Attractive, Wanted, Desired

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This is for a specific person.

It’s pure fiction and I know will never be reality. I’m not trying to make it so.

This is a hard core X-rated story. Some scenarios here have their origins in messages we exchanged a few months back, so I don’t think the content will make her uncomfortable.

I understand it’s a difficult time for her, I hope she likes it, it gives her a warm glow and that she’s flattered.

Ok, last chance to turn back.

It’s rude. Are you sure?

Ok then, here it is:





We’ve had a great night out in town together, no responsibilities , no hassles. Just lots of laughs, lots of talking, some alcohol. In synch and comfortable with each others company. There was nobody else in our lives, and we were not hurting anyone being together like this.

I’d planned ahead and booked a hotel close-by without telling you. I figured I’d mention it at the right time, and if there wasn’t a right time, I wouldn’t. You might want to just go home alone anyway, that would be ok.

Lucky for me, the right time to bring it up came along, and you didn’t hesitate to say yes, at least to a coffee in the room. As a bonus of a bonus, you even had an emergency travel bag in your car. A lovely coincidence…

“Hey nice room. You put your bag down on the bathroom vanity.. “but only one bed… naughty naughty … ok just let me freshen up a bit, be out in a minute.”

Damn, one bed. Should I have made a polite show of getting a room with two beds? Maybe… but fuck it. Whatever happens, happens.

I’m relieved when you come out of the bathroom in a black Metallica shirt and baggy grey trackies. Casual and comfortable. No pretence at all. I love it!

“Hey, you look great! By the way, I lied about the coffee. You want some wine instead…?”

“Of course I do!” and you reach out for the glass.

We’re in the slightly inebriated zone, where we can say and do things with less reservation… and another glass won’t hurt at all.

“No couch in here, so I guess we sit on the bed!”

No need to say it twice, I think to myself, and join you sitting on the bed.

So we talk for a while. Drink some wine. It’s all very polite… I’m watching your t-shirt, closely trying to read the words. I can see Metallica, but there’s other words I can’t make out. I also notice you’ve let the girls free because there’s some buttons poking through.

“What are you looking at?”

“Oh, um… just trying to read your shirt.”

“You are not!! You’re looking at my tits!”

“Nooo haha”

Of course NOW I’m looking at your tits!

“No really I’m just trying to read it…”

With a giggle, you stand up in front of me and stick your chest out in my face! “Here let me help you read it! What does my shirt say?”

You have a huge shit eating grin on your face and I know it’s ok to look as much as I want! But then you bend down and put your face in front of mine. “But you have to look at me here too you know” and you gesture to your face. It’s only a few inches away from mine, and you’re breathing into my face. You’re actually just breathing into my face! Seriously who breathes into someone’s face like that??? Oh my god! There’s only one way I can stop you, and that’s to push you away, but that would be stupid, so instead I just kiss you full on the lips.

And it’s no surprise to me that you kiss me back.

Yes, this is happening, your soft lips that I’ve been looking at all night are against my lips, and I’m feeling pretty good right now. You climb onto my lap facing towards me, you legs out behind me, our arms around each other. My hands are over your back, feeling your body, lifting your shirt up. Then you push me back onto the bed, straddling my crotch you lower your lips to mine and we keep going. Your hair is falling down around my head now, and we are covered, all we can see is each other, we’re blind to everything around us, and that’s all that matters.

Somehow my shirt is already off, and I’m running my hands up and down your back while we kiss, along your sides, feeling your curves of your hips and waist. I pull the shirt higher and we break the kiss as you sit up a bit allowing me to take it off. It slides up over your breasts, and I see them drop down slowly and catch my breathe as I see them. Beautiful natural tits, they feel warm and soft to my touch and I rub my thumbs over your hard nipples as you give me a cheeky smile and come back down for a kiss. Your bare breasts are against my chest. I can feel the warmth of your body and it’s driving me insane!

Lucky we’re in the middle of the bed and don’t fall off as I roll you over onto your back, because that would suck!

I’ve got you pinned down now, you’re trapped under me but you don’t seem to mind at all. In fact your have your arms tight around me while we keep kissing, you want to be pinned down by me.

