Autumn Cruise Ch. 06

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I awoke to find light coming through the curtains. My body numb and aching. I tried to swirl myself around but it was no good with the bar between my legs I couldn’t do it. Just then Terry came in smiling at me. She had brought coffee and breakfast with her for two. She took the tray into the bedroom and came back out. She lowered me down towards the floor. She didn’t say aword to me the whole time. She then came infront of me and took off the clothes pins and put her shoulder gently under my breast almost down to my navel and with her other arms wrapped around me lifted me up and my arms fell down on her back. She carried be into the bedroom and sat me gently on the bed. I sat there looking at her shivering from the cold of the morning. My breasts still swollen and almost turning blue. She then undid the bands from around my legs and took the bar putting it up against the wall. She undid the handcuffs and then loosenig the bra and taking that off. She stood back and said, “Listen here sweetpea,” her voice firm yet gentle, “if you want a man that dam bad all you have to do is tell me don’t fuck behind my back.” I sat there shaking my had yes agreeing with her. Not even noticing I still had the ball in my mouth and the harness around my head.

“Baby, I know you like men and that is all fine and good. I would never keep you from what you want. But you have to learn that I don’t like you fuck’n some stranger behind my back. If you want a man I will be more then happy to supply him for you,” she said with a smile.

I sat there limp and shook my head yes. I could move was the problem. I was numb.

Terry reached over and took the gag undid the gag and took it out of my mouth. My mouth was hurting from being open all that time. Terry knew I couldn’t move. She gently took my legs and put them on the bed with her other arm supporting my back and gently propped me up so that I could sit up and pulled the covers over me. She turned on the heater and then sat down at my bed side and started to feed me breakfast. She would give me a sip of coffee every now and again. I started to feel some warmth come back into my body and the tingling of being numb started to go through my body. I could start to feel my legs and hands.
Terry took her time feeding me as not to rush me.

I looked into her eyes and I just had to ask, “why did you do Tina in front of me and who was in your room this morning,” my voice scratchy from trying to scream with the gag on.

Terry looked at me and said,”to teach you a lesson. Why were you jealous”? She sat there looking at me and stroking my hair back.

“Yes, I was and hurt too,” knowing that Terry must have felt the same way yesterday.

“Understand this sweetpea, I am not mad cause you wanted a man but kocaeli escort mad that you went behind my back and thought you wouldn’t get caught.”

“But, I didn’t mean to hurt you, Terry, honest I didn’t,” I told her sorrowfully.

“I know you didn’t and I understand what you were trying to prove to yourself, believe me I went through the same thing but baby, you have to realize something it is not that you are a true lesbian because your not. You can have the best of both world, dear,” she said lovingly, “but I just want to make sure that you don’t get hurt anymore is all.”

My arms started to get some feeling back in them and I reached up and touched Terry’s face softly and gently guiding her towards me. I started kissing her far head down her nose to her lips. I could feel Terry’s arm wrap around me while steading herself with the other.

I stopped and gazed into her eyes and whispered, “take me and love me.”

We gazed at each other for a few seconds when I saw Terry smile and whisper back, “hon, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to tell me that.”

She gingerly leaped into bed positioning herself over me, taking her hands and cuping my face and passionatly kissing me. I could feel her warm body close to me her nipples erect. She pulled off her dress and I reached up to feel her hard lupsiuous tits. Taking the nipples in my finger and just playing with them.

Never having really been with a woman I felt kind of akward and she knew it. She took her hands and placed them on top of mine and firmly grabbed her tits. I guided her down towards me with her tits in my face and started to suckle them and kiss them. I could hear her go moan with excitment. She got under the covers with me while I still had her tits firmly in my hands. I noticed she was really getting aroused and I started to nibble on her tits. Her groans became louder. I could feel her legs down the side of mine with one of her legs parting mine. I could feel her pussy against mine getting hot. She stroked my hair and started to kiss my forhead and kissed me all the way down to my tits, she then suckled, licked and nibbled on them. I moaned with excitment. Looking at her mover her head back and fourth from one nipple to the next. My hands playing with her hair. I watched her the whole time till she started kissing further down taking the covers with her. My body was starting to move with excitment up and down gently.

I started to moan with shear excitment, whispering, “oh yes, take me baby, please take me.”

All the while her hands never left my tits as she played with them.

She reached my snatch and took one hand away and parted my lips and looked up at me with love in her eyes and whispered, “baby, I’ve been waiting to taste kocaeli escort bayan you and hoping this day would come.”

