Ashley Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Love

“Jeez, Ash. That’s incredible. Where’d you learn to do something like that?”

I looked over at my little sister, Ashley, as I lay on her bed. Awaiting her response, my drifting eyes were treated to the captivating view of her left breast firmly protruding from a tight orange tee. She was sitting upright with her slender legs crossed, her chest at the perfect height for my gaze. I heard a small giggle.

“I like to keep a few tricks up my sleeve,” she said playfully. “Can’t let you have your way with everything, right?”

My feeble mind could barely grasp her answer. The lovely picture in front of me was too mesmerizing to ignore. Her breathing was calm and steady, yet the gentle expanding and contracting of her breasts were hypnotic. The tantalizing aroma of strawberry lotion on her arms compelled me further.

“Brian, hurry up. Pick someone already,” she hollered.

I snapped out of my trance, “Uh, yeah. Sorry ’bout that. Give me a sec.” I turned my attention back to the TV screen and chose the first character my cursor was highlighting.

“Yoshi? Since when were you any good with him?”

“Hey, you’re not the only one with a few tricks up their sleeve. The lil’ green dinosaur could’ve been my best character all along.” I knew next to nothing about its attacks. “Looks aren’t everything. Behind that cute face is a tail made for smashing.”

Ashley giggled again. “Say whatever you want. Just don’t run away with your tail between your legs when I start beating the crap out of you.”

The next two minutes were a slaughter-fest as Super Mario’s trusty steed got knocked around silly. Even if I wanted to run, I couldn’t outdo my younger sister’s faster reflexes. My controller might as well have been unplugged. Her swift fingers performed with flawless execution, refusing me the slightest chance of escaping her deadly attacks. I dropped my controller in defeat for the fifth time in a row.

It was another bland summer night in the Stafford family household. Ashley and I were lounging in our pajamas, playing a few video games on her indigo game system. I had on a white cotton T-shirt with matching cotton shorts; she was wearing a bright top with colorful hiphuggers.

For the past couple of months, it had been a ritual for the two of us to spend the night after dinner in her room together. Rarely did we ever have plans to go out because, quite frankly, there weren’t many places to go. We had a theater, a shopping mall, a quirky cyber-cafe, and a few other hangout spots, but it was very easy to visit them all within a week and be done with for a while. There were an abundance of restaurants and fast food joints, however, so there’s always someplace nearby for good eats when we did decide to leave the house.

I was sure some people would find it annoying if their Friday nights consisted of nothing but games and TV, especially if your only company was your eighteen year-old sister. And who knows, maybe I should’ve felt the same way. That’s not to say Ashley and I didn’t get along. It’s the opposite, really. My sister and I were the best of friends and we share almost everything with each other.

Ashley had just graduated from high school and I had just finished my second year of college. I guess the normal thing to do would’ve been to call my buddies and paint the town red–whatever that meant. Unfortunately, planning a night out when they’re scattered across the globe wasn’t exactly easy. One was touring Europe; another was attending summer classes on the other side of the country; a third was leading an expedition to the North Pole…. Maybe that last one wasn’t entirely true but you get the idea. The circumstances were a bit depressing–for me, anyway–and we did our best to keep in touch through e-mails, instant messages, and World of Warcraft.

But I didn’t mind staying at home with Ashley. How could I when the girl sitting next to me had the most magnificent face I’ve had the honor of laying eyes upon? It’s like staring at a cover of Cosmopolitan or GL, or one of those other glamour magazines. Her features were perfect in every way: pearly white teeth, full lips, dainty nose, gorgeous hazel eyes, and not a single blemish on her skin. The feature I idolized most about my amiable sibling is her golden hair, so bright it could blind every worshipper at her feet.

I had found it difficult to believe we’re brother and sister. I wasn’t nearly as blessed as her when it came to appearance. Besides sharing each other’s eyes, we didn’t have a whole lot physically in common. My fluffy hair was dirtier, like a mix of brunet and blond. Her body was lean and shapely. Mine… not so much. Acne had dotted my pale skin, stubble had aged my chin, and my right pinky toe was bigger than my left. This wasn’t to mean I was hard on the eyes. Every girl I had previously dated would tell me I’m cute, though never handsome. Then again, I suppose it was better than nothing.