There’s so much I want to do to you, almanbahis yeni giriş and all of it right now! Your body will be my dessert, and it’s going to be pretty easy getting those trackies off.

“I want to taste you..” is all I can whisper in your ear.

“Yes, you do..,” you reply as you push me down from your face towards your breasts…

I move down slowly, kissing your neck, letting you feel my warm breath on your neck and shoulders, while my hand reaches down to cup your breast in my left hand, and the other in my right hand. Feeling their softness and fullness beneath my hands is hardening me up nicely. I keep kissing down between them, then take each beautiful nipple into my mouth, giving it a nice long lick and suck, feeling your nipples hard in my mouth, massaging the other between my fingers. You breath long and deep breaths, enjoying the attention I’m giving you, and I’ve only just begun.

As much as I love playing with your breasts, I’m beginning to feel the warmth between your legs where my body is pressed against your crotch, and my mouth is beginning to water. I can’t deny my hunger, and with my hands still massaging your breasts, I keep kissing you around your breasts, and down further along your tummy, moving my hands down along your sides as I go, feeling the smooth curves of your waist and hips. Your body is moving slightly with anticipation and you push my head down lower, closer to your pussy.

I’m down to your waistband now, kissing you along the line of it, and pulling the front down over your hips, to see your black undies show underneath. I pull your trackies down over your thick creamy thighs (my favourite by the way..) past your calves and ankles, and they end up in their rightful place, which is anywhere other than covering you up! On the floor is fine!

You lie exposed to me now, naked except for black undies. Your legs are open slightly, and I lean over you, breathing you in. Kisses around your soft thighs, around your undies, and a kiss right on your pussy! I open my mouth and breathe my hot breath through to your pussy, and you let out a quick gasp.

You’re already warm, and wet as I peel your panties off your body and pull your ankles apart to see what I’m about to enjoy feasting on.

I can see your pussy in the dim light, You’re smooth as silk, and I am very hungry! I run my fingers lightly over you, close but not yet touching your lips while I kiss you around each thigh, working closer and closer to you..

I look up to see you look down at me, your face is flushed, your lips slightly parted. I watch you closely as I run my tongue along your slit, tasting your saltiness for the first time, and I can see from your expression that you like what I’m doing.

I put my arms under your thighs and grab your hips, so I can get comfortable for my feed. My head now at the mercy of your thighs, I keep licking, long slow licks from bottom to top, and top to bottom. Kissing, licking, poking and loving the your warmth, your taste, your smell, and the intimacy we’re sharing. My tongue finds the hard knob of your clit and I take it between my lips for a gentle suck. My hand takes over rubbing it while my tongue moves back to your pussy, probing between your lips, feeling the warmth and wetness inside, all over my tongue and mouth.

Your thighs are starting to squeeze against my head, so I know you’re enjoying it as much as I am. You moan deep and low, the sound quivering along with the rest of your body.

My fingers move to gently part your lips, and I insert them slowly. Your low deep moan becomes a low deep “yesss” as I begin to move my fingers in and out of you, while my thumb gives your clit plenty of attention. Your body is squirming now, so I go back to your clit with my mouth, sucking and licking, your soft thighs are pressing harder and harder against my head.

Your moans are more frequent now, and between gasps you call out my name, I keep sucking your clit, fingering your pussy, quicker, harder. As much as I can while you crush my head. You let out a huge loud moan and another, your body shakes and you moan again, your pussy tightens against my fingers and your back lifts off the bed and you moan again and again as you come hard. The heat between your legs is volcanic and my fingers and face are soaked with your tasty juices.

I keep eating for a few moments more, savouring the feel of my lips against your lips while I listen to you breathe deeply.

Eventually, we’re both satisfied, and I come up to lie beside you, wiping my mouth, because I’m nice like that… Your face has a sweaty sheen, you’re still breathing deeply and I wipe some wet strands from your face as I look into your contented eyes, you’re smiling a beautiful contented smile.

“You know I’m going to fuck you, right?”

“Yes you are, but first I’m going to fuck you!” you respond, and I feel you touching me below. I’m pretty hard already, your hands are wrapped around almanbahis giriş me while you move up and down., stroking and squeezing me while we look into each other’s eyes. You put a leg over the top of mine and we lie there for a moment while I feel the magical effect of your hands radiate from my cock out through my whole body.