She started licking my clit slowly and now both hands had moved to my hips. My body ached for her to make me cum. I placed my hands on her arm gripping them. I could feel her tounge enjoying every inch of my snatch. I was getting hotter and hotter. She would put her tounge in me and taste the edges of my walls. I moaned louder. She picked up the pace and I went wild. I could feel her tongue in and out of me. Her finger inside of me going in and out.

My hands moved to head and my body started to move up and down and through my gasps of air I would tell her, “yes, baby, I want you. Make your little girl cum.”

Terry getting more and more excited. My body moving uncontrollably. Her head bobbing up and down with my movements.

“Oh yes, baby,” I started to moan out loud, “YES.”

I could feel myself cum and Terry drank every last drop of it. My body quivering still with shear delight.

Terry looked up and whispered, “baby, you taste dam good,” and she started moving up towards me and kissed me.

I pushed her down on the bed and started to suck and nibble on her tits, taking my hand and feeling her hot wet pussy just waiting for me. I stuck a finger inside her and she squelled with delight. I pulled it out and brought it up to my mouth and licked what juices I had on it.

She watched me and whispered,”baby,” in a surprised way, “go for it baby.”

She lay there enjoying whatever I did to her. I slowly kissed her down to her wet hot juciey pussy and parted her lips and started licking and sucking her clit makeing sure I nibbled on it once in awhile. My tounge just circling her clit. I could hear her breathing get more excited her hand on my head. I looked up not stopping what I was doing and noticed she was watching me. And then I stuck my tounge inside her sucking her and her back started to arch and her moans became louder and louder.

I could hear her say between gasp, “I love you, baby, I love you.”

Her hand on my head becoming tight and making my face go deeper into her hot wet juicy pussy. She came in my mouth and I took it all. Every bit of it. Drinking it all. Her body fell to the bed and I looked up at her and jumped beside her. She looked over at me and put her arm under my head and brought me closer to her.

I smiled at her and whispered, “how’d I do, hon”?

She smiled back and blurted out, “wonderful, baby. You made me cum and that is a feet in itself.”

I put my arms around her and snuggled up on her shoulder and for the first time I felt safe and loved. She pulled the covers up over us and we must have laid there and talked izmit sınırsız escort and laughed for hours before we fell asleep in each others arms.

For I woke I noticed Terry was still asleep and it was dark in the room. I still lay there snuggled against her. Thinking why and when did I start like women? I would have never thought about a having a woman lover let alone one to dominate me like Terry has. I knew Terry didn’t have much to do with men in general she really perfered women then men. I never knew having a woman domainate me would be so thrilling in itself. Yet, I didn’t mind Terry dominating me. And I surely now didn’t mind having her for a lover. The phone rang and broke my thoughts. Terry started to stir and I picked up the phone and said, hello. The voice over the phone was a mans voice. Is this Leann, he asked and I said yes it is why? You have a shore to ship call, I’ll put it through. There was a slight pause on the phone and the next voice I heard was my mother. I jumped out of bed.

“MOM”! I said surprised and felt like a little girl with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Hi, dear, she said, “I hope I am not distrubing you”?

“Ah, no you aren’t disturbing me at all,” trying to sound normal.

“Well, dear, I was just calling to see how your trip is going.”

My first thought was how could I tell her about Terry.

“I am having a wonderful time, mom.”

I noticed Terry getting up and giving me a wink has she made her way over to where I was standing. She gently touched my shoulders and sat me down on the bed and laid me back.

“How you doing, Mom, I asked.

“Wonderful dear, I wanted to tell you that John was asking about you.”

“Oh, I said surprised, “and why is that”?

I looked down to see where Terry was and she had knelt down and spread my legs, licking and teasing pussy. I tried to push her head away but she wouldn’t stop. Has mom was telling me why John was asking about me I was trying to concentrate on what she was saying and trying to sound as if I wasn’t doing anything. I could feel myself gettting excited again. Before mom could finsih what she was saying I pretened has if we had a bad connection and started to yell, mom, bad connection, I’ll talk to you when I get home. Okay, mom. Love you mom and quickly hung up the phone and when I did Terry started to laugh.

“You couldn’t handle talking to your mom while I was busy with you,” she smirked.

I looked lovingly into her eyes and said, “come here baby, lets make love again and again all night long.”

Terry jumped up on the bed and flung me back down on the bed and we precceded to eat each other out. Licking and sucking, fingering each other cumming in each others mouth. We made love all night long and before we fell asleep Terry told me she had something special instore for me tomorrow. I wanted to know now but she wouldn’t tell me. We finally made love so much that we did fall asleep in each others arms. I felt happy and safe has she held me close.

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