“So what do you want to do now,” Ashley asked, breaking me out of my daze once more. She leaned forward and crawled off the bed, her ripe bum poker oyna in full view. The baby blue and lime green hiphuggers she wore accentuated her curves wonderfully, clinging to her thighs as if it were a second skin. Each of her round cheeks swung side-to-side marvelously as her knees glided across the silk blanket. When she stood up, the top of her butt became slightly exposed. My sister did a sexy little shimmy as her nimble pinkies lifted the underwear, causing her dazzling blonde ponytail to sway gently.

Ashley repeated her question little louder. “Brother, what do you want to do now?” She turned off the game system with her back still facing me, her incredible butt teasing–begging–me to grab them. Who knew eye candy could be so delicious.

Ten seconds must’ve passed before I finally spoke. Well, more like stammered. “I-I’m starting to feel a little tired, Sis. I think I’m going to go to my room and do some reading.” I didn’t want to be alone away from her, but I thought it’d be best to give her some privacy after having spent the past four hours together. I also needed some privacy of my own to furiously beat off, but I couldn’t tell her that.

My feet were almost on the floor when I felt the bed bounce beneath me. I looked over my shoulder to see Ashley sprawled on her stomach.

“Oh c’mon, that’s no fun. It’s only eleven-thirty.” My sister effortlessly pushed herself up and over onto her back. She raised her arms high above her head, arching her back as she stretched. It didn’t take long for my eyes to focus on the petite mounds straining the fabric of her shirt. I sensed my cheeks turning red and I averted my eyes to hers, only to find them closed shut. She looked so heavenly and beautiful.

“Let’s watch a movie,” she mumbled, her lips parting just enough to make me wonder what it’d be like to taste her mouth.

I took a deep breath to compose myself, “We already watched one right after dinner, and I’m sure we’ve gone through your whole DVD collection at least twice already this summer.”

This was no easy feat by any means since Ashley’s a big movie aficionado, and although I was exaggerating, it’s true I had watched all her movies at least twice at one time or another.

I was still staring at my sister’s eyelids when she finally opened them. Her eyes locked onto mine like magnets. She lowered her arms, propping herself on her elbows. Never looking away, she cocked her head and pouted her lips.

I knew what was coming. I had seen it too many times before, and Ashley had no doubt in her mind it wouldn’t work again. Batting her eyelashes, she asked in the sweetest high-pitched voice she could muster, “Big bwother, will you pweeze watch another movie with your baby sister? Pwetty pwetty please?”

Less than a minute later, Ashley’s dimly lit room was illuminated with the green Lucas Films logo. I lay powerless on her bed, helpless to deny the sad-puppy-dog look that let her get everything and away with anything. I didn’t mind the look that time. Knowing she wanted me with her was all the motivation I needed to fluff up another pillow.

My sis wasn’t a big fan of Star Wars, but she knew I was. She had chosen the movie specifically for me, and even though I could recite the entire trilogy in my sleep, I loved watching her…

The next half hour went by peacefully as Ashley didn’t peep a single word. My eyes were dozing off, but each periodic glance in her direction kept me awake awhile longer. She was sitting against the bed’s backboard with a hefty layer of pillows in between, her far knee pulled up to her chest. I couldn’t tell if she was actually watching the movie or merely pretending to, but she was staring at the screen unflinchingly, her body perfectly steady for me to admire.

I’m not sure how or when, but I eventually fell asleep.

“Bry? Brian?”

My sister’s soothing voice woke me up from my light slumber.

With a small moan, I peeled my eyelids open. “What is it, Ash? The movie over?” As my eyes readjusted to the light, I found golden bangs cascading inches above my face.

Ashley was leaning over me on her hands, her right arm stretched beyond my chest. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you fallen asleep.”

I glimpsed at the screen to see the credits rolling, almost bumping heads with her. “It’s ok. Guess now would be a good time to head for my room, huh?”

“You don’t have to go. You can stay here for the night, I don’t mind. It’d be… nice.”

Maybe my brain was playing tricks on me, but it almost sounded as if she was enticing me to stay. Surely she didn’t mean what I thought she did. It had been years since we slept together in the same bed, let alone the same room. Before I could say another word, she brought her right palm to my left cheek and covered my lips with her thumb. I became putty in her hands.

“How about I give you a massage?” Ashley flashed me a breathtaking smile. “It seems like you can use one.”

I dumbly nodded my head in agreement, uncertain if she was really serious about her offer. Our nightly canlı poker oyna activities had been, for the most part, hands-off, and giving me a massage would be a huge leap in intimacy.