My eyes are closed, I barely register that you have moved at all, when suddenly I feel a hot, moist sensation around my cock. You have taken me in your mouth, and slide up and down on it, rubbing between you’re tongue and the top of your mouth, while you gently cup my balls, and begin to squeeze a little. Your lips purse as you swallow me again from top to halfway down then stop a bit, and keep going further down. You stop suddenly and sit up..

“You ok?”

“Yeah, I just really need your cock, right now.” With a swift motion, you straddle my hips and guide my cock straight in to your wetness. The sensation of being inside you is just exquisite, I can’t believe I’m inside you at last, and I want to experience everything, every motion, every grind, every stroke, every everything with you.

You start with a slow forwards backwards motion of your hips, with your body straight, your breasts within easy reach of my hands, and I hold and squeeze them firmly as you sway back and forth, and rotate your hips and move them so our pleasure is heightened.

“Is this nice?”

“God yes, keep going, keep swaying, keep riding”

You oblige, lean forward and rest on your hands so you can bring your feet up closer and begin to squat fuck me.

Now I’m the one panting and groaning as your pussy lips grip me tightly with your quick squat pumps. Not just your lips, I can feel every muscle inside you, squeezing me tight, clamping me with your every movement.

You pant and moan as you ride me, from the top of my cock to the base, and your thighs are doing great work to keep you going like this. I’m not sure if the panting is pleasure or tiredness, so I start to push upwards to meet your downwards movements, and pretty soon you’re back on your knees, leaning forward while I fuck you from beneath. I continue as you lean further forward, your forehead against mine, the sweaty strands of your hair on my face, and deep breaths with every stroke from below. I can feel your heart pounding through your chest as I wrap my arms around you, and hold you tight against me. Your heart pounds against me, as I pound against you.

You’re breathing into my face again, and I love that. Because with every deep breath I feel on my face, it means I’m giving you pleasure that you’ve yearned for for so long, the pleasure and love that you deserve to have anytime you want it.

I give you more thrusts from beneath but knowing I can take you all the way home if I go from behind, I put my arm behind your back and flip you over.

“Let me see your arse.” You turn over straight away and get on all fours. Your perfectly rounded natural pawg arse is magnificent. I run my hands over your cheeks, your hips your waist, your hand appears from underneath and grabs my cock, guiding me into you, and suddenly I’m in heaven again. Home where I belong. I love the feeling of your soft arse cheeks pushed against my crotch, I want to stay there for a moment, but instead of slowing down, I begin to stroke in and out of you, holding you firmly by the waist and pulling you back slightly and I move into you. We develop a nice rhythm and keep it going for a while. I love the shape of your body however it is, but this position accentuates your hips, waist and back and I will always enjoy looking down at you like this the most.

You reach one hand back and put it on top of mine, and we clasp together and hold hands while we fuck. You turn around and look at me smiling and content, as I increase the pace of my strokes. You’re beginning to groan louder now, and every few groans, I hear a soft “yes, yes” come from you.

Your other hand reaches behind and now we are clasping both hands together, and it’s very nice! As I keep stroking forward, I begin to pull your arms back slightly, then more, then more. Your upper body is now raised, I pull you back harder as I slam into you, more and more harder and harder, our bodies making loud clapping sounds with each hard slam I give you! I can imagine how much your tits are swinging below you, out of my sight. Being able to watch your arse ripple with every fuck makes up for it.

“Wait wait” you groan, “my arms..” it must be getting too much for you, I let go and you slump downwards, your face against the bed, leaving your back nicely arched so I can keep going as I have been.

With one hand on your hip, steadying your body i push down on your back to keep you down, dominating you with every stroke. Your pussy is once again volcanic with heat, and your muscles are gripping me tightly.

“Keep going, keep going, fuck me fuck me fuck me” and you’re tightening around me much more almanbahis güvenilirmi now as your pussy coaxes the cum from my halls.

“I can’t hold it, I’m so close ..”

