I cannot believe this. I thought my body was going to crash,” she stammered between breaths.

We sank in the seat with our arms around each other and covered in sweat. Our bodies didn’t want to move. I’m not sure how long we lay there. Anna moved her head to look at the clock on the dash, “I need to be getting home. I hope Dave is asleep; I’m a frightful mess,” she said as my deflated, slimy cock slipped from her warmth.

I cleaned up the mess I had caused with the soft material of her panties then held them for her to slip on. I refastened her bra and zipped up the front of her dress.

Anna asked, “Will, I would love to see you again when we can have more time and more room together.”

“I think that’s a great idea; let’s make it soon.”

“Dave always plays golf on Sunday morning then sits in the bar and drinks most of the afternoon; the bartender usually calls me to come and take him home,” she said with a smile.

We kissed and said our goodnights. I drove home enjoying her scent on my face and hands; what a shame I would have to wash it off in the shower.

On Sunday morning, I got several large bags and went out to the grove surrounding my house and picked some oranges and grapefruits. What better way to thank Dave and his beautiful wife, Anna, for the wonderful hospitality on Thursday night?

As I walked up to the door carrying the bag of oranges and grapefruit, Dave came out wearing his golf attire, “Good morning, Will. How are you this morning?” internet casino Then he glanced at the bag of oranges, “Wow, are those for us? Go on in, Anna is in the kitchen. I’m running late our tee off time,” and he was off.

Dave closed the front door as I walked to the kitchen; Anna was standing at the sink when I announced myself, “Good morning!”

She quickly turned around in surprise, “Will, what a wonderful surprise. Oh, what have you got there?”

As I put the fruit in the sink to be washed, we heard Dave’s car door close and the sound of his engine as he pulled out of the driveway. We were completely alone in their large house; we had the time and the room for plenty of good loving.

She dried her hands then straightened the front of her dress with her hands. It was a straight, simple, sleeveless, cotton dress; no frills and in the style of the early seventies. The hem, about mid-thigh, showed off her shapely, tanned legs that had straddled me in her husband’s car a few nights earlier.

We took steps toward each other; our chests rose and fell with anticipation as we looked into each other’s eyes, our bodies lightly touching. I put my hands on Anna’s hips and pulled her against me. Her arms encircled my shoulders; her hands glided through my hair. We looked at each other, our hearts almost beating out of our chests. Our lips came together; our mouths opened and our tongues darted about, probing and exploring.

My hands slipped from her waist to her flared hips then to the firm, round contours of her bottom; I pulled her tighter against me. Her hips moved forward pressing her pubic mound firmly against my upper thigh; her signal was clear. As our bodies meshed together, we gasped for air as our brains demanded more oxygen. I lifted the hem of her dress so my hands could feel the smoothness of her rear flanks and her nylon, panty clad bottom; my roving hands met no resistance.

I guided Anna close to the kitchen table, pulled out a chair, and took a seat. With the hem of her dress up, her French cut, white panties were exposed; she straddled my lap with her shapely legs. She lifted my shirt over my head and began covering my shoulders and chest with kisses. I lowered the zipper on the back of her dress, unfastened her bra, and pushed the garments down her arms; she quickly pressed her bare, white, grapefruit-sized breasts against my chest. My hands went back to her panty clad bottom; she began to ground her crotch against me.

“Be careful with my bottom; it’s a bit sore from the other night,” she cautioned.

“The next time we will have to use a lubricant; in the meantime, I will give it a lot of kisses to soothe the soreness.”

She looked at me for a moment then kissed me again. Her hands went to the button and zipper of my shorts; my erect cock sprang up as soon as it was free. As usual, I had not worn underwear. Anna’s hand wrapped around my shaft and pointed it straight up; at the same time, I pulled the narrow crotch of her panties aside. There was no need to waste time undressing.

Anna guided the engorged head of my cock through the thick patch of pubic hair, into the maze of hot, slick membranes, and then impaled herself completely. My cock was wrapped completely in her incredible heat; her slick, creamy juices seeped around the base of my shaft and oozed over my hair covered scrotum. I immediately focused on controlling my orgasm in order to please the beautiful woman riding my cock.

“I’ve never had sex in a chair before; I like it,” Anna said softly.

I kissed her, “It’s just the warm-up; we will get serious in a little while.”

I pushed her back slightly to admire her firm round breasts untouched by the sun’s rays and kiss her half a dollar sized, brown areola and thick nipples; it was if I had turned on a switch. She began bucking her hips back and forth in a rapid motion; she was on her way to a pleasure paradise. I had to fight back the urge to let go and unload the hot liquid I was saving for a later delivery. I squeezed my nuts so hard that I could have cracked them if they had been pecans.

I made it through without giving up a drop; Anna collapsed in my arms panting for air. We were wet with sweat. “Wow, are you sure that was just a warm-up?” Anna asked then laughed.

We remained in the chair for some time talking, petting and cooing; when my cock would wane, Anna would squeeze me with her muscles or start grinding her hips to restore it to full rigor.

As I had experienced with other married women, Anna felt the need to tell me why she was betraying her husband, “I never strayed from my marriage until I caught him with another woman in the coat closet at the Elks Club. It was right after our twentieth anniversary and I decided then that what was good for the goose would also be good for the gander.” I did exactly what I had done many times; I listened carefully then expressed my empathy.

“I’ve had half-dozen affairs over the years; mostly one night stands. I don’t know why men don’t understand that women also have strong needs that must be met.”

“I think married men, in general, are selfish; they only think of their wives when they get hungry or their dick gets hard,”

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