Ashley pushed herself away me and nudged my ribs. I dully spun onto my chest and crossed my arms beneath the pillow to cradle my head.

“So, Big Bro, how rough do you want me to be?”

My ears perked. “What did you, uh, just say?”

Ashley tossed her head back and let out an infectious laugh. I couldn’t stop myself from doing the same, albeit much quieter. “Well, lemme try it this way, mister.”

I felt Ashley’s creamy legs straddle my lower back as she squatted onto me. Her fingers settled a little higher, sending a shiver up my spine. I was expecting a simple shoulder rub, but the tender flesh and fingers crawling along my muscles spoiled me from desiring anything less.

Each of her graceful strokes filled my body with delight. Pressure was evenly applied through all of her fingers, ensuring every part of me felt her. The caress, soft and gradual, seemed as if it would never end. I closed my eyes and moaned my satisfaction. “Wow, Sis, you feel wonderful.”

“I feel wonderful? I thought I was the one who’s supposed to make you feel good.”

It took me awhile to realize what I had said. “Har har,” I sarcastically smirked, “you know what I mean. How did you get so good at this?”

“At what? Giving a massage?” I nodded against the cushion. “Not sure. I’m just doing what feels right. It’s not exactly rocket science.”

“Is there anything you’re not a natural at?”

“If there is, I haven’t found it yet.”

The room fell silent as Ashley’s hands rubbed from my back to my shoulders, then to my neck before going in reverse. Her groin grazed up and down my body, and I wondered if it was an intentional part of the massage. It didn’t feel like any rub I was familiar with, but it wasn’t like I received enough to be any wiser.

“You’re getting pretty buff. Have any girls told you that?”

“No. And what are you talking about? I’m the farthest from ‘buff’ a guy can get.” I tend to think of myself as a pretty scrawny person who does really light workouts. The few muscles I do have are well toned, but nothing I reckon as impressive. Still, my ego received a nice boost, even if I didn’t fully believe her.

Ashley sighed. “You should have more confidence in yourself. You’re smart, funny, cute.” My neck shuddered when I heard that last word. “Aww, don’t like it when I give you compliments?”

“No, that’s not it. It’s just all my dates have said the same thing. They think I’m ‘cute’ and they just want to be friends.”

She giggled lightly. “Hey, most guys will be happy with cute. There’s a ton of things I can call you that are way worse.”

“Oh yeah? What would you call me?”

“Let’s see. You’re clumsy, dorky, nerdy-“

“‘Dorky’ and ‘nerdy’ count as one. They’re like the same word.”

“Ok, fine. But you get the picture, right?”

“Yeah, I guess. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Ashley stopped with her hands on my shoulders. A few loose strands of hair tickled my neck. She whispered into my left ear, “Cheer up, Tiger, I think you’re handsome.”

No words could describe the tingly sensation flowing through me. Not from being called handsome for my first time, which I purely attributed to our close sibling bond, but for the tone in which she said my childhood pet name. When we were kids, Ashley dubbed me Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and as we got older, she changed it to Tiger, probably as to not embarrass me in front of my friends. This persisted into my junior year of high school, though I never noticed she stopped saying it until that night.

The massage continued awhile longer as Ashley’s lithe hands worked their magic on my muscles, tracing the simple contours of my body. Her legs slowly spread further apart, placing more of her weight on me. I discerned a suspicious wetness on my lower back but curiously shrugged it off as sweat. The humid summer air and warmth emanating from her thighs caused my shirt to stick to my skin. As her palms pushed into my muscles, I could hear her breathing heighten and a whimper too soft to make out.

“Ash, are you all right?”

“Ye-yeah, I’m ok,” she weakly gasped, her movements slowing down. “It’s… I’m getting very, very hot.”

She wasn’t the only one getting hot. Ashley’s hands strayed to my upper arms, shocking my biceps with her touch. As I clenched my fists beneath the pillow, her hands moved lower to my elbows, rubbing in small circles. She stroked the length of my arms with the back of her fingernails. Despite her passive pace, the massage didn’t lose any of its sensual stimulation.

Ashley slipped her thumbs into the sleeves of my shirt. Caressing upwards, she raised them to my shoulders, revealing more of my pale complexion. An inaudible moan escaped her mouth.

