At My Cabin, After Marriage Ch. 01

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I got married about a year ago to a wonderful woman, Fumiko. She was born and raised in the US to Japanese parents. She looks fantastic. Her oriental features make her look exotic, her small boobs look perfect on her body.

We were married last summer and weren’t able to spend any time at my cabin. That didn’t stop us from doing a lot of exploration of each others kinds and desires. More importantly, it didn’t stop me from demonstrating my machine and making one for her.

We discovered that she is not that into being edged, not like I am at least. Instead, she enjoys a slow build-up to orgasm. I was able to update the machine so that it can do this. It’s gone slow enough that it has taken her up to an hour to cum with constant stimulation.

The other thing we discovered is that she loves when I’m getting edged. She has let me make her cum multiple times while I am being edged. Something about it just turns her on like nothing else.

This summer, we are moving to my cabin for about six weeks. I have told her what happened here in the past. Given the sex we had after I told her, I believe she liked those stories a lot.

And here we are. After we get settled in, she told me to get the machine ready bahis siteleri for just me. And outside. So I did followed by getting myself ready.

Fumi sees me ready and smiles. She leads me outside by my cock, straps me in, and grabs her phone to start the session. Instantly I feel the straps pulled taught and it doesn’t take long before the machine starts edging me.

To my surprise, she heads in. It’s not long before I’m ready to cum and the edging starts. She set me on a program that is a slow build-up and holds me on the edge for about 15 minutes before giving me a break.

By the time the first edging session has ended, I’m a sweaty, horny mess. I keep catching myself making a lot of noise. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been outside and had to restrain myself.

I’m in the middle of the second edging session when Fumi comes back outside. She is wearing a t-shirt dress. When I look over at her, she lifts up her dress and shows me that that she has nothing else on. That almost make me cum but the machine backed off enough so that I continue getting edged.

She smiles and sits on my face. Her clit is poking out which means she is ready to cum. I get distracted as the machine does it work on canlı bahis siteleri me but I’ve gotten used to it enough to start working my tongue and lips on her clit. She starts humping my face and cums quickly.

She gets off my face and leans down to give me a kiss as the machine brings me to the edge yet again. I moan into her mouth as she kisses me; she responds with a shudder and a quiet moan of her own.

She sits down in the chair next to me, making sure to spread her legs so I can see her glistening pussy. She watches me until the current cycle finishes and I have some quiet time. She masturbates as I watch. She cums very quickly while I watch and struggle.

She she is done, she leans next to me and whispers into my ear, “this is way better than doing this inside. Do you think anyone will find us here today?”

I reply with a quiet “probably not” as the machine starts up again.

Wow, that was a short quiet period. She has the machine aggressively edging me today. It’s starting up really intense; it’s seconds before I’m ready to cum and the machine is edging me again.

Fumi goes inside, leaving me alone to be edged. I’m at the point where I’m continually moaning and fighting against canlı bahis my bonds. I know a few extra strokes will make me cum. But I know that won’t happen. The machine keeps going, alternating between slow and slower, not letting me cum and keeping me ready to cum.

This continues for a long time. I don’t know just how long but I do know I was getting desperate by the time the machine stops and doesn’t start back up. A minute later, Fumi is outside. She removes the machine from my cock, and with no ceremony, sits down on me, sliding my cock into her very wet pussy.

I moan louder than I have in a long time. I start begging because I really need to cum at this point. She grins at me and starts to grind her hips into mine. I can’t help but moan again, the grinding feels so good.

After a while of that, she starts slowly riding me. She is going very slow, each stroke is excruciating in the best way. I’m continually moaning, pulling against my bonds, and trying to push my cock harder into her so that I can finally cum. Fumi works with my movements keeping the strokes slow and steady.

I’m about to cum. Fumi feels this and speeds up. For a few seconds, the increase in speed overwhelms my cock and I can’t cum. Then I do. She keeps riding me, I keep slamming my cock into her until I’m spent.

Fumi sits on me another 30 seconds, then gets up. She removes me from the machine and we both go inside, satiated for at least a while.

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