At The Feet of Mistress Ellie

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Ever since I’ve ever met Ellie I have wanted to have my way with her feet. Okay, I will start from the beginning.

It was a summer’s night and it was her 18th birthday party. She had invited a load of friends over to celebrate with her and luckily I managed to get invited due to a plus one. I was tentative at first due to not knowing many people there, but as I drank more and more vodka I felt more confident in my surroundings. I saw Ellie sitting on her own, it was obvious she wasn’t sober so I felt confident I could get this girl to like me. We got to talking and we hit it off pretty well. From this conversation I would never have guessed she would turn out to be such a dominatrix the way she was.

I looked at the floor in front of me and I saw her beautiful bare feet on the wooden floor. Her toes were painted in a sexy shade of red and her nails were cut to perfection. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them, i pretended to tie my shoe laces up so I could stare at them for longer. Just as I was about done, she started wiggling her toes, by this time my erection was straining against my pants, I’m glad everyone was so drunk because no one seemed to notice how long I was ‘tying my laces’ for, and no one seemed to notice the huge tent in my shorts.

After some more chatting, Ellie walked off and started talking with some friends, and I did some more mingling myself. At about midnight, most people had left the party but my best friends was very close friends with Ellie so I got invited to canlı bahis şirketleri stay the night, there was just 4 people. My best friend was going out with Ellie’s best friend, so, as you can imagine, they went off the have sex meaning me and Ellie were left on our own.

By this stage of the night, we were both very drunk, so we decided to play truth or dare. I said she could ask me first and I said truth. What she said next puzzled me…

“If you could suck any part of my body, what part would you pick?”

I was confused as what to answer. If I told her of my huge foot fetish, then she may think I was a freak, but if I did and she was open to it, then I would have the chance to worship her sexy red toes. In the end, I decided to say her toes…

“I knew you had been staring at my toes, freak”

I felt so ashamed, but then she lifted her leg into the air, showing me the soles of her sexy size 6 feet, and she shoved them in my face, just so the crease of the toes was where the end of my nose was.

I inhaled the biggest breath of my life, and it was the best I had ever taken. Her feet were perfect. Her feet had been bare all night, meaning they weren’t clean, but this made it even better for me. They were slightly sweaty, making the scent even sexier, slightly musky, totally sexy. I held her left foot in my hand, and licked from the heel all the way to the big toe. Ellie giggled, I then took the big toe into my mouth and sucked, before sucking the rest of her canlı kaçak iddaa toes. It was unbelievable how hard my cock was at this stage, I just wanted to release my load all over her sweaty smelly feet.

I then took her right foot and repeated the smelling, licking and sucking and i looked up to her legs and she was rubbing herself through her panties, her dress was up and she was moaning slightly.

“Lie on your back, now.” She commanded, which startled me, because she seemed like the conservative shy type when I initially had spoken to her.

I lay down on my back to see that Ellie had stripped off her panties and her dress and was about to squat down on my face. My trousers and boxers were still on and I could feel the precum leaking down my leg… Ellie told me to lick her tight snatch, I didn’t hesitate, I put my arms around her thighs and pulled her down onto my face, I didn’t have any air, But I didn’t care. All I cared about was pleasuring the gorgeous girl who was sitting on my face, whom I had only met a few hours previously.

By this stage she was moaning quite loud, she was moaning louder and quicker, but she had to not be too loud or our friends would hear her, and that would be awkward. She then got up and I gasped for air, seeing as I hadn’t had any for a while. But then she sat back down on my face, but this time so her asshole was positioned just about my mouth, and she commanded me to lick her arse.

“Lick my arse bitch” she commanded me. I buried canlı kaçak bahis my tongue deep inside her young teen asshole. Although I had never licked anyone’s ass before, I would do anything this sexy girl told me to do at this stage, I was beyond horny and I would to anything to please her. Eventually, after another orgasm, she stood up and told me to take my shorts and boxers down.

My cock, which was rock solid, sprang up. I was still lying on my back and she got up and sat on the chair next to me. She put her feet over my face and told me to lick and suck them again. I obliged, of course, because they were the sexiest feet I had ever laid my eyes on and I couldn’t get enough. When her feet were lathered in my saliva she ran them up and down my cock. I nearly came as soon as she made contact. Her soles were so soft and her toes were so sexy. I couldn’t control myself. I stood up and put one foot either side of my rock hard 7 inch cock, i thrusted back and forth, fucking her sexy feet, my saliva and her foot sweat providing the perfect lubrication. I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer.

She told me to cum, to cum all over her feet. I started thrusting harder, and faster, I could feel my balls tighten. I knew i was going to cum, i pulled her feet together just as my cock started to shoot string after string of hot sticky cum all over her sexy feet. She then put her toes to her mouth and licked them clean, whilst rubbing her pussy at the same time with her spare hand.

From the sheer exhaustion of that hugely intense orgasm, as well as the huge amount of alcohol I had consumed that night, I passed out, completely naked on the floor, fully spent.

And that is just the beginning of my foot fun, with the sexy Mistress Ellie.

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