The contact was astonishing. None of my previous girlfriends had done anything as carnal as this. The most another girl had ever done for me was kiss my cheek internet casino or hold my hand as I walked her to her door. But this massage, this fondling, was full of intensity. What I was experiencing could only exist when two people shared a strong passion for each other. I had longed for Ashley for years before she became the saintly angel she was then. I could never had envisioned this happening.

I caught myself trying to say something. I didn’t know what I intended to tell her. Maybe I wanted to let her know how I was feeling. Maybe I wanted to know how she was feeling. I could only whisper her name before she quieted me with a feeble cry.

Ashley had always been upbeat and brimming with energy. She’s the sun that makes my world go round, and the rainbow after my darkest moments. Her enraptured tone, however, was one that would forever stir my fantasies. None of the sultry sounds spilling from her mouth came out as words, but her ragged breaths made it clear what she was saying.

Before I could advise my cherished sister to lie down, the grip on my shoulder became rigid. Ashley’s breathing picked up as she forced her loins onto me. I held my own breath, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. She began to grind herself upward along my back, pushing my shirt off me. Her sweat mingled with mine as her thighs finally made contact with my skin. She slid her crotch halfway up my back before sliding back down. An increasing wetness seeped through her underwear, soaking into me. Her body was scorching and I knew it wasn’t just her sweat I was feeling. I desperately needed to see her expression, but I was afraid that showing my face would break whatever spell she was under.

Ashley let go of my right shoulder, moving her other hand to my neck to balance herself. She clasped my neck roughly, choking me from behind. My heart throbbed harder and harder and my fully erect cock followed suit. Her head dipped down, gasps loud and clear, coating my neck in her hot breaths.

“Oh god, oh god,” Ashley panted. Her moans, coupled with the sultriness in her voice, were making me extremely excited. I drew images of my little sister, the girl I would do anything to protect, pinned by her wrists to the bed as I licked and kissed every inch of her body. I wanted her so badly.

Then I felt it: Ashley’s knuckle digging into my lower back. But it wasn’t her bare hand on my skin. It was the shape of her fist with a thin cotton film between us, rubbing furiously against my spine. I didn’t need to question what she was doing. My sister was fingering herself right on top of me.

Ashley’s moaning escalated. “Ah, oh fuck.”

It was the first time I heard her swear. I’m no stranger to dirty talk in my adult videos, but hearing it from my sister, even if it is just one word, seemed surreal.


“Shhh, quiet,” she pleaded.

All I could do was silently lie in my baby sister’s bed, picturing this vixen masturbating herself to a violent orgasm. My cock had never felt as hard as it did that night. The slightest jerk would’ve been enough to make me spew a month’s worth of cum.

Time froze to a standstill as I awaited Ashley’s climax. A whirlwind of thoughts and emotions stormed my head. “Is this really my sister who’s pleasuring herself on top of me? The same adorable sister I’ve loved ever since she was born, whose cuts and booboos I’ve kissed during grade school? This couldn’t be the same innocent young girl I’ve picked up from high school for the past two years. Where did her sudden burst of lechery come from? This feels amazing, but should I stop it? Or should I hope for something more…”

I couldn’t finish the thought when Ashley removed her hands from my neck and her thighs. I feared something went wrong, that the massage would come to an abrupt end since I didn’t feel the effects of the powerful orgasm she sought.

My worry was quickly cast aside when I felt her other hand, the one that had been inside of her, grasp my neck. Her slick juices dripped from her soaked fingers onto my skin. The musky smell invaded my lungs. She resumed grinding into my back with a new hand inside of her.

I didn’t know how much more I could take. The immense heat was making me dizzy. My breathing rhythm had been utterly disrupted. I opened my mouth to inhale as deeply as I could. Ashley saw what I was doing and took the opportunity to slide two of her fingers past my lips. A trail of her juices on my cheek was left behind.

“Suck on me, taste me,” she rasped.

I could hardly believe the request, despite the bizarre situation we were already in. Regardless, I was more than happy to oblige by trapping her fingers in my mouth. My tongue lapped hungrily at the forbidden nectar until all I could taste was her skin. Maybe it was because this was my first time, but I thought it was the sweetest honey. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Thankfully I didn’t need to wait long for another sample. Ashley’s remaining fingers tapped my chin, and I took the cue to open wide. Instead of swapping her fingers in my mouth, she jammed all four inside. If I hadn’t been lying on my hard-on, it would’ve ripped a hole right through my shorts. My sister was using me for her own pleasure, fortifying my lust for her. I closed my jaw, devouring her sweetness once again.

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