“Don’t hold it baby, don’t hold back, let me have it, drain your balls. I want it all honey, every drop”

You reach your arms back and hold your cheeks open for greater access, and when I honestly didn’t think I could go any deeper into your sweet body, I found myself going deeper, harder, quicker than before. Long deep strokes to the hilt. My hands grip your hips and you’re not going anywhere until I’m finished with you!

You’re close like me, your pussy is clenching my cock now, pulsating around my shaft.

“Don’t hold back doooon’t ugh hooold backkk uuuugh….”

And I can’t anymore, with one last almighty thrust, I hammer my cock into you and begin to ejaculate thick hot spurts of cum into your womb as you wail in pleasure, your body shaking. I keep draining my seed into you for several seconds, until I finally have no more.

I collapse next to you. Both of us completely spent, lost in the wake of our lovemaking.

Both exhausted from our hour of evening delight, we drift off into peaceful slumber, in each others arms.


2am. I wake up to feel you grinding your warm plump arse into my crotch. We ended up in a spooning position after our earlier session. I grind back into you, reaching my arm around to cup your breast, kissing your neck and shoulders.

My cock slowly stiffens as it rubs between your cheeks. You feel it too, as a soft “mmmm” escapes your mouth. You reach your arm around and stroke me while I massage your breasts and kiss your neck. We’re tired, and taking it slow this time. It’s a nice groggy sleepy sexy feeling.

“Thank you for tonight …”

“You’re welcome, thank you, and in case you can’t tell by my hand on your dick, we’re not finished yet… I’m going to do something for you”

We stay in the same position for a few minutes, doing what we’re doing, all the while I’m wondering what this thing is that you’re going to do, and why I deserve it.

As I should have known, it’s something good! You disentangle yourself from me, and start giving my dick a LOT of attention.

I’m just going to say you were sensational. I lay down and you rode my face, clamping my head again with your life saving thighs, trapping me beneath you, and smothering me with your pussy. Drenching my face once more as you suck my dick. I end up kneeling above you while you stroke my cock until I paint your face with cum.

But I’m still hard, even after coming. Probably seeing you with my semen on your beautiful face is keeping me that way! I’m not wasting it!

I hop off the end of the bed and lean forward to grab your ankles, as I pull you towards me you slide a few feet down with a little squeal and your bum rests perfectly on the edge of the bed, exactly the right spot. As I hold your hips your calves go straight up to my shoulders and I slide into you effortlessly. You reach down and grab my wrists while my hands still hold your hips and I begin to move inside you, and the deep sighs you gave when I entered you become quicker pants as my pace increases. Your hair is spread out around your head framing your beautiful face and your eyes begin to roll back. My cum is still on your cheeks and chin and your tongue starts moving beyond your lips, licking and searching for it. I keep stroking hard and your pussy is working magic on my cock, your hand moves from holding my wrist and your fingers wipe some cum from your face and into your mouth, while your panting begins to change to deep moans while I slam into you. Your full breasts are moving back and forth with every plunge of my cock and hearing you moan brings me closer to the edge.

You look up at me “come on, give it to me,” you leave one leg up on my shoulder and wrap the other around my waist. As of I needed any encouragement.

Your leg around my waist definitely isn’t letting go, not that I mind. I like that you lock me in like that.

So you want it? You’ve got it! I pound you, over and over, hammering you with furious intensity, burying myself into you up to the hilt with every hard stroke. You can barely hang on so your wrap your other leg around my waist to help keep yourself stable. Your hands are balled up and gripping the sheets while I pound away. You definitely like it hard like this so I give you absolutely everything I have in me, I want you to feel good and cum again.

You’re being smashed so hard you can’t even talk, you try but it’s just gibberish, I can hear something like “come in me, honey.” Given the load I left on your face moments ago, which is still there, I’m not sure my balls have any left.

You can’t speak from the pounding I’m giving you and from the orgasm you’re starting to have, your nonsense words have morphed into wails and whimpers, and it’s all I can do to hold on till you come!

As I feel your pussy clamp around my cock one more time, you manage to do for me what I didn’t think possible after a few minutes after my previous orgasm, to persuade my balls to create a fresh batch of cum for you, which I gladly unload into you while your juices flow out and